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Author Topic: Some more ideas I have  (Read 906 times)

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Offline kongmingTopic starter

Some more ideas I have
« on: April 19, 2007, 05:28:18 am »
Already I've had a great start here, with a few people running solo games for me, and starting the large and enjoyable project of Sigil Prep, but I'm still finding that I have too much time on my hands, and have a few other ideas. If anyone is interested and thinks they could work with one or more of these, please let me know!

1. I'll actually play a male character for this one. A young man who sets out to find one female specimen of each type of dragon in the world, and impregnate them, creating a legacy of half-dragons all carrying his blood. Then, when all are of their majority (so there might be some "a few years pass" fast-forward moments), he wishes to assemble them and perform a rite, absorbing their draconic heritages so as to transform into a prismatic dragon. I figure that's a hefty goal, giving a clear point for the game to end at. Note that there are more than ten dragon types - we also have the 5 gem dragons, the Lung dragons, shadow, deep, planar, a few of the other colours in random books, sand...

Other game elements: Well, he'd need to search for them, do research, and possibly go through caverns and dungeons to find them. Then there's the part where he has to actually convince the dragons, although I suppose they will sleep with anything  :P

Perverted stuff:
This would involve human-dragon sex, and in some cases (where dragons have alternate form) human-human, and would probably involve magic, particularly in cases where the dragon is too big for either to find it pleasurable. With the rite at the end, if made into something sexual, there would be human-half dragon incest.

Weird, I know, but the idea popped into my head and seems to be worth a try.

Could be done freeform, though I'd prefer to make it D&D with the GUCK.

2. A teenage girl in pretty much any setting, attending school (perhaps an all-girls boarding school), who can't help but constantly get into trouble. This could be a school of magic (freeform or D&D) in a fantasy setting, a school for demons (probably freeform) in a hidden dimension in modern day, or just a regular girl in the modern day (definitely freeform). Perhaps it's even a school for particularly troublesome students.

Perverted stuff:
A little masturbation, descriptive scenes of baths and showers, a little f/f (or f/f/f or f/f/f/f/f/f...) activity, and the main one: plenty of corporal punishment, ranging from minor spankings all the way up to lengthy canings/strappings/birchings, crotch-spankings and anus-strapping, maybe even a little figging. Probably some public humiliation as well, with punishments occurring in front of a class or the entire school assembly.

No problem with this one having other players, if they want to join.

Thank you, SubmissiveMia! Others are still welcome to join though.
Thank you TonyWoods, too!

3. An all-female wrestling game. This would be somewhat along the lines of the Rumble Roses PS2 game, except more so. Basically, with all of the spectacular flair of televised wrestling, the over-the-top moves and costumes, and the cheesy plot developments and rivalries. Except girls-only, and with most matches being nude (or nearly so, with clothes getting torn off in bouts).

Also a good one for other players to join, probably.

Systemless probably works best for this, but the WWE: Know Your Role D20 system could also work, I guess.

Perverted stuff:
Public nudity (in front of huge crowds), naked wrestling - possibly with sexual submission holds, most likely a degree of f/f sex backstage (or in the ring, in a "The stipulation for this match is that the loser gives oral sex to the winner right after the fight." way), other exploitive matches can also probably occur.

Currently being set up by a group of us, decent interest.

So, are there any takers for any of these ideas? I have the spare time to play all three ^^
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Offline kongmingTopic starter

Re: Some more ideas - please?
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2007, 07:02:09 am »
Update - another idea!

This was on someone else's list and I sent them a private message, but it seems they haven't gone online in a while. So I thought I'd throw the idea out for general play:

Concept: There is a wandering half fiend who has just the smallest bit of good left in his/her soul, the remnants of the non-fiend side (human, elf, whatever). A female paladin (or paladin-like character) encounters the fiend and naturally attacks, choosing the good old "Smite on Sight!" that never failed a paladin yet. The two battle, possibly several times, before the paladin finally realises the half-fiend is pulling his/her punches and is possibly redeemable. She dedicates herself to helping curb the demonic side and bringing the non-fiend side out and into control. However the fiend still has dark urges that will consume the body if not released through some outlet, so she uses herself - through rough, nonlethal combats that leave the two naked, exhausted and mildly scratched up, and sometimes through allowing it to have its way with her. However, to help tame the fiend and bring out the other side, she also does the same to it from time to time.

I don't mind playing either, though I envision being the paladin-like character. If the other would rather be the paladin-like character though, go for it. For the half-fiend, the only restrictions I place are "look mostly humanoid" (growths of scaled armour is fine, spines growing in places, burning eyes, wings, a tail, horns, fangs, claws, they're all fine.), and be fairly pretty - for either sex. If a male, they should be a pretty-boy. Eventually they would probably form a relationship.

System: D&D or freeform. I think D&D would probably be best for this (besides, I like spending time making character sheets, it gives me something to do). Mid levels probably, with the paladin-like character (Paladin, Crusader, Soulborn or Warblade would be the best ones) being around 8-10th level and the half-fiend being 2 or 3 levels lower (but the half-fiend template bumps them up to being a bit stronger). Combat must be described in a dynamic fashion, and should also be made a little sexy, with clothes being damaged, lots of close-up grappling, with fingernails/claws running over each other, a lot of kicks if short skirts/tunics are involved, characters getting turned on as they fight, accidentally striking (with the flat of the blade, or unarmed open palm attacks) erogenous zones... you get the idea.

Naughtiness: Erotic fighting, a little bondage, not-completely-consensual sex (the paladin letting the half fiend ravage her to let out its lust and wrath, not out of a desire for it... to start with), a bit of pain - spanking/whipping kind of stuff, nothing severe.

Duration: Probably not that long a game, just a few scenarios/events, and then all is wrapped up and archived, a happy completed story.