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May 22, 2018, 01:15:03 PM

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Author Topic: Exploitative old men and schoolboys wanted for gang rape game (MMMM/f-NC)  (Read 893 times)

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Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Note this game is set in contemporary Japan and has Japanese social overtones and settings. A liking for and familiarity with these will help.

I've had two group games running for a while now. The first one called 'Molester Lessons' was based on the doujin of the same name and involved the last car of a morning commuter train into Tokyo which, one day each week, had a female teacher and some girl students offer themselves up for group sex. This game pretty much followed the doujin and was a lot of fun.

It began with three female players playing the teacher and two girls but following drop-outs I took on the roles of all three females.

The other roles were all males and each male player played three semi-anonymous commuters who… um… did stuff. Roughly… over and over to the women. A lot. Using multiple holes… ahem. While it sounds like non-con, the girls actually offer themselves up as a service and The Last Car of the 07:30 had become a kind of exclusive club with the same commuters using it with new ones by invite only and various railway staff in on the secret.

That game ended and Aiden who was playing some of the commuters decided to expand the game by having one of his characters, Chairman Tanaka, as the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the private academy where the teacher and pupils worked/attended (Swan Academy). Tanaka blackmailed the women into becoming his toys.

This led to a second game called Swan Academy which is still running. I play the female teacher and the two girls and since they were caught being wicked and disgusting in public by the man who pulls all the strings, he has made them into a Committee for the Absorption of Male Youthful Energy at Swan Academy. That is, he's blackmailed them. If they do as he and the Board of Governors says the teacher gets a good pay rise and good references, the two girls will get straight A grades upon graduation (in two years time). If they refuse the teacher will be sacked and the girls expelled and sent back to their families in disgrace. What they must do is become the slaves, whores and toys of the entire Board of Governors (twenty men) and the first class of boys admitted to the all-girls academy (30 x 16 year olds).

We've done a number of scenes so far with the initial offer-she-couldn't-refuse being made to the teacher; the first day of the new intake of boys (in which the girls were ritually stripped, shaved then given to the entire class under the watchful gaze of the Governors) and now two more scenes are ongoing involving the teacher being taken to the private exclusive golf-club of Chairman Tanaka for a days abuse on the greens and fairways one weekend with his golfing partners and one of the girls being taken into a Tokyo club one night for… well… whatever the men wish to do to her.

The second girl is currently 'spare' scene-wise.

I am looking for male players to play dominant characters. Your characters will be almost completely anonymous or will be very two-dimensional. All that is needed is a face and a name and the sketchiest of backgrounds which you can create as you go. I'd like each player to play at least three characters and if you wish, more almost as if there is a limitless pool of NPCs available.

The game revolves strongly around female submission/male domination, non-con gang rape, anal rape, double and triple penetration, public forced nudity, bondage, lingerie, humiliation and degradation. As you might guess the game is strong on filthy sex and weak on character development and plot although there is some scope for both (say 90% smut/10% plot).

Players will get to play wrinkly stinky old men or fat rich guys (I generally want the Governors to not have the bodies or ages of porn stars or Greek gods). They are rich men; elderly, powerful, perverted and corrupt. The more kinky degradations and ideas to abuse the girls stem from these men. The same male players may also play several 16 year old male students. Note that these characters will not be the source of so many kinky ideas but being full of energy and virility and being offered 3 sluts to make use of, one of whom is their own teacher, they go for it, released from the polite requirements and social restraints of the world they can indulge all their boyish lusts with their voracious sexual appetites. So the two male groups need to be RP'd quite differently.

Please ask questions or indicate your interest here or in a PM. Thank you.

Online MagicalPen

If you're still looking for guys for this, I certainly have one elderly old male character that would fit right in with this game and can easily bring in some more!