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Author Topic: Loke's idea thread  (Read 4108 times)

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Loke's idea thread
« on: January 24, 2011, 04:33:59 AM »
Once again back after some time of abstinence, balancing university and part time job and still have time for E is one royal mess. But now with 'just' my university studies I feel that I have enough time to come back to E. So let's get this started.

As for how often I will post and how much I will post.. I will probably be able to post three to five times a week I will try to more, and if we get in to "the flow" I can post several times a day. In a nutshell; I will post when ever I'm able to.
As for how much I will post, it depends on the game. I can't write ten paragraphs on my character talking to yours and still leave a open ending for you to carry on. But I will often try to match my partner, I write one two paragraphs then I'll post one two paragraphs, and if you post ten I will try to match that. ^^'

I have to point out that I play for the story/plot and not the sex, I seek longtime games with much character development, plot twists and mostly building a story with out.

If you like a plot/setting/characters/idea but don't like the plot/setting/characters/idea  PM me and we'll figure something out so we can get a game going. I'm willing to try any theme/setting at least once, you never know if you like it until you tried c:
I will continue to add story's, ideas and plots as they come to me. (This is me brainstorming basically)

* Massive Craving *

Over the Edge
This is a game set in a superhero universe DC or Marvel where one hero just can take it anymore and snaps. He goes on a killing spree amongst his enemies as well as friends, slaughtering everyone. While coming upon a female enemy he decides not to kill her but to keep her as his own pet. In a DC universe game I would be playing either Batman or The Flash, and in a Marvel probably Dear Devil I'm not sure (but I'll not play Thor or Loki.) and I'm up for discussion, really craving this one.

Themes I'm currently craving

I have something of an unquenchable thirst for history, it can be swashbuckeling pirates, noble samurai warriors, knights and crusaders, anicent greeks, the seven years war (the french indan war), the napoleonic era or the cold war. Just hit me with your ideas.

No mather the setting, be it futuristic space  or a historical, the
revolution will allways be a great game.

Be it historical or fiction I think it's a good setting.

Anything with spy's is great.

Knights, enough said.

Fictional or real dossent matter fun setting.

Treasure Hunters
Fun setting according to me.

A Song of Ice and Fire
A huge fan of the books (and yes the series as well), and would
love to get a game going in that world!


The Clover and the Lion
In the winter of 1984 Seamus Dunn a member of the IRA gets send to London on a mission.
He is to assassinate the British governments Minister of Interior affairs.
The assassination shall be something spectacular, not a car bomb or a sniper bullet.
No, this will have to put fear in to the British government heart and remind them that none of the are safe. He has to get close to her, as close as it gets.

Into the west
In 1962 during the Cuba missile crisis,
a Swedish mercenary gets hired by the American government to go undercover in to Moscow
and escort a Russian scientist along with her research to the west.
With the Soviet army on high alert and on the verge of unleashing Armageddon thing are about to get tricky.

The Falling Star
  During the Russian revolution, a young Russian Bolshevik takes part in the storming of the Russian Tsar palace.
 His goal is to find the Tsar and bring him and his family to trial
for the misery they have caused upon the Russian people.  He gets separated from the other revolutionaries
 and finds one of the Russian princesses hiding in fear. He falls for her innocent and beauty. He decides to hide
her, to prevent her execution.

The boys are back in town
In central Manhattan does a young girl live, she is deeply christian and have allways been. She believes
that the bible shows the way of life and all the rules that one should live by. One day she
gets a New neighbour, a Swedish musician who moved over to the US to try his luck on the music scene.
He will show her all that she had not known before, and all the things she had not yet experienced.

Among Thieves
"What can possibly go wrong?"
A team of thieves is hired  by some old rich man with to much time and money. They are to
preform a heist against the Brittish Museum to steal what appears to be a
 relatively "cheap" and useless stone tablet. But the stone tablet is not what itseemes to bee, as
 they get chased through London by half the underworld does they start to look into what the tablet actually is.

A song für der Kaiser
Vienna, during the reign of Jospeph II "The Musical King" and Holy Roman Emperor, the arts are flourishing, culture is
 favoured and the music in absolutely exploding with creative geniuses, and Vienna is the place where it all happens.
  To this city of masters as Mozart an Beethoven a young upcoming composer arrives, determind
 to become as big as possible and compose works for the Emperor himself. He has no friends and
without a patron. But his eyes are set on the goal and he will do
 whatever it takes to become the greatest.

As the Eagle Soars
As the Seven Years War reached it pinnacle with wars in Europe, India, the North American Colonies and the high seas, a young Huron warrior was sent from the battle fields to Quebec with a sealed box, he had sworn not to opened it and to make sure that it arrived at Quebec. On his way to his destination he was ambushed by English soldiers who, capered and tortured him . Stealing his box they set of to find out what it was. Now not to shame himself, his tribe and his ancestors he must somehow escape and hunt down the soldiers who had stolen from him.

Inspirational Pictures
Here I will put up some pictures that I find inspirational but don't have a story to, if you get
any ideas from them please send me a PM c:

Vampire mistress      Some sort of sick gladiatorial fight club
A poisonus kiss    Demon/Devil     Some twisted form of art      Valhalla
Native Americans    Lancelot and Guenenvere      Assassin
War     Demon and Angel       Fantasy      Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark     
Post Apocalyptic Wasteland      Diesel/Steampunk       Medieval/Fantasy war 
 Steampunk-ish trade ship
Evil falls for innocents
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Re: Loke's roleplay ideas
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2011, 11:46:26 AM »
added another story: The boys are back in town

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Re: Loke's idea thread
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2011, 09:19:44 PM »
Red Bird and A Castle of Mystery have caught my interest.

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Re: Loke's idea thread
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2012, 11:49:02 AM »
changed around with cravings and added "A song fur der Kaiser"

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Re: Loke's idea thread
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2012, 06:19:52 AM »
Added som more insperational pictures and opend up The Clover and the Lion

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Re: Loke's idea thread
« Reply #5 on: October 15, 2012, 05:44:56 AM »
Had a little change-around and updated cravings