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Author Topic: Trading Post [A plethora of game ideas, Fantasy, Superhero, Pokegirls, MUL]  (Read 538 times)

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Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

Hello, everyone. Jumping back into things after a long time away, so hello to everyone new I have yet to meet, and hello again to those I've met before.

Right now I'm mainly looking for one-on-ones. I'm open to both DMing/GMing/Storytelling and being the player.

As listed in my O&Os, I am primarily interested in Superhero or Fantasy-type RPs, with less interest in Modern or non-supernatural RPs at the moment. I am open to both freeform and system, and am willing to play with both male and female writers. I am familiar with D&D 3.0, D&D 3.5, D&D 4.0, Exalted, Scion, Pathfinder, and Mutants & Masterminds. I am familiar with both the Guide of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge and the Book of Erotic Fantasy, for those interested in 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder games. The setting I am most familiar with is Forgotten Realms, however, I can run homebrew as well, if that is preferred.

My primary interest is in mxf or fxf. I can write mxm, but it doesn't do much for me, so I would prefer it not be done often, if at all, in games I run (alternatively, fade-to-black). I am comfortable playing both male and female characters as part of an ensemble, and male or female characters as protagonists.

While canon characters can and will show up (especially in Superhero games), I would greatly prefer that protagonists be either AU versions of canon characters or original characters. I will take into account any requests for specific canon characters for being involved in the plotline by players.

The ideas below are in addition to standard, and I am open to suggestions.

Game Ideas (Solo Games I would GM for):

-Anathema Ascendant (Exalted): All of the Solar Exaltations in the Jade Prison were captured and converted into either Abyssals or Infernals. The few Solar Exaltations that remain are rapidly being turned into Akuma, Deathknights, or being hunted down by the Wyld. Creation is closer to the brink of apocalypse than ever, whether it be at the hands of the Green Sun Princes of the Deathknights. Will you be a champion of the Yozi or the Neverborn? Will you be a renegade, seeking redemption in this darkest Age of Sorrows? Will you be a Vizier or a Steward or a Terrestrial, desperately trying to save Creation from those who were once its masters? The choice is yours. The fate of Creation rests on that choice.

-Earth Prime (Superhero): Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a world: Earth-Prime. Every Earth in every parallel world is a variation, an echo of this one, the original, a cosmic cornerstone. If it is destroyed, all reality will fall. The insane among those who know, those who hate and loathe the multiverse as it is, seek to destroy it. Yet others seek to control it, and, perhaps, by doing so, control reality.

But throughout time, Earth-Prime has never fallen, despite being besieged by the greatest threats in all the multiverse. Throughout the ages, heroes have always risen to defend it from the forces of evil. In antiquity, demigods walked the Earth, champions among men. In later ages, wise mages and honorable swordsmen took up the defense of the world from the forces of darkness. And now, as in each age before it, unwittingly chosen by the Earth as its hope and its defenders, heroes arise, masked heroes possessed of extraordinary abilities. Some are mere mortals, forged into paragons by the crucible of tragedy. Some are aliens, not even of this world but drawn here by fate and chance, and yet have become its mightiest protectors. Some are born into their power, blessed and cursed with powers and responsibilities they never asked for, but which have been chosen for them. Few, even among the most brilliant of their ranks, know they have been chosen as the first, last, and only defense, and that should they fail, not only should their world fall, but their universe, and the multiverse with it. It is better that way, unburdened by knowledge of the greatest-- and heaviest-- responsibility of all.

You will be a superhero of Earth Prime-- though whether you may not yet be aware of the world's secret.

-Empowered: This isn't so much a setting description as a request to play with someone playing as the eponymous heroine of the comic by Adam Warren.

-Exiles (Superhero): You are a hero. Perhaps an alien orphan, taken in by good people and raised to be a champion. Perhaps a super-soldier, fighting in the name of your country. Perhaps a masked vigilante, striking out against injustice from the shadows. Whatever the case may be, you find yourself swept away from your universe, and told that not only your world, but the very multiverse itself is in jeopardy of collapsing. And because of that, perhaps you are to die. Perhaps you might never be born. Perhaps you might even become the greatest villain your world has ever known. Only by venturing to universes and righting the wrong alongside others like you do you have any hope of things being set right again in your own world-- any hope of returning to the life you once knew. Five other heroes from other worlds stand beside you. You are the Exiles.

-Ravnica: City of Guilds (Freeform Fantasy): Welcome to the high-fantasy world of Ravnica, ruled by ten powerful, competing guilds and their conflicting agendas. Will you join the righteous angels of law of the Boros Legion? The necromancers of the Golgari Swarm or the biomancers of the Simic Combine? Or will you be as living shadow, unseen and deadly, as a member of House Dimir? Will you claim the power of your Guild for your own... or will you walk a different path, and defy the guilds, seeking to end their tyranny over Ravnica? The world is yours to rule, or change.

In addition to, of course, the standards and any suggestions for D&D, Superhero, Pokegirls, or Exalted.

Character Ideas
Eclipse Caste Redeemer (Exalted, male or female): A young Eclipse Caste with strong bonds to his or her Circlemates of his or her past incarnation is horrified to discover that two are now Green Sun Princes, and the other two are Deathknights. He or she sets out to gather them, and find some way to redeem them, and work towards the salvation of Creation. In the process, he or she scours the Directions of Creation, the Underworld, and Malfeas, not only for his or her Circlemates, but for their Lunar Mates and his or her own Lunar mates, hoping the Stewards of Creation and their bond with his fallen Circlemates may aid him in his or her task.

Perhaps the Deathknights have different Deathlords as their Lieges. Perhaps a Deathknight, or a Green Sun Prince, or even one of each is already a renegade instead of a loyalist, but in hiding from their former masters, they are inadvertently concealing themselves from their former Circlemate.

Lotus Eye, Terrestrial Exalt (Exalted, male or female): "There are only a hundred Sidereals. The jobs pile up. Mediating between men and gods, Creation and Heaven. So much to do. Mostly they pull strings to get others to do the work. But, sometimes, you need someone in the know. That's my job. When the task's too dangerous to risk a Sidereal, me and my colleagues get the work."

Splintered Gale Shintai (Exalted, male or female): A simulacrum created by one of the Yozis' using Splintered Gale Shintai is Exalted by chance and becomes free.

Also open to playing as an adventurer in a D&D campaign, a Tamer in a Pokegirls solo game, and as a hero in a superhero game.
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Offline indarkestknightTopic starter

Updated with multiple character concepts and a few new game ideas.