Fs Wanted: TF/Preg/NC-EX (2 New Plots Added)

Started by Mathim, January 27, 2011, 06:37:22 PM

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I've got more time lately for RPing and it's slim pickings compared to when I first joined so hopefully I can get a few nibbles with this thread. Currently I've got a few cravings, though they're along the lines of the same stuff as the last few times. Here are some of the main ones:

-Virtually anything with pregnancy

-Something with an atypical relationship between an unusual sort of man/male humanoid or creature and a normal human woman

Here are a few of the plots I am really itching to do:

Superheroes Need Love Too

She's young. She's in college. She's broke. What's a girl to do? Well luckily for her it's a lot easier for girls to get into adult entertainment than it is for guys. But she needs a lot of money, fast, and she doesn't want to get into a lot of kinky stuff. Fat chance-until she gets picked up by a big budget director, since she's got an unbelievably cute face, and he thinks that alone will sell a lot of copies. Unlike most girls in the industry she actually has some aptitude when it comes to acting. So he casts her as his title character for his next hit: A superhero porn movie, starring her as the main character. A costume is tailored to her figure and some sex-themed gadgets are whipped up and she's ready to go. Assuming the role of a female, erotic version of Batman, she makes the movie a hit, not even having to get herself dirtied since with the mask on, no one can tell it's not really her during the actual fuck scenes, it's just her stand-in.

The movie does so well her director wants to make it into a series, and she's not sure she wants that much more exposure. Especially since this time around he wants her to actually do some of the sex scenes herself. She reluctantly agrees, when a particularly handsome co-star is cast as one of the villains. But during one scene, where she's supposed to jump off a two-story building set into a safety net, the roof collapses and she plunges down without anything to catch her. Instead of being splattered, she merely passes out. But when she wakes up, she's on a rooftop in the middle of a big city in the dead of night.

She can't quite figure out what happened, where everyone went, or even how to get down. Her gadgets are still intact on her utility belt, and oddly enough, one of the grappling devices works. She manages to get onto a roof that actually has a fire escape. She get down to the ground and is about to go looking for the movie studio when she sees some thugs attacking a prostitute. They turn their attention to her instead, but to her astonishment, she kicks their asses singlehandedly, with speed and strength she didn't even know she had. It seems that she has become a real-life version of the fictional character she was portraying. Unable to figure out how to get back to reality, she just plays along, figuring it's just a dream. But as days go by, she doesn't think that's going to cut it. So her mild-mannered alter ego and her superhero self are now her only identities, her old life gone. But it's not so bad-things in that world are pretty fun. That is, until the real supervillains begin showing up to challenge her. And this time, there's no stand-in to protect her innocence.

'Robin' Hood Can be a Girl's Name Too

A bored scientist's son steals his father's experimental time machine, traveling back to the days when Robin Hood was rumored to have been the scourge of Prince John's regime. He comes to some surprising and slightly disappointed realizations-Robin Hood is really a woman! And when he finds her, she's fallen into a rather obvious trap and needs him to rescue her. So at first she's mortified and upset that a man had to come to her rescue. But she agrees to let him join her band-of merry WOMEN, not men! They merely disguise themselves as men to be taken more seriously and be more intimidating. The whole mythos is ruined for him, and the machine is one-way only, so he can't return home; he'll just have to make do in this disappointing place. Although, he can't deny he's very attracted to Robin, and she does owe him quite a big favor!

But to his even greater surprise, Robin knows of the future he comes from. She eventually reveals that she has also traveled back in time. Since Robin Hood had always been a fictional character who didn't really exist in spite of the stories, she decided to become the legend herself, and make it real...even though she isn't quite as flawless as the legend told. He wonders how any of what she's saying is possible since the only person in the world with such a time machine is his father. But things start to fall into place when he realizes that they both have red hair, blue eyes and a father who was able to invent time machines...and even though they come to realize the truth about their connection, they can't help their attraction to one another. And since no one knows their secret in that time, and considering they did not grow up together to feel any sibling relationship, they have to ask themselves-would it be wrong for them to continue a relationship, even though they are brother and sister?

(Two Final Fantasy plots follow)
Final Fantasy X-2: The Empress's No Clothes

Yuna has left the Gullwings after continued failure to find her lover and arguments with her friends aboard the Celsius. Brother in particular is angry at the loss of his chance to score with Yuna and has Shinra tweak her Garment Grid with some new, unwelcome Dresspheres. Now wandering Spira with no control over when she changes, or what she changes into, Yuna finds herself more vulnerable in battles with fiends, and in situations where she may be unrecognizable to people as who she really is, even occasionally being transformed into a Ronso, Hypello, Guado or other version of herself. And just like when she couldn't stop herself from dancing when she donned the Songstress Dressphere, sometimes what she changes into leaves a lasting feeling she can't always control. Can she survive like this for long, let alone find her lost love?

Final Fantasy VII: Tit Queen Tifa

AVALANCHE has been captured and in order to have their lives spared, Tifa is chosen as a special hostage. She will have to serve President Rufus and any other Shinra employees in every way possible if she wants to save her friends' lives. Of course, it isn't just about what she can do for Rufus, but what Rufus wants to do to her. It seems that experiments with Jenova cells aren't all that Hojo was up to, and he and Rufus both have a few ideas for how to make Tifa a much more 'extraordinary' woman. Whether it's locking her in a room with a drugged and very horny Red XIII and seeing if she'll be able to give birth to some of the endangered species' pups, or Rufus himself impregnating her with the heir to the Shinra empire, Tifa will be spared no humiliation or rough treatment if she wants her friends' lives spared.

A typical college student is having trouble with relationships. Guys just never seem to be who they pretend to be and she's tired of the lies. One day, however, she meets a man who makes her let her guard down in a big way and loses her virginity to him. There's something otherworldly about him and she doesn't know what but it makes her feel completely happy just being with him. Unfortunately, he decides to take things a little too fast and wants her to run away and elope with him right in the middle of the semester. Of course she refuses-she's got more sense than that. Fearing the relationship is over just like all the others, she attempts to get him to change his mind by taking him home to meet her family since he has none of his own. They get on a plane to go down to her parents' home for a visit and suddenly the lights go out and the cabin pressure fails, causing everyone to faint.

She awakens, not knowing how much time has passed but feeling extremely ill. However, the bed she wakes up in is not a hospital bed. Nor is she in a hospital gown. She actually appears to be a in very luxurious mansion! And that isn't the only surprise-as she lifts the bedcovers she is noticeably pregnant! Seeking answers she is horrified to discover that the owners of the mansion are her parents, and they appear to have absolutely no memory of her being their daughter! In fact, her boyfriend, in their minds, is their son and she is merely a trashy maid that he happened to take a fancy to and has already had one child with her, being the only reason they are keeping her around.

It is as though two years of her life have been stolen, and her past entirely rewritten. Her boyfriend doesn't seem to recall the past she remembers but he is very mysterious and acts much differently towards her than before. Why has this happened to her? Or was the past she remembers really just a lie?

Cheerleaders. He never had a problem with them before, until their elitist, bitchy attitude caused his beloved cousin to finally commit suicide over their unending taunting and tormenting over her weight and nerdy appearance. So he moves in with his aunt and uncle to help them cope with the loss of their only child, but actually he plans to get his vengeance on them for taking away his slightly incestuous crush so cruelly. At first he charms his way into the cheerleaders' circle with his good looks and charm, hoping to get them to let their guard down and identity the alpha female. Targeting her, he leads her to believe he has feelings for her, and all the while she falls head over heels for him. That makes it all the more devastating when he reveals his plans and starts to blackmail her with all the dirty little secrets he finds out. It starts out slow, forcing her to do humiliating things and get into trouble, but eventually it escalates into full-blown sexual slavery and torture. The mind-fucking doesn't stop her from caring for him, nor for her to attempt to get him to forgive her and reciprocate her feelings. Things only get complicated when he gets her pregnant and realizes he's taken things too far. Can he undo the damage he caused without making each of them suffer even more?


Okay. So, most likely I'll add more stuff as I think of it. Hopefully some of you will show some interest. Just PM me although I do appreciate bumpiness, though be advised I'm less likely to notice it in here than in my PM box.
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Updated: Got rid of a few plots, added 2 new ones.
Considering a permanent retirement from Elliquiy, but you can find me on Blue Moon (under the same username).