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December 08, 2022, 01:12:35 am

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Author Topic: Need a player for a Fantasy Adventure (F wanted, NC, maybe EX)  (Read 960 times)

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Need a player for a Fantasy Adventure (F wanted, NC, maybe EX)
« on: January 31, 2011, 07:08:53 am »
(Luckily) i have received a lot of requests for this, so well, for the moment consider it closed, since i can't handle any more! Thx a lot to everyone :D

I have made another topic other my usual plot one, since this idea is a bit different from the usual one on one RP that i do. The idea is having me being the master and controlling the world around your character, in a story. Kind of a one one one version of the most common table role play games like D&D. For this reason i would prefer to do this having you RP in first person and me controlling the things in third person, but referring directly to you (eg : "The merchant turns to you saying..."). We could discuss this if you strongly prefer third person.

I've wanted this one to be mainly freeform, no dice rolling, no statistics to keep in mind. Just a class for your character that would define what you are able or unable to do, and will lead you into having different ways to handle the situations that you will find, like combats, but also gathering informations, or escape from somewhere, leaving me to judge the result basing on your decisions and actions.  So no knowledge of any system is needed by you. This RP is also intended to be played over forum, or PMs if you prefer.

The setting is a mid-fantasy world, with everything that is related to it, so monsters and humanoids of various kind, magic, a variegate pantheon, etc etc
The story that i have in mind is having your character haunted by some sort of religious inquisition or law enforcers, without knowing why, and having to discover what has happened and hopefully resolve the problem. If this doesn't suites your tastes at all, feel free to propose an idea to start, i would gladly evaluate it and if it interests me i will fit it inside.

Obviously much deep descriptions of the setting and how the situation start would be given at the beginning of the play.

About your character, i'm searching a Female character (your real gender is more or less pointless, as long you cold play a convincing one ^^), and the story would involve for sure some form of NC sex, light bondage, also exotic and maybe extreme elements (we have to discuss the limits of you before start, to set them clearly), so you are warned!
An idea about the classes you could choose for your character:

Warrior/Fighter: Expert in hand2hand fighting and in the use of weapons and armors, and has also an enviable physical preparation. Could sustains an high quantity of wounds, but also a longer period without eating or rest properly. Put great importance in honor and pacts, so if it's fine that you run from a desperate fight with low remorses, would otherwise be an heavy shame if you refuse the direct challenge of someone.

Rogue: Even if not good in fighting like the warrior, could still use his dexterity, cunning and resourcefulness to solve problems. Even if you don't know what you usually don't inspire much confidence in "common" people, that would probably always keep an eye on you.

Cleric: You are part of the church of an important God or Goddes. Since the cult is very respected, the people usually trust you just seeing your holy symbol. Even in the darkest moments you might find that your prayers could be heard by someone able to help you. Your church doesn't forbid sexual acts, but you tend to sound very fussy about such things...well, for truth you would probably sound fussy about everything that is not clean and cleansed...

Wizard: You are a brilliant magic student, so you could use a number of useful spells, probably able to resolve for you what your weak body and your literate intellect couldn't handle by themselves. Downsides are that you are not exactly an "adventurous" person, adding that magic is somewhat related to daemons...and who knows what could happens using it without the proper control...

These are just simple sketches, you would obviously be free to write your character's description, disposition and nature. I will add what you need to know about your relationship inside the city where the adventure start.

Well, think i have done my part for now :D Just send a PM if you are interested, have questions and so on!
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Re: Need a player for a Fantasy Adventure (F wanted, NC, maybe EX)
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2011, 10:26:20 pm »
hmm i read over your idea and i must say it does sound fun, think i would honestly really enjoy somthing like that, send me a message if you would like to work somthing up :D