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May 23, 2018, 11:41:21 PM

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Author Topic: Writing Class: Halloween Story  (Read 592 times)

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Writing Class: Halloween Story
« on: January 19, 2011, 01:45:54 PM »
I decided the other two would probably be ok, so I'll go ahead and submit them.
This one was a bit of fun, albiet also a bit challenign. We needed to write up a scary story we could share with the class on Halloween. Scary isnt really my forte, so it was deffinately hard.
PLease let me know what you think.

                      One More Scream in the Night
  Darkness. Pure, utter darkness. Not even the light of the stars could pierce the cloud roof blanketing the land. All Hollows Eve was proving to be a gloomy and all around spooky night. The darkness was home to many monsters and ghouls, all of which were horrible and foul. One monster in particular stood out this night, roaming the forbidding darkness of All Hollows Eve.
  Belayna simply hated the dark. She found her heart always beat rapidly, and the cold tendrils of fear crept along her mind. Belayna nervously ran her hands through her light brown hair, taking small comfort from the silky feel of it. Not only was the night dark, it was also cold. Despite the small leather jacket she was wearing, Belayna was freezing. Her toned legs and exposed naval were covered in goose bumps, her short skirt and tank top giving little relief from the cold.
  Belayna was coming from a Halloween party she had attended with her friends. Both of her friends had convinced her to join them, having her be the third member of their 'tramp squad', Belayna's friends had both ditched her soon enough, living up to their squad name. Now Belayna found herself walking home alone in the freezing dark of this horrific night.
  Her chosen path was, naturally, the quickest route home. The path skirted the forest, at intervals going just inside of the tree line. In the dark the trees seemed to be alive, every small wind tickling their branches was a breath, and took special interest in watching Belayna.
  Belayna shivered, not merely from the cold, and unconsciously rubbed her arms now. She shot continuous glances to her left and right, feeling the eyes of the trees watch her every step. As she walked an eerie fog seemed to simply spring up from the ground, shrouding everything in a thick white screen, warping the trees into silent monsters stalking just along just at the edge of Belayna's vision.
  Belayna walked this way home frequently, and never had she felt so...frightened. She couldn’t explain why, she just did. She tried to calm down, telling herself that she walked this way all the time, and that those monsters stalking along around her were merely tricks of the fog. Just as she was calming down to some degree, she began to hear a strange noise. The noise sounded like some kind of ripping and crunching...she couldn’t place what could be making it. Just ahead she saw what appeared to be some kind of boulder. The fog obstructed her view, allowing nothing but a shadowy silhouette of the boulder. The sound was coming from there. Immediately she figured one of the guys had decided to pull a prank on her, and was hiding just behind the boulder.
  As Belayna took a step forward the shadow moved. She stopped in her tracks, staring wide eyed as the shadow expanded, growing to nearly nine feet tall. The tendrils of fear quickly metamorphed into a solid and icy grip, squeezing her hard, as the shadow turned, facing her. As the shadow faced her the fog seemed to lose all its affect around the creature, allowing Belayna to see it clearly. The beast had long and skinny, though well muscled, arms that extended to its knees. The hands had long skinny fingers, five of them, that ended in long and wicked looking claws six inches long. The legs were possibly longer than the arms, with the creature seeming to be crouching as its legs were folded at the knees. The feet had three toes and ended in razor sharp claws, one extending out from the heel, three more from the toes, all looking to be four inches long. The torso was somewhat short, not being as long as either its arms nor its legs. The beast's skin looked to be made of hardened and rough leather. The creatures face was somewhat a grotesque parody of a human face. It was bulky looking, and seemed stretched out. The creature's nose was beak-like and pointed, and its ears had a sharp point to them as well. No hair clothes its head, nor anywhere else on its body. The eyes were horrible. They glowed red with malice, hatred, and a hunger for her flesh. The beast stood a moment, hunched over, and allowed a wide grin to split its face. Belayna let out a gasp of horror, seeing rows among rows of barbed teeth, all stained red and some with chunks of gore on them. In that moment she took notice of the blood dripping off the monster's claws, and realized that sound she had heard was this thing eating something...or someone.
  The fear gripping her paralyzed Belayna, making her unable to react. A sense of panic finally won over the fear as the creature took a step toward her, allowing Belayna to turn and sprint off as fast as she could. No matter how fast Belayna pushed herself she could hear, and feel, the beast gaining on her. The monster drew closer and closer with every moment. Tears of panic and fear streamed down Belayna's face as she felt the creature just behind her. She could feel it's claws reach out, trying to grab her. Just as she knew they were on her, Belayna's foot snagged on a root and sent her sprawling to the ground. She lay dazed for a moment before letting out a sob, knowing she was dead now. Shakily, Belayna turned and looked back at the beast, ready to see its claws coming to rend her flesh from her bones. But the beast was gone.
  Sobs of relief racked her body for a few minutes before she dragged herself up. She took once last glance around before deciding to run back to the party house. She turned around and went wide eyed....
  Belayna's screams echoed through the night, mingling with all the other screams of those out enjoying Halloween. Her corpse was never found, and the authorities marked her as just another runaway, all because her scream was simply...One More Scream in the Night.