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Author Topic: Jet Set Radio Revolution  (Read 567 times)

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Jet Set Radio Revolution
« on: January 30, 2011, 08:57:28 pm »
Before anyone asks, yes, the Rokkakku will be playable.

In 2033, groups of teenage inline skaters (Referred to as "Rudies" by the Rokakku Police Force) continue to skate and tag the streets of Tokyo-to, each with the same goal in mind. .controlling each territory of the city. This of course wasn't an easy task. The streets of Tokyo-to are filled with law abiding citizens, rival gangs and of course the Rokakku Police Force.
-Rudies- A name given to the groups of teens that fill the streets with graffiti and dangerous inline skating. The name was given when the founder of the Rokakku Force insisted that the things these teens were doing was just flat out RUDE.
-Rokakku Police Force- Is a project that founded by the Rokakku Group, a mega corporate enterprise. In late 2023, the founder of the Rokakku Group decided it was time to put the mayhem caused by the "Rudies" to an end. Upon this, he recruited the best of the best law enforcers in Japan and created the police force known as the Rokakku Police Force.

Back to the story. In 2024, the mayor of Tokyo-to was forced out of office by the Rokakku Group and their corrupted forces. Upon his own decision, the founder of the Rokakku Group elected himself the new mayor of Tokyo-to. This wasn't good for the street artists and skaters of Tokyo-to. Over the years rival gangs battled over territories of the city but were merely wiped out by the Rokakku Force. Their force was live and in action, tagging was a no go, inline skating a nuh uh and simply just looking as if you were apart of a gang, BIG NO NO! Now the year is 2033 and Tokyo-to is still under direct control of the Rokakku Group, except the mayor is the founder's son and he's cracking down on the gangs harder than ever. The gangs of Tokyo-to feel there need to be a change there. Some sort of rebellious that will get Tokyo-to's attention like no other...a Revolution. With the dope tunes of Professor K's pirate radio station keeping spirits high, "Rudies" and gangs from all over set out to take down the Rokakku.
Will you fight to bring down this corrupt force or will you fall to their ways of perfect society? Your choice.

-Dogenzaga Hill
-Shibuya Terminal
-Rokakku-Dai Heights
-TUSF[Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility]
-Chuo Street
-Hikage Street
-99th Street
-The Skyscraper District
-Pharaoh Park
-Sky Dinosaurian Square
-Tokyo Line[Train Station]
-Kibogaoka Hill
-Highway Zero
-Residential Zone

Accepted Characters:
-Roberto Diaz(Played by Xiphon III)

Teams:[Accepting 6]
-M.N.D. of Shibuya Terminal

Characters & Teams Sheet[/size]

-Appearance:[No pictures]
-Age: (At least 16, please)
-Style:[Speed, technique, or power]
[Speed style characters are the racers for the team, the ones that hold down races for territory, money and respect]
[Technique style characters are the taggers for the team, the ones that throw up all the graffiti at spot battles and just around town to rep for the team]
[Power style characters are the muscle of the group, the ones that handle domestic disputes such as fights, riots and of course Rokkaku Police Force. Also, clears areas for the team to have freestyle sessions and just chill]
-Theme song: Can be a song your character made, actually uses as a theme song, or just something you think fits them really well.
-Music: What do they listen to?
-Habits: What can the usually be found doing, and where?
.:TEAMS:.*Only allowing 6*
-Logo:[For tags any crew emblems wore on clothes]
-Type:[Balanced, speed, power, or technique]
-Territory:[One of the ones listed above]
-Hangout:[Description of your teams hangout spot]
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Offline Xiphon IIITopic starter

Re: Jet Set Radio Revolution
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2011, 09:06:02 pm »

-Name: [ M-N-D ]

-Logo:  The logo for M-N-D is essentially the three letters M, N and D each in the colors red, blue and green respectively, surrounded by the picture of a large pair of indigo headphones.

-Type: Balanced

-Leader: Slide, though he does little actual "leading." They're more of a collective.

-Territory: Shibuya Terminal

-Hangout:  Slide and his team normally hang out in an older section of the Shibuya Terminal.  There, they've gathered a sort of big clubhouse scrapped together from all the discarded junk they could find.  Music is always pumping from within their clubhouse, and it's usually songs made by the members themselves. The group is full of aspiring artists and mixers, and this reputation attracts more of them, a self fulfilling prophecy.

-Name: Roberto Diaz
-Nickname: Cuban Slide, or just Slide, for short.
-Appearance: Black curls, keeps hair about an inch long, styles it to purposely look like he didn't style it. Tends to wear a tattered black cloak, though nobody really knows why, and a set of bright red skates. Hazel eyes.
-Personality: Carefree, not very trusting or open, but will tell his friends anything, and trusts them with his life. Extremely honorable. Enjoys gaming.
-Age: 17
-Height: 5'11"
-Weight: 196
-Team: M-N-D
-Style: Technique
-Bio: Originally born in Cuba, his parents moved to Neo-Tokyo when he was around five. He ran away from home when the law was passed, as both of his parents were Rokkaku, and fell in with those who would become M-N-D, quickly making friends. He doesn't really participate in inter-gang conflicts much, as he doesn't see the point. He believes that they should all band together to take down the Rokkaku, though he will step in to help his friends if they need it. He doesn't actively restrict his members from doing so, however he doesn't exactly approve.
-Theme song: ! Rise Up
-Music: Tends to enjoy the music from his gangs, and makes his own remixes of those, as well as various remixes of old nineteen eighties music.
-Habits: Can usually be seen playing his games, mixing his music, or else just riding free. He doesn't sleep much, and gets by on about an hour a night, as he considers it wasted time.
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