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Author Topic: A collection of mixed ideas. (M seeking F)  (Read 1077 times)

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A collection of mixed ideas. (M seeking F)
« on: January 27, 2011, 09:01:18 PM »
In all of the following ideas, I will be playing the Male Roles. I am seeking people for the Female Roles. Names and plots are negotiable/changeable. If any of these ideas strikes your fancy, please PM ME FIRST so that we can talk details.

As per site rules, all characters are of legal age.

Pairings I like:
Twins -Siblings
Daddy/Daughter - Mother/Son
Teacher/Student - Master/Slave
Age Play - Best Friends

  Motherly Love Family Incest, Mother and Son, Looking for the Mother.

Seeking the Mother. The relationship needs to build up first before they start to take things further.

The Richardson family was devastated by the scandal - Mr. Richardson was caught having sex with one of his college students in his car. There was no coming back from that and Mrs. Richardson filed for divorce. Mr. Richardson moved out - to live with the college student in a small apartment - and forgot about his real family. That left Mrs. Richardson to be a single mom for her son, Anthony.

Anthony is devastated by the revelation of what his father has been doing. Everyone knows about it and the teasing is relentless. For a boy of 17 who has never been laid, its torture. But there is one woman who feels the same way that he does and, as he spends more time at home with his mother, a new sort of relationship starts to develop between the two of them. Both of them are shocked when he asks her if he can 'Cum on your face?' and she says 'Yes.'

  The Danger Zone Teacher/Student pairing. Looking for a Teacher who can juggle a relationship with two very different students.

Ms. Smith has a serious, serious problem. She is an addict. She can't help herself. Her job keeps her around her drug of choice all day and its all she can do to resist the temptations of getting her fix. The problem, of course, is that Ms. Smith is a teacher - and her addiction is to younger boys. At 28 years old herself, she really isn't that much older then her senior-favorites. The school year was in session and her fingers hadn't been so tired in such a long time! She knew it was only a matter of time before she acted on her inner most desires. But one boy wasn't going to be enough.

Mark, the Football stud, was all muscles and little brain. Ms. Smith catches him and one of the cheerleaders in the bathroom, the Cheerleader on her knees in front of him, so calls him in for detention. But that little peek at his average-sized package, his muscled thighs, toned abs sends her over the edge. Instead of detention, he gives him a lesson in what an older woman can do for a man like him - even if he would poke anything that spread its legs for him.

And then there was Drew, the opposite of Mark - shy, quiet, smart but never putting any effort into his work. He was always doodling in his book, drawing god knows what. He would need some after school help and she was going to give it to him. Around him, with Mark satisfying her cravings for the time being, she was able to control her urges, until she saw what Drew was drawing. It set her off like a fire in her loins and she soon discovered that Drew was hiding a big - BIG - secret...he was hung like a horse! But things with Drew were once again the opposite then with Mark...she was going to have to teach him everything about kissing and all sorts of sex - Drew had never been kissed before - and she was going to enjoy every minute of teaching him.

But how long would she be able to keep the two boys a secret from each other?

  Lessons of Life Teacher/Student. Age Play. Taboos.

Seeking an attractive student who develops a crush on her Professor.

Professor Richard Simon, a history teacher, has always been a kind and caring man. In his mid-to-late 30's (he never tells anyone his age) he remains devoted to the school and the education of the students under his tutelage. He also is the main sponsor of a summer school up at the Lake, where students can enjoy the outdoor life while taking core classes they need for graduation. Its a highly sought after summer course to attend and this year is no exception, only that the woman in charge of booking the students in their rooms messed up and forgot about one last student. Professor Simons doesn't discover this error until all 13 students have arrived at the Lake.

With no other option, he is forced to offer one of the rooms in his home (thus the reason the Summer Camp is held at the Lake) to the last student, who happens to be a stunning brunette who has never taken a course of his before. Its going to be a new experience for her - used to city living and not the woods - not to mention his intensive history course either.

But its also going to be a new experience for him. He has never lived with a girl before and is not used to having to watch himself in his own home (which is off limits to all students). Getting used to her schedule and way of doing things, while adopting his old ways, causes some conflicts. But spending so much time with one person also starts to see a bond formed between the two. A mutual attraction forms and the flirting starts to pick up.

Will Professor Simon be able to resist his building desires? Or will the student cause him to give into temptations?

  Don't you want me? Older/Younger Pairing, Babysitter.

Seeking a flirtatious, willing-to-try-everything, I-will-kill-you-if-you-leave-me, babysitter.

Drew is happily married to his wife. Their 2 year old son is starting to grow but Drew has discovered that his wife isn't trying too hard to lose that baby-fat she put on while pregnant. She has seemed to have lost the will to look good for him. They've recently found a babysitter who can babysit for them regularly and Drew has to admit that she is rather attractive looking. He also finds it easy to talk to her. Little does he know that she has developed a crush on him.

Driving her home one night, he discovers he left the money back at home. She insists that he can pay her next time, but for tonight a simple kiss would suffice. Knowing better, Drew gives in and gives her a kiss, though its far from innocent. The following night he pays up, but she asks for a kiss again. Things start to go sour with his wife and a week later, driving back the Babysitter, he tells her that things have gotten rather stagnant. The Babysitter feels for him and decides its time to pull her move.

Instead of taking payment from him, she wants something else - boldly going down on him to finally get what she wants. Its only the launching pad for a very forbidden relationship between the two that quickly escalates into an affair. Weeks pass and he finally tells her that they need to stop, that he can't keep doing this to his wife.

But how far is she willing to go to stay with him, to keep him with her?

Home Invasion Bondage, NC, Rape, Forced Incest

Looking for the Mother and Daughter in this one. Could also just involve one female (and no incest). Possible to add a Father/Son to the mix as well.

One dark night, two men quietly break into a home, knowing full well that the occupants are home. While they do intend to rob the family, they also have their minds set on something else. They've brought plenty of rope with them to tie up the family, but the fun is only going to get started. They're looking to fuck - and fuck all night - switching between the family members and forcing the family members to perform acts on each other. And the best part? They're recording the whole thing - they plan on visiting the family again and the video (showing the incest) will prevent the family from going to the police!
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Re: A collection of mixed ideas. (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2011, 12:27:10 PM »
Updated with PAIRINGS I LIKE.

All games still open unless otherwise noted.