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Author Topic: Imaginings that will not be denied....  (Read 1600 times)

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Imaginings that will not be denied....
« on: January 25, 2011, 07:14:41 PM »
Story Ideas........

I needed a repository for some of the ideas down that just won't go away.......  I promised myself I would not start with more than ten and by dint of sitting on my hands, I just managed it.  O:) For now.... 

I won't be able to start these all at once I'm afraid.  Also, there are some people who have first dibs because they've been so kind as to ask to write with me recently, or are already writing with me etc. 

The rough outlines for each one will be added below, please PM me if you are interested or have other plots you have in mind.  My O/O link is in my signature, and on that page is also a link to my RH - please check those out too, better than a nasty suprise  ;D

Characters needed are coloured in green (nearly all male), and I'm very happy for any player to write any gender etc.

1. The Auction  Available
Current Day
BDSM – Coercion – Romance -
Experienced Male Dom / Experienced Sub female

2. Bath Miss
Historical - Regency Available
Spanking and Old-Fashioned Dominance  - romance
Older Dominant Male/Female
(this could be a one shot or continue further as an RP)

3. Chained TAKEN Being played with Pockets
D/S Coercion and poss Non-Con - Romance

4.Truck Stop TAKEN - being played with BrianBoru and Insanityenviesme
Present Day
BDSM – Coercion - M/M/F Poly
S/M Male  – D/S Male[/color],  - Female (step daughter of the S/M Male)

5. Sub For Two
Present Day TAKEN - being played with Saffron and Eeyore
BDSM – Poly
Dom Male/Domme Female/Female

6. Service with a Smile
Present Day TAKEN - being played with Saffron
BDSM - training to TPE - Romance
Experienced Male Dom/Female

7. Passing on the pain TAKEN - being written with Soran

Dark and twisted Fairytale/Fantasy
non-con, S/M, D/S
Male Prince/Female human

8. Sell your soul Available
Present Day/Demons Fantasy
Coercion, S/M
Male Demon /Female human

9 Kidnap Crisis  TAKEN - being written with TaintedAndDelish
Present day
Male/Female (Poss M/M/F)

10. A Way Out TAKEN - being played with Gav
Present Day
Coercion – Can be romance, extreme, lots of scope to decide on this one
Male / Female
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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2011, 07:17:17 PM »
1. Auction

Starts with a slave auction in a BDSM club – one night (12hrs) of the sub with the limits as set in the catalog.  A charity fundraiser.

'She' has agreed to stand and be auctioned, but only because 'he' is not going to be there.  His flight and trip is cancelled due to bad weather and he arrives just in time to buy her.

The reason why she stays away from him is that in high school she fell in love with him.  Never thought she had a chance – then one night they get together - in the next two weeks have the most wonderful time and then on a romantic night under the stars make love.  The next day she hears him talking about her and that she'd 'Put out' to him and him saying 'He could have it when ever he wanted it' very disparagingly. Crushed she refuses to see or speak to him again.

He never knew she overheard the conversation, which only happened because he was goaded into it, and also felt he had to to be 'in' with the team as it were.  All he knew was she dumped him without a word and he was hurt and then furious.  Especially as she made him look very bad in front of his friends.

They recognised each other in the BDSM club many years later when he moved for his work to a new area. She was a very popular member and a much sort-after sub.  She was polite but distant, with him, staying well away from him, turning down his offer of friendship and twice turning down a scene with him.  The prob was he couldn't get her off his mind, he watched several scenes at the club she was in, and heard on all sides how wonderful she was and even from a couple of people how sad it was that she hadn't found her prefect Dom and she was still single.

She knew she still loved him, and also knew what a very dangerous situation that would be for her and couldn't bear the idea of that much pain again. He was still angry, but also intensely aroused by her and felt he needed to get her out of his system.  He sees this auction as the best way of doing so and plans to make the most of it.

Things don't quite go to plan, when taking her home for their night together he finds he wants even more of her.  He offers her a large sum of money to TPE to him for one month, sure in his mind that would rid him of his obsession.  Her parents are about to have their farm foreclosed on so she agrees.   
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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2011, 07:19:52 PM »
2. Bath Miss

Her carriage has an accident on her way to London.  He takes her up in his curricle.  She comes across as a spoiled little brat, but actually she is desperate to get home to see her brother before he leaves for the army, and her head is stuffed full of the ideas she has been taught in the ladies academy she has been at for the past two years. 

They get caught in an unexpected and heavy snowstorm and take shelter in a cottage which they find empty (the owners have been stuck in the same storm when they went to market).  For two nights and a day they are snowed in.  One roomed cottage (clean and well-stocked) so one small bed etc. He looses his temper on the first night and ends up spanking her.  He is already a confirmed and well serviced D/S and S/M older man, so has had well paid mistresses to cater for his needs as well as belonging to some rather salacious clubs.  He finds himself driven to do far more with the girl than he should and she, much to her surprise, revels in it.

This can either be a one shot for the snowed in part – or carry on with a complex romance in London too – and their eventual marriage. Or even taking her into the dark world of the hellfire club equivalents for men who  need D/S and S/M.  We'd work on the plot together and how dark or light we were aiming for.

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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2011, 07:22:42 PM »
3. Chained TAKEN Being played with Pockets

A magician owns a young girl who is his household slave.  Quite normal in this fantasy world.  She wears a fine silver chain round her wrist, and the magician wears it's counterpart. She has been his slave for a few years, and he is a kind master.  She does his cooking and cleaning, and goes out to do the marketing and even meet other slaves at the washing place.

The chain means the owner can just pull on it gently to call the slave to them, and that call cannot be denied.  They also cannot leave the house without permission

When the magician falls desperately ill and knows he is dying he tells the apprentice to free the girl, as he has grown very fond of her.  The apprentice does no such thing, a rich and powerful tradesman had asked the magician several times to sell the servant girl to him, for a sum of money which had grown each time of asking but had always been refused as the Magician knew the reputation of the man, and would never let a young girl fall into his clutches.

The apprentice manages to sell the girl to said merchant for a large sum of money so now the girl has a new owner. In this setting, although slavery was normal, women did have some status, and slaves protection.  It was not done to 'take' a female slave, rather is was their choice and also, normally, they would be freed and become a mistress in that position. The man has lusted after the girl for a long time, and his fantasies for what he would do to her have grown and grown.  Already by nature S/M and having enjoyed complete submission many times as well as non-con and coercion he plans to make the most of having the girl now fully at his mercy.

I saw this as a romance, and has many possibilities, it would be nice to work on this together and see where we'd like to take it
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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2011, 07:25:56 PM »
4. Truck Stop  TAKEN being played with Brian Boru

Step Daughter; Stepfather and Stepfather's best friend, work partner and truck teamie.

The Stepfather is a long distance trucker, and has been in the same two man team for many years.  They are extremely close having lived in such close proximity for many years, are partners in the business and are as close as two Heterosexual guys can be.  They have often shared women, and in fact have got to the point they prefer it.

The daughter's mother left when she was young and has been left mainly with an aunt when he worked away, until she got to 16 when she stayed in the family home by herself.  In the past year and a half she's gone from a bright well-behaved high achieving student – to full blown teenage rebellion, skipping school, dressing like a biker chick, disobeying her father to get piercings, tattoos and generally running wild.

He has to break his run when he gets a message from his bank to say $2000 dollars has gone from his account.  He knows the only person who could have done it is his daughter/stepdaughter.  Driving nearly a hundred miles out of his way he arrived home, in his rig. fuming, and walks into his house to find his daughter kneeling down in front of a leather-clad biker, quite a few years older than her,  giving him a blow job.  (It is the manipulative older boyfriend who has stolen the money and has been preying on the girl for quite a few months)

Incensed and incredibly aroused (he's wanted her for quite a while), he chucks the young man out, explodes – and then completely gives in to his male response as she back chats him still, her caustic rude remarks sending him over the edge.  He tells her very forcibly that right now she is to do whatever he says, that is she doesn't she'll go to jail. She is coming with him in the truck with his partner and she will work off the money that has been stolen by obeying their every command – instantly.  He then enforces that by making her suck him off and pack within minutes – dragging her out to the truck and setting off.

One of themes I hoped this story would be about is the differences between the two men and their relationship and how it impacts on this situation.  The step father much harder, a Man's man - not giving away his emotions, coming from a harsh background where any sign of weakness would be pounced on.  He is very much more S/M, not demonstrative, and is the one who takes the longest to recognise where it is all heading, and even when he does, tries to ignore it. 

The friend is more gregarious, a womaniser and a charmer.  He is the one who handles the customers, and oils their path.  He loves women and is highly sexed, adores D/S especially the loving and acts of service aspects of it. He's a very good Dom, intuitive and understanding.  He is the one who will get the girl to talk eventually and keep the lid on things when they blow.

They are two sides of the same coin and balance each other - the things that have bound them are their strong work ethic, politics, love of their country and of the trucking life.  Where one is weaker the other is stronger, together they have made a life for themselves which is fulfilling and neither of them could imagine anything different.

The step father is cast and is being written by Brian Boru
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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #5 on: January 25, 2011, 07:32:56 PM »
5. Sub For Two TAKEN - being played with Saffron and Eeyore

Older husband and wife – married for many years, children grown and flown.  Active, very well-off, as a couple over the years they have got more and more sexually adventurous.  They dipped into the swinging scene, loved going on swinging holidays and cruises etc.  They have the money and the time now to satisfy their cravings and have, for the past few years, been getting more and more into the BDSM scene.  They were close enough to overcome the difficulties of learning that both of them were dominant, although he more than her, as he craved D/S as well as the other aspects of BDSM.  She loved the S/M side of it more -   with girls  more than with men, but scened regularly with both.

Eventually, together, they agreed that what they needed was a female submissive more permanently in their lives. He was much more sexually driven than her, with a much higher sex drive and she loved to watch and participate in his playing too, even from before they participated in BDSM.

They had not found someone they both liked, until one day in the club they spot a young woman new to the area.  Petite, pretty, and with a real air of quiet submission about her they are both instantly attracted to her, and not only that overhear she is looking for a job as a waitress, housekeeper or hotel worker.  The husband scenes with her that night, and the wife gets involved too.  They talk about it when they go home and decided they want to invite the girl to share with them.

They invite her to come to lunch and then proposition her  – to be their sub in every way for the two of them. 

The young woman moved to be in a warm climate, live a beach lifestyle, make a fresh start and hopefully find a Dom who would finish her training and make her happy.  She is blown away by their house on the beach and the luxury they live in.  She isn't too sure about such a big undertaking though as she had not envisaged being in a poly set up before, but in the end the three of them agree on a three month trial. 
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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #6 on: January 25, 2011, 07:37:42 PM »
6. Service with a smile TAKEN - being played with Saffron

She is a young aspiring writer, working as a waitress.  He is a regular client who lunches there every weekday.  She is quiet, shy, and is very attracted to the older man, who to her epitomises what she fantasises about ( A caring older/daddy Dom figure). 

She is befriended by a slightly older waitress  and they become fast friends.  The friend is in a relationship with a Dom and they end up being open with each other about their true selves.  The young woman admits to going online a lot and fantasising about submitting and getting to the point where she wants to actively try and find a Dom to train her.  She is persuaded to go to the local BDSM club with her friend.

the young woman is delayed in traffic -  her friend has to go in without her as her Dom had booked dungeon space, but she plucks up courage to go into the club, as she has been reassured that the first, main social area is just like a normal club and there is no pressure to do anything. The first person she sees, looking straight at her, is the man from the restaurant.

This is essentially a BDSM, romantic, training, leading to TPE story.
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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #7 on: January 25, 2011, 07:42:35 PM »
7. Passing on the pain TAKEN - being written with Soran

When the princes' father dies his step mother rules the small kingdom, and very cruelly rules him too.  He is given harsh cruel teachers who regularly beat him, and his living quarters are in a the old tower, freezing cold and with no comforts at all.  The queen delights in tormenting him, petty annoyances, and terrible punishments.  She enjoys watching him being beaten and has him introduced to sex and debauchery from a young age.

His little step-sister's life is completely different, cared for, cosseted, kept innocent and pure, although this is not for her benefit, but rather her mother's who knows when the prince comes of age she will have to leave and plans to use her beautiful daughter to arrange a good marriage for her new home.  The Princess is a pure spirit, and at first she has no idea that the prince is being ill-used as they are kept mainly apart and she is told the older boy has a different life and she would just be a nuisance in it.

Although she has not love or attention from her mother she is loved and cared for by several of several staff, and grows up to be a loving and whole person even in the castle that is their home.

As she learns more of the prince's life she tried to help him, surreptitiously bringing and sending him things, managing to ride out with him and give him a little bit of freedom and enjoy the animals they both love.  As he grows older their lives separate again, it hurts her that he doesn't want to ride with her anymore. The wild and horrible young men he is surrounded by and the pleasures and debauchery he is lead into and ends up enjoying thoroughally fill her with sadness – but any attempt she makes at trying to draw him into a normal life fails.

The Prince gets more and more dark and brooding, cruel and viscous he hates his step mother and also his step sister, the more pure and gentle she is the more he wants to defile her and break her. He cannot rid himself of the dreams and bitter longings and even to see her is a torment.

Six months before he is 21 he discovers that the Queen is plotting to leave, and take his step sister to another kingdom before he attains his majority and takes over the kingdom.  He has more people who will do his bidding now, as his 21st birthday comes nearer more of the courtiers and staff, even though they do not like him - as well as his cronies, will aid him.

He arranges it to look as though his mother has left on her journey, sends message that the princess withdraws from the arranged marriage (which she knows nothing about) murders the queen and takes control.
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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #8 on: January 25, 2011, 07:47:09 PM »
8. Sell your soul

A young woman stares into a seemingly glass. She rolls the last drip of the raw spirit in it and then tips it up into her mouth.  Her thoughts are bleak, she has no where to go and nothing to live for.  She has decided already that tonight will be her last night, and soon there will be no more pain.

The man beside her put another full glass in front of her. 

"I can help you." he said calmly, not even looking at her, and she doesn't look at him

"I don't need the kind of help you want to give."

"I only want what he wanted......everything."

She turned to look at him, her fingers gripping the glass tighter, how did this stranger know......  She couldn't see his eyes, but the side of his face was strong, harsh, unforgiving.  Yes Richard had taken everything and she had been stupid enough to give it to him.  She'd believed he loved her, and submitted herself totally to him, fulfilling what she thought was his desires as well as her own.

Stupid, stupid mug.

"I don't have anything, not anymore. He has it all"

"He doesn't have you."

She took a large gulp of the clear gut rot.  What did that matter, he never wanted her anyway.

"I want you." 

She didn't even notice he had heard the words in her head as she shook it, "Oh yeah, for what?  Next you'll tell me you want me for my wonderful body, my sexy ass and be pretty blue eyes."


She looked at him again, he had said it in such a strange voice. The demon turned and looked into her eyes, and said so powerfully it felt like a draft of hot air, "I want your submission" the silence seem to stretch for ever until with her hand shaking she reached out blindly for her glass and took another long pull at her drink

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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #9 on: January 25, 2011, 07:54:27 PM »
9. Kidnap Crisis TAKEN - being written with TaintedAndDelish

Either to fulfill her fantasy, perhaps a last ditch attempt to spark up their sex lives, or as revenge for her infidelity he arranges for his wife to be kidnapped for him. 

The problem is they take the wrong person, an innocent young woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Comming to the warehouse and finding they have started without him, he also realises almost straight away they have the wrong woman.  But he can't resist the powerful urges the situation gives him and he continues with his own fantasy of a full blown non-con weekend with the young woman they took.

This could be played as a one shot - and either fully non-con or leading to romance etc.

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Re: Imaginings that will not be denied....
« Reply #10 on: July 14, 2011, 08:50:59 AM »
10. A Way Out TAKEN - being played with Gav

A young woman, from a really shitty background ends up on the streets. She's managed to steer clear of drugs, just, but is now on the edge of giving up to the world of grimy prostitution and every thing that goes with the meaner end of this way of life. She quite literally has nowhere to go, and no-where to turn to. One pimp in particular has been grooming her, and is starting to get heavier with her as he knows she is a virgin and can make a large sum of money selling just that.

A very well dressed kindly older man offers her a meal and somewhere to sleep. She'd been propositioned many, many times as she is young, elfin, with large eyes in a pale face. She's had some unpleasant experiences and only just managed to come out with a whole skin in the past. She is wary, but he convinces her he is a philanthropist pure and simple, he can't help her permanently but for a few nights, perhaps a week, she can have shelter, baths, food and warmth in this bitterly cold winter week.

At first it seems he is exactly who he says he is. He has the most amazing house, is rich, kind, and supportive. He gets her to talk about her past and she cannot believe just how lucky she is. At the end of one week though he calls her to his study and explains that he did have an ulterior motive. He wants her to be his sexual plaything for a few months. In return she will live as she has, and when he decides he's had enough of her she will be given a small bedsit and a lump sum of money to either study (which she dreams of doing and he knows) or start up in some other way.

He makes it clear, that she has only minutes to decide, if she says no, he will dump her back on the streets, which are now at subzero temperatures. If she says yes she will also have to say yes to anything, but anything he desires, whether it is for him, his friends and clients or anyone else he chooses.

She had been so close to giving in to the only option that seemed open to her on the streets, that even though she is bitterly angry and upset that he has betrayed her and not been who she thought he was she agrees.

This opening can lead to several different scenarios and levels of how extreme or not we think we would like to try. Pretty much open to anything on this one.
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