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Author Topic: The New Age Fantasy: RP Info  (Read 858 times)

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The New Age Fantasy: RP Info
« on: January 22, 2011, 07:25:34 PM »
World Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
link to the Map of the New Age World, complete with map key:

10 Runes - Power - Gaurdian:

Blood - Berserker* - Dwarven Gaurdians
*Greatly increases strength but also increases agression. User can also predict an enemy attack one move before it happens, but it is limited to one attack from one enemy.

Motion - Gives motion to inanimate objects* - Rogue Mage Clan
*In form of living beings (like statues or corpses). If it's of a particular person who has died then their soul will animate the statue.

Water - Water Control* - Shade
*The power to control the flow and form of water, this allows user to instantly freeze any water or melt any ice they wish as well as change the flow of rivers, ocean, and lake currents, even making waterfalls fall upwards.

Dreams - Astral Body* - Orphanage Owner
*User will become like a ghost, which can be used in combat to go through objects, while out of combat they can inhabit dreams. They can also send mental visions to others.

Alchemy - Allows transmutation of elements into others* - Don of Nifilik
*Bypasses the law that something of equal value must be given to what is recieved, basically a philosopher's stone.

Life - Immortality* - King Mathius
*Makes user immune to sickness and weakening of body, they will remain perpetually in their "prime" of life, if beyond that then they will be restored to youth, they can still however be killed.

Earth - Landshifting* - Tex
Users are able to move the land as they see fit moving even things like Mountains and cities.

Air - Airbending and Levitation* - Mikael
User can manipulate the air and wind to their bidding. It is beleived that ancient floating castles were created from a great ruler who used the Air Rune's power with that of the Earth Rune. User can also suck all the air out of an enclosed room. By combining Air with Water one could have complete control over weather patterns.

Kinship - Summoning* - Dragon Riders Clan
Allows vast usage of summoning power, unlike a summoning spell the effect of the rune is permenant until summoned is dismissed, and while usually only subserviant creatures will answer a spell's call the Rune forces even the most powerful of creatures into subserviant, allowing such uses as creating an army of Dragons.

Time - Foresight and Replay* - Elven King
Can show limited visions of the far off future based on chance and probability, in a world where many missions are accomplished "Against all odds" such foresight seems rather unreliable. This also allows user to jump through time to a period of their choosing to learn things such as forgotten or banned ancient spells, though user watches this information as an outsider and cannot tamper with the past to alter the future. Though if needed user can bring an enemy's past back to haunt them.

Clans and Alliances:

Hero Alliance - The main heroes of the story

Seraph's Apprentices - The main villains of the story.

Grand Mage Council - All legal mages belong to and are registered members. They often travel to advise in politics or help the leader of their homeland in various issues such as fighting off enemies. Even though they often face one another in battle most mages remain friendly to one another ands rarely fight to kill when they're against another mage. Long Ago the Council developed the spell that would seal away Seraph upon his defeat.

Dwarf Gaurdians - Descendants of the Dwarves who forged the weapons that slayed Seraph, they protect the Rune their ancestor claimed upon Seraph's defeat.

Hart Kingdom - The largest human city on West Continent, led by King Mathius. Most are highly noble and bound to castes and tradition. Though few other races are seen besides human, residents of Hart Kingdom tend to act the most kindly towards them compared to other human cities.

Dragonair Kingdom - A Human Kingdom of warriors. Most are fiercely patriotic and would give their lives for their king. They also tend to be slighlty racist against elves as they've had a history of wars with elven clans.

Nifilik Kingdom - A Human Kingdom that enjoys the finer things, very showy, the gaurds are not so skilled as they are mostly for show. Gambling and Prostitution is commonplace.

Dhalia Kingdom - Very Proud and wise people, they enjoy history and learning, though often to the annoyance of humans and dwarves they see themselves as more intelligent than everyone else.

Tri Numa Kingdom - Former Residents of Tri Numa, they call them selves residents of the "True" or "Old" Elf Kingdom while they call residents of Dhalia "New" Elf Kingdom. Very proud and have large egos.

Dwarf Warriors - Long ago the Dwarf Kingdoms went through a civil war, the Warriors left, feeling that protecting the rune no longer had any use as Seraph's threat was over. The Dwarves are at constant war for territory and gold against the Elves in the Chaos Region.

The Creator's Guild - Deeply religious guild members follow a strict religious code that dictates diet, morality, and sexuality among other things.

Westlanders - Technology experts, most enjoy tinkering with gadgets. They have little regard for morals, though they tend to have a high sense of honor and duty, most will not let morals get in the way if they're working on a major experiment.

Rogue Mages - An ancient group of Mages who split from the main council to follow Seraph's ways. They are secretly planning on reviving him and breaking the Seal.

Forest Elves - Long Ago after one of the many Human and Elf wars the Forest Elves split from their city bretheren refusing the peace treaty that would unify the human and elf kingdoms. Forest Elves are steeped in tradition and hate humans.

Dragon Riders- A clan of mostly humans (some elves) who use the rune power to pair themselves with a Dragon to ride. They tend to serve as mercenaries.

Halflings - Peace loving folks who serve mostly as traders, there are few left thanks to a near Genocide in which Seraph prevented in his time before going Rogue.

Orphans - There are many orphans, mostly half-breeds who were abandoned after their births, most orphans tend to stick together, sometimes forming gangs, and sometimes building small societies for themselves.

Black Mage Society - A group of dark mages who wish to bring chaos upon the world and its people.

Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls - Violent attackers who harass Travelers in many forests and caves in the wilderness. Most usually avoid cities but a few brave Orcs occasionally wander in to kidnap a human or two.

Elements and Magic abilities:

Mana - Elemental Magic, the most commonly used, 6 elements
Alchemy (sometimes called Metal)

Life Force "Spirit" - Comes from dead spirits or user's own life, used by shamans, this effects all living things
Necromancy (By returning the Soul to the body and allowing it to willingly serve caster)
Apparation (Creating weapons out of life energy)
Translation Spells
Stat increasing magic (such as spells to temporarily increase speed or strength)

White Magic - Comes from all that is good in the world, meant to help allies.
Beam of Light
Eye of Truth (Dispels all illusions)

Black Magic - Comes from all that is harmful in the world, meant to harm enemies
Mind Control
Self Replication Magic
Necromancy (Using magic to animate soulless corpses with no free will and forced to serve caster)
Darkness Travel (Ability to move from one shadow to another almost instantly as iff they were doorways)


B.C.E.: Before Common Era. Few recordings remain from this time, it stretches from the start of the Universe up until the start of the first major human kingdom.

C.E.: Common Era, most written history takes place during this time.

1000 B.C.E.: It is believed the great Runes were forged around this time, but no proof or records are available, it is all simply legend.

600 B.C.E.: First Orcs begin appearing, small bands attacking Elven villages.

450 - 465 B.C.E.: The First Elf and Dwarf War

45 C.E.: Establishment of the official church of the Creator's Guild. Election of their first Guild Leader. The Guild Temple is built in the Northlands to house and protect the Great Runes.

112 C.E.: Establishment of the Grand Mage Council.

202 - 212 C.E.: The First Human and Elf Territorial War, Once a treaty is signed for peace the Forest Elves make their split from the City Elves. During this time the Great Runes are lost in an attack on the Northlands. The Creator's Guild moves to Artahka where they establish their new temple.

310 C.E.: Hart is established the human Capital city.

376 - 392 C.E.: The Second Human and Elf Territorial War. Many halflings are enslaved and later killed in a near Genocide

375 - 415 C.E.: The first age of Seraph. From his birth until the Mages seal him away. After he is sealed a Temple is built in the Southlands and locked to keep away any who may try and free him. Each clan who helped defeat Seraph claims a rune in order to keep the power from ever going to one person or clan ever again as it would be too dangerous.

422 - 622 C.E.: The Second Elf and Dwarf Territorial wars, the war only lasts a few short years but there are many small battles between Elven and Dwarven clans attempting to claim territory. This is also the time when the Gaurdians Split from the Dwarven Warrior Clans.

500 C.E.: King Mathius is crowned ruler of Hart, the human Capital, thus beginning his 500 year Reign.

612 - 642 C.E.: Many battles take place between humans and Elves to claim new Territory.

728 C.E.: A dark mage attempts to gather an army of Orcs and Trolls to destroy the Elven Capital but fails. The first time Humans, Elves, and Dwarves unite together against a common foe. Many die and the Temple at Hel Dor is officially built as a memorial.

795 C.E.: Establishment of the Dragon Riders Clan.

865 C.E.: Much exploration in the East Continent Deserts leads to developing the Westland Cities.

912 C.E.: Gideon Experiences a major Technological boom, the Tram to Logost begins development.

985 C.E.: Fall of Tri Numa and rise of Dhalia as the new Elven Capital.

990 - 991C.E.: The second age of Seraph. Seraph is set free by the Rogue mages.

991 C.E.: Battle of Calm and Chaos. Seraph summons the great Dragons of Destruction and creation. It's up to all the people of the world to fight and stop them rom destroying the world and creating a new one in its place.
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Re: The New Age Fantasy
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2011, 07:34:13 PM »
My main characters as well as the NPCs who I'll be using as author of this RP

Main Characters -------

Name: Hitaro Reinfeld
Alias: None
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 3rd, 977 C.E.
Age: 14
Origin: Arnan
Language: Human English
Race/Species: Human
Career: None
Hobbies: vandalism, theft, beating up elven nobles.
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Human Mother, Human Father, father died, mother is still living.
Siblings: 1 Half-Brother (Mikael)
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Goals: To get revenge on the Elven bastards who think they're better than everyone else. (Later) to stop Seraph from gathering all the ruins and summoning the Dragons of Creation and Destruction to destroy the world.
Friends/Allies: Corey Elhart, various others with his same goal.
Enemies: Seraph Almsey
Strengths: Brute Force, Quick reacting
Weakness: Patience, Strategy
Human Talents: Good balance and high jumper.
Unusual Powers & Abilities: Transforming Sword (It can grow or shrink for specialized attacks), Mana Explosion (Sword releases all its built up energy at a target.)
Temperament/Personality: Arrogant, Cocky, Heroic
Scars: None
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Belief/Religion: Athiest
Likes: Food, Swords, Armors
Dislikes: Elves, anyone else who thinks they're better than everyone else, people who kill others weaker than themselves.
Fears: Needles and stinging insects.
History: A warrior at heart Hitaro was always a trouble causer. After his father left his family with very little money Hitaro took up stealing to get what he wanted, though managing to keep his mother away from his trouble, the Nobles just thought of him as another orphan. Eventually he was selected leader of the top Orphan Gang of theives, but slowly members were being caught until only Hitaro was left, now he struggles to find a new way to help his mother, perhaps one last grand heist.


Name: Corey Elkhart
Alias: None
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: June 9, 976 C.E.
Age: 15
Origin: Dhalia
Language: Human English, a little Elvish
Race/Species: Half Elf/Half Human
Career: Handmaiden for Elven Noble
Hobbies: Lock Picking, Building simple weapons. Using almost any object as a tool for whatever she needs done.
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Orphaned at a young age, adopted by an Elven Noble
Siblings: None
Sexuality: Bi
Marital Status: Single
Goals: To stop Seraph (See Hitaro Above for more)
Friends/Allies: Hitaro Reinfeld
Enemies: Seraph Almsey
Strengths: Stealing, Lock-picking, Stealth, Archery, knife combat
Weakness: Heavy weapon combat, magic.
Human Talents: Pinpointing weaknesses and exploiting them in combat.
Unusual Powers & Abilities: Stealth (Invisibility, though her shadow can still be seen)
Temperament/Personality: Cautious, cunning, friendly, prone to mood swings, tomboyish.
Scars: none
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
Belief/Religion: Unorthodox Creator's Guild (She believes in "The Creator" but doesn't follow the religious rituals or traditions)
Likes: Traveling, tinkering with random gadgets, discovering hidden treasure or secret passages in mansions and museums around Dhalia.
Dislikes: Nobles of any kind, Magic.
Fears: Spiders and Snakes
History: Growing up a half-elf surrounded by pureblood Elven nobles, Corey was always treated badly by her "superiors" giving her a dislike of most Elves. She usually tries to do her job as best she can but often wonders if there's something better out there.


Name: Mikael Relborne
Alias: The Halfblood Demon
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: October 13, 974 C.E.
Age: 17
Origin: Deftwood
Language: Human English
Race/Species: Half Human/Half Elf
Career: None
Hobbies: Killing Elves
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Human Father (Same as Hitaro's), Elven Mother, both dead
Siblings: 1 Half-Brother (Hitaro)
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Goals: To use the power of the Great Runes to destroy Dhalia and create a homeland for all halfbloods.
Friends/Allies: None
Enemies: Seraph Almsey
Strengths: Sword Combat, Magic
Weakness: His distrust for all others
Human Talents: Swordfighting skills, quick reflexes, increased awareness
Unusual Powers & Abilities: Black Magic, Mystic Sword Powers
Temperament/Personality: Cold, Calculating, Paranoid, Vengeful
Scars: Several, one on his cheek, another on his forehead, a small one on his chin, numerous scars across his arms and one on his chest.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Belief/Religion: Creationsim bordering but not quite Nihilism. (He believes that there is a creator being, but the creator has since left to let life take its course and now life is merely what people make of it, the creator has no say in human affairs.)
Likes: Rainy days and icecream.
Dislikes: Elves, racists, halfbloods who resign themselves to lower class citizens without fighting back.
Fears: Nothing Really
History: Mikael's father was a human soldier who once had an affair with an elven prostitute. He fled when he heard she was pregnant, being unable to care for the boy she left him at a small orphanage in Deftwood. Here Mikael was born and raised, often being mistreated for being a "halfbreed", one day he was sent to Dhalia to renew the lease on the Orphanage when he was beaten by a group of Elven Nobles, from then on Mikael swore he would have his revenge, for both himself and others like him, Elves like those he met that day would suffer.


NPCS -------------------------------

Name: Seraph Almsey
Alias: None
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: December 25, 375 C.E.
Age: 40 (if you don't count how long he's been alive but his body being sealed) 616 (count all years from birth to death)
Origin: Tri Numa
Language: Human English, Elven, Ancient Magi
Race/Species: Half Human/Half Elf
Career: Wandering Mage
Hobbies: Gathering an army to stop all those who try and prevent his world from coming true.
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Elven Father, Human Mother, both dead
Siblings: 1 Brother (Citreon)
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Goals: To gather all the Great Runes to summon the Great Dragons of Creation and Destruction, to destroy the world and create a new perfect one.
Friends/Allies: Various apprentices, servants, and worshippers.
Enemies: Hitaro, Mikael, Citreon, and many others.
Strengths: Magic, Calculating, Prediction
Weakness: Hand to Hand Combat
Human Talents: He can use probabilty to predict many things before they happen setting elaborate traps for his enemies.
Unusual Powers & Abilities: He is trained to use every form of Magic (Black, White, Elemental, Life Force)
Temperament/Personality: Emotionless, Calculating, Logical, Wise
Scars: Several unseen.
Tattoos: Many along his arms and torso, used to amplify magic powers.
Piercings: 4, 2 on each ear.
Belief/Religion: Phoenixism, the belief that the world will be destroyed and that a new and better one will rise up in its place.
Likes: Equality, Libraries, Mountains, Temples
Dislikes: Elven Nobles, Human Soldiers, Greedy people, anyone who does not fight for what they have and make others fight for them.
Fears: What this world is and what it will become if he doesn't stop it.
History: A young Naive boy sent off the be trained at the Mage Council's best wizarding school, he was a skilled prodigy. However at home Seraph often saw the hate that his brother showed all others, playing superior. Upon graduating Seraph and his brother were drafted into the Territorial wars taking place at the time, the horrors Seraph saw changed him forever, his brother, one of the many Elves slaughtering halflings, human women and children who couldn't defend themselves, this world was filled with such pain and injustice, it had to be destroyed. After Meditating in a nearby temple one day Seraph realized what he had to do, find the Great Runes, gathering them all would bring the Great Dragons, one to destroy the old world, and one to create a new world, a perfect world. Seraph soon began collecting Runes and just as his goal was nearly complete a human warrior by the name of Haru stepped forward, leading armies of Men, Elves, and Dwarves he shattered Seraph's army and defeated Seraph, allowing the Mage Council to seal Seraph away in stone. Here Seraph sleeps, at least for now.


Name: Citreon Symponias
Alias: None
Gender: Male
Age: 46 (Dies before the time of the story but revealed through the time rune)
Appearance: (The male of course)
Race/Species: Elf
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Elf Father, Elf Mother, both dead
Siblings: 1 Brother (Seraph)
Goals: To one day rule Elf Kingdom and to rid the world of all Humans, Dwarves, and Halflings
Friends/Allies: Many Elven Nobles of Tri Numa
Enemies: Seraph
Strengths: Sword Combat, Life Force Magic
Weakness: Black Magic, White Magic
Powers & Abilities: Skilled at both Magic and fighting, he can amplify his attacks with magic quite well.
Belief/Religion: Unification Theory (The Creator is not a being but the universe itself, when the world ends all will unify together and become one God, a better God because of all the accumulated experiences.)
History: Seraph's brother, as a Noble he hated anyone of the lower class. After Mage school he was drafted as Seraph was and gladly joined in the war, killing anyone who stood in his way.


Name: Cypher Dios
Alias: None
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Race/Species: Elf
Parents/Elders/Guardians: All dead
Siblings: All dead
Goals: To assist Seraph in all his goals. To find and collect all the Great Runes and give them to Seraph.
Friends/Allies: Seraph Almsey, any of Seraph's allies.
Enemies: Anyone who tries to stop Seraph's plan.
Strengths: Water Magic, Fire Magic, Spirit Magic
Weakness: Fire Magic (When in Ice attack mode) Water Magic (When in Fire attack mode), Thunder Magic
Powers & Abilities: Summoning (Ice Wolf Spirit, Fire Dragon Spirit), Spirit Armor, Water Attack Mode, Fire Attack Mode.
Belief/Religion: Phoenixism
History: A skilled mage who one day found an old book about Seraph and was intrigued, soon he began to seek out hidden and banned teachings of Seraph and his followers, leading him to the Rogue Mages of the Southlands. He would have never guess he would ever meet Seraph in person.


Name: King Mathius
Alias: The 500 year King
Gender: Male
Age: 500
Race/Species: Human
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Human Mother, Human father, both dead.
Siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister, all dead.
Goals: To protect his people and kingdom from any threats that come. To keep the peace with Elves and Dwarves and avoid territorial disputes.
Friends/Allies: The Governors appointed to the smaller human cities and the Leaders of the Elf and Dwarf Kingdoms. Don of Nifilik.
Enemies: Orcs, Bandits, Seraph
Strengths: Sword Combat, White Magic
Weakness: All forms of Magic besides White Magic. He also tends to underestimate his enemies.
Powers & Abilities: Immortality (Granted by a Great Rune)
Belief/Religion: Unorthodox Creator's Guild
History: A Noble man who was highly patriotic and loved his people. Early during his reign he came across the Rune of life which was hidden in an old temple, obtaining immortality Mathius ruled his land with wisdom and bravery, always putting his people first, and so they allowed him to remain king until the day he chooses to step down or until he gives up his immortality.


Name: Seymore Greywarden
Alias: Don of Nifilik
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Race/Species: Human
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Human Mother, Human Father, both dead.
Siblings: 2 brothers, 3 sisters.
Goals: To become the richest man in all the world. To own his own city (Accomplished).
Friends/Allies: King Mathius
Enemies: Seraph, Bandits, Pirates
Strengths: Lucky, Good at Gambling, skilled at predicting odds.
Weakness: Magic, Physical Combat (unless it involves a Rapier)
Powers & Abilities: Alchemy (Amplified by Rune but even without it he's still a talented Alchemist)
Belief/Religion: Hedonism.
History: Born as a lower class civilian, his sisters often had to work as prostitutes to make enough money to survive. One day his oldest sister met a mysterious client who spoke an odd language and owned many mysterious objects, he gave her a Rune but having no use for it she threw it to her brother who kept it as a luck charm. It was years later when Seymore was an apprentice metalworker that he began to learn of the Rune's power. During an accident the rune fell from the chain around his neck that held it, when it hit the Lead bar nearby the bar became solid gold. It was then that Seymore began seeking out knowledge of Alchemy, which at the time was a secret art practiced only in the underground. It wasn't long before Seymore became a master alchemist, gaining vast riches from his newfound talent. He vowed then to become the richest man in the world. Eventually gaining the interest of King Mathius as a talented business man, he was given leadership of the town of Nifilik.


Name: Textan Stillwater
Alias: Tex
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race/Species: Human
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Human Mother, Human Father, both dead.
Siblings: None
Goals: To Gaurd the Rune he has until the day he dies. To trap and kill any who seek the rune and are unworthy.
Friends/Allies: Mountain Wolf Packs
Enemies: All those seeking the Runes.
Strengths: Elemental Magic
Weakness: Black Magic, Spirit Magic.
Powers & Abilities: Elemental Magic, Cave Control (He can move the walls of his cave using his Rune to trap and confuse any who enter)
Belief/Religion: Nihilism.
History: Orphaned by the age of 5 Tex always looked out for himself. One day while fishing in the river he came across an odd stone which he sensed an odd power from. Seeing a wandering wizard nearby he hid it quickly. The Wizard took notice and sensed a magic aura about the young boy. He offered to train the boy as a mage since he had potential. Tex was a skilled mage though he showed little interest in the laws and codes of the Mages, during a fight with a fellow student Tex accidentally triggered his Rune which caused the Earth to swallow up the other boy. The Outraged council knew something was wrong and when they came to question Tex he fled, using his rune to create hiding places as he rested on his way back to his home in the mountain. This stone saved him and it was all that mattered, nobody would ever have it as long as he lived, he knew the dangers if it got into the hands of the wrong people.


Name: Jack Spade
Alias: Shade
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race/Species: Quarterelf
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Half Elf/Human Mother, Human Father
Siblings: 1 sister
Goals: To fight the best warrior in all of North Continent.
Friends/Allies: His Servants and Mansion workers.
Enemies: Travelers who wander into the town, The Townspeople themselves (who blame him for the unending rain that came when he brought the Rune.
Strengths: Elemental Magic, Sword Fighting
Weakness: Underestimating his enemies and letting his gaurd down to taunt enemies.
Powers & Abilities: Thunder, Wind, and Water Magic (Amplified by his Rune)
Belief/Religion: Hedonism.
History: A privledged young boy with skill in magic. Though a bit of a troublecauser, he was expelled from 3 schools before finally graduating top of his class. He joined the army for a while but was kicked out, then he tried working aboard a ship but he hated always having to be stuck cleaning. One day he and a few friends decided to take over the ship they were working aboard and became pirates, one hijacking maission landed the group an trove of ancient artifacts including a Great Rune (Unknown to Jack at the time) though the fun was short lived as most of them were killed, Jack and the others were thrown in prison (Jack kept the rune, the gaurds didn't know it had any power). Though hearing of his potential in magic Jack was hired by a Nobleman to help tutor the man's son as a mage. However it was clear that the boy had plans to overthrow his father and was becoming a threat. Jack was now assigned to be a bodygaurd for the Nobleman. Unfortunately Jack had fallen asleep during his shift on gaurd watch, giving the son a chance to kill the father. Jack was too late, but awoke just as the boy was about to begin killing the gaurds and servants of the mansion. Jack couldn't stop the boy on his own but used his rune to kill the boy deeming him too dangerous to be left alive. Deciding that all the gaurds and servants didn't deserve to be put out on the streets Jack decided to take over being a Noble, he sold the old mansion and had a new one built in Felgot where he hosts tournaments of skill against the bravest and best warriors.