Codexa has been revived and is in the mood to begin a story or two :)

Started by Codexa, February 03, 2011, 08:37:10 PM

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Yeah, I know Supernatural stories are a bit over-done in some cases...but I can't help but love them!!!!! <3 /// UPDATED: Moved all the ideas into the same area...////

#1: M/F pairing } Something with a supernatural theme: - A werewolf is attacked and forcefully changed into a vampire. Because of the unnaturalness of the change, he is almost both. His pack turned against him and he was forced to stay under the watch of the vampires. For a while he was kept close and given meaningless tasks to fulfill. But something no one else knew but him, was when he woke in some dark shed when he was first changed, he had attacked a young woman in blood lust. But instead of killing her like most new-born vampires, he regained enough of his senses to pull away and give her his blood to heal.

Now they are blood-bonded, its weak still but he can sometimes 'feel' her during moments of great stress or danger. It's been four years since they attack and now the vampires are sending him out to investigate humans with abilities. On his first assignment, he is checking out a supposed psychic when he comes across her and there is an instant connection. Also, she is different with powers of her own.

#2: M/F} Something like Roswell... Aliens who look like humans, are now on earth and dealing with all the issues that come from being hunted by fanatics and government. And dealing with trying to be human. No grays or tentacle monsters or anything like that ><; But other beings that look human. I mean, the eyes could glow or their skin could really be a different shade of color, their features a little different underneath the illusion or glamor or whatever. The alien gets involved with a local human, who has an unexplained connection to 'him' and who he really is.

# 3 Two individual's who have grown up together in the lower district of some city, one perhaps joins the knights/dogs/guards. whatever, and is trying to clean up the city through justice, the other could be a partner, or someone who decided to keep their lives in the lower district, maybe turning to a life of crime. Rumors pop up, leading these two to take matters into their own hands.

#4 - Similar to the top idea: A tale of two souls who will rise from obscurity by their own skill and efforts and who will become legends that even the greatest bards sing of long after they are gone. I bet you can get a hint as to where I am looking for this one. :D

I've been very into Mages lately.  I blame my recent obsession with fantasy/modern alternative novels and anime like Negima. Lish Mcbride's Hold me closer, Necromancer.

#5: Powerful families that control the elements, a thousand years ago the founders made contracts with powerful gods of the elements. There are other kinds of magick in this world, demons and spirits. The story would be about the daughter of one of these households, and a outcast mage who was exiled due to 'weakness' but in truth he is one of the first contractors in ages. -Modern Alternative Setting-

#6: A world of magick, hidden from the sight of ordinary folk. A young man who is in debt to someone (to be decided) has come with orders to find and get close to a young woman with a strong magical heritage, but no knowledge of that heritage. His orders are dark. But what he didn't expect was for her to be his soul-mate. -A modern alternative setting-

Roswell the tv series (never watched it all, just the first few episodes)
Novels and movies such as True Blood/ Mercy Thompson.
Kaze no Stigma.
Lish Mcbride's Hold me closer, Necromancer.

- I LOVE romance in my stories, love, drama and all that.
- I DO NOT roleplay Rape, or any kind of non-consensual acts. Which include things like blackmail etc. :/
- Incest, and such is a....negative.

- I don't do cannon characters, all originals please.
- I HAVE to have a partner who enjoys working on the world, and story with me equally.

That is all I can think of at this moment, any questions just ask. <3 ALSO PLEASE PM ME, YOUR IDEAS, RESPONSES!!! THANKS!!!


More ideas:

Anything Firefly related, a small crew exploring the black or anything else we can dream up.

I LOVE Exalted, and would like to do a story using the world.

Hunter, the Vigil...or even the older Hunter, the Reckoning. { I loved the more supernatural aspect of the hunters}

Anime based roleplays. (Though no canons please) But anything original is cool, even if it runs along a similar storyline to the anime or if its a completely re-worked thing.
I do have ONE exception to the none-canon rules. I am willing to play ancestors, or descendants of Canon' long as they are created by myself and my partner. :P (You know, pairing two characters you love together...hee hee)

Some Anime's I like:
Gantz( Prefer the Manga)
Ouran Highschool host club
DN Angel
Fantasy style animes.
Black Cat
and many many more!