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Author Topic: long term rp wanted [mxm]  (Read 1881 times)

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Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

long term rp wanted [mxm]
« on: February 03, 2011, 03:40:27 PM »
As the title says I'm looking a long term rp containing the love of two male characters.
I don't have any real plot ideas sorry for that but if you have any then I would be glad to hear about them.
My characters are mostly dependent males, if you don't like that I can try to change that but I might not succeed completely.
Also I would like the rp to contain romantic themes but it doesn't only have to be romance all the time, there can be fights and drama.
*bows* I hope someone would like to rp with me ^^

read entire topic to catch up with all my ideas plz?
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Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm: need dom]
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2011, 10:49:45 AM »
as an add I would like to say that I am into these pairings (the bold ones are the parts I'd like to play):
father/son (can be with adoptive father/steph-father too)
whore/customer (they'd end up together eventually and the customer wants to save his love)

All my chars are submissive chars that never or rarely top. Please keep that in mind.

Offline V1CE

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm: need dom]
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2011, 01:37:56 PM »
Hmm, I'd be interested in this. My characters are generally deceptively strong males and I've got an idea for a pretty fierce one, who might fit into the 'bully/bullied' category as the bully.

I've also got an idea for a basic plot and setting, but I'll edit this post with the details in a moment...

EDIT: So I've thought about it and I could pretty much fill any of those roles, if there's one that you have a preference for? All but the father/son combo. Even adoptive or step freaks me out slightly.

The bully/bullied setup I've got is simply a (high) school setting, where my character's a cute but fierce guy who kinda thinks everyone is out to get him, so he's become this rebellious, violent bully as a sort of defence mechanism. As a result he doesn't exactly have many friends.

One day he's kicked out of class and for some reason your character runs across him in the corridor, where MC immediately takes a (dis)liking to him ((depending on how you look at it)). Think of a less paedophilic version of Son of Rambow, when Will first meets Lee.

The greater story arc I imagined was one where the two students get caught 'fighting' (although it's more like YC trying hopelessly to fend off MC) and are sent to the principal/headmaster's office. He's a touchy-feely type who shuts the two boys in his office and tells them to talk out their problems, but when the door closes and the two are alone, MC gets other ideas...

So that's the basic elements of that RP, but I prefer to be fairly spontaneous when roleplaying. Furthermore, like I said; if there are any of those setups you listed that you'd prefer to try, I'd be happy to come up with a new character...

EDIT 2: Great! Glad you like it :) And don't worry about it, I simply meant I'm not personally into the whole 'intra-family' relationships thing, even if it is only 'step' family members, but it's cool if you've got some characters like that ^^ And that's fair enough, I'm just a bit of a film-nut :P

So, is there anything you'd particularly like to clear up or are you happy just getting started?

EDIT 3: Okay, so I've started a thread called "Ravage Me Savage" in the 'NC: Human-Freeform Solos' forum. Hope you like it :D
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Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm: need dom]
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2011, 01:45:56 PM »
I'm glad you're interested ^^
Okay, I love your idea. And sorry that I freaked you out by the father/son pairing. (it's probably because I have some chars who have a ... strange past with their family) again sorry for that xD
But yes,... your idea sounds great... as for that movie... I've never seen it so I can't really... imagine it sorry :s

it's good for me to start right away honestly :) ^^ I would hope however that you can start :3

edit3: I like it but it's very long so I'll probably reply tomorrow when I get up instead of now, is that okay?
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Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm: need dom]
« Reply #4 on: February 11, 2011, 05:19:16 AM »
another pairing I'd be interested in:
kidnapper/kidnapped person

Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm: need dom]
« Reply #5 on: February 20, 2011, 03:28:32 PM »
more pairings:

businessman / assistant
businesman / photographer for a magazine
client / painter
     for this I would like to use the story of the manga 'vampire's portrait' as a reference. The same ideas but a different line of plot.
client / prostitute
    for this I have an idea. There's a man that obviously has more than enough of money that takes interest in one of the prostitutes on a market. He sees that the young male isn't being treated well and becomes very interested in trying to safe him. At the night for which he buys him he cannot get to actually using him and decides to give him food and let him rest a bit. When he takes him back to the male's master he feels terrible for having to leave him, but the owner refuses to sell him at any cost. Time goes by and  the man cannot forget about the empty eyed male; his wish to save him grows stronger. He goes back to the market and sees that the stall where he had found the male earlier was empty, and another male was there instead. He asks around, seems like the boy got sick after several times of abuse and was send to a factory to work until he'd die. The quest to safe him starts, eventually he finds him but now the hardest thing is to make the male comfortable and make him feel safe and home. The years of abuse will however not lose their grip on him so easily.
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Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm: need dom]
« Reply #6 on: March 02, 2011, 11:35:47 AM »
Woo a new idea:
(Fallen) Angel / savior
There are two versions for this one
The Angel was pushed down to earth and there he is held captive by a man who wants to keep him as his own, a man that abuses and beats him. The lonely being becomes desperate to get away and finally manages to escape, but he's weak in the human world and soon he blacks out, then he gets picked up by a man that was  passing by and felt sorry for him. His savior and he slowly evolve into a relationship and have to try to keep the angel out of the other man's hands, who'll only go on hurting him.

The second version is about the same, only here the angel isn't a fallen one but someone that became an angel after dying. He becomes captivated an angel that refuses to let him go out, tells him he can't talk to anyone because he is too low of a ranking and more lies.
On a moment he meets an angel by coincidence and they start meeting more and more until his master finds out and hides him. He has to escape the horrid man to get to his secret lover.

I'd play the captive angel in both storylines. And the new lovers are allowed to be sadistic too, as long as they comform him after he brings him pain.

Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm: need dom]
« Reply #7 on: March 04, 2011, 04:30:59 PM »
Okay, for some strange reason I just fell for two pairings [out of existing stories] of which I never thought I'd like and would like to do an rp around them:
- Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter
      Here I'd want Harry to be the sub [which I'd want to play]
- Prince Caspian the Tenth x High King Peter [Or King Edmund]
     Here it doesn't really matter to me

I know it sounds ridiculous but I really got into these pairings x.x"'

Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm: need dom]
« Reply #8 on: March 06, 2011, 04:56:57 PM »
New plot idea:
Help me forget, learn me to sing again
This rp will contain 2 main char, 1 char that's mentioned by my char (and that has passed away). Perhaps the passed away char can be written to become an angel and meet a new lover up there as well.

Kaitou was a young Japanese rock artist that was in a band with his boyfriend and three other friends. He was the lead singer, his boyfriend Aiko was the guitarist and then there were a basist, drummer and keyboard player in the band as well.
On an evening after a concert they received a threat. Four men were telling them to stop playing, their music; which was about their feelings (Kaitou and Aiko) as an unexcepted gay couple, was labeled as wrong by the men. However Aiko, the sensitive one of the couple knew that it meant too much for him and the others and told Kaitou to say no to this rude request.
As a reply to that the band woke up in a basement one day (two months after the first encounter with the men) and find that Aiko is being beaten and abused by these same men. As if it wasn't enough they decide to slaughter the blonde boy in front of his friends and lover. After that they let the 4 remaining band members go, saying it was a warning of what else would come if they didn't stop. Obviously, they did quit the band, however, at the hospital Kaitou refused to believe that Aiko had died in his arms and kept saying that he would come out of the door, saying he was alright.

A few years pass and Kaitou meets someone new. A young man; a few years older than Kaitou, that he saw in the park. The man seemed troubled so Kaitou decided to try and see what was wrong.
They become friends and slowly things develop into something more; but Kaitou's past is haunting him. Since that day he hasn't sung or played his guitar. Though he always wore a picture of the band with him in his wallet. Aiko and the way he had suffered had never left his mind and now it was only getting worse.
It's up to Kaitou and his new friend/lover to find a way to get passed these trauma's and be happy together. And perhaps he can even help Kaitou pick up his dream of performing again.

Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm]
« Reply #9 on: March 21, 2011, 06:58:31 PM »
Can you save me?   [Fantasy/Reality]
Two boys meet at school, they seem to have some classes together and become friends a few minutes after they have met each other. However they both aren't like they say they are. Each has a deep secret of which they don't want the other to know because they fear it would ruin their friendship and even bring the other in danger.
- My character has a secret life besides school in which he tries to please a man that is blackmailing him. The man uses everything he knows about my character to ruin his life and to break him down as much as he can. As a young boy he was beaten by his father for not being like his older brother and later thrown out because he had been caught by his mother while kissing another boy. He hides his true feelings and emotions from everyone and refuses to talk about his family and of the things that he does when he isn't learning or out with friends. After all he has a hidden agenda in which he not only deals with the guy that blackmails him but also finds a way to get deeper and deeper in a world of which he can't escape on his own.
And on top of that he's not human and losing his strength and power to hold onto his human form and his life.
- Now what does your character hide?

Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm]
« Reply #10 on: May 02, 2011, 02:40:42 PM »
Newest plot idea:

(no title yet)
A young man, 19, starts at the university to study Japanology. He has no belief in himself and in his personality. He thinks he's worthless. His entire world has broken down a few times already. First when his grandmother died and then when his father died. He lives with his mom in a house with two floors and a big garden. They have a dog, cat, birds and fish. He loves his pets. But it doesn't make him happy. Even though most see him smile inside he is an emotional wreck and wishes to find love and affection. He is lost and writes stories and songs to stay a bit stable. For the rest he collects movies, books and music.
A while ago he had a fight at school, he and his two friends made things up again when they saw how much it had effected him. However, not much later they lie to him and eventually abandon him. His world breaks down again. He seeks to find love but is too shy to speak to strangers, scared of being turned down. Fear of ending up alone rules his mind.

He meets someone nice. They become friends and soon more. The young man loses himself in it more and more, loving everything about it. But even though he likes everything about his love and friend he cannot shake the fears off his mind.

Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm]
« Reply #11 on: May 10, 2011, 12:19:12 PM »
(no title yet)
A 300 year old vampire is lost on his quest to find others of his own kind. Wandering around, going from place to place to find a home, a welcoming face.
He ends up in a small town and meets a young man, seemingly around his early twenties. The young man, a human has just inherited a huge amount of money and spends all of it on pleasure and fun, not thinking about the consequences. Not realizing that behaving like that wouldn't help him find a companion, someone to share his life with.
The two find a friend in each other, Their hugs and glances turn out being the beginning of a deeper feeling.
But the vampire can not hold back his hunger forever. He can taste food and drinks but only blood can satisfy him. So sooner or later he'll have to come clear to his friend who he really is because people start to get suspicious of the newcomer.

Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm]
« Reply #12 on: August 11, 2011, 12:18:20 PM »
 New pairing that I'm into:


- Christopher Perry Halliwell X Wyatt Matthew Halliwell

I'd like to play Chris in this one. Wyatt would be the dominant lover.

Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm]
« Reply #13 on: August 11, 2011, 01:34:18 PM »
I am also up for mxm versions of the classic fairytales:
- Snow white
- Cinderella
- The Little mermaid
- Beauty and the beast
- Rapunzel
- The Princess and the pea
- Sleeping Beauty
- ...

And other fairytales that contains couples or princes and princesses.

I would like to play the submissive lover of the two.

Offline SakuraXJuusanTopic starter

Re: long term rp wanted [mxm]
« Reply #14 on: August 12, 2011, 08:09:13 AM »
- The Little Merman
There's a young merman Prince that is swimming around near the shore even though he has been forbidden to do so. One day there's a storm at night and the merman gets stuck when a rock ends on top of his fin. He tries to get free but fails and faints of exhaustion.
The Prince of the City at the shore goes out for a walk to escape the pressure his father puts on him. He wants his son to marry a nice Princess. As he walks around on the beach he finds a young man that for some unknown reason isn't wearing any clothes and is trapped with his foot under a rock.
The Prince removes the rock from the young man's foot and takes him into the castle, stunned by the beauty of the young male.
When the merman Prince wakes up he finds himself in a bed and sees that he has legs instead of his fin. Since he doesn't know how to get his fin back he has to stay around the human Prince who refuses to let him go. His foot hurts and he isn't used to using his legs so he cannot run either. And since the human Prince has announced their wedding the young merman has no choice but to stay on land.

It will probably be noncon at the start, and could even contain bondage.