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Author Topic: Some Rp's for Dexter  (Read 485 times)

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Some Rp's for Dexter
« on: January 17, 2011, 11:36:19 am »
Here's a small list of Rps I've been wanting to do. I'm limited in time, so I'll only start one or two of them now. I'll also only be able to post at most once a day and most likely less. I'm a casual writer and only do two or three paragraphs at a time, but I try to make them as descriptive as possible. If these things don't bother you and you have an interest in any of these, send me a message and I'll get us started. Also, if you have any alterations or ideas of your own, feel free to contact me as well and I can probably satisfy your need.

One Shots
These are just quickies and smut to help release some sexual tensions. They'll be the easiest for me to do and I won't spend a whole lot of time setting up the scene for these, just enough to get the ball rolling.

The Werewolf finds a mate (MxF, extreme)
For this one I'll be playing a werewolf who finds your woman deep in the forest, perhaps under a waterfall in a pool bathing or lost away from the trail. The scent of her womanliness drives him wild, bringing him to hunt her then ravage her. When he takes her, he'll be in half-wolf form and is going to have a knotted cock. This one will likely involve some scratches and bites as well.

The Librarian (MxF, FxF, light to light bondage)
For this one you will be playing the librarian, a woman who has to sit around bored all day, checking out books and returning them.  My character is  a timid little nerd who is unaware of how attractive he/she is and  spends all his/her time lost in a fantasy. Your character notices mine often giving her looks then shyly looking away and decides she can relieve some boredom by seducing the young man/woman. My character will be shy and inexperienced, needing yours to coax and teach him/her how to please her. This story could continue past a one shot, with my character  becoming a sex toy/slave of yours.
Variant: This could be between a teacher and student as well, taking place in the classroom instead of library. Also, one way for your character to get interested might be coming behind mine and looking at what he/she is reading, only to find that there's a dirty magazine hidden in the book.

Long Term Rps
These are a few games I've been wanting to do. These ones will involve more time and multiple scenes to build up an atmosphere. I'll most likely only do one of these at a time.

The Twins (MxF, light, incest)
I've started reading Game of Thrones lately and the scene of Jaime with his sister Cersie has set me into a mood for a game with twins, though this one in a more modern setting.  Our two characters will be twins who share a strong bond due to their relation. One day, my character comes home devastated, having been rejected by one of the girls from his school. His grief brings feelings of pity and caring for him from your character and she decides to try to help him through the pain. This could start slow, perhaps just a sisterly kiss that morphs into something more passionate or she could just feel so terrible for him that she goes straight into a more than sisterly relationship. Either way, they find themselves becoming young, passionate lovers who sneak in sexual escapades all the while trying to keep mom and dad from finding out.
Variant: While I'm more interested in this one as is, I'd also be willing to do this as two sisters. Sisterly love is always sweet.  O:)

Obey your Master (MxF, NC, light bondage, and/or extreme)
Once you were a woman of another kingdom, either high born or low, but your warriors could not stop mine from over throwing them and sacking your village/city. You were snatched up and taken, one of many women who are to become slaves for my character's people. My character, the Lord of this particular village always gets first choice of the slave, and after looking you over, you are selected. He brings you back to his castle and takes you to his bed as his sex slave, forcing you to please him. He expects your obedience, and if you show it he will allow you more freedoms, letting you have a run of the castle and even buying you beautiful dresses to show you off to other lords with. If you don't, he extracts teasing punishments, heating her up and leaving her in need until she complys.
Varients: 1)He is actually a much more cruel master, treating her as less than human, forcing her to be nude, caging her, and even sharing her with other lords. If she's particularly bad, he may even send her to the kettles where his hounds have been trained to break in slave women. 2) The lord was married for political reasons and his wife is not pleased with how much attention he gives to this new pet of his. This leads her to become sexually abusive of your character, having her own crueler way with her. 3) Same as 2, but this time the wife enjoys your characters company and both the lord and lady engage her services, both singularly and together.

Multiple Partners
I know this isn't the most appropriate place for these stories, but I really don't want to have to make and browse through multiple postings when I can put all of these in one place. If your interested in doing one of these, please leave a not here for others to see and if there's enough we can do it.

Her Master's new slave is her own daughter! (MFF, NC, light bondage, and/or extreme)
For this one the mother has already been dating a  man who knows of her kink for Master/Slave play. Though they've been careful to hide if from her teenage daughter, one day stumbles upon them in play. She becomes aroused and might immediately come in and demand to be a part of it, or try and hide, watching from the shadows while she masturbates to their fucking. Either way she eventually gets drawn in, her mother forced to watch as her daughter becomes his new slave and soon they are both serving him, even being told to pleasure each other for him. I'm willing to play any of these three characters.
Variant: The man could be the daughters actual father instead of another man her mother has been dating. Also, it could go the other way, with the man dating the daughter and her mother finding them together.

That is all for now. It should be enough to get started and I'll add more as new ideas come to mind. Hope to hear from you.  :-)
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