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September 23, 2017, 02:53:00 PM
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Author Topic: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)  (Read 1172 times)

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Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« on: February 02, 2011, 03:28:40 PM »
So I've been wanting to make a street fighting game for awhile now. I'm absolutely infatuated with martial arts, so that played a major part in it. I've learned from mistakes in past games, and so this one? Will generally be a little more freeform, characters can go off and do their own things. I will just shape the world, and provide the overall base plot. Subplots and developments? I leave that open to the players.

The Plot: Unsanctioned brawls are a huge money making outfit, with hundreds of fighters of varying degrees of training & discipline eager to collide in the hopes of making money and testing their skills. It isn't uncommon for well established crime organizations or gangs to get involved with their own fighters. A small time crime boss, has been slowly making a name. The number of fighters in their roster is small, but they are a case of quality over quantity. With a new fighter completing the stable, the boss quickly starts to gain power. However power, money and ego complicate things.

What I'm Looking For: Experienced writers, and ones who have some measure of interest in any of the aspects of the game. It will help out a lot because a lot of either martial arts or crime terminology will be tossed around. Anywhere between 6-10 players, if I get another GM or two? I will increase that number to 14 at most. I don't want more than three more at the absolute most male fighters, and more than 2 female fighters because typically? A division for women fighters will usually be smaller in comparison to a men's division. Usually. This is open for debate if I see some amazing concepts.

A Co-GM or two. I don't forsee anything life altering happening like with my last attempt at a group game, even so the help will definitely be appreciated because it will help in regards to creating and playing the NPC's. I plan on having established organizations and ladders for the divisions of fighters. Thus npc's that arise? Will wind up becoming antagonists and rivals for the core group. Not to mention, getting help will allow more specific focus so that if a fight is going on? The people involved if they want some plot tossed their way, don't have to just sit around focusing on that.

The Fighters: If you're going to be playing as a fighter? I just ask that you have some general knowledge regarding martial arts and/or fighting. Either the fights can pan out with the writer typing out the encounter, or I can play as the opponent for the fight. It will help you in writing the fights, as well as knowledge regarding the training aspects of the fighters. This game will be grounded in realism. I'm a practicing martial artist, far from a master but I'm currently practicing two forms. If someone's fighter concept doesn't make sense? I will let you know politely. You can have have multiple styles, however regarding your age? Your years of training? Your background? And your styles learned? All of those play a factor in what you're able to do and how well. A black belt doesn't make one an expert in a style, there are several different ranking systems in different styles. On average though? For an adult, it will take you 3-5 years if you're lucky usually to earn a black belt from a dedicated school as opposed to a trendy one. They won't usually provide you with a black belt until you are 16. Several Korean, Chinese and Japanese styles share things in common so a strong grasp and base in one? Will make learning others easier.

I want to keep this game realistic and out of the video game realms, also the fighters will be in different divisons-weight classes so we don't have just one grand champ eventually that renders the others pointless. Mine will be a heavyweight, I will also be using a different weight scale from organized promotions to allow some flexibility.

I'm also able to be used a resource. If you just have a general idea of how you want to fight? Give me a number of years for training, as well as how you generally fight and your background? I can give you a personalized style off of that.

Characters that can be chosen from: Depending on the level of interest? We can discuss who is what. I will be playing as a new fighter for the group. All these don't have to be filled, but they will give you an idea. Also some of these can realistically overlap.

The Boss:
Woman Fighter(s):
The Promoter/Adviser/Second in Command:
The Treasurer/Secretary:
The Resarcher/Scout:
The Trainer/Coach:
The Valet/Eye Candy(s):
Significant Others:
The Corrupt Cop:

Offline ceasar

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2011, 04:21:59 PM »
Hey, I would be quite interested in getting involved in this plot idea.  I think it's an idea that i'd like to explore a bit more.

I have a working knowledge of martial arts, I was once a student (through highschool), I don't think my recallection are that faded, so I'm pretty confident I could do a good job.  I think I would most enjoy playing a fighter, but I think the role of scout/coach/trainer could be a lot of fun.

I have just one question:

1.  Are all the characters involved with this one crime syndicate?

Offline saphina

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2011, 04:34:29 PM »
If you'll take me Darkcide, I'm in.  I had an RP almost exactly like this on another cite, it had great potential, but then people started dropping out and soon there were only 2 or three of us left.  But here's hoping your's turns out better than that one.  Yeah but like I said, I'd really like to get in on this, I'd prefer a female role but I can play male if there are a bunch of other people who want to play the girls.  Normally I would offer to co-GM but I have stuff going on so I think I'll just stick to a character if that's ok?  If you're really in a bind and need a GM thoug I could probably help you out.

Chalk my name down on your interested list please.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2011, 04:49:09 PM »
Hello ceasar, I'm glad to see you're interested. Also kudos on having practiced martial arts previously. What form? Just out of curosity. All of the characters are involved with the one syndicate. It helps with focus as opposed to spreading everyone too far and thin, not to mention that when the fights start happening? If someone else's organization & fighters are being trounced it really serves to undermine their value as players in the game I've found.

Hello Saphina, I'm glad to see you're interested also. I hope that this one winds up having a long shelf life to it as well. I say you're more than welcome to play a female character as you're the first who has expressed an interest in it. It is also quite alright for you to stick to being a character. No worries.

I will also have the format for the character profiles up later, as well as my character so you can have an idea. Oh and before anyone starts creating characters? I'm using Michael Jai White as my character's model. Just letting everyone know lol.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2011, 07:11:35 PM »
The Character Profile.

Fighters will have bonus categories marked with a *

Alias(if any):
Distinctive Features:
Motivation in regards to the organization:
*Fighting Style(s):
*Places of Training:
*Fighting Personality:
*Philosophy on Fighting:

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #5 on: February 03, 2011, 09:19:12 AM »
Name: Christian Simmons
Alias(if any): The Demon 
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 6'2"/ 226 lbs.
Nationality/Ethnicity: African American
Occupation: Fighter
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Christian is a very muscular African American male, with broad shoulders. He has straight white teeth, dark brown eyes and almost no body fat.

Distinctive Features: A tattoo on his back, of a large demonic warrior like figure with twin blades sheathed and crimson eyes.

Motivation in regards to the organization: Christian absolutely craves combat, and wants to prove he's the best. Not to mention his divorce hurt him financially.
Personality: Christian is a somewhat stoic, and quiet individual. He's well travelled, cultured and surprisingly intelligent. His personal code of conduct drives his life. He will always repay a favor, he is loyal and believes in showing respect to women. However he is also highly competitive, can be arrogant regarding his skills and doesn't back down from confrontation. Martial arts rule his life.
Likes: Martial arts, sushi, competition, his daughter, self-assertiveness, exercise, reading, philosophy, theatre, music, tea and women.
Dislikes: Loud mouths, country music, coffee, smoke, alcohol, ignorance, abuse towards women.
Skills: Running, games that require strategy, languages, debate, playing music and psychology.
Flaws: His arrogance, obsessive desire to pursue martial arts, he can be horribly blunt.
Hobbies: Chess, music, exercise, bowling and rock climbing.

Short Biography: Christian is the son of a master Tae Kwon Do instructor/competitor who instilled a love of the martial arts in his son. Christian began his training at the age of 5, and has gotten to travel the world in the pursuit of martial arts. He's built an impressive list of tournament wins over the years but kept away from overexposure. He never stayed in one place too long, being homeschooled instead as he travelled with his parents. Christian was married at the age of 25 to a Japanese woman who was daughter to his Shotokan master. Bringing her to the United States, the two had a daughter together. However his obsession with the martial arts and improvement drove a wedge between the two of them.

She divorced him, and took their daughter. Christian who was already facing hard times, was dealt a harsher blow when he shot and killed a man in self defense. It was proven as self defense, but the weapon he used wasn't registered and so he spent 2 years in prison before recently being released. His criminal record has hurt his chances of getting a job, and so now he's set on entering the illegal fight circuit to support himself and to pay Alimony and Child Support. He also hopes to eventually reclaim his daughter, and to improve as a combatant.
*Fighting Style(s):
Tae Kwon Do-10 Years. Studied from 5-18. His father bypassed the age requirement for belts, and waited until he was 16 to really start awarding them. Learned from his father, and is a 4th degree black belt.
Shotokan-4 years. Studied from 22-26. Studied at the same time as Kyokushin, he began training while studying Kyokushin. He has a third kyu brown belt.
Kyokushin-5 years. Studied from 20-25. Lived in Japan for 6 years, and earned a black belt.
Muay Thai-5 years. Studied from 15-20. Learned the first three years in the USA, spent the second two in Thailand.
Boxing-2 Years. Studied from 28-30. Studied while in prison.
Judo-4 years, off and on. Studied from 24-28. He learned the basics in Japan, but studied more expensively upon returning to America after his marriage and before his incarceration.
*Fighting Personality: Highly aggressive & focused, he studies an opponent and adapts accordingly. There is nothing flashy about his style, and he aims to finish fights without putting on a show about it.
*Strengths: Very hard striking power, a very high tolerance for pain, surprising speed and reflexes for his size, excellent flexibility, high level of conditioning and adaptability. He's been fighting most of his life, and the only ones who stand a chance against him are true martial artists. 
*Weaknesses: Grappling, he is competent in it but not a master. While Christian is capable of making opponents submit and escaping submissions. Highly experienced submission artists and wrestlers can provide problems for him if they get him on the ground. His only two losses in any form of competition were due to submissions. He also is only defensive in counterattacking. Defense based styles like Aikido aren't of any interest to him, and he's not as patient as a lot of highly experienced fighters.
*Philosophy on Fighting: To defeat his opponent at all costs, and to increase his strength accordingly.

Offline saphina

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #6 on: February 05, 2011, 09:09:32 AM »
Name: Cŕtia Azeje
Alias(if any): Fuscia
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5’6 - 121 lbs
Nationality/Ethnicity: Brazilian
Occupation: Fighter
Sexuality: Straight
Distinctive Features: None really

Motivation in regards to the organization: She needs the cash, it’s her only source of income.  She’ll take money from whomever is paying highest or fastest.
Personality: Cŕtia is a complicated girl.  She is (to quote a popular children‘s movie) like an onion, she has layers, and then layers upon those layers.  When you first meet she will probably smile and make you feel comfortable, she has a very genuine looking smile.  She will however not be serious with you, she’ll joke around and laugh but she won’t really trust you for a while.  You know that she trusts you if she’s ever serious with you, then you know that you have her respect and trust.  And that’s something that’s very hard to gain.
Likes: Hard-workers, sunny days, volleyball, classical music, rap, R&B, R&R, latin music and dancing, small animals
Dislikes: Fast food, Carnivals, heavy metal,
Skills: Dancing (classically trained), physical fitness (strength, agility, speed etc.),
Flaws: Perfectionism, she expects a lot of herself and hardly ever settles for anything less than her best
Hobbies: Reading, training, dancing, foosball
Short Biography

Cŕtia was born in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil.  She had an older brother and two younger sisters.  The entire family learned the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from her father: Gastao Azeje.  Cŕtia had a certain aptitude for this fighting style, even more than her older brother Heraldo.  Although she really enjoyed fighting, she learned to dance aswell at her mothers insisting.  She found out that she liked this too.  She also discovered the Kanokogi International Judo Schools in Rio Di Janeiro. Through her high school years she took up wrestling with her high schools, boys wrestling team.  When she was 17 she had just earned her black belt from her father, when he fell ill.  Her father had brain cancer, inoperable brain cancer.  He died 6 months later.
Cŕtia felt really sad for the first time in her life.  She needed to get away.  She left her family in Brazil and moved to New York.  She didn’t actually have a ’real visa’ so she had to find some what discreet working conditions.  She lived working as a waitress for a year (at less than minimum wage) and was miserable, but then she discovered the Manicotti Boxing gym and renewed her love for fighting, but she needed a job.  She didn’t want to continue waitressing, so she was left with few choices.

Fighting Miscellaneous

Fighting Style(s):
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - 11 years (age 9-20)  - Earned a Black Belt at her fathers gym when she was 17
Judo - 7 years (age 13-20) - 8th dan - red and white belt when she was 22
Greco Roman Wrestling - 2 years (age 15-17)
Boxing - 3 years (age 18-21)
Places of Training:
Her fathers Jiu-Jitsu gym in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil.
Manicotti Boxing Gym, New York, New York
Kanokogi International Judo Schools, Rio Di Janeiro and Albany, NY

Fighting Personality: Conservative, Counter-Puncher.
She is a classic counter-puncher, she is a master of using her opponents blows against them, something she learned in all of her training.  She is defensive and waits for an opening before making her move. She likes to draw out fights because of her great conditioning, she believes she can outlast any other competitor.

Strengths: Conditioning, stamina, grabbling, groundwork,
Weaknesses: Striking, although she studied boxing and has more than a passable amount of power it is the weakest part of her technique.
Philosophy on Fighting: Exhaust her opponents and then topple them with their own strength.
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Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #7 on: February 05, 2011, 10:35:03 AM »
Very nice, I like the character concept. Well done!

Offline ceasar

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #8 on: February 06, 2011, 03:07:02 PM »
Cameron Winter

Alias(if any):
He goes by Cam or Winter



5’11/152 lbs


For Organization: Talent Scout, Part-Time Trainer



Distinctive Features:
Tattoo Left Forearm:
As I look around the world I sigh,
And think, We could at least give peace a try

Tattoo Across Upper Back:
Bring me my bow of burning gold!
Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire!

Tattoo Right Forearm:
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

Motivation in regards to the organization:
He isn’t too fond of the Organization.  He is being blackmailed, so to speak, by his uncle (a higher up in the Organization, former Trainer). 

Personal History
Cam never really wanted to get involved with the organization, but when your uncle is a higher up in a crime syndicate, well some things are already set up.  Cam was originally trained to be a fighter, from the time he was 7 he was going to be a fighter.  He never realised this, he just went to the classes, the Karate, the Tae Kwon Do, the Judo, the boxing etc.  He likes the classes and the discipline but he never really like actually fighting.  He could practically dissect you before you stepped onto the mat.  He could tell where you were going to move before you even knew.  He was a genius, he had an innate gift, but he didn’t like fighting himself.  Part of it was he was scarred of fighting.  He never wanted to get hurt, he wasn’t scared of dying just having to live injured, so he was always very careful whenever fought.  He became a fighter for the Organization and was pretty good, until one day when he was 21 he had his last fight; he paralyzed a his opponent, by fracturing his spine.  After that Cameron never fought again.  He was going to strike out on his own, but his uncle wouldn’t let him, his uncle had worked too hard training him.  When Cameron refused to fight, his uncle went ballistic.  When Cameron tried to leave the city to go on a trip to Africa, his uncle had a group of thugs jump him.  Every time he left his house there would be these thugs there.  Every time they’d fight and Cam wouldn’t fight back, until finally they broke him.  He couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t go out he couldn’t do anything.  He went to his uncle and told him that he would join the Organization, not as a fighter but as his assistant Trainer and as a Talent Scout.

Cam is a pretty mild mannered kind of guy, he has a slow temper and a calm demeanour.  He acts very thoughtfully and speaks rather slowly with pauses between his words.  He is a great persuader, he has a smooth voice that with his accent some people find very alluring.

Training, Travelling, Physical activity

Fighting, the Organization

Prognosticating, fighting (although he never fights), strategic thinking, ability to assess a person’s ability to fight or train or improve

Fear of fighting, unwillingness to use his fighting skills

Chess, Biking, Reading

Fighting Style(s):

Karate - 8 Years - Red Belt
Tai Kwon Do - 8 years - Bodan Belt
Judo - 7 years - Brown Belt
Boxing - No Belt - 6 years
Bohk (Mongolian Wrestiling)-6 years
Kuntao - No Belt - 5 years

OK, here's my man.  By the way Darkcide I actually studied Judo for about 7-8 years, it was my forte

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #9 on: February 06, 2011, 03:56:57 PM »
Nice character, and Judo huh? That is pretty nice. Judo's an awesome style. Well, if we don't get more interest soon? I'll create a boss for the organization, play as them and then I can start the game off with the three of us and see if anybody else wants to join at a later date.

Offline ceasar

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #10 on: February 06, 2011, 04:03:21 PM »
Well, if I had my druthers i'd say that with just the 3 of us it wouldn't really make much of an rp, i think we'd need probably at least 1 or 2 more people.

and yeah judo.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #11 on: February 06, 2011, 04:12:58 PM »
Pretty much, but at the same time if nobody else expresses interest? The idea will wind up just going dead I think. You're right though.

I'm currently doing Tae Kwon Do and Aikido. I plan on dropping Aikido this summer, I'll take up Muay Thai instead. I'm currently training for Muay Thai now before starting it just so it won't be as rough a transition. I used to wrestle in High School, I did Karate as a kid and I've done kickboxing.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #12 on: February 08, 2011, 11:04:42 AM »
If someone else expresses interest in the boss character, I will just have this one be the head for the main rival group but for the forseeable future here is the leader for the organization.

Name: Benjamin Pryce
Alias(if any): None.
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Height/Weight: 6'0"/ 190 lbs
Nationality/Ethnicity: African American
Occupation: Crime Boss
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: He is in excellent physical shape for his age, Benjamin is well groomed although he bears several gang related tattoos from his younger days.

Distinctive Features: None aside from the tattoos.

Motivation in regards to the organization: Money, success, & power.
Personality: Highly amoral, ruthless and controlling. Benjamin likes to project the image of a highly cultured and sophisticated intellectual. He chiefly tries to lead through respect, but will resort to intimidation if neccesary. Benjamin will only use foul language when he is angered, and he can become highly violent when provoked.
Likes: The martial arts, warrior culture, money, obedience, luxury items, art, wine, and victory.
Dislikes: Losing, disrespect, ignorance, filth, foul language and compromise.
Skills: Negotiation, intimidation, leadership, organization, planning, chess, translation, and poetry. He was also a very efficient brawler in his younger days.
Flaws: A horrible temper, control issues, arrogance and delusions of grandeur.
Hobbies: Writing poetry, wine making, chess, collecting art, gambling and reading.

Short Biography: Benjamin lived a harsh life, growing up in the slums. He fought, killed, robbed and did whatever was neccesary to survive. Joining a gang at a young age, he quickly developed a reputation for being utterly ruthless. Eventually going on to lead a chapter of the gang, eventually Ben was sent to prison for attempted murder although he managed to avoid a lot of other charges. While in prison, he seems to have discovered a spiritual awakening and was released early for good behavior. Once out, he rededicated the gang to a new purpose. Ben put on a legit front, as an upstart and local record label. HE strong armed his way to a lot of artists and wound up making an impact. Selling the label off for a substantial amount of money, he used the members of the gang as muscle without publicly having any ties to them. While he continued his front as a somewhat respectable business man. Having discovered the money that passed hands in regards to underground fights, Ben has decided to focus on this venture and is looking to rise in the standings.

Offline saphina

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #13 on: February 18, 2011, 04:00:00 PM »
so am i to asume this rp is not going to take off?

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Re: Blunt Force Trauma Interest Thread. (Streetfighting/Crime)
« Reply #14 on: February 18, 2011, 05:32:02 PM »
That's the way it seems, there isn't enough interest which really sucks.