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Started by Edynol, January 18, 2011, 03:46:50 PM

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Welcome ladies and gents to my freaky RP search!  If you're not into freaky and bizarre roleplay, then I warn you to turn back now.

I will start off by listing the type of setting I prefer, but these are in now way the only things I'll do.  I am always open to new ideas.

Medieval Fantasy/Realism
Modern Fantasy
Sci-fi Fantasy
Post Apocalyptic
I will also be adding plots to the 2nd post and characters to the 3rd post here so be sure to check back once in a while. :)

My main kinks
This is just a small list of my favorites.  For more about my preferences, please visit my Ons and Offs page. Don't be shy to ask me about anything not listed.  The worst I'll do is say no.
Cum Inflation
Living Insertions
Size Difference(Preferable the woman being much larger than I but am wiling to try the other way.)

What I will not do
The following are things I won't do no matter what.

Age Play - 18+ only.  I might go as low as 16 or 17 if the character is convicing.
Incest - I ain't THAT type of redneck.
Homosexuality - I might be willing to do a MMF if the setting is good.
Scat - No poop.  It belongs in the toilet.
Bestiality - This goes for furries as well.  I was raised on a farm but not in a barn.

I like to use OCs but I am willing to play canon characters if you have an RP in mind.  Please be literate and able to post 2-5 lines from time to time.  Now I don't mind one-liners, so long as the whole rp doesn't consist of them.  And a few typos or misspelled words are cool, no one is perfect, but at least make an effort.  Use Google or something if you're unsure of how to spell something, I do it all the time.  lol.

Well that's it.  Feel free to post here or PM me.


Here are some plot ideas I've come up with.

Medieval Fantasy

The Seeker Chronicles

This is Next Generation/alternate reality RP based on the Sword of Truth series.

After their defeat of the Emperial Order, Richard and Kahlan were finally able to settle down and start a family. And as Shota feared, the bore a son who was not only a gifted Confessor, but also had both sides of the gift. They named him Edynol. After repeated attempts by Shota to kill their son, Richard and Kahlan finally decided to take action against the witch woman. Seeing her possible demise in a vision, Shota vanished, abandoning her home in Agaden Reach.

As the years passed, they saw no signs of Shota despite years of searching. They finally decided that she had given up and exiled herself from the Midlands. The world was now at peace, the D'Haran empire stronger than ever as Richard and Kahlan worked ceaselessy to to bring prosperity to the lands and cleanse a long standing stain of blood from the reputation D'Hara and the Rahl bloodline. And with the Help of Zed and Nathan, Richard was able to rediscover the magic for making Confessors, making a few new bloodlines of Confessors to help keep the nations at peace.

Edynol Rahl, the hier to D'hara, is now all grown up, and has taken his father's place in traveling the world, safeguarding the free lands from lingering threats. Wielding the Sword of Truth, after Richard advocated his role as Seeker to give his full attention to Kahlan and D'Hara and Zed choosing him, Edynol now travels the lands of both the New and Old Worlds. But little does he know that Shota, still determined to see him dead for what he is and driven mad from her own visions of her demise and misguided notions she was saving the world from terror, still lingers in the shadows, waiting for her opportunity to strike.

Human+demon modern sci-fi fantasy

In the plot, the humans are the bad guys except for a small underground resistance of humans and demon.

The US government has developed a technology able to open gateways to other worlds/dimensions. Kinda like Stargate but only to one world. Well they made contact with a world of peaceful demons who's technology is a more advanced but don't have much in the way of weapons. They are a kind, scientific, magical race who never had war. Well the project to to build relations between Earth and the demon world, named Juros, went fine at first. We traded with the demons and lived together with them on both planets. We traded knowledge and technology with them, them having advanced medicine and technology able to cure stuff like cancer and aids, etc while we had plants able to cure ailments on their world. Both worlds suited each other greatly.

But things started to go wrong when the US and other human governments tried to force our laws on the demons in their world. It started with not allowing people with insurance to get treated for cancer and such and catering to the rich and powerful first. The Juroins, the demons, didn't agree with this because they believed everyone should have equal opportunity to be treated. This lead to disputes that only got worse.

Eventually, the human governments decided to invade the Juros, which wasn't too difficult sense the demons didn't know much in the way of war and didn't have much in the way of weapons. So now with war going on between the worlds, the few humans who were against what the human governments were doing to the Juroins, formed an underground resistance with the demons on earth to fight back and free Juros from human tyranny.

Modern sci-fi/fantasy/realism

It takes place in the not too distant future, say 2050 or so.  The human species in on the verge of a major turning point in our evolution.  My character was the first of a new type of human, who is able to read the thoughts of others and and interpret radio waves.  He also ages at a super slow rate.  After finally being discovered, he was kept at a government facility for several years.  But then he escaped and has sense discovered that others like him have been born.  More and more of these advanced humans are being born as the human species as we know it is evolving into a higher state of conciousness.

So now, my character has been gathering those like him and is building a secret organization.  And though their numbers are growing slowly, they are preparing to public and thwart the government, who is trying suppress the human revolution by capturing these evolved people and confining them to government facilities and labs.

Futuristic sci-fi/realism

The year is 2910.  Earth surrounded by a sphere of tehcnology(think Star Wars Deathstar), and there are now colonies on the moon and mars.  Earth is nothing more than a playground for organized crime and is ruled by an organization known simply as 'The Government'.  Earth and Mars are at war, the humans on Mars, now called Martians, are trying to destroy The Government and return Earth to peaceful planet it used to be.  The Martians have superior weapons, but the Technosphere, which now surrounds Earth, provides superior defenses.

Edynol Crezlyn, a former Government agent and one of the best technologists in history, is working from the inside, trying to find a way to bring sabotage the Technosphere and bring an end to The Government to help the Martians retake their home planet.  But he can't do it alone and is searching for others on Earth that would help him in his cause.

I will add more plots as I think of them.


Here is where I will post characters I use.

Name: Edynol Rahl
Occupation: Seeker/Wizard/Confessor/Heir to D'Hara(And a whole bunch of other stuff. lol.)
Age: 22
Height: 6'3"
Hair: Dark Brown, falling about half way down his face.
Eyes: Grey
Description: Almost a splitting image of his father, Richard Rahl, but slightly smaller in build and a slightly smaller nose. He has a pleasant personality and a sunny disposition, but is intolerant of fools and those who seek to harm people for no good reason. He enjoys being around people, but often seeks solitude when a problem arises he needs to figure out. He is quick to anger, but almost always keeps a clear head and doesn't act until he deems it neccessary. He prefers people to call him by his name, but has long since accepted the title of 'Prince Rahl', his title under his father's 'Lord Rahl'.

He often wears commoner clothes, but has threads he wears for formal events. He very rarely makes his identity known, keeping his sword sheathed and head down while in other cities or villages. He usually goes by different aliases, except for places where he his known, and despite a noble air, he doesn't look down on anyone and is willing to offer a hand if someone needs help, no matter what the task is.

From the few years he spent amongst the Mud People, and Richard's experience as a woods guide, Edynol is adept in living off the land and tracking. If he has a choice between sleeping in the woods or staying at an inn, he usually chooses the woods, if the weather allows it. He also very mild mannered, most of the time, and rarely orders anyone to do anything unless the situation demands it. He is very much like his father, if not a bit head strong at times, but knows his limits and that he still has alot to learn.

Name: Jexus
Species: Demon
Age: 120
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Hieght: 10'5"
Size: Muscular, wieghs about 320 pound.
Bio: I use this guy in different roles so there is more than one bio for this one.

Name: Chris Williams. 
Age: 81 years old but looks 20.
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel
Hieght: 5'11" 
Size: He wieghs about 165 and  has an ethletic build. 

Bio: He is the leader(Not so much of a leader than founder and organizer) of the small group of advanced humans he calls 'The Whisps', from their ability to whisper into each other's minds.

He is skilled at hacking, organization, and keeping hidden when he doen't want to be found.  His main goal in life is to make a better world for himself and those like him by intergating them into society and teaching the human species to accept them as they pathe the way for this turning point in human evolution.

Chris' story -

I hadn't committed any crimes.  I am a turning point in human evolution which the goverment was trying to keep hidden so the fat, rich, powerhungry poloticians could keep control.  See, not only do my cells degrade at a much slower rate, over 200%, which allows me to live much longer and look much younger than I really am, but I am able to use parts of my brain others cannot.  So, not only am I an 80 year old that looks in his early 20's, but I have much higher brain functions than anyone else.  Now I can't do stuff like telekenisis, moving things with my mind and such, but I can comprehend radio waves and read the minds of certain people.

It started when I was five.  I had a hard time learning because I couldn't listen to my teachers through the constant background noise I was always hearing from radio waves and other people's thoughts.  Once I learned to read, everything I needed to learn was written down on paper.  So I was held back in the 1st and 2nd grades because of this, but once I was able to read, I progressed normally.  But as I got older, my intellect increased.  I was finally able to filter out all the different sound frequencies and focus on one thing.  Once I was able to this, I started learning alot easier.  I ended up graduating high school when I was only 15.

The reason I can hear some people's thoughts is because, though they don't know, some people are more advanced than others, if only in a very small way.  This change in our evolution is present in alot of us, I am just the most advanced, so far.  The people I can read can't read my thoughts, because they are not as advanced, so aside from that one small difference which only I can percieve, they are just normal people.  Though their children could very well end up like me.  I call these people cusps.  They are right on that turning point in our evolution but show no irregular signs.  Though they do tend to look a good deal younger than their age, but not to the point where people really notice.  So if you know someone who is 30 but looks twenty, they could very well be one of these cusps.  I am just beyond that cusp.  I'm just beyond that turning point where I can percieve radio waves and advanced thought patterns.  And even though I still looked like a child when I was twenty, everyone, including dictors, figured I just had a new form of congenital growth hormone disease.

What got me noticed by the government was when I picked up on a radio transmission of terrorists while on a fishing trip with my friend on his sea fishing boat.  The US government found them and ended the threat thanks to my information, but wanted to know how I picked up such an incrypted transmission when they couldn't.  After days of interrogation, and after they found out I was much older than I appeared, I was 64 yet barely looked 18, I finally told them how.  That's when the testing began.  For the next ten years I was contained at a goverment facility and they wouldn't let me leave.  But after learning my sister died and they didn't let me attend her funeral, I got fed up and used my superior intellect to escape.  And since I can hear any transmission they use to communicate with, I am always ten steps ahead of them.

Since my escape, I have discovered a few others like me.  We have started an organization for people like us in which I am the founder.  Most of the people with me look not much more than children, but their ages varie from 18-50.  We find others like through telepathy, so the government has no way to track us.  Only those like us can percieve our thoughts and comminicate with us, so there are no mistakes made like picking up normal children.  Right now we're only 74 strong and slowly growing.  But the time is soon upon us when we will rise up from hiding and reveal to the world that evolution is upon us.  Our world is on the vurge of a major turning point in human evolution, and soon everyone will know about it and how the government tried to cover it up.

This is why I am wanted.  We are not aliens.  We are not genetically engineered.  We are not mutants.  We are only human.

Name: Edynol Crezlyn
Age: 27
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Hieght: 6'2"
Occupation: Technologist/inventor/spy
Bio:  Edynol is a brilliant, but somewhat eccentric technologist/inventor.  He spent most of his life working for the Government, but never agreed with what they did.  He used them to learn and sharpen his skills while at the same time learning how they opperated.  But now he is on his own and is a thorn in the Government's side as he is slowly causing chaos within their ranks.  The Government has been trying to catch him for years, but they seem to be having alot of difficult since they don't know his identity and simply refer to him as 'The Doctor', for how he places surgical strikes on their systems and operations.

Edynol is a friendly guy, but always enjoys a good prank and causing mischief.  And though he has a briliant mind, he is like a big kid and a bit 'off' when it comes to his personality and the way he lives.  At first impression, he seems a tad goofy and socially backwards, but only fools underestimate him and how deadly he really is when he puts skills to works.  There is nothing he enjoys more than making the Government shake in their boots and pull their hair out in frustration as he works to destroy them from the inside and bring down their evil operation for good.


Added the following plot and character.
Plot: The Seeker Chronicles
Character: Jexus