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Not all of the Olympians or Sarians have been spoken for. Feel free to apply.  :-)

Changed the title.


Setting: Fantasy realm (think D&Dish). A world called Earth. It’s currently experiencing a “Golden Age.” A time of peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity. All across the land co-exist races of many kinds. Minor battles ensue amongst rivals but nothing akin to war. It is Spring time. -- It's been brought to my attention that this needs more explanation. In terms of transportation: horses, carriages, big fucking tamed hawk companion, ect. It's really up to you, sans technology. And in terms of cities, they are all still there as in normal Earth, however just translated to Fantasy realm. Instead of a skyscraper, a dryad village may have an incredibly tall tree like in Ferngully. Or a castle instead of the White House, ect. Actual people are not the same, though. Barack Obama doesn't exist, ect. If you have any questions or confusions, please feel free to message me. I have an open door policy concerning discussions on the RP or your characters.

Plot/Objectives: When the Universe was created, there existed the Primordial Deities. From the Primordial Deities came the Titans, and from the Titans came the Olympians and the Sarians. After many years the Primoridal Deities fell into a state of torpor and the Olympians defeated the Titans for ethereal control.

Prometheus had created mankind and for millions of years before the birth of current mortal kind, civilization on Earth existed solely on the continent of Atlantis. Atlantis was a utopia and the Atlanteans were a very advanced group of mortals. However, during this time the Olympians and Sarians warred amongst each other, their middle ground being Earth. From the loins of their great hatred sprung forth a great evil force so powerful it could destroy the world. He came to be known as Angnhil. The Olympians were unable to find a way to destroy Angnhil but didn’t want the Sarians getting a hold of it so they locked it in a prison far below Earth level. But as the price paid for locking Angnhil away, Atlantis was carried along with it.

Well many millennia later, the Fates were doing their daily duty of professing people’s lives when they got that fairly common chill of foreboding. However, this day the chill was much more severe than normal. They went quickly to their Well of Divination and suddenly saw the error of the Olympians.

The Fates went immediately to Zeus to explain what they’d seen. They told him that the caged evil was beginning to awaken. They told him of the different outcomes from the Well. If the Olympians interfered, they’d be able to defeat the evil force but the clash of such extreme powers would destroy the world. Zeus thought long and hard about the Fates’ proclamation.

Zeus assembled all the Olympians in his palace on Mt. Olympus. He told all the Olympians to pick their favored followers and report back to him. Once they had reported back, Zeus decided upon the mortals he felt were best suited for this challenge according to what the Fates had decreed. That’s when the dreams began…

Rules: All the normal RPing rules apply. Please check grammar and spelling and read over your posts thoroughly before posting. No God modding. Any rules you are unclear of, please feel free to ask. I ask for intermediate to advanced RPers/writers for this RP. If you turn out to be bad at RPing or you can’t follow the rules, I reserve the right to terminate your character. You will be warned repeatedly before such actions are taken. All characters will be reviewed and accepted by me. Instead of denying a character, I’ll work with you on things I’m not satisfied with.

IMPORTANT: All characters need to decide upon a particular God or Goddess that they favor and worship above all others. You may not pick one of the Primordial Deities, Titans, Lesser Titans, Zeus, Lesser Olympians, Fates, or Vakortur as your favored God. ONLY ONE GOD/DESS PER CHARACTER. NO GOD/DESS MAY BE USED MORE THAN ONCE. Post early to get your favorite. Once your character has been approved, you can post it in the character thread and begin posting in the OOC thread. Before posting in the IC thread, please wait for me to write up a recurring dream your character keeps having unless I've personally told you that you can post without being visited in dream.

Any mortal race can be chosen. If you’re unsure whether your preferred race is acceptable, feel free to ask. You’re welcome to make up your own race. If you do so, please include a detailed description of that race. All Elven races are considered mortal.

You must be an Earth bound race. You can't be an alien from another planet.

You can not be a demi-god. I'm sorry. But you will be much more powerful than any normal being if it's any consolation.

Ideas to help decide upon a race

In order to use magic, there must be an element from that spell's school of magic nearby. For instance, if you want to cast a fire spell, there must be some form of fire nearby. Same with water, shadows, earth, ect. The more of the element around, the greater the spell will be.

You can have more than 1 character if you're able to keep up with them.

No one line posts.

Do not post any OOC comments in the IC thread.

Depending upon the number of players, there will be 1 or more players able to have an evil God/dess as their favored God/dess. This will spice some things up.

I'm allowing everyone to have a bag of holding to start with.

Please use the following for your character profile:

A picture is appreciated but not necessary if you have a detailed description of your character.

[size=12pt][b]Basic Attributes[/b][/size]

* [b]Given Name[/b]:

* [b]Gender[/b]:

* [b]Appearance[/b]:
- [u]Age[/u]:
- [u]Height[/u]:
- [u]Weight[/u]:
- [u]Hair Color/Style[/u]:
- [u]Eye Color[/u]:
- [u]Makeup[/u]: (If applicable)
- [u]Clothing[/u]:
- [u]Jewelry[/u]: (If applicable)

* [b]Race[/b]:

* [b]Race Description[/b]:

* [b]Physical Abilities/Limitations[/b]:


Background here.


[size=12pt][b]Socioeconomic Class/Standing[/b][/size]

* [b]Class[/b]:

* [b]Religion[/b]:

* [b]Place of Birth[/b]:



* [b]Weapons[/b]:

List of ALL Deities:

Primordial Deities:

Aether: God of air.
Ananke: Goddess of inevitability, compulsion and necessity.
Chaos: Non-gendered deity of the nothingness from which all else sprang.
Chronos: The Keeper of time and the father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.
Erebos: God of darkness and shadow.
Gaia: Goddess of the Earth (Mother Earth), mother of Chronos.
Hemera: Goddess of daylight.
Nyx: Goddess of darkness/night.
Phanes: Primal generator of life, the driving force behind reproduction in the early cosmos.
Pontos: God of the sea, father of the fish and other sea creatures.
Tartarus: God of the darkest, deepest part of the underworld controlled by Hades.
Thalassa: Spirit of the sea and consort of Pontos.
Uranus: God of the heavens (Father Sky).


Coeus: God of intellect and the axis of heaven around which the constellations revolved.
Crius: The least individualized of the Twelve Titans, he is the father of Astraios, Pallas and Perses.
Cronus: The leader of the Titans, who overthrew his father Ouranos only to be overthrown in turn by his son, Zeus.
Hyperion: God of light. With Theia, he is the father of Helios (the sun), Selene (the moon) and Eos (the dawn).
Iapetos: God of mortality and father of Prometheus, Epimetheus and Atlas.
Mneosyne: Goddess of memory and remembrance, and mother of the Nine Muses.
Oceanus: God of Earth’s ocean
Phoebe: Goddess of the "bright" intellect and prophecy, and consort of Koios.
Rhea: Goddess of female fertility, motherhood, and generation. She is the sister and consort of Cronus, and mother of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Hestia.
Thethys: Wife of Oceanus, and the mother of the rivers, springs, streams, fountains and clouds.
Theia: Goddess of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky. She is the consort of Hyperion, and mother of Helios, Selene and Eos.
Themis: Goddess of divine law and order.

Lesser Titans:

Asteria: Goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars.
Astraios: God of stars and planets, and the art of astrology.
Atlas: Son of Iapetus, condemned to carry the heavens upon his shoulders.
Aura: Goddess of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of early morning.
Eos: Goddess of the dawn.
Epimetheus: God of afterthought and the father of excuses.
Eurybia: Goddess of the mastery of the seas and consort of Krios.
Eurynome: Goddess of water-meadows and pasturelands, and mother of the three Charites by Zeus.
Helios: God of the sun and guardian of oaths.
Klymene: Goddess of renown, fame and infamy, and wife of Iapetos.
Lelantos: God of air and the hunter's skill of stalking prey. He is the male counterpart of Leto.
Leto: Goddess of motherhood and mother of Artemis and Apollo.
Menoitios: God of violent anger, rash action, and human mortality. Killed by Zeus.
Metis: Goddess of good counsel, advise, planning, cunning, craftiness and wisdom, and mother of Athena.
Pallas: God of warcraft. He was killed by Athena during the Titanomachy.
Perses: God of destruction.
Prometheus: God of forethought and crafty counsel, and creator of mankind.
Selene: Goddess of the moon.

Olympian Gods:

Aphrodite: Goddess of love, lust, sex and beauty, wife of Hephaestus. Ares is her lover. Eros is her son. Known as the most beautiful of the goddesses. Her symbols are the scepter, myrtle, and dove.

Apollo: God of music, prophecies, poetry, and archery. Also said to be the god of light and truth. Is associated with the sun. Also referred to as the most beautiful of the gods. He is Artemis's twin brother and son of Zeus. His symbols are the bow, lyre, and laurel.

Ares: God of war. Brother to Athena, and the son of Zeus. His symbols are vultures, dogs, boars, and a spear.

Artemis: Goddess of the hunt and wild things. Protector of the young. She became associated with the moon. Apollo is her twin brother. Artemis is a virgin goddess. Her symbols are the bow and deer.

Asclepius: The god of medicine and healing. He represents the healing aspect of the medical arts. His symbol is the serpent entwined staff.

Athena: Goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts and reason. Sister of Ares, and is the daughter of Zeus. She is the wisest of the gods. Her symbols are the owl and olive tree.

Demeter: Goddess of fertility, grain and harvest. Demeter is a daughter of Chronos and Rhea and sister of Zeus. Her symbols are the scepter, torch, and corn.

Dionysus: God of wine, parties/festivals, madness and merriment. He represents not only the intoxicating power of wine, but also its social and beneficial influences. His symbols are the grape vine, ivy, and thyrsus.

Eros: God of lust, love, and sex. Son of Aphrodite and Ares. Consort to Psyche. His symbol is a quiver and arrows.

Hades: God of the underworld. Brother of Poseidon and Zeus, and consort to Persephone. His symbols are the bident, the Helm of Darkness, and a three-headed dog.

Hephaestus: God of fire and the forge (god of fire and smiths) with very weak legs. He was thrown off Mt. Olympus as a baby. He makes armor for the gods. Son of Hera and Zeus. Married to Aphrodite, but she doesn't like the fact that he's deformed and, as a result, is having an affair with Ares. His symbol is the hammer.

Hera: Goddess of marriage, women and childbirth. Zeus's wife. Appears with peacock feathers often. Her symbols are the scepter, diadem, and peacock.

Hermes: God of flight, thieves, commerce, and travelers. Messenger of the gods. He showed the way for the dead souls to Hades's realm. Likes to trick people and is very inventive. Hermes invented the lyre using a turtle shell and sinew. His symbols are the winged boots and helm and caduceus.

Hestia: Goddess of the hearth and home, the focal point of every household. Daughter of Rhea and Chronos. Her symbol is the hearth.

Pan: The god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music, as well as the companion of the nymphs. His symbol is a curved row of small flutes.

Persephone: Goddess of spring time. She became the consort of Hades when he becomes the deity that governs the underworld. Queen of the Underworld and a daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Her symbols are the pomegranate, white rose, and the flower narcissus.

Poseidon: God of the sea, horses and earthquakes. Brother of Hades and Zeus. Created horses from sea foam. His symbols are the trident, horse, bull, and sea foam.

Thanatos: God of death and mortality. His symbol is the torch turned downward.

Zeus: King of the gods. Most powerful god. Son of Chronos. God of the sky and thunder. Brother of Poseidon and Hades. Husband of Hera. His symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, and oak.

The three Moirae, or "Fates":
Clotho: Goddess who spins the threads of life with her distaff to bring a being into existence

Lachesis: Goddess who is the apportioner, deciding how much time for life was to be allowed for each person or being. She measures the thread of life with her rod. She also chooses a person's destiny after a thread is measured.

Atropos: Goddess who chooses the mechanism of death and ends the life of each mortal by cutting their thread with her abhorred shears.

Lesser Olympians:

Aeolus: God of the winds.
Asclepius: God of healing.
Hypnos: God of sleep.
Morpheus: God of dreams.

Sarians (Evil Gods):

Benaul: God of pride and vanity. Husband of Nirituae and father of Lothmia. His symbol is a mirror.

Gorbatu: God of disease and mutation. Brother of Vakortur and Zanaen. His symbol is a swarm of flies.

Lothmia: Goddess of greed, envy, and corruption. Daughter of Benaul and Nirituae. Her symbol is a jewel encrusted crown.

Nirituae: Goddess of hatred, bitterness, hostility, and prejudism. Wife of Benaul and mother to Lothmia. Her symbol is a heart of ice.

Satuimae: Goddess of trickery, betrayal, and deception. Wife of Vakortur and mother of Yuhid. Her symbol is a raven.

Turael: Goddess of suffering and despair. Sister of Nirituae. Her symbol is a Cat-o-nine tails.

Vakortur: King of Sarians. God of Violence, cruelty, and blood lust. Husband of Satuimae and father of Yuhid. His symbol is a bloodied mace.
Altered Form:

Yuhid: God of fear and paranoia. Son of Vakortur and Satuimae. His symbol is a black widow.

Zanaen: God of anarchy, chaos, confusion, and insanity. Brother of Gorbatu and Vakortur. His symbol is eight arrows aligned in a radial pattern.


Well, Nar, you know full well I'm interested and have already seen my character and know he worships Athena.



Ok here is my character for all to see.

Name: Feldor Kelmaric
Race: elf
Age: 235
Gender: male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138 lbs
Hair: stark white hair running to between shoulder blades
Eyes: bright crystalline sky blue
Class: mage/fighter
Appearance: knee high soft leather boots in dark brown with grey pants tucked into them. Black leather belt with numerous pouches and a dagger sheath attached to it. Dark blue shirt with long billowy sleeves clamped down at the forearm by the leather and steel bracers. A forest green open vest with tails running almost down to the back of his knees. A golden head band worn across his forehead and above his ears to help keep the long white hair out of his face.

Equipment and abilities:

Bracers of protection: magically gives equivalent protection to full plate mail armor.
Dagger: just a standard 8" bladed double edged dagger.
Wand of force: his primary weapon this 12" long approx. 1" diameter piece of polish yew. It’s standard ability is a nearly invisible blade of force which can cut through most anything not protected by enchantments and functions as an enchanted bastard sword. Secondary abilities: by using charges it can create force walls and force bubbles.

Works Magic but does not use specified spells: uses fire, air, water, earth, and spirit in different combinations to produce desired results is only limited by imagination and available energy mostly personal, but can tap into flows of energy across the world like rivers of magical energy only visible to those that use it. The use of this magic has leeched the color out of his hair and changed his eye color to the sky blue

Also carries an elven longbow and quiver of arrows

Deity: Athena

Companion: White tiger which is a friend and partner not a pet or owned beast


Approved, Elf!  :D I don't have a character or OOC thread up yet because I'm still evaluating interest.


Understood and thanks, I really like this story idea and hope it generates a lot of interest.


I thought I might try my hand at making a character. Hope everyhitng seems alright with him.  ;D

Basic Attributes

* Given Name: Gerik Seaborn

* Gender: Male

* Appearance:
- Age: 26
- Height: 6'1
- Weight: 185
- Hair Color/Style: Unkempt golden blonde hair
- Eye Color: Deep sea blue
- Makeup: None
- Clothing: At sea: Comfortable fitting linen pants and loose fitting linen vest, both of a light blue color. On land: Trades out vest for a tight fitting shirt, and wears soft leather boots. For battle: Places hard leather armor over-top his clothing.
- Jewelry: None

* Race: Half-Elf

* Race Description: A cross between elf and human.

* Physical Abilities/Limitations: Is a strong fighter and a great climber. Has a natural skill with horses and horseback riding. Is a good sailor, and a powerfull swimmer, and can predict when a storm is coming. Has no magical powers at all, and is naturally wary of most magic. Can be on the reckless side, having learned to master any fears.


Gerik was born on a ship. He grew up on the sea for many years, learning the ways of a sailor and a fighter and learning to worship Poseidon. After a hard fought battle with pirates the ship he had grown up on was sunk, and his family killed with it. Gerik, a mere fourteen years old, had managed to escape death and swam away from his sinking home. Weary and near-death Gerik was found hours later by another ship and was taken aboard. He was dropped off at the first port the ship came accross. There Gerik remained for six years, working as a guard and searching for what to do with himself. In those six years he learned the arts of horsemanship, and how to wield the spear. Gerik spent nearly all of his savings for a custom made weapon, a beautifully crafted trident-spear that Gerik wished to use in honor of the God he worshiped. It wasnt long after that when a man came into town, seeking to hire a crew for a newly built ship. He found out that Gerik not only had past experience, but that Gerik also worshiped Poseidon. Gerik was convinced to joining the crew, and was once more sailing the world. He has spent three years on the Sea's Wrath, sailing all accross the known world, all the while paying tribute to Poseidon.


Socioeconomic Class/Standing

* Class: Fighter/Sailor

* Religion: Worships Poseidon

* Place of Birth: A ship.



* Weapons: He wields a trident-spear, in honor of Poseidon. Along with that he has two cutless' on his side at most times.

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Very nice, Nooblet. Accepted! :) I'll let everyone know when the OOC and character threads are up.


Just as an FYI, I will be posting pics of all the primary God/desses fairly soon.

And by fairly soon, I mean in the next few hours... lol


I hope this is ok

Basic Attributes

* Given Name: Elic Stemis

* Gender: Male

* Appearance:
- Age: 27
- Height: 5'6
- Weight: 155
- Hair Color/Style: Messy short purplish hair
- Eye Color: purple
- Makeup: none
- Clothing: He usually wears a tightish black sleeveless shirt, With black hairs.
- Jewelry: He wears an amulet with the caduceus symbol on it.

* Race: Human

* Physical Abilities/Limitations: He is good at stealth. He is a pickpocket and a thief. He is a strong runner and climber. His will is strong and not easily broken. He is smart and knows when the fight is to much for him.  He has no magical powers. His power is in his Stealth and has the ability to seem invisible.


Elic grew up alone, he has no idea who his father or mother are. He had very little so he resorted to stealing to make it by. He started to take larger risks for the better awards. He was once found by the guards, so he was forced to flee the town for his own safety. He run for a full two days straight. He was scared and did not know what to do. As he was running he fell and before him was an amulet with the Caduceus on it . This amulet started his life anew. He started to pray to the god Hermes. From that point on it seemed that he was stronger and faster. He started to train in the art of Knife play. After he felt that his skills had improved he returned to his hometown. There he tested his skills, He made himself seem invisible in the crowed marketplace. He broke into the mayors manor and got out without being caught. Everytime he does something that he believes that he could not do alone he would pull out his amulet and pray to Hermes.


Socioeconomic Class/Standing

* Class: Theif

* Religion: Worships Hermes

* Place of Birth: Unknown



* Weapons: He has one blade that is 15 1/4 In long. Other than that he has a pouch filled with thieving tool and small throwing knifes
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Sounds good, NightBlade. You're accepted.  :-) As a reminder, make sure to read over your posts for mistakes before posting.

We need more womens.

Love And Submission

I'm intrested in Hades but will Cerbeus by a NPC or an open character?

Cerbeus is the name of Hades's three-headed dog by the way.

Discord: SouthOfHeaven#3454



Pictures of the primary God/desses are finally posted. If you would like a larger view of any of the pictures, I have them.


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Quote from: Nooblet on January 26, 2011, 10:31:03 PM
Looks nice  ;D

Thanks, Hun! Took about 24 hours of mah life but I'm satisfied for the moment.


No problem  ;)
Searching for so many pictures that fit just right, or at least enough, can be a pain, so I bet this was kinda rough, or at least time consuming. :o
You can never be to young to die, but you can be to old to live. Might as well enjoy life while you can.
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Quote from: Nooblet on January 26, 2011, 10:48:56 PM
No problem  ;)
Searching for so many pictures that fit just right, or at least enough, can be a pain, so I bet this was kinda rough, or at least time consuming. :o

SOOO true...


I'm posting to say I am working on a character for Pan, a female since one is needed. You can say this is me saying I am interested

I am confused about races, what about something Anthro? (not furry. there is a difference)
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On/Off/Plot/etc Thread :)


Interest is noted and Pan is reserved, Kaii.


P.S. For anyone that might be interested, we still need 1 or 2 people to play a disciple of the Sarian Gods as well...

I'd like to get at least 3 or 4 more players before begining the OOC, Character, and IC threads.


I edited but idk if you saw it. Are Anthro characters allowed?
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On/Off/Plot/etc Thread :)


Quote from: KaiiVii on January 26, 2011, 11:14:20 PM
I edited but idk if you saw it. Are Anthro characters allowed?

Sure are as long as they aren't related specifically to the God/desses. Meaning you can't be Aphrodite's dove or Artemis's deer, ect...


(Nope, not planning that, I'm going to Edit this with the character)

Basic Attributes

* Given Name: Aleka Softlystepping

* Gender: Female

* Appearance:
- Age: 25
- Height:5'6"
- Weight: 130
- Hair Color/Style: Covered in thick golden fur with black spots and white highlights
- Eye Color: Hazel
- Makeup: ---
- Clothing: Wears (if anything) strips of cloth belted around her waist to cover her backside and groin. Generally does not cover her chest but will do so around outsiders, usually just a strip of brown or black cloth wrapped around her chest. Does not wear anything when hunting. The cloth she does use can sometimes have golden patterns if she decides to interact with the world outside her forest.
- Jewelry: Has a quartz crystal that is wrapped on one end with leather to hang from. She wears it on her neck at all times, and stores/draws energy from it. She has considered piercing an ear but must carve the perfect earring for it first.

* Race: Feline Anthro (Iberian Lynx)

* Race Description: Stands digigrade (legs like a feline) with pads/ retractable claws on hands and feet. Covered in fur with a short tail. Her face if that of the felines', complete with muzzle and cheek fluff.

* Physical Abilities/Limitations: She is strong and agile, well versed in hand to hand combat, and a good hunter. She is not fast compared to many and not as strong as many, and her short size can be a hindrance. She get tired easily as well. Tracking and music are great pastimes for her, as well as crafting instruments to barter with should she need. Animals tend to like her, even some prey animals if she works to appear nonthreatening. If she can get the idea across they might help her if they choose.


Aleka was born with two other siblings. Her mother and father were both Lynxes as were all three of the triplets. They lived in a loose co-operation with other inhabitants of the wood but generally the family lived on their own. Her mother was a great musician and her father a grand hunter. Together they taught their children everything they knew. Aleka was the best at tracking and hunting although she could hold her own in musical skill as well. Never would she be as good a musician as either of her siblings though, who went on to become famous in their own right. On the night of becoming an Adult Aleka was given her second name and sent off into the world to make her own way and form her own family although she visits with parents and siblings from time to time.

Not long after she was on her own she decided to dedicate her life to the worship of Pan. When she did she discovered the quartz crystal, and swore to treasure it always.


Socioeconomic Class/Standing

* Class: Hunter/Tracker/Instrument Maker

* Religion: Pan's Disciple

* Place of Birth: The Forests of Europe ( do we need more specific?)



* Weapons: Generally uses her own hands and claws to fight. She has a staff/walking stick that she traded for that has a blade hidden in one end and can be exposed to use the staff more like a glaive. Also has a hunting/skinning knife if that needed to be used.
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On/Off/Plot/etc Thread :)


I ask that Aphrodite be kept free if that's ok.  I'll get a profile up tomorrow, but if it hasn't been taken already I'd appreciate it greatly my friend.  Thanks a ton!
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