An earnest search(Male seeking Female mistress)

Started by LeonSolidor, January 25, 2011, 05:45:02 AM

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Hello all,

I guess I will make this as straight forward as I possible can. I have a specific idea for a role-play that I will provide underneath his introduction, but first a little about myself. I am straight male interested in playing with a female role-player. I feel that it is easier to understand and relate to your own sex, so the responses are more realistic. Sorry, if I insulted any guy that can play a female well or vice-versa. Now I am online quite frequently and will always try to reply once or more a day. But I have a life and you have a life, so I might miss a day here and there. However, I will try to warn you when I am. As for what level of a role-player I am, I consider myself literate as I will always try to correct my mistakes and post at least two paragraphs in response. I can usually post more if my partner is also giving at least two paragraphs. Now for the kinks. I consider myself adventurous and open to trying many things as long as it does not get too extreme. Also, so long as it does not fall into the Gore, Vore, or Scat category. Now for my closing statement, I am not as tight of an arse as I may have seemed and I am not a grammar Nazi, nor am I perfect....heck I know I am not. I probably made thirty grammar mistakes throughout this introduction, but as long as your put effort into your post that is all that matters to me.

A fellow who role-plays,


Setting:1800's fantasy world
Kinks: Light Bondage and lots of teasing and/or persuading, and other things
Plot seed:
A young college student (My character) is looking for a way to support himself, while going to school to earn a college degree. My character would happen upon a flyer or poster at a temp agency or some other social welfare program. The flyer would be asking for a live in home butler to assist and take care of chores for a wealthy mistress (your character). Little does he know it is not just taking care of the chores and house  that he is being hired for.

Mistress: She is yours to make how you want. Only real requirement is, she knows what she wants and sets out to get it. She can be an 18 year old rich girl whose parents are never around to a successful businesswoman in her mid to late twenties or maybe something a bit fantastical...vampire maybe.
I know it is not much to go off right now, but I want it to be a collaborative effort, so if your interested PM me and we'll see where it goes.

-Please do not post in this thread. I am unlikely to respond that way.