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Author Topic: M&M 2e - Interest Check (NC)  (Read 2939 times)

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Re: M&M 2e - Interest Check (NC)
« Reply #50 on: February 07, 2011, 02:15:45 AM »
Would you enjoy this guy in your game? 

   Growing up was not the happiest thing for Wilson Laslowe.  He was, as his name might suggest, a complete and hopeless nerd.  Computer literate, skinny as a pre-pubescent scarecrow, never good enough at sports, a gamer, and—worst of all—only son of a single mother whom he loved very much and actually enjoyed spending time with. 
   Will took heart that one day he would be a powerful super being like his mother Shanna.  Surely any day now he would explode into an anthropomorphic cheetah himself and finally learn what it was like too run!  Or, better yet, into a tiger man, nine feet tall and mighty beyond all measure!   
   All adolescence brought the scrawny boy was pimples and simmering resentment.  Why had his mother gone into retirement anyway?  Why play games with him when she could be outrunning racecars?  Why work that boring library job when she could be on call full time for the government? 
   On his fifteenth birthday, Will exploded at his eternally patient mother over something infinitely stupid.  In a desperate attempt to get a rise out of her, he demanded to know who his father was so he could ask him for a better name. 
   She did far worse than shout.  Shanna turned so horribly pale before walking into her room and closing the door that Will’s heart seized up. Tears burned in his eyes as he stalked up to his own bedroom to stare at pictures of himself and his mother from happier days. 
Then he turned to his computer to look up articles on his mother before her retirement. 
   She was called the Tawny Blur when she streaked down the streets of New York fighting crime as a fur clad cheetah girl.  Her friends in the hero community called her Purr, which got out too the fans and she didn’t stop from sticking.  Will had never dug deeper than that. 
   Now he did.  The internet made it frighteningly easy.  It was a popular topic of scandalous photos and worse adolescent fiction, the time when the innocent heroine had become beguiled by her arch nemesis Mordred deMagus.  In the months she spent as henchgirl to the World’s Mightiest Evil Sorcerer, she became pregnant, but the Blur escaped his hypnotic enchantments in time to throw deMagus into his own portal before Horrible Creatures from Beyond Infinity could Eat New York. 
   As his numb fingers flew over the keyboard, revealing truth after ugly truth, Will found that this whole horrible time happened a few months after the loss of Tawny’s father. 
   He found the incident now.  A year earlier, an extra-terrestrial’s ship had crash landed and was suffering a core breach that threatened to irradiate Wyoming.   The repairs, the ship’s telepath explained, would take hours.  A super speedster—a cheetah-shifter--arrived at the scene and demanded that the telepath guide him through the procedure.  Though they succeeded, the speedster died of cancer within a year. 
His grandfather, Wilson Laslow. 

Wilson crawled into bed with his mother that night and she held him as he cried himself too sleep, gasping apologies.   He never answered to Will again. 

Determined to follow in the family tradition, Wilson redoubled his efforts in school and athletics, but he still played video games with his mother and RPGs with some friends.  One day he came across a box of his father’s affects mothballed in a friend’s parent’s secret lair where they were gaming, using the hollo-table for a miniatures grid. 
Digging around, he located a bunch of things that didn’t make sense, but one thing to cool to leave.  An ancient icosahedron numbered 1 to 20 carved of bronze. 
Three days later, he dug it out of his pocket on the way back from school.  Becoming so engrossed in the artifact that he wasn’t quick enough to dive for cover when the latest super-skirmish came through, he caught a zot!  Wilson found his hair standing on end and power surging out of the ancient d20 and into his body. 
Wilson spread his arms, lifted into the air, and then the bronze embed in his forehead and was gone.  When he woke up in the hospital, there was no sign of it.  He spent the next few weeks dreaming of a book written in Greek, that he could somehow read. 
At the library a few weeks later he realized the copy of the Odyssey he was reading was not a translation!  The revelation that he could read Ancient Greek caused him to search out more books in that language.  Finally his search read him to close his eyes. 
The eye on his forehead opened.  The one that was basically a tattoo of an eye with a tiny bronze 20 sided dice for a pupil. 
In this fashion, he could see a book.  It proved too be the Grimorum Pythagorium, a comprehensive book of spells written by the founder of western geometry!  By studying it, he could eventually learn to do almost anything, including make talismans that would keep him on par with super-gazetteers, provided he had a steady supply of numbered perfect polyhedrons in various colors. 
The Polyhedral Prestidigator was born! 

--Attributes:   14 
--Saves:   18
--Powers:   28
--Feats      10
--Skills      10

Strength   12 +1
Dexterity   10 +0
Constitution   12 +1
Intelligence   18 +4
Wisdom   12 +1
Charisma   10 +0

Fortitude   6+1   =d20+7
Reflex      4   =d20+4
Will      6+1   =d20+7
Toughness:   -+1+5   =d20+6   

Attack   0   (Fencing +4, Polyhedral Thaumaturgy +6)
Defense:   10+1+5   =16

Polyhedral Thaumaturgy (13):  (This array contains 12 point powers derived from magic.  They all have the same limitation, using them requires an appropriate combination of numbered, colored, perfect polyhedrons, which are consumed in the casting.)   
--Fog of Forgetfulness
--Levin Bolt
--Light of Revelation

Item: Bracelets (4):  These magic bracelets provide Armor 5.   
Item: Bag of holding (3): This crown royal bag accesses a Rank 5 pocket dimension.   
Item: Magic Ring (8):   When worn, this magic ring deflects attacks, providing +5 defense.   

FEATS (13):
Attack Specialization: Polyhedral Thaumaturgy X3
Attack Specialization: Fencing X2
Eidetic Memory
Equipment X2
Improved Critical: Polyhedral ThaumturgyX3
Perk: Connected
Precise Shot

SKILLS (11): 
Bluff            4+0   =
Diplomacy         4+0   =
Drive            4+0   =
Investigate         6+4   =
K. Arcane Lore      6+4   =
K.             6+4   =
K. All others:         0+4   =d20+4
Perception         4+1   =
Profession: Game Desinger   4+0   =
Search            6+4   =

-1   Wilson is legally blind without his glasses, but cannot stand contacts. 

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Re: M&M 2e - Interest Check (NC)
« Reply #51 on: February 07, 2011, 01:45:30 PM »
That sounds fine if you'd like to join :-)  Interesting concept.