The Outlaw [Fantasy - M seeking F]

Started by Dray, January 30, 2011, 12:01:56 AM

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So I have been craving a role play where I play some sort of wolf-man...werewolf, anthro wolf, whatever.  Now I am open to ideas and suggestions and everything is open for discussions, nothing is set in tone.  Also I am looking for someone to play the role of the female here, since I will be playing the male.  I prefer partners who can be rather detailed and descriptive and post at least a couple paragraphs.  All sexual elements, fetishes and kinks are all laid down upon the is up to my partner to take things off of the table they are not comfortable basically I expect the two of us to check and respect each others Ons/Offs.

My Character:  He is the wolf, the outlaw...why he is an outlaw, we can discuss.  He is a powerful and dominate individual, he can be rather protective and possessive, tends to follow his instincts when it comes to hunting, fighting (brilliant and well experienced fighter), or lust(he's no virgin).  Arrogant and proud, he will be rather stubborn and full of pride.  Not one to really admit to love or romance, though he will show it through passionate actions with his body instead.  He is the close-range combat type, strong, quick, agile.

Wolf Pics
Inspirational Pic (NSFW)
Accessory Reference

Your Character:  Now she can be practically any race...human, elf, another furry/anthro, whatever.  I would like her to be smaller than him, playing on size difference and also I would like her to be physically weaker since he will be the one packing a muscular body.  And since he is a close range combat type, I want her to be more of a far range...meaning things like casting magic, using a bow, or even a gun depending on the setting.

Plot/Storyline:  Basically whoever has this wolf outlaw imprisoned finds themselves in a possible situation in which your character needs to go on some sort of mission/quest/rescue/etc (can be discussed)...but she cannot do it by herself, she needs someone with background and experience, someone who is tough and can help her succeed, thus they turn to my character and offer him his freedom in return for his services.  The setting can be discussed, of course it will involve mainly depends on what race the female character is and the route that is a few fill in the blanks need to be finished before this puzzle is pieced together into a nice little role play game.  Their relationship would start out almost purely physical as they travel and go on their adventure/quest together...the wolf acting upon lust for her beauty and sexy body, she being unable to deny it to him for similar reasons.  Over time their relationship will develop into some sort of romance as they overcome obstacles together and work together.

So that's pretty much the sum of my idea.  Send me a PM if you are interested in discussing the details.