The Meaning Of Cockblock{Interest Check}

Started by AriesChan, January 25, 2011, 07:58:55 PM

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I can't decide on a definate plot for this one so I might do two different versions of it. But at any rate, these are the one on one versions ^^.

Summary1: Two brothers. One was extrememly sexy, the other was an extreme dork. One could get any girl he wanted, one was lucky enough to get a virtual date. Though they were twins they were two incredibly different people and it would be easier to push a wall over than to get them to understand each other; but after a chance encounter with a strange woman the tables have turned. Now the dork is getting the girls and the sexy one can't even land a pick up line.

Summary2: Two best friends. Best friends who could score anyone and everyone and then toss them to the side for the next one. They were, to some, heartless and only lived for thrills....and sex of course but after messing with the wrong girl they find themselves buried six feet under only to return three days women. Will they learn their lesson?

So, bottom line is....the plot is about someone who is used to having their way with people only to have the script flipped on them. I'm still deciding on if i want this to be a group or maybe a one on one with my partner and i having atleast two characters...umm just PM me if interested.