Suddenly craving Trans... (F/FtM , M/FtM)

Started by Simply Heart, January 19, 2011, 02:13:41 AM

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Simply Heart

Okay, so I have always been very attracted to Female to Male transgenders, but I don't think I have ever come across a trans story line here on E! Which I find surprising since I've seen a little bit of everything on here. I don't currently have any developed story lines in mind, just some vague ideas just at this moment. So if you have anything to add to my ideas or unique story lines of your own, just let me know. I'm a pretty flexible RP partner, so don't feel shy to make suggestions.

Now as far as my writing style, I can go anywhere from 5-10 paragraphs for an intro post, though I tend to average 3-4 paragraphs per post after. I would like for my partner to be capable of the same, though I am more likely to stress on the quality of a post rather than the quantity. As long as there is decent use of grammar and proper spelling, I won't be horribly picky about post length.


College Roommates (F/FtM) - Basic idea, a girl is entering into her freshman year of college and is shocked to discover that she was mistakenly roomed with a boy. Little does she know the reason for this little mishap is that her new roommate is a born female. It takes her a little while to warm up to the idea of living with a boy, however gets past it and even starts to like her situation. Especially when she finds that she has a growing attraction to him...

Pretty much what I see happening, things start to get romantic between them. Until of course she discovers his secret, and this causes a lot of drama. However I see her discovering that her attraction for him goes past his natural gender and things starting to work out. There is a possibility of dragging the story out past this point, including what happens if others find out, family reactions, etc. This is obviously a very RAW outline. I am willing to play either character.

Ex-Girlfriend (M/FtM) - This story is based around a couple that has been together for a substantial period of time, perhaps even an engaged couple. The boyfriend starts to notice that his girlfriend seems to gradually be growing more and more unhappy, and one day she confides in him the reason... that she feels that she identifies as a male. She is still very much in love with her boyfriend, and still is attracted to men, but feels in order to be true to oneself she must transition and become "he".

The majority of this story I see being based around the transition period, the change this causes in their relationship, and the hardships and struggles the couple goes through. Once again, a very raw idea, and I am open to ideas and suggestions. Also I am willing to play either character in this story as well.

Okay, so as of right now these are the only semi-developed ideas for the time being, but I will be sure to add more when they come to me. If you have anything to add or a completely new idea that you think I might be interested in, just shoot me a message or post it here.


I'd be willing to explore either idea with you, but you'd have to be rather patient with me, as im not at all experienced in the area of writing about transgenders. Of course, this would work out well if I played the opposite role in either game. Let me know if you're interested.