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Started by Opheliac, January 19, 2011, 07:35:43 PM

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Ive noticed recently that the New Topic and Post Reply buttons are missing for me... If I mouse over where they should be, I can see a ghost image of the button, and if I click the ghost image, it works just like its supposed to.

More annoying than this tho, is the user control link bar at the top, (IE: Help, Search, Profile, My Messages, etc...) The links for these are just plain black text, and if I mouse over, the popdown menus appear empty with black text links... But the links are hard to click because they cover over the topic links (IE: Elliquiy Role Playing Forums >> Important Stuff >> HELP!)

This occurs regardless of what computer Im logged in on... So is this issue a problem with my account? Or what? x.x


I used to have that happen a lot to me when I used Chrome. It has not happened in Firefox, though.

What used to fix it was clearing cookies and restarting the tab, but I don't know if it'll help you.



Shift + reload/refresh? That should only be happening if it fails to load an image or css file.