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Author Topic: F seeking plot (fantasy/modern day), m who dominate, and m to be dominated.  (Read 2185 times)

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Unavailable/Under negotiation:
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Ideas: The Captured or Reluctant Magic User vs. The Anti-Magic Hunter
Setting: Generic Fantasy

The kingdom of Wester has outlawed magic, their king hating it, their military using gunpowder and dwarven-made machines to win their battles. Within its boundaries, magic hunters roam, and magic users have but one fate if caught - to be dragged before the king. Most are executed on the spot; some few are removed and never seen again...

The neighbouring kingdom of Ester still allows magic, but their military is weak, their borders hard to reach, and their resources little. The struggle to feed their people is constant. There is talk of a marriage between Ester and Wester's children, to unite the kingdoms, but what that would mean for Ester's magic users, no one knows...

Lots of possibilities in this setting. There is the obvious magic user on the run, pursued by a magic hunter. A less obvious is a pair of magic hunters working together to bring down a known dangerous magic user, but one of the magic hunters harbours a dark secret...that she has magic too....

(Setting possibility: Dragon Age (Bioware)??

Gosh, I'm a sucker for this setting and realised recently it fit this premise. I really like the templar/mage interaction. I would love to play with someone to follow the plot of mage on the run, chased by a templar. Maybe the mage caught and they head back to civilisation only to find the conclave has bust, the circles are no more, and suddenly, the reason for the power imbalance has gone. Or maybe they run out of lyrium. Or maybe they run into problems they need to work together to solve. Maybe the templar has spent his entire time thinking of mages as less than human, and close contact with one slowly brings a dawning realisation of how awfully they've treated them...or maybe the mage has been abused by templars in the past, and slowly comes to the realisation that not all templars are the same.)

Assassin and Kidnappee.
Setting: Adaptable.
An assassin is dispatched by an evil king to bring a person of significant importance to them - the prince of a neighbouring kingdom, perhaps, or the leader of the rebellion. The capture is successful, but the journey is hard, and over time the assassin is slowly won to the side of their captive, and persuaded to join them. Happy to play either the assassin or the kidnappee.

New! The Rebel, The Slave Owner.
Setting: Alternate Universe modern day.
Notes: femdom, potential multiple partners&forced bisexuality, possible NC, definite coercion, slavery, ownership, training, strap-ons, humiliation, service.
The world has changed; united under one tyrannical government, and not for the better. Slavery has been legalised again, but now, it's not defined by race, but purely by social status. Slaves have no rights, and are common, if expensive, commodities. Sexual slavery auctions for the best ones are common.
MC is a wealthy city woman who is, secretly, part of a rebellion that wants to dismantle the current regime. But her role in the rebellion means she needs to join and rise within the government, and to do that, she needs to fit in. She needs a slave.
YC is a freshly caught slave, unbroken, angry, auctioned off naked and defiant, and bought by MC. MC will lay out the terms - she needs a slave, and YC is it. They can either cooperate, and she will give YC what autonomy she can without breaking their cover, or she'll turn him into a slave for real; she doesn't like it, but she will victimise one human being for the sake of saving millions, if not billions, of people's freedom. Can they find a middle ground? Can they win through to the end? I'd love to play it out with someone.

Available currently:

New! No One Expects The Inquisition.
Setting: Fantasy/Urban fantasy.
Notes: NC, Dubcon, violence, torture, possible multiple partners, priest kink.
YC is a high ranking witch hunter in the Church, and has seen his fair share of battle against demons and the unholy creatures that haunt the night. MC lives in a very rural cottage in the middle of nowhere as a bit of a healer/hedgewitch - she has never seen a demon, etc, and those 'possessed' people she has seen are actually those suffering from mental disorders or PTSD thanks to their experiences. Both are correct in their beliefs; neither understands the view of the other.
The local villagers report her as a witch, and the inquisition arrives to remove torture her to get her to refute her beliefs. YC is put in charge, and takes 'ownership' of her, using her as he sees fit to try and break her spirit before they arrive in the Holy City. Over the course of their travels, she sees demons and realises he has a point, and he sees her heal those doomed to die, and realises she has a point, when together, they realise the true threat to their world as they know it, and how they can only fight it together.
Bonus if your character has an accent for this. Ideally something Latin based: Italian or Spanish would work amazingly.

Pressurised Cooperation
Setting: Low Fantasy
Notes: Rivalry, Hate sex, Forced cooperation, Happy ending.
Two military units; one of the stealthy assassins, the other of the stalwart guards. One rivalry that is deeply entrenched and fought over; one side dubbed backstabbing sneaks, the other dimwitted morons. Both unit captains hate each other and are content to avoid their opposite but for throwing the occasional insult...until their general requires them to work together to defeat a threat to the kingdom. Either they bury the hatchet, or their kingdom may fall.

Adapting to Civilian Life
Setting: Modern day
Notes: Hurt/comfort, potential kink.
She's an ex-military sniper who is freshly back in civilian life and not coping too well with it. Interpersonal relationships have never been her strong point, and PTSD and paranoia are and issue. She meets someone who helps her adapt, with who she, cautiously - possibly with several missteps and catastrophies in between - forms an attachment to, and starts a relationship, possibly even a kinky relationship as a way of working through what she's been though. But then, complications arise; afterall, it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you...
I'd be open to the other person being anyone from a local guy whose never left town in his life but can help her settle into it, to maybe someone slightly older who was also exmilitary and knows what she's going through.

The Reluctant Spy
Setting: Adaptable
Notes: MF, escort/sex worker.
He's a powerful man with few morals and very specific tastes. An outside agency wants him taken down, and need a tool to do it with. She matches those tastes...but has no interest in him. So they blackmail her into seducing him with the goal of using that connection to ruin him. But then the unthinkable happens and she starts to develop feelings, and maybe even trust him. The conundrum: confess, face his wrath and hope they can survive together, or keep her mouth shut, and let the man she loves die....

The Undercover Princess
Setting: Fantasy
Notes: MF, bribery, coerced, BDSM.
Your character is a commander in the royal army when one of the new recruits seems just a little bit off to you, and you start paying...perhaps more attention than is wise. Eventually, you crack his secret: She is the second child of the reigning monarch, the princess royal, and supposedly, she ought to be sat in the castle on her imperial backside waiting to be married off for political gain. However, given no one pays her much attention, she has, instead, posed as a man and joined the army. She threatens to have you executed if you out her, so you're stuck with each other. But between you, you realise that the corruption and difficulties the kingdom face can only be coming from one source, and somehow you need to stop the threat that is her brother before it's too late...but can there be a happily ever after?

Demon and Witch.
Setting: Urban Fantasy
Notes: MF, NC, BDSM, Coerced.
The witch, for whatever reason, ends up with a demon accidentally owing Her a favour. In order to pay this off, he agrees to teach her demon magic, but to prevent him from being ripped to shreds by his own kind in the meantime, she agrees to pose as his familiar whenever she's in his world. Sparks fly as he learns not every interaction has to be an exchange, and she learns maybe she has the ability to cope with her enemies on her own terms.

Vera and Alduin
Notes: Femdom, threesomes, pretty elves.
One of the few times I'm looking to play a Canon character. If you're familiar with the webcomic Alfie  ( (and if you aren't,  read it, it's hot and the sex is amazing) then you'll know Vera chooses not to go with the subby elf. I'd love to work with someone on a plot line where she said yes, and a relationship does grow between them, and they get to explore the dynamic where they can't just ignore the fact he has all the power out of bed anymore. By definition, this would be heavily femdom. It should be pointed out incest is one of my big turn offs,  so no, Alfie herself wouldn't make an appearance in a sexy fashion.

Please see my O.Os for more information on what I'm happy RPing in terms of content and what expectations I have of a partner. If you're interested, either in one of the above or in pitching a new idea, please PM me.
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Re: F seeking plot and M.
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Bump as updated, some 6 years later!

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Re: F seeking plot (fantasy/modern day)
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Bump, new idea added.

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Re: F seeking plot (fantasy/modern day)
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Added demon/witch, assassin/kidnappee and undercover princess

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Re: F seeking plot (fantasy/modern day)
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Added Inquisition plot, reworked formatting, put those under discussion under a spoiler cut.

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Re: F seeking plot (fantasy/modern day)
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Added: The Rebel, The Slave Owner