A few story ideas- F looking for dominant M

Started by Servant Girl, February 05, 2011, 04:01:05 PM

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Servant Girl

Hi- all these story ideas are about the transference of power away from my characters.
I like it when my writing partners engineer things so that my character is blackmailed, intimidated, physically assaulted or otherwise forced into surrendering herself to their desires.

She normally reacts in one of two ways.
She turns into a submissive slut and loves it
She resists and suffers for it

Check out my ons to see what I'm into.
Here's the short list- if you don't like writing about doing these things to my character then you don't need to read on

1. Humiliating my character (taking photos, making me pose, making me dress up, parading me in public, making me beg for you to do things to my character)
2. Anal- (I love it and all things rear related)
3. Light pain (slapping, hair pulling, thumping and spanking)
4. Multiple males- audiences or participating characters.
5. Taking things slowly- I like to move towards sexual acts slowly. 

Here goes with the story ideas

Real world
1. The new girl- I'm a new girl at the office.  You're my superior.  You have a bet with the other sadistic senior managers that you can get me to serve them naked at the next board meeting.
2. You're a doctor.  I'm a naive teen who is worried about health.  I put myself entirely in your hands.
3. You're my late aunties partner and now since the accident the only family I have left.  I am sent to live at your large crumbling manor.  You have very particular ideas about how a young lady should behave, dress and be punished.

1. I'm a proud human adventurer striking out on her own into the forest.  You are an intelligent and lusty monster (humanoid or otherwise) and you're horny.
2. I'm an elven princess- you're the leader of some barbaric nation- human or otherwise.  You've been nursing a private hatred of me since we met at a the signing of a recent treaty- I rejected you and humiliated you.  Now it seems that the elven queen will do anything to save her realm from your armies including handing me over as a slave.
3. I used to be a haughty princess- but a wicked witch has cast a spell on me so that I do whatever I am told.  I am now at the mercy of everyone around me. 

I love playing petite characters as well as voluptuous characters.  I'm quite turned on by the idea of having a large bum that men just can't leave alone.


Hi there, I'm interested in your proud adventuress and her lustful antagonist.  Are you interested in playing out one chance encounter or a series of adventures, perhaps even a dungeon delve wherein you have the chance to slay and/or be taken advantage of by a whole host of nasties?  I'm wanting to experiment with the How To Host a Dungeon kit which allows you to randomly roll up and create an organic dungeon, populated with monsters and full of history and having your buxom adventuress (Rowena still?) explore it might be a lot of fun.  Let me know if that appeals and check out my past posting to see if my rate/content appeals.  Regardless, have fun!


I looked over your threads and your Ons and quickly took a Liking to it.  So I thought perhaps your adventurer of heroine would care to tangle with this little creation of mine.

Name: Dìyù shòu (Hell Beast)
Race: The Fallen

Diyu Shou was born from the negative emotions that possess human beings.  Upon his birth, he immediately began to spread fear and chaos around the world through any means.  Destruction, corruption, and even the "tainting" of females.  His powers and strength are fueled by the very emotions he was born from.  The more he feels around him, the stronger his might grows.  People have attemtped to stop him over the years, only to be either killed or corrupted by him.


(Hmm, can't PM deverified people :-()

Oh, you're back! Long time no see.

Too bad I don't have space for additional game, else I'd love to continue our old story or start a new one.


I like the sound of the Haughty Princess, forced to listen to all commands made of her.


So was wondering if you still have room to try your "new girl" idea. Let me know! Sent you a PM too

Never mind, Pm didn't work..