Song-Based Plots

Started by zoarster, January 30, 2011, 01:38:54 AM

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I've been listening to some music lately, and a lot of songs have had great concepts that could work well in RPs. I'm looking for a partner to come up with a story that fits the theme/lyrics of the song. I'm open to just about any song you might come up with by the artists below, but here are some, in no particular order, that I think would be particularly fun (hyperlinks take you to lyrics). I'm starting with Billy Joel songs because that's what I'm listening to now, but I'll add other artists as they occur to me.

Billy Joel

In addition to the songs above, Hotel California and Stairway to Heaven are always welcome!

If you're interested in playing these or other songs, let me know either via PM or (preferably) the IMs I have in my profile. Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.

Just a quick note... if you haven't heard the song but see some lyrics you like, please listen to the song before contacting me. I'd like the RP to match the feel of the song as well as the words. Thanks!