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June 29, 2017, 02:37:11 AM

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Author Topic: F seeking M or F.  (Read 607 times)

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Offline helblingTopic starter

F seeking M or F.
« on: February 05, 2011, 01:19:02 PM »
Specific ideas I'm currently toying with:

More than was bargained for.
  • Setting: True Blood universe (urban fantasy) (FxF)
  • Seeking: Female
  • Rating: Bondage

Seeking a dominant-esque female to play a vampire character. Originally I had the character Pam in mind for the opposing roll, but then I realised that an OC would work as well provided they are:
- female
- vampire
- in a position in the community where it was commonly known they were a vampire (i.e: the owner of a vampire-themed bar, a vampire spokesperson or similar)
  • Basic Premise:
My character Porter is a 25 year old human with a problem. She has brain cancer. The aggressive, terminal sort - the doctors tell her she has 6 months at most, and half of them will be spent incoherent, thanks to the pain.

However, Porter also has a plan - she has a piece of property left to her by her deceased parents that is worth a significant amount of money. She plans to approach a vampire and offer to sign it over to them on one condition; that they turn her. So, she'll go see her friendly local vampires, and see if she can strike a deal.

Of course, Porter is unaware of exactly what she's getting herself into here - she doesn't realise that being turned has a little more involved it in than a one night stand and some fangs, and is completely unaware of the intricacies in both vampire politics, and the Maker/Childe relationship. Once plunged into the undead's world and all the complexities thereof, shenanigans and highjinks ensue, especially when it becomes apparent there may be some non-platonic feelings involved.

Basic description of Porter: Feisty, independant, out-spoken and blunt with it when her guard is down, looks roughly like

Cat And Mouse.
  • Setting: Scifi (MxF)
  • Seeking: Male
  • Rating: Bondage

Seeking male - ideally either a switch or dominant - to play an alien character.

  • Basic Premise:
Humanity is at war, and has been for the best part of a year.

And we are loosing.

Not drastically, not badly - but they are an older race with better weaponry and craft than us, and they are slowly advancing towards Earth.

I'm looking for someone to play a member of this alien race - the idea is my character and yours became involved in a shoot out with their one-man ships, and crash landed on an uninhabited planet. This planet is dangerous and hard to survive on - and neither of us has the correct tools to do it on their own.

Cue one large game of Cat and Mouse over both supplies...and captives. There is a constant struggle to be the one with 'ownership' of the other when the rescue party arrives - because if it's a ship of the opposing race, having the other player captive gives them leverage to negotiate, and if it's of their race, they'll be a hero for capturing a member of the enemy in hostile territory.

This was originally thought up to take place in the Babylon 5 universe between Mimbari and human, but that's only a suggestion and I'm very open to other races/universes. I would prefer for the alien race to be as humanoid as possible (no tentacles, please!) Please be aware that this isn't intended to be a one-person wins and stays there scenario, but rather an ongoing struggle in which neither of them has the advantage for long; if one person is captured, I'd very much like them to escape after not-too long so the game can continue.

Basic description of my character (as yet, unnamed): Spunky, determined, devious, ruthless, well-hidden heart of gold, looks roughly like

These are currently the specific ideas I've got rolling around my head.

Other Stuff:[/u]
I'm also open to playing within the following genres:
  • Fantasy (both medieval and urban)
  • Sci Fi
  • Cyber/Steampunk
  • Post-apolcalyptic
  • Tabletops - DnD drow especially; I love the interfactional politics, but am hesitant to play a Lolth-based RP as it would have to be done very, very well not to turn into something cheesy beyond all telling.
  • Various fandoms - please PM me to ask.
  • Historic

I like power struggles and fights for dominance; part of being a switch, I guess, is that whether my girl ends up sub or Domme, I don't want them to have gotten there without a fight!

Please see my O.Os below for more information on what I'm happy RPing in terms of content and what expectations I have of a partner. If you're interested, either in one of the above or in pitching a new idea, please PM me  ;)

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