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May 28, 2018, 03:22:07 AM

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Author Topic: Chiranen (LittleRedPet x Dissonance)  (Read 692 times)

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Chiranen (LittleRedPet x Dissonance)
« on: February 01, 2011, 09:47:46 PM »
[OOC: Out-of-character tags to separate OOC chat. That, and the link to the OOC here, for convenience. Linked in this entire line. That, and well, it might be more realistic to have different definitions of 'handsome', LOL.]

"Lord Utt, we're arriving soon."

Startled awake by the voice, the noble gently rubbed his eyes as he acknowledged his bodyguard with a rasp knock on his carriage. Then, with another series of knocks, he got the carriage driver to proceed on their journey. Sighing softly to himself, Utt straightens his bright crimson vest, neatly buckled to his waist with a utility belt that ruined his entire image of nobility. Smiling, he eased the creases out of his equally crimson trousers before leaning back on his carriage seat. His carriage was a simple one, built more for security than for elegance. It typically appeared to be a metal box on a cart driven by two horses. His two bodyguards, one of them serving as driver, sat in front of this 'box'. The idea was to pretend the entire carriage was for the purpose of transporting some form of good, rather than to transport a person.

This was also why Utt had to knock his responses to his guards. As he noted all these to himself, he was grinning.

"Hey, don't you guys get bored of all these etiquette?"

Utt whispered through the door leading into his carriage. Immediately, there came a loud sigh from outside.

"Lord Utt... How many times are you going to ask this?"

"Well, maybe till you give me a proper answer."

"Lord Utt... We know you are craving for some women now... But bear with us, please."

By that, the Guard was referring to Utt's notoriety as a 'casanova' of sorts back in the Royal Capital of Roanark. In actuality, those women were only hanging around Utt. He is handsome, after all, sporting a clean, tidy image, complete with a mushroom cut. Match all that with a strong, protruding nose, and eyes with a determined gaze, you had a man that most noblewomen fancy. With that many of them hanging around him all the time, it was hard to stifle the rumors that started spreading. Nevertheless, the truth of it all was that he never touched a single one of them. They did touch him, but never the other way round.

Unfortunately, the husbands of those noblewomen never believed that. As soon as the previous Governor of Chiranen died, he was promptly recommended for the post. The King, though influential, could not have his way if they were so united.

"Oh come on, get real, people."

The guards started laughing, then stop suddenly.

"We've reached."

"Is that so? Bring us immediately to the Governor's Office."

Suddenly, the atmosphere became serious. There was no more laughter, nor jokes between them. This was Chiranen after all, the city so famous for all the wrong reasons. The carriage edges past the city gates, and sped quickly on it's way towards the Governor's Office...