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Author Topic: Seeking Female for Kidnapping, Breeding, and/or Punishment  (Read 1021 times)

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Offline Sandman02Topic starter

Seeking Female for Kidnapping, Breeding, and/or Punishment
« on: January 16, 2011, 05:27:29 PM »
  If you read my ons/off thread then you will find that these themes are in line with my usual role play tastes. Of course, if there is a scenario in my ons/off page that you would prefer, then I would be happy to engage in those as well :) I am posting this thread for a roleplay to be done by a thread or PM. The duration of the role play is very much up for debate - you can let me know your preferences - long and short roleplays, I've done em' both. Although I do like it when the roleplay ends at some sort of proper ending.

  ... the scenarios I am craving are below:


School In Reform

  Alot of things get looked over when things keep going from bad to worse. The economic downturn of the Western nations didn't really end the way that the press kept claiming it would, for the truth was that the global economy was now simply favoring the other developing parts of the world. The truth is that the quality of life that Americans had come to expect simply never will be anymore.

  That had profound repercussions on the school at 178 Connor Street. It was a reformatory for troubled adolescents, the idea being to take kids who had troubled backgrounds and mental conditions and reform them into being productive adults. It was wildly successful back in the day, and the faculty was proud of its work. The school still remains to this day a school of reform on paper, but in reality it has become an empty husk of its former self when the financial assistance from government programs and charitable foundations ran dry.

  As the pervasive torrent of the New Depression kept rolling on, nobody paid attention when the funding was cut and all of the qualified faculty of the school had left in search of better opportunities. Not one reporter would care to notice when the building eventually came to not have one *single* qualified teacher in it despite the classification of the organization as a school. Frankly, nobody gave a shit when the school stopped accepting boys, and eventually came to only accept girls that were 16 or older. Even though this was country to the school's "reform them young" spirit, the new mandate was accepted because orphanages were just happy to be able to dump their older kids off the facility, since nobody would adopt them by that age anyways.

  In fact, if you asked the town of Milton what that building was even used for any more, most wouldn't be able to tell you anything. They only know the building by merit of the school crossing sign that everyone ignores anyways. Only a few people would be able to tell you with certainty that the school is still being run, and that 16+ girls do occasionally get taken in to that building, though beyond that the school of reform is a total unknown. It's not even known who owns and funds the program - just that the school's old Headmaster still works there, although he doesn't speak of his work.

  Enter character you, going to the facility. This can be either from being driven by your father (his motives can be decided by you - whether he actually thinks the school is still a legitimate school or not) or by bus from one of the state's orphanages. Your background and reasons for being admitted into the school are yours to decide. Regardless, what you will find when you get there will be anything but pleasant - the halls are somber and soberly quiet, even during "school hours" as you shuffle your way to the Headmaster's office. The guard that escorts mumbles to you to take a seat in front of the Headmaster's office, to wait until the Headmaster is done with his other meeting. He then mumbles that he's watching you, and momentarily walks away after leaving you with a cold, uncaring stare. After waiting a few minutes, you hear a faint moan coming in from the room, and so you look in from the window. To your horror, you see a petite blond girl of your age (again 16 or older!) whose flushed face is being force fed the Headmaster's cock as he pumps her head up and down at a merciless pace... Feelings of disgust, horror, and fear come surging through your head - you're left not knowing what to do as you continue to swim through those feelings. Feelings that will stay with you for years to come.

  Welcome to the Caritas School for Reform, a school whose business model of genuinely helping its students has rapidly waned with the times. All of the faculty and staff that actually cared about the school's mission have long since left - remains is an equally dedicated staff, dedicated despite the fact that they're hardly paid anything because the steep cut in pay was made up for the only other thing the school has to offer - sex.

  Let me know if you are interested in this roleplay. As you can see, this story is quite open-ended, and I'm genuinely interested in knowing how you want things to progress. I would imagine that the story would involve the Headmaster, other students, the guards, and any "faculty" that may still exist, but beyond that let me know how you want to play this. Just no romance - at least not for a looong time (and if there is, it will likely start from Stockholme Syndrome. Looking forward to your ideas.


Rachel On Her Own (added to thread at 1/30/11)

  Rachel Stevenson grew up never knowing who her father was until her mother finally started spilling her guts after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. She said that her father was actually none other than Prime Minister Daniel Winthrop, a politician who has managed to hold his office based on his platform of fiscal policies and conservative ideals. Rachel was only finding this out now because Daniel was married at the time of her conception (and still is), and hence Rachel still amounts to what can politely be called a political liability for him. To this point, Rachel and her mom (who recently lost her job) was able to get by on the money that Daniel was funneling over towards them as "hush money," but, after a terse and rigid phone call, Rachel's mother convinced Daniel to make the trip down to talk about what will happen to Rachel once she is gone. Her mother was never able to have that conversation with him, however, because she was dead before Daniel arrived.

  Rachel immediately hated Daniel when he arrived. He didn't express any emotion whatsoever over her mother's death, and Daniel spoke to his lawyers over the phone more than he talked to anyone else. He didn't treat her like a daughter at all - rather, he only made cursory comments that he would find some way to "take care" of her. She did, however, really like Elsa - Daniel's "real" daughter. The two became fast friends, and had kept in touch until Elsa insisted that Rachel go vacationing with them in the Caribbean. Daniel was loathe to consider it, but Elsa persisted until he relented. The trip had gone well until the pair were kidnapped during a hiking trip, after which they were lead to a private yacht at the behest of the cold SMG barrels pressed firmly at the back of their heads. The girls were marched past the corpse of the yacht's original owner and stowed away in one of the cabins as one of the men made the ransom call.

  Elsa was sobbing gently but inconsolably while Rachel did her best to comfort her, gently stroking her hair as she did her best to summon whatever survival instincts she must possess. Rachel, who is 17, is only one year Elsa's senior, but suddenly Rachel found inside her a distinct resolve to be strong for the two of them as Elsa's fragile personality is brought to bear. The two were quite in opposites and that seemed to reflect in their appearance as well, Elsa being fair skinned and blond and petite while Rachel boasted an athletic, tanned body with straight, strong strands of brunette hair. The two were so unlike, but already Rachel had come to think of Elsa as a sister, and when the men came barging into the room again, guns point, Rachel instinctively puts herself between Elsa and the assailants...


  Where to begin on this one? As usual, I'd like to know how you imagine things going from here. The plot can include what the kidnappers do to the girls before the ransom takes placed (and what Rachel is willing to do to protect Elsa). For me, the real fun begins when the ransom does take place, because I don't think Rachel would be part of the ransom. When she is no longer an immediate commodity to the kidnappers, I'm thinking the kidnappers will make her into their own personal slut :) And perhaps give her to human traffickers. I would also imagine that Rachel would have more than one time where she thinks that she will be ransomed/rescued, which only results in renewed despair. My ideas for the story get a little more detailed and twisted than that, but that can come later. PM or post here if you're interested :)
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Offline Niki315

Re: Seeking Female for Kidnapping, Breeding, and/or Punishment
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2011, 05:36:59 PM »
Hmm.. I'm interested.  I was debating whether or not I wanted to take on another rp, but I figure this one could be pretty fun.  I guess I'll look up a character picture and start building a character.  You seem to have a pretty good concept of what the setting is like.  I may ask a bunch of questions about it later to get into character ^_^

Offline playfullchick76

Re: Seeking Female for Kidnapping, Breeding, and/or Punishment
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2011, 08:11:08 AM »
Your Rachael on her own idea intreagues me a lot. How dark do you want this to be. I dont play ones that are too dark and depressing. I like the idea of rachael being kept as their personal slut, but, the question remains, how dark will it be.

Offline Sandman02Topic starter

Re: Seeking Female for Kidnapping, Breeding, and/or Punishment
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2011, 08:59:36 AM »
Hey Playfullchick,

  I'll respond here rather than by PM because this response to your question applies to generally all of my roleplays, rather than just this specific one. What I tell people is that so long as the roleplay is not or does not become a dull Vanilla romance, it is something that I can write about and get into. So the degree of NC/reluctance is up to you, but yes - there has to be some reluctance by the character - at least in the beginning. I like it most when stories are about a gradual character transformation from decent girl to slut, so my roleplays are not about doom and gloom all the time as the character comes to enjoy her being used (even though she may resent/hate herself for it during and/or afterwards). Hopefully that answers your question.

 - Sand

Offline playfullchick76

Re: Seeking Female for Kidnapping, Breeding, and/or Punishment
« Reply #4 on: January 30, 2011, 09:15:08 AM »
I agree. I would be reluctant, yet, I would also want to live and do what I had to, within reason, to stay alive long enough to regain my freedom. That wouldnt happen, yet i would tell myself that I had to survive just one more day, one more day.

I do like creative and imaginative NC style roleplays, which is why that one caught my eye. I dont want it to be too violent, but not too soft either, a mixture. I like the idea of her being kept, trained to be their slut, dressed in miniskirts, high heels, themed clothes, her hair could be cut or dyed to alter her appearance.

She would hate herself, but tell herself that she was doing it, going through it to be the slut that they want her to be to survive.

I can see this starting after Elsa has been released, if thats ok, with me already having done things to spare Elsa the worst, and seeing the course that my life is taking.

hows that.