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Author Topic: YUGIOH!: Duels 2 (The most popular yugioh game on Elliquiy just got better!)  (Read 7316 times)

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if you need multiple postings a night, i'm out. I only get sundays and mondays off, the rest of the week I'm at work most of the day.

Offline Shadowfox

Ok here is the new duels 2 version of Moriko.

Name:Moriko Silva
Age: 18
Species: Neko

Reality: The world Moriko hails from technology wise is more medieval, around the earlier use of gunpowder in cannons. Humans are one of the predominant races, but they share the world with other fantasy based races such as elves. The world has magic but it is predominantly ritualized. Non-ritualized magic is very weak and minor in what it can accomplish. One of the highest forms of ritual used by magic users is a form of dueling, and the most powerful spells are cast with shadow games.

Personality: Moriko on the surface seems to act like a stereotypical anime cat girl. She is playful, hyper, bouncy, and has a tendency to end almost all of her sentences with nya. On top of this Moriko is very sexually open and has no concept of personal space or boundaries. So at first glance most people tend to think she is a dumb catgirl. However Moriko posses a high degree of intelligence and when she duels a very strategic and calculating mind set. Opponents would do well not to underestimate her capabilities. After being magically manipulated into a slave by Vandral, Moriko seeks to maintain her independence but a large part of her nature now desires a master.

Backstory: Moriko was the young queen of a nation known as Karavin. She had come to the throne at the young age of fourteen when her parents were killed in an assassination plot, leaving only her and her younger brother Aron alive out of the royal family. Despite the heavy responsibility thrust on her at such a young age Moriko persevered and kept her country together in it's time of turmoil. She proved to be a popular ruler like her parents, fair, compassionate towards her people and smart. She had a skilled tactical mind as well and was a skilled duelist and magic user. Her weak points were her youth and inexperience as well as her impatience and pride. However despite her talents she would never have been able to hold the country together if it had not been for two things. One was the elite team of royal guards and councilors who had served her parents before, and the other was her slightly younger brother Aron. Aron was a born warrior, battlefield tactician, and field leader.

The country enjoyed a few short years of peace and prosperity, but it was not to last. Touching Karavin's southern border was the smaller country of Rhingan. Rhingan was ruled with an iron fist by their merciless king Vandral. Rhingan was  not a very prosperous country being smaller than Karavin and having less fertile land and natural resources to work with. Vandral's father had desired expansion of his borders for many years, but their country was ringed on three sides by nearly impassible mountains. He greatly desired Karavin for himself, but was unwilling to start a war as Karavin contained a larger army despite his heavy military buildup. He sought to take the country through treachery and was the one responsible for the assassination of the previous king and queen. Vandral grew tired of his fathers weakness and desiring power sooner than later, murdered his own father shortly after Moriko was crowned queen. Vandral spent several years devising plans to succeed where his father had failed in taking Karvin for himself.

One day when Aron was off with a sizable chunk of Karavin's forces providing aid to one of their allies Vandral decided to put his plan into action. He determined that the best way to take the country would be to neutralize both it's leader and her royal elite force. The year before his men while mining had stumbled upon a chamber of an ancient civilization, which contained an artifact capable of drastically boosting the power of his ritualistic magic. Now he just needed to lure the young queen into a ritual duel with him. Knowing of her compassion for her people Vandral sent a team of his men disguised as bandits to capture and hold hostage one of Karavin's border towns. Vandral himself went with his team of false bandits under disguise as their leader so as not to provoke open warfare before he was ready. The armed force easily subdued the small town in a night raid, and then Vandral sent a letter to Moriko asking for Ransom for the lives of the townspeople. The letter also requested that the queen personally deliver the money. Moriko's advisers and guards warned her of the danger and pleaded with her not to go, but the young woman would not stand idly by while the lives of her people were at stake. She took a force of her guards and the demanded ransom money and traveled down to the town to meet with the bandits.

When Moriko arrived at the town Vandral has his men holding all of the civilians at sword point. When Moriko tried to deliver the money, he laughed and told her she would have to duel him in order to save the lives of the villagers. Seeing knife blades against the throats of an eight year old boy and girl, Moriko bowed her head and agreed to the duel on the condition that win or lose the townspeople would be spared. Vandral smiled and set up a powerful shadow duel with Moriko backed by the power of the artifact. Moriko did her best in the duel and fought long and hard, but in the end victory went to Vandral that day. As soon as Moriko dropped, the powerful spell Vandral had set up kicked in and Moriko and practically the entire royal guard were transformed into mindless neko sex slaves. Vandral signaled his army to begin the invasion and with Karavin lacking any leadership and half of it's military away on a foreign campaign, the capital was quickly conquered and the rest of the country submitted.

Vandral's reign of Karavin proved to be short lived, thanks to the actions of Aron Silva. When the prince received news of what had befallen his sister and his kingdom he had just finished helping their allied nation of Sandal. He quickly began plans for a counter campaign backed by his forces and the forces of Sandal, and set out to retake his home back. After a brief bloody campaign Aron's combined forces had driven Vandral's army back, and in the capitol of Karavin Aron personally drove his sword through Vandral's heart. With Vandral's death his hold on the nekofied queen and her guard was broken, although since Aron did not defeat Vandral in a duel first the transformation was not undone. Moriko could think for herself again, but she was still a neko and was left with scars and confusion. Moriko now had two aspects of her personality and was no longer the same person she had been before. While she had regained the intelligence, compassion, and memories of her former self much had changed. Where before she had been a calm regal queen, now she was hyper, emotional, playful, and easily distracted. She had been a virgin before and was now bi-sexual and sex crazed to the point of nymphomania. The strong, independent queen now found a large part of herself yearning for a master to tell her what to do. In the recent events following the battle her brother assumed the throne while Moriko was trying to come to terms with who she had become. As she was walking towards her room one night she stepped through an archway and was suddenly falling into a tunnel of darkness. When she opened her eyes, she was no longer in the palace and was instead in some strange temple.

Kaya Queen of The Neko
Kitty Commando
Neko Errand Girl
Neko-Kaigeki The Swordsword Knight
Neko-Mizuho The Silent Blade
Spirit of The Neko
Neko-Amakuni the Swordmistress
Neko-Enishi The Matron
Neko-Yaichi The Huntress
Neko-Yaichi The Huntress
Neko-Zanji The Blade Dancer
Neko-Zanji The Blade Dancer
Neko-Kamon The Saboteur
Neko-Kamon The Saboteur
Neko-Irou The Assassin
Neko-Irou The Assassin
Neko-Nisashi The Swift Storm
Neko-Nisashi The Swift Storm
Neko-Yariza The Infiltrator
Neko-Amakuni The Sword Mistress
Bowl of Milk--
Neko Mischief--
Neko Pleasure Palace--
Neko Unity--
Offering to Kaya--
Axe of Despair--
The Warrior Returning Alive--
Mystical Space Typhoon--
United We Stand--
United We Stand--
Bowl of Milk--
Fresh Fish---
Nine Lives---
Nom Attack!!!---
Up A Tree---
Bottomless Trap Hole---
Radiant Mirror Force---
Ultimate Offering---
Draining Shield----

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

Beautiful Foxy.

Alright, we're making our decision TONIGHT! Stay tuned for the lucky 6 winners!

Offline yasarra

I have class Monday/Wednesday  11-2 AM EST, Tuesday 5-11 PM, and 1-11 PM Thursdays.

I'm free normally though for the rest of the week.

So, basically Friday through Sunday, then?  Or are those just the times you aren't available on those days?

Offline Laughing Hyena

Well you know I can post nearly every single night multiple times so duels go by relatively fast for me.

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

Well... It's been a long hard few days. And, finally, the results have come in.

We gave up.

We just couldn't narrow it down to 6 players - so we're going with 7. They are...






Thorn 14!


Laughing Hyena!

Enjoy the spoils ye who triumph. All else, lose not all hope - for there may well be more characters added later, if a success is found.

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awwww I am not in, *Sigh* Have fun guys I guess.

Offline Laughing Hyena

Sweet. And no doubt there will be success found so hope shall not be lost.

Offline yasarra

Name: Fianna
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Avariel

Reality: Kaniran is a series of interconnected planes where magic is fueled by one’s spirit.  She hails from the world Delectatia, the Infinite Pleasure.  Here, everything is all about pleasure, innocent and adult, joy, and just being happy, in general.  It is a hard place to reach from the outside, but once it’s reached, one can stay as long as they like.

Fianna is a young avariel, a bit mischievous, but playfully so, not maliciously.    Life for her has been pretty peaceful, and her whole outlook on life is…life is short, do what feels right.  Dueling is for enjoyment.  Hell, pretty much everything should be as far as she’s concerned.  “Life is what you make it, so let’s have a party!”

Coming from a world without conflict or illness, the girl has no idea what lies beyond.  If she knew, perhaps, she’d find something worth fighting for.


Fianna grew up in Delectatia, happy, safe and mischievous, a fun-loving girl who learned to control her kani (magical energy) in ways that made life more enjoyable.  The floor could be swept with a tiny, swirling whirlwind, the dishes washed with a little water manipulation, papers could crumple and bounce themselves into the trash, and so on.  So, even household chores were fun.

Her family has traveled the world, meeting people of different cultures, exchanging ideas, joining in parties, and sometimes starting them.  At 17 and a half, she experienced the party of a lifetime.  The Coming of Age parties in Delectatia celebrated a child becoming an adult.  In effect, it was a wild orgy, one that lasted for days and usually ended with the guest of honor visiting a healer to regain his or her mental capacity.

She decided, once she’d recovered from her coming of age party, to become a duelist.  Dueling in Delectia, you see, is for entertainment purposes, and it’s a general rule that you be a good sport when dueling.  And so, she traveled, dueling for the entertainment of others, thrilling in the challenges and the bets made.  Win or lose, she has never regretted a single duel or match, because the wager was always enjoyable either way.

Duel Spirit (1 only):  Blackwing – Ghibli, the Searing Wind

Monsters 15
2 General Grunard of the Ice Barrier
2 Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier
2 Samurai of the Ice Barrier
2 Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier
1 Dewdark of the Ice Barrier
1 Geomancer of the Ice Barrier
1 Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier
1 Dai-sojo of the Ice Barrier
1 General Raiho of the Ice Barrier
1 Caravan of the Ice Barrier
1 Mobius the Frost Monarch

Spells 15
2 Magic Triangle of the Ice Barrier
2 Medallion of the Ice Barrier
2 Trade In
2 Book of Moon
1 Mirror of the Ice Barrier
1 Gravekeeper’s Servant
1 Soul Absorption
1 Creature Swap
1 Poison of the Old Man
1 Spell of Pain
1 United We Stand

Traps 10
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Seven Tools of the Bandit
1 Bad Reaction to Simochi
1 Covering Fire
1 Dark Coffin
1 Widespread Ruin
1 Sakuretsu Armor
1 Swallow Flip

Deck #2
Royal Garden - Synchro
Monsters 20
2 Caius the Shadow Monarch
1 Mobius the Frost Monarch
1 Botanical Lion
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Dandylion
2 Debris Dragon
2 Lonefire Blossom
2 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1 Rafflesia Seduction
1 Spore
2 Super Nimble Mega Hamster
1 Tytannial, Princess of Camellias
1 Lord Poison

Spells 13
2 Book of Moon
1 Wall of Thorns
1 Soul Exchange
1 Nightmare Wheel
1 The World Tree
1 Monster Reincarnation
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Pot of Avarice
1 D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation
1 Mark of the Rose

Traps 7
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Starlight Road
1 Seven Tools of the Bandit
1 Waboku
1 Lightning Vortex

Extra Deck 13
1 Ally of Justice Catastor
1 Armory Arm
2 Black Rose Dragon
2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1 Colossal Fighter
1 Iron Chain Dragon
1 Red Dragon Archfiend
2 Scrap Dragon
2 Stardust Dragon

Deck #3 (partial, missing cards in parentheses)
Blackwings Circling Overhead
Monsters 19
(1 Dark Armed Dragon)
2 Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn
2 Blackwing – Bora the Spear
2 Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame
1 Blackwing – Etesian of Two Swords
2 Blackwing – Kalut the Moonshadow
1 Blast Sphere
2 Blackwing – Blizzard of the North
(1 Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind)
1 Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor
1 Blackwing – Breeze the Zephyr
(1 Sangan)
2 Mystic Tomato

Spells 12
(1 Black Whirlwind)
2 Pot of Duality
2 Cards for Black Feathers
(1 Allure of Darkness)
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
(1 Monster Reborn)
(1 Dark Hole)
2 Book of Moon

Traps 9
2 Icarus Attack
2 Delta Crow – Anti Reverse
2 Solemn Warning
(1 Solemn Judgment)
(1 Torrential Tribute)
(1 Royal Oppression)

Offline Thorn14


Any links to the game threads or whatever yet?

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

*smiles* not yet. They'll be up tonight.

Offline Flash Gorden

Pretty sure Flashy is me, so, awesome. Can't wait to post.

Offline yasarra

My dear gentlefolk...I have an announcement to make.  Due to a would-be player's tremendous enthusiasm and the fact that I'd like to see the players in even numbers...  Please welcome the following writer to our happy little group.


I hope you all enjoy this game as much as the GMs and mods have enjoyed crafting it.


Offline Bloody Rose

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yayyy ^^ Dances around the room and kisses Yasa "thank youuuu"

Here is she:

Name: Mikoto Mishida
Gender: Female
Age:  23
Species:  Human
Reality:  She comes from the world of Domino city, divided into two sectors, Domino city where all the rich people come from, and Satellite where all the poor people live in. She was born and raised in Satellite where she had to find her cards in the dumpster in order to make a decent deck. Most people in satellite do that and they are known as the best duelist around because of the fact that they can make great decks with cards in the dumpster.

Personality: Quiet and to herself, she thinks of herself first, second and third. Her life brought her nothing but misery and in her heart people who are weak does not deserve to have a duel deck in their hands. She is the type of person who would beat the crap out of anybody in Duel Monsters and then leave them on the floor crying without even saying ‘good try’. In her world the weak perish and the strong always survive, that is the way of life and that is the way she always do things. She is not a very social woman, the only people who she consider friends are those who prove themselves to her by defeating her , and that is not a easy task.

Backstory: She was born in satellite, her childhood brought nothing but pain and agony to her life. Being the daughter of a man who often drank himself to unconsciousness left nothing for her to admire, nothing for her to strive to be.  She often spend her time walking the streets of satellite alone and with nothing to do, looking for food in the dumpster because of her father was not man enough to give her some food. No one has even shown love to her and she grew up with the thought in mind that nobody wanted her, nobody wanted to be her friend. In fact she was scaring all the kids her age away with her attitude but she was too hard headed to even realize that. One day she found out that her father died out of a overdose of drugs, thing that left her alone and a orphan like many other children in satellite.

It was then when she found the one piece of plastic that would change her life for good. A old wrinked up card, ‘Gran Mayu Da Eiza’. The piece of plastic was all torn up and apparently bitten by a dog or some animal. Not really knowing what was the card she walked around the reminder of the day until she saw a commotion in a street. Apparently a two men were dueling, one being a kid her age while the other was a boy a couple of years older. They summoned what appeared to be monsters, they looked so real she could not even believe a thing like that existed.  She saw the apparatus on his hand and on it was a card just like the torn up card she found. The next few weeks were spent looking for cards in the dumpster, one by one she found every card for her deck, one by one her deck was almost completed. Now the only thing she needed to do was try it. Little by little she dueled a lot with a lot of different kids, learning the strategy of the game and trying her best to come up with different strategies for her deck as well.

Walking around she saw a demonstration of duel monsters by two man, one wearing a blue coat while the other wore white, she recognized one of them as being the best duelist in Domino city. She was truly inspired by them and decided to challenge the king to a duel.  The man watching how she was beaten up accepted the challenge and  they dueled right away. From the time she put on the duel disk that belonged to the guy in the blue jacket she was entranced, she knew she found something worth following and fighting for. The duel was amazing but at the end she was defeated by the man barely taking out 2,000 life points. The man was truly surprised and decided to take the girl and teach her about duel monsters. The man was surprised and gave her some money for food and enough for her to make her own life, in his mind she could become a very powerful duelist. She saw this opportunity as a new part of her life, she was defeated without much fight wich meant she was weak. But as the man said ‘You will become strong, and defeat all those who think otherwise don’t give up’.
Decklists :
Banisher of Light x2
Banisher of Radiance x2
Gren Mayo Da Iza x2
D.D. Warrior Lady x2
Golden Homunculus x2
Jinzo x2
D.D.M. Different Dimension Master x2
Needle Worm x2
D.D. Survivor x2

Spell Cards:
Dimensional Fissure x2
Soul Release x2
Soul Absorption  x2
Gold Sarcophagus x2
Chaos end x2
Different Dimension Reincarnation x2

Macro Cosmos x2
Dimensional Prison x2
Karma Cut x2
Magic Cylinder x2
D.D. Dynamite x2
« Last Edit: January 23, 2011, 01:16:35 AM by Zarazel »

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

*laughs* Glad to have you Zarazel. Post your revised character for the world to see. It's quite good.

Now then, the game is beginning even as I type. Yasarra, my courteous and popular co-gm, is putting the administrative threads together. OOC, Upgrade Shop, Rules Thread, all that jazz. Meanwhile, here I am - handling the story.

As mentioned before, Duels 2 is structured unlike any yugioh game you've seen before. Duels 2 is the story of you, giving you, the player, unprecedented power to shape the events of your personal storyline as well as that of the world at large.

And it begins here. With the very first post.

There will be no massive chamber hall to begin the game, no arching dome that players congregate in, making feeble introductions. No, Duels 2 begins with your own story - personal and individual - the story of you meeting your duel spirit... Known as your Vanguard.

Pay close attention.

Your very first post in Duels 2 will be the start of your own, unique thread. Here you will detail the event of your abduction, being swept up into a howl of light and sound before blackness claims you... And you awake.

Where do you awake?

Wherever you want.

In truth, you are in the Shifting Castle at the Center of Things - but the Shifting Castle is infinitely large, infinitely fluid... And mirrors its inhabitants unconscious desires, fears, needs and anxieties. It is the closest thing to a dream sequence that can be experienced in the waking world. People may suddenly fly, walls may melt into a wave of water and crash down into the scene. Stone may turn to monsters of living hatred... Or the lustiest visions imaginable may spring forth. Anything you can imagine can happen to your player here. Just make it damn exciting and something you think is well worth the write. *smiles*

The purpose of this starting thread is to introduce you to your Vanguard, your duel spirit. You will meet them during this trial. Perhaps right away. Perhaps you have to journey to them. It is your choice. And whether your meeting is cordial and friendly, a vicious struggle or a mad burst of lust is entirely up to you. But by the end, you and your duel spirit will have bonded... One way or another. And the duel spirit's identity is also entirely up to you. Then, when it's over, you'll have gained 2 favor crests... Special RP treasure that can earn you favors form the goddess and be wagered against other players... Though they cannot unlock new cards or abilities themselves. They're for RP use only, not building your deck. However, that doesn't make them less valuable. Having a goddess' favor is nothing to laugh at. *winks*

As for who will play the other side of this encounter with your duel spirit? Why, another player of course! Match up in pairs and agree to write the other player's duel spirit for this encounter, as well as the environment. The player whose vision it is, naturally, has final say of what happens in the vision - the player NPCing the spirit and environment will thus need to communicate with the player, just as in any other pair RP.

You have the idea. So start brainstorming... And start pairing up.

Any questions?

Offline Bloody Rose

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It is the closest thing to a dream sequence that can be experienced in the waking world. People may suddenly fly, walls may melt into a wave of water and crash down into the scene. Stone may turn to monsters of living hatred... Or the lustiest visions imaginable may spring forth. Anything you can imagine can happen to your player here. Just make it damn exciting and something you think is well worth the write. *smiles*

Did not quite understood that part, who will be doing the rp of all those things happening? ourselves like a story or another player helping us? I know the duel spirit is with another player but all the other stuff like the journey or whatnot is ourself writing like a novel?

Offline yasarra

Here we have an initial set of threads.  Stairc and I will post the rules in tomorrow.  Please, if you make your own thread for this game, begin the Subject with Duels 2:

So, if Fianna were to make a thread for her private chamber, it might look like:

Duels 2: Fianna's Room

And please send me a link via PM so we can add it to the growing list of links. This is to make navigation simple.


Duels 2: The OOC
Duels 2: The OTT
Duels 2: The Rules
Duels 2: Character Sheets
Duels 2: The Little Card Shop
« Last Edit: January 23, 2011, 02:10:55 AM by yasarra »

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

Yasarra speaks correctly.

Just as if you were doing a solo thread RP, a story with just you and one other player, so it is here. However, we'll weave these threads together into a common group game and after this first part is over, you'll have ample opportunity to interract with other players. It is only the first quest you must undertake alone.

Offline Thorn14

So we find another player, and tell them about how we want that spirit, and they play them? Am I correct?

Sorry, a bit confused about this part.

Can you elaborate on the Vanguard?

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

Precisely Thorn. Precisely. And to clarify, the Vanguard IS your duel spirit. It's just what they're role is - a title. A duel spirit is what they are, a vanguard is what they do. Duel Spirit is like a race, Vanguard is like a class. Like a human wizard or elven knight.

Offline yasarra

Precisely.  And, my suggestion is to decide how you want your Vanguard (Duel Spirit, essentially) to be, personality-wise.  Make your request (and give your description of your Vanguard) in the OOC and go from there.

Offline PatriarchTopic starter

Excellent suggestion, my lovely co-gm. *he pulls her into a smoldering kiss*

Offline Thorn14

So once we meet them, how will they be of use in our RP? Are they being representatives for us? Dueling on our behalf? Partners? I dont quite understand what their role is in all of this. Are they natural spirits to the world, or aspects of our self?

Sorry for all the questions, If I'm going to do this right, I wanna know the details.

Offline yasarra

*smiles* Good questions, and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

Your Vanguard is a companion and more.  In time, you will be able to gain them augmentations that can help you in the game.  They do not represent you or duel for you.  They kind of act as a guide, a conscience without the annoying Jiminy Cricket voice.  They are the spirits of cards, usually one in your deck, but possibly just one in your possession. 

A lot of this is up to you, though.  Will you get along with your Vanguard from the start?  Are they like a twin or that uncanny friend capable of finishing your sentences?  Are they the counterbalance to your personality, keeping you firmly grounded in reality or reminding you to dare to dream? 

We decided when we made Duels 2 that we wanted to give the player a degree of autonomy, self-rule as it were.  Have fun deciding for yourself and allowing another to interpret it.
« Last Edit: January 23, 2011, 02:50:44 AM by yasarra »

Offline Thorn14

I see, so that means our RPs will probably have more than 2 people in it.

I'll have to think about who I'll ask.

I'll probably ask Hyena, since I know im the most, but otherwise I dont know anyone else.

Thanks for the answer. I'm going to bed.