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June 22, 2018, 08:29:46 AM

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Author Topic: Decided to attempt a forum roleplay any interest for one on one rp?  (Read 371 times)

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Offline jackedupdanielsTopic starter

I have a few ideas, they can go a few different ways anyway here are the ideas.

1 - We met online
(A) (LOOKING for girl character who is the dominant role) Shy 18 year old  is in his senior year of high-school.  He is a nice kid, for the most part nobody bothers him, but thats because in his mind hes invisible.  So the only person to really know him is someone he meets online.  He and this girl hit it off immediately and have been talking for over a year.  Turns out she wants a change and her aunt who lives in the same town (and turns out next door to her online friend) is looking for someone to watch her house while she goes away for a year on a work expedition to the alps.  So The female character wants to suprise him and as she's getting out of the cab the two lock eyes.  Basically the roleplay starts here where she forces him out of his shell as she makes him do crazy things, to get him to see the real him
(this can be added upon with time and not just a one shotter)

(b)(looking for a dom guy character) Shy 18 year old Jason is in his senior year of highschool.  He is a nice quiet kid.  Nobody bothers him because in his mind he's "invisible" So the only person to really know him is someone he meets online.  He and this "girl" hit it off immediately and have been talking for over a year.  "she" tells him that "She" is coming with her father for a trip and are going to be in his town so thinking his dream girl is coming he doesn't think twice about meeting her.  But when he does the dom male character tells him that he is her father and they talk before he realizes whats going on the dom man gets him alone and has his way with him as everything is going on Jason becomes the mans "slave"  in fear that he will show Jason's parents the events and naive Jason thinks they will disown him for taking part in the act even though it was non consensual
(this can either be a one shotter or a continuity)
(I play the Jason)

2. Cop pulls spoiled brat over
I will be male or female in this  However if I play male i'd like your character to be male, same with female i'd like you to be female to add to the humiliation. 

A cop pulls over a college student clearly under the influence.  The driver belittles the cop, and declares their father will have their badge, etc.  The rich snoby student gets out of the car and the police officer forces him against the hood as they are searched and groped and then taken advantage of and their virginity is ripped from them  (if female they can use a strap on)   

(This could be a one shotter or)

It could continue that the cop is demoted a month later for unrelated circumstances and is forced to be security at their victims college and this is an oppertunity they cant miss (and we can take it from there)
(I play the spoiled brat)

3.Step dad - Step son/daughter

basic: a step dad makes off handed comments when the mother isn't aroud and it escalates into taking the step son/daughters virginity (over 18 the child still lives at home)

(I play the step child)

3 Obsessed over violating
A girl is in a great relationship with her boyfriend, however her boyfriend has been flirting with another girl, but when the other girl tries to take things further he laughs saying he has a girlfriend who is innocent and sweet and wouldn't ever touch this other girl.  So the other girl (you will name) goes out and sets a plan she befriends the girlfriend (played by me) and after getting her drunk the psycho rapes the "sweet, pure and innocent" girl with a monster strap-on wanting to make her useless to her boyfriend so he'd dump her. 

4 downward spiral [/b]

I will play the shy virgin character {boy or girl} that is getting looks from an upperclassman. and then he/she is asked out by the upperclassman.  The upperclassman starts getting the goody goody to skip class, pleasure them during schoool, even pleasure other people (prefer this to be a male/female roleplay but it can get bi/gay as the upperclassman gets the shy character to obey them and do things to others.  The shy virgin goes on a downward spiral, and is humiliated, sexually abused by the upperclassmen and is used as their bitch/play thing.  This can go a few different ways looking for a dom character.

5 Babysitter?
A sub character goes to his/her parents friend hearing they need a babysitter.  So Sub goes to the neighbor and find no child and instead are seduced, and forced by the family friend and spanked, and forced to dress in young clothes and know the sub knows he's going to tell about the abuse but then is giving a few hundred dollars and decides to keep it quiet....but what happens when they are asked back?

UPDATED 1-21-11

Your character (can be m/f} wants my character (i'll be m/f whatever you want) and my character has no idea, and is not interested at all.  So then theirs a family event Wedding, funeral, reunion, bday party) and your character comes for moral support because even though my character is innocent, his family thinks hes trouble.   This can go one of two ways.  Your character uses my emotional unstability to seduce me.  Or my character rejects yours and yours forces themself on mine and leaves me tied to a bed or something after their done using me for my family to walk in and see me. (if m character maybe your character puts female clothes on mine to really humiliate them)

thats it for now I may come up with more as time goes on but for now if your interested in a roleplay over yahoo messanger or AIM msg me or PM me.  Thanks