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Author Topic: Steampunk - Pleasure Dome - Recruitment New Characters - <open to all >  (Read 1172 times)

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 The Pleasure Dome is in the middle of no man's land ....the contraptions used to get to the Inventor's Guild as just as important as the reason they come . To register their patents , sell their wares a different World of gears and steam engines ...robotics ...and an eccentric Victorian style that has been come to known as Steampunk .

The Game centers on humorous writing and the exploration of unique kinks ...cross gender role playing is acceptable. Will request that you post a paragraph or two so your writing partner has something to go off . Well rounded characters are just more enjoyable .

 Come Join us .....the Game is just rolling over to a New Day a fresh adventure awaits all .

 Current Cast and Crew ......... Character Profiles

 Game Threads :

 Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

Front Lobby - Key Masters Office - Security:

Playground Area :

Merchant Shops & Suites :

Guild Member Chambers

Owners Suite - Harlot's Chambers:

Employee Commons - Chambers :

Character Profiles :

OOC Thread :

 Looking For : 

   Inventors - Tinkers ....apprentices :
   Traveling Merchants :
   Inhouse Merchants :

Employees :

   Maids :
   Security Guards :
   Bar Wench/ Waitress :
   Dancers :
   Piano Man :

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Character Sheet :

<Character Image Required  >

[b]Character Name :[/b] 
[b]Played by : [/b]
[b]Character Age  : [/b]
[b]Character Role in game  :[/b] 
[b] Sexual Orientation :[/b] 
 [b]Interested Fetish or Kinks : [/b]

 [b]Character Personality : [/b]
 [b]Background Information :[/b] 

Any questions please feel free to send me a PM . Anyone wishing to join please post your character profile here .

Thanks ,

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Re: Steampunk - Pleasure Dome - Recruitment - <open to all >
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2011, 08:51:28 AM »

 Looking for two more guests .....Inventors , Merchants ..... please feel free to PM to discuss.


Offline Dragonfly7022003

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Re: Steampunk - Pleasure Dome - Recruitment - <open to all >
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2011, 03:08:56 PM »
Tell me what you think and I can ajust some things if you like.

Character Name :  Victoria Tripskda “Vicky”
Played by : Dragonfly7022003
Character Age  : 18
Character Role in game  : Maid
Sexual Orientation :  Bi Sexual Extremely submissive
 Interested Fetish or Kinks : Vicky is extremely inexperienced in the ways of sex. However, she is a natural born submissive, and with the right prodding she could me made to do just about anything.   
Character Personality : Very kind, respectful of the guest and seams to have a natural need to serve people. She is abet clumsy, and it is very common for her to be found tangled in something or if there is a crash somewhere and a little scream. Most people know Vicky dropped or fell in to something again. She is always smiling and keeping a happy personality, and avid curiosity in things especially steam teconology.     
 Background Information : An illegitimate daughter, born to a English noble father and a Chinese maid mother, did not leave much room for Vicky’s options in life. Vicky grew up happy though helping her mother around the house, learning everything she need to know on how to be a proper maid. She always had a love of helping people and a love of being a maid, she will find joy in simple task, no matter how mundane they may be, often to hear her humming a little song, as she dose the laundry.

She left England after several rich households could not stand her clumsy nature, especially after in one of the houses the whole basement was accidently flooded with the masters best wine, that almost droned her incident.

Vicky having some money saved up began to travel trying to find her place in it. In her travels, she worked in several different restaurants, Hotels and even in a brothel once as the maid and cook. She enjoyed working with the harlots and deep down in side she is jealous of them and the exotic life they live. However, none of the jobs never truly felt right so she kept moving.     

Vicky has always been interested in steam technology. She has a few little devices of her own she will tinker with, she even made a steam brush to help her with cleaning the floors, so when she arrived at the “Pleasure Dome” she almost begged the Master to let her work there. Just for the chance to take care of some of the best minds in the steam industry.       

Offline SashaTopic starter

Re: Steampunk - Pleasure Dome - Recruitment - <open to all >
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2011, 03:30:38 PM »
Character Name :  Victoria Tripskda “Vicky”
Played by : Dragonfly7022003

 Character approved ....would like to have seen a steampunk style costume ...but then again this seems to fit for some reason .  Go ahead and post the character sheet in this thread .

 Feel free to say hello to the others in the OOC.

You may start your first post one of the suites in the Guild Member section .

Welcome to the game .....any questions feel free to send me a PM .


Offline Khanken

Re: Steampunk - Pleasure Dome - Recruitment - <open to all >
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2011, 07:28:40 AM »
Character Sheet :

Character Name : Doctor Helyanwe "Herring Will Do Nicely" Herring
Played by : Khanken
Character Age  : 26
Character Gender : Inter-sexed Altered Unique Male, Appearing and Happily Mistaken for Female
Character Role in game  : Potential Shipboard Merchant
Sexual Orientation : Prefers Females, Dominates
 Interested Fetish or Kinks : She is experienced, and Herring's unique, canine-like gender alterations are a kink unto themselves for others to consider. She loves being bitten or growled at, favoring the bestial side of human lust. She also loves especially a submissive female who can take a bit of a beating. Skillful heavy petting by a female makes easier that rare exception in which she submits to one. Bondage isn't favored, as it clashes with her wild nature. She is also keen on the use of rare, effective aphrodisiacs.

 Character Personality :   Anything but shy, and quite pleased with having a strange, sometimes morbid sense of humor. She respects and relates to intelligent people better, but her scoundrel antics know no bounds for those who take pleasure in and enable them. She is very well educated and curious about many things, but her greatest course is as an experienced stylist and young Doctor with so much talent. Herring is prone to refusing help from gentlemanly males, feeling that it encroaches upon her independence and her own hidden masculinity.
 Background Information :  She's been selling things on street corners since she was an abandoned inter-sexed child. She learned to hunt in the wilderness as a starving teen after a bad experience as a harlot, and began procuring leather from her kills. She would then obtain discarded metals and fabrics, and begin her natural talent of styling. Selling these goods helped her to become independent, avoiding stranger's beds and pickpocketing to at last make a life for herself, even in occasionally dyeing and styling females' hair. Herring would soon open a second story shop at the age of sixteen, for her work was becoming a great success in her hometown. This gave her the space in which to research alchemy, and, with some of her female customers interested in a discreet inter-sexed partner, lots of lustful encounters. Nearly a year passed, and illegitimate children were being born left and right, fathered by a naive Helyanwe. She would be extorted to oblivion and forced to work at a harrowing pace, realizing that her male gender perfectly functioned while her female gender, containing and usually hiding it, was merely for show.

Times grew rough for a young woman who felt outcast from society, but she kept experimenting with chemicals and salves, even dissecting dead animals, looking desperately for a creative way outside of her popular fashions to escape the poverty her child-bearing mistresses forced upon her. And that was when she discovered the true joys of alchemy and biology, though in a perverse and amateur way. Eventually, Helyanwe Herring, then known as Helen Smith, decided to cleverly negotiate with her blackmailing mistresses to have each payment occur on the same monthly day. This allowed her, a nearly eighteen year old girl to plan the great escape. And so, on the day of supposed payment, she took all of her earnings from the hardest working month in her life, a small fortune, and left. The next day, newspapers declared her demise to the world, for she had cleverly rigged her home and workshop to explode.

A young woman no one knew of walked into an embassy speaking fluent Russian, pleading for asylum... and that was when her true life began. Posing as a political and maritally abused refugee named Helyanwe Mihailov, a woman soon known as merely Herring would enter into a life of medical study. Professors in many medical, biological and alchemical fields regarded her as their most brilliant pupil. She would make money on the side altering clothing and fixing hair styles gone wrong for her classmates, and rise to the top of a few esteemed university classes in England. Once graduated, she seemed to disappear, sometimes dealing underhand with the wealthiest of women, offering miracles too good to be true, and yet simply were true. "Lets see what in Miss Herring's magic bag..." she would often say, shortly before presenting alchemical solutions that would pass as blatant witchcraft, whether it was a task as simple as making a miracle fuel that would carry a ship twice as far as usual... or something as complex as causing a suicidal woman to feel enough pleasure to mysteriously die from their next sexual release, giving them the ultimate release from life they are willing to pay for.

In her research, Helyanwe "perfected" her inter-sexed gender, performing her own brave surgery upon it to make it appear and function the same as a wolf's male sex, with a functional but infertile womanly gender as its sheath. She worked with chemicals to increase her sex drive, and with some materials to increase her gender's girth. The knot that contained her testes was the part that drove her partners to great amounts of pleasure. But few women lived to brag about it, because Helyanwe's role in society was to help them to die a painless and mysterious death.

Tired of traveling all around the English speaking world and having to end the lives of her sexual partners or sell her miracle goods discreetly, Herring sought The Pleasure Dome for a quasi-retirement, vowing to never use her talents to assist with suicides again. Her anachronisms in medical science are few due to her youth, but noted in some medical journals as repairing erectile dysfunction, assisting transsexual surgery research and stabilizing patients who are in shock with a secret formula which in fact is not a sedative. She has use, both as an experienced merchant and a clever doctor.

Offline SashaTopic starter

Re: Steampunk - Pleasure Dome - Recruitment - <open to all >
« Reply #5 on: March 03, 2011, 12:41:58 PM »
Character Name : Doctor Helyanwe "Herring Will Do Nicely" Herring
Played by : Khanken

 Character approved ....Go ahead and post the character sheet in this thread .

 Feel free to say hello to the others in the OOC. You can also pick up all the game threads from there as well .

If you would like to start out posting the character in her room, suite 108 .... that would most likely work out best . Then she can come down and join in with the rest in the Playground area if you like .

If you wish to have her start out coming to the Pleasure Dome....your free to do that I wouldn't want to take the arriving in whatever contraption she may use away from you .  You just start out instead at the Front Lobby and Tom will be paged to come up to assist her .

Welcome to the game .....any questions feel free to send me a PM .

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Re: Steampunk - Pleasure Dome - Recruitment - <open to all >
« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2011, 01:28:03 PM »

 Still looking for a few players to join us members to E welcomed . We are willing to corrupt play with anyone looking to explore some unusual kink . If you wish to discuss a character concept just send me a pm or reply in this thread .


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Re: Steampunk - Pleasure Dome - Recruitment - <open to all >
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2011, 10:22:51 AM »

 This game is rolling over into a new day ....opening up a fresh new start for anyone wanting to try out a character in in the Steampunk Era .  New to E ....New to roleplaying .....New to Steampunk ....even an old fossil on E...all are welcome .

 Come join in the madness .....explore out an interesting kink ......laugh while playing an eccentric character .

  There is a Party getting started ....come one come all .................or something Like that ?  Smirks .