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Author Topic: Crystal Lake Ski Lodge - <Recruitment - Snowboarders > NC , < Open to All >  (Read 2254 times)

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Offline SashaTopic starter

Crystal Lake Ski Lodge is an elite swingers club and playground for an evil minion and her side kick. Recently a storm sweep through and those that were stranded at the North Lodge got a wonderful gift from the Owner Mordella as she further drew in the soul of Allen the manager . Now opening back up for business as Monday morning approaches .

 A Snowboarders little private convention is going on ....and the mountain side is perfect for it . All the top competitors will be there . Giving access to the Lodge to all the company decided to set up a nice barn style barracks for the incoming boarders . A party needs to be planned ...some entertainment in the South Lodge . Mordella always did love a good time .....dancing ....and the energy .

Note : This game is NC due to a supernatural ability to make you character have to act in a certain way .

1. Game is open to cross-gender role play .
2. Playing requires a post of about 2 paragraphs at least every 3-4 days to keep up in game . In a private thread once a week .
3. Role Playing Preferences must be completed by Applicant .
4. Character sheet needs 2 GM for approval .

Character Sheet :

Code: [Select]
  Character name :
  Played By :
  Employee Position :
  Employee:  < years at lodge >
  Dorm Room :  < Will be filled in by GM once accepted >
  Lodge Member : < years joined >
  Current Suite :  < Will be filled in by GM once character moves into play >
  Age :
  Sexual Preference :
  Description : < picture to be posted >
  Character Personality:
  Background information :

Currently need the following Employees : 

Bell hops - work the front Reception area - taking bags to the guests rooms .
Security Guard for the employee dorms , work the front lobby area .

Member Rooms Available :

Members , can be accompanied by a guest if they choose .

1. Blake ‘The Beast’ Franklin

 Guest Snowboarders ...... < Note you will be rolling the dice to determine your success on 3 runs ....if you advance , then 3 more rolls are required . We will have an elimination round . You get two chances to Qualify ...>


Participants joining ....already in the game .

1.  April Harris
2.  The Stoner Boys - Buzz and Ted .
3.  Elisabetta Costa
4.  Vincent - "The man" Cain
5.  Anya
6.  Carson Briars

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Offline ArtemisHighmore

Re: Crystal Lake Ski Lodge - < Active > NC , < Open to All >
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2011, 04:58:05 PM »
Character name: Blake ‘The Beast’ Franklin
  Played By: ArtemisHighmore
  Lodge Member : Has been a member for two years.
  Current Suite :  < Will be filled in by GM once character moves into play >
  Age: 23
  Sexual Preference: Straight
Description : Blake stands a little over six feet in height and weighs close to two hundred pounds, though it fluctuates during the winter as he tries to stay light to be able to throw himself around. Enjoys the scruffy look, leaving his black, short hair wild, while his dark brown eyes always seemed to have a mischievous light to them.
Character Personality: Blake can be a little full of himself, especially when he is on the mountain. His competitive side and be overbearing and he is not afraid to take on a challenge, no matter how reckless it would seem to be. Add in some alcohol and he is liable to jump off anything with a board strapped to his feet to see what happens. When not strapped to his stick, he tends to walk around as if he is the big man on campus and isn’t afraid to puff his chest to try and get some attention.
Background information: The love of snow and snowboarding runs deep in Blake’s family as his father was a boarder and taught him everything he knows. When his father died I a tragic accident involving a steep run and a tree, Blake swore that he would become the best boarder that ever lived so that he could do his father proud. That mentality has spurred him on into pushing himself and his equipment to the very limit and he has the injuries and scars to show for it. It has also given him quite the ego and he isn’t afraid to boast his own prowess on and off the slopes.

Born in the state of Washington, Blake was snowboarding shortly after he could walk, encouraged by his father much to his mother’s worry. He grasped the concepts quickly and was soon tearing up the little mountains that surrounded his hometown of Elk by the time he hit middle school. With age came the prospect of taking on bigger mountains, the family making yearly trips to the Cascades to take on the runs of the bigger mountains. Even Canada was within grasp, seeing them cross the boarder once, if not twice a year to catch some of the fresh powder. As his skills improved, Blake took a page out of his father’s book and started entering into competitions. A little taste of it was all it took and Blake plunged head first, joining everything that he could and rocking them.

It was during his sophomore year in high school that Blake’s father died while out on the slopes. His father had been out testing a new board for a local shop and hit a patch of ice. Unable to catch an edge, he slipped off the run and ran full out into a tree, dying on impact. Blake had been devastated but found that the only solace from the pain was on a board. His mother tried everything she could to dissuade him from continuing the sport but he needed it, needed the rush to push away the pain. The weekend after the funeral, he joined a competition on a local slope and crushed it. It was during the award ceremony that he felt his father smiling down at him and he knew that he needed to win to please his father.

Every competition he entered saw him coming out on top, sometimes beating men twice his age. It was during one of these competitions that he caught the eye of a promoter and was quickly swept into the semi-pro circuit after graduation. The promoter relocated him to Colorado, suggesting that he needed the challenge of the Rockies to improve his skill. It was on his 19th birthday that he caught wind of the Crystal Lake Ski Lodge’s annual competition. Not wanting to pass up the chance, he signed up and set out. He loved the place, the location and the slopes. The competition was stiff but he managed to place well and put in for a membership the first chance he could, needing to get up and hit those slopes as often as possible.

Lately he had has been on the semi-pro circuit, flying around the country and even over to Europe as he enters competition after competition. Having missed the previous years event at the Lodge he told himself that he would be sure to make it up this year and try and make it an extended stay as he could use some time off and really missed the culture that came with the lodge.
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Offline SashaTopic starter

Re: Crystal Lake Ski Lodge - < Active > NC , < Open to All >
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2011, 08:11:07 PM »
  Nice one ....Art ....  are you going to have the character stay in a room at the Lodge or in the guest pavilion set up specifically for the incoming snow board dudes  ?

 By the way this is not just a male event ........

April Harris will be joining in the fun on the hill . Returning to the games from a bad spill in the qualifying round last year . She is ever more ready to make a run against the boys though ...and been on top of her game so far this year . The girl may be cautious off the mountain but has in the past put up and landed some very daring moves making her a wild card on the circuit . The girl works at Crystal Lake Ski Lodge as the Receptionist / Morning Coffee Girl at the North Lodge .  She more a work-a-holic ....good girl type , but oh screw with her to many times and she has a fiery kick that is quite devious in nature .

Age : 19
Sexual Preference : Bi-curious
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Offline ArtemisHighmore

Given the large amount of guest, he's fine kicking it in the pavilion unless you want to give him a room.

Offline SashaTopic starter

Given the large amount of guest, he's fine kicking it in the pavilion unless you want to give him a room.

 We have open rooms you can post arriving at the South Lodge with this character and we will assign a Room to him . That way you can enjoy a little fun at the Lodge before this event gets off the ground .

 Time at the Lodge right now is Monday Morning -  6 to 8 am .

Offline SashaTopic starter

 The Stoner Boys ....Buzz and Ted are signed up for the Snowboarding adventure same as last year real hope for winning as they always seemed to get sidetracked into something else . Both in their early twenties ....and the party crew for the lodge well least they think that is what their job is . Officially on the books they are registered as outside workers but if you see them working might want to take a picture of it .  Besides they can't let April show them up or they would never live it down . We are not exactly sure what all these boys are into sexually ...lets just say they are tri-sexuals they will try anything once if asked .

Offline Secretwriter

Elisabetta Costa. She works down in the Cave bar, bringing both alcohol and entertainment to the guests and employees alike. She's signing up for the Snowboarding adventure.  Hopefully she won't end up upside down in a drift this year.  She's better on skiis than a single board but she loves both. 

Offline Nim

Character name :  Vincent Cain
  Age :  29
  Sexual Preference : Bisexual
  Employee:  Front desk   at South Lodge
  Played by: Nim

Character Personality:  Vincent generally keeps to himself unless he see's someone whom he finds interesting.  Generally he is dominant and has to be in control.  There have been rare ocations in which he'll play as equals. 

Background:  He appeared at the South Lodge at the age of 25.  Vincent had been in the music business and was looking for a drastic change.  Which he found at the Crystal lake lodges.

Offline KikuLei

Character name : Natalie Ball ' The Hustler '
 Played By :   KikuLei
Employee Position : Front Desk worker, basically a secretary.
Employee:  For 2 years.
Dorm Room :  < Will be filled in by GM once accepted >   
 Lodge Member : Joined 2 years ago.
 Current Suite :  < Will be filled in by GM once character moves into play >   
Age :  22
Sexual Preference :  Straight
Description :

Character Personality: A sarcastic tease, she is cunning sharp and uses her looks to get whatever she wants , she goes off from time to time and is quite edgey and moody. Natalie is often known for flirting with boys over the counter and even with some of her workers to get them to do her favors. She uses other people and manipulates them. She may be cut off the fortune but she still tries to use her dirty little tricks to get out of work, after all should a pretty girl have to lift a finger? She is often kept around to make customers pay more, they seem to take her advice over their own for some reason how odd.

 Background information : The daughter of a Finnish lawyer, Bruce Ball in the state of Washington, she works at the Lodge now to make her own money. The reason of which why her father cut her off the family fortune is unknown she seems to keep it a secret, she changes the subject when it is asked about. Natalie's mother is a former beauty queen who always calls to check on her and drags her into long and annoying conversations. Natalie has her own interests aside from her family however. She enjoys ice skating and is often doing that when she is not working. She has always been the spunky and spicey hearted one of the workers who often has ' Too much ' to say. She is highly opinionated and is not reccomended to be asked for opinions because she will change everything into ' Her way ' but otherwise enjoys ' fixing ' things. She listens to alot of music, and enjoys singing in the shower or while doing her hair when she's alone.
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Offline Secretwriter

KikuLei - Sorry if we're misleading, if this is a new character we need more information from you, more character information on personality.  Those with short bios in here are existing characters who are going to participate in the competition.  :-) 

New characters being submitted need more information as they're new to the game.  We need both some written description, as well as more information on the character's personality to approve your character.
« Last Edit: January 16, 2011, 02:27:09 PM by Secretwriter »

Offline Nim

Hello KikuLei, Secret is correct.  Vincent actually started out as an NPC character which is the reason he has so little info about him.  But as I started playing the role I found I liked his character.  I'm still planning on going back and making a full bio but I play 5 other characters in the game so I really haven't gotten around to taking care of his bio as it should be.  This link should give you an idea of the kind of details we are looking for with the employees if you care to take a look.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop either Sasha, Secretwriter, FeBurns, echoes or myself a PM.

Thank you.


Offline KikuLei

 I have added onto it? If that is not enough then just tell me, I apologize for the wait. If you don't want my character in your Rp, I am fine with that. I completely understand there being probably more than enough people already. I don't know really what else to say or what I could put, my characters are always the seductive type on some level and I think you might have a few of those already. Whether you want more, do not approve of my character then it is fine just give me the notification.

Offline Nim

Thank you for making your additions to the CS.  Natalie Ball has my approval.   ;D  We only need one other approval from another GM and you'll be set.  I look forward to seeing you in the lodge!

Offline SashaTopic starter

Character name : Natalie Ball ' The Hustler '
 Played By :   KikuLei

 Character accepted .....get with Feburns for a schedule . She can work at the front desk in the South Lodge to help out fill in gaps a receptionists in the Day Spa that will be opening up in a few hours game time . Think putting her in the Day Spa would be awesome .

 Welcome to the Game .....we never have enough players ....we greedy like that . Smiles , thank-you for adding to your background helps give us a more rounded view of the character . Feel free to play her as you see fit .

 You can ...transfer your character sheet into ... Game Related OOC and Updates. and we will add her sheet to the Employee list .

 Also you can get to know the other players though our General OOC thread.

Give us a few ....we will send you a PM with your Dorm Room assignment and more details . We are working through the employee lists now to remove inactive characters ..though might just be adding a new floor . As it seems we are at that point .  Thank-you for your patience in the matter .

Feel free to PM any GM with any questions you might have ...Nim , Feburns , Secretwriter , echoes or myself .


Offline ArtemisHighmore

-falls over laughing- I make a joke and everyone starts getting nicknames. Hurray for starting trends! XD

Online Laughing Hyena

*Sneaks up on Sasha and plants one on her*

Offline SashaTopic starter

*Sneaks up on Sasha and plants one on her*

 hey sexy going to put up a snowboarder ......

Online Laughing Hyena

A snowboarder? :-)

Offline The Lovely Tsarina

Yay for snow boarding! Anya the manicure girl, she joins the compitition too! Even though, she doesn't  snow board very good. ::)

Anya is the manicurist, for the Crystal Lake Ski Lodge. She is out going and friendly, she loves to chat! And to listen too, if people have troubles, she always wants to listen, and help.

Anya likes to party too. She has a fun, naughty side to her, she loves flirting, with both boys and girls! :-) Anya is unlucky in love though, she makes many friends and has many lovers. But she doesn't find yet, her special some one.

Anya hasn't snow boarded, for many years, not since she was a teenager. But when people telled her, of the compitition? Anya thinked it would be fun, to try. Even though she thinks, she probably falls on her sexy ass lots, and finishes last! But she only wants to have fun, and maybe meet new friends.
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Offline Zillah

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Ooh, yummy. Anya's competing! :)

My Crystal Lake character Monica doesn't snowboard anymore, but she'll happily coach Anya.  ;D

Offline SashaTopic starter

A snowboarder? :-)

 Yea , you know this is a snowboarder recruitment thread for Crystal Lake ....giggles .  I just figured you posted here cause you wanted to make a character to ...join in the fun .  Or ....


Adds Anya to the list .....whooo hooo .

Online Laughing Hyena

Or just molest you like i always do little sphinx. ;)

Sides I miss ya.

Offline Kendra

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Character name : Carson Briars
Age : 24
Sexual Preference: bisexual

Description :
height: 5'8"
eyes: brown
hair: deep brown
Employee:  Bartender at the South Lodge
Played by:  Kendra

Character Personality: Rebellious, spoilt, feisty, fun and wilful. She's never afraid to say what's on her mind and has no qualms about telling a person off. She is strong willed but has moments of vulnerability though she hates when these end up being public moments. Dislikes pretension and unfairness.

Carson always backs the underdog. She finds herself deeply attracted to strong characters though more times than not this has been to her own detriment.

Background information :
Only child to George and Alisha Briars she grew up with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth.
Was sent to private schools before getting into Yale. Here she's mainly just wasted her time away partying but bored of that too, Carson decided to take time off from university and her MA, where she wass studying English literature and journalism. Carson decided she needed a change of scene and on seeing an advertisement in a newspaper for staff at the ski-lodge thought it perfect for her. She's spent many winter breaks in Vermont and Austria with her family and has worked in the university bar  since starting at university, (so has over five years experience) just so she doesn't have to always rely on her parents for money. They are loaded ... she isn't! She's been taught to do cocktail tricks and pours a mean stout. Her no nonsense approach works well at last call when the punters are straggling behind. She has done martial arts though never went for her black belt. Rides a motorbike and likes to listen to her music ... very loud!

A keen snowboarder she's so far done it only for the thrill, this is her first year entering the competition but has every intention of winning it.

Offline SashaTopic starter

 Added Carson to the list as well ....... Thanks Kendra for joining ...we have a strong group of girls now .

  This game is open to all ....cross gender role play is allowed , you can be new to E ,  new to role playing ....we not that picky and most all in game are very understanding . I got a few questions with regards to that and just wanted to clarify.

I am looking for snowboarders to play in the tournament ...but your more than welcome to make an employee character not related to the event and or a incoming guest . We have rooms and positions open .

 You can PM or Nim .....if you want to discuss anything .

Thank-you ,


Offline KaraKres

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Re: Crystal Lake Ski Lodge - <Recruitment - Snowboarders > NC , < Open to All >
« Reply #24 on: February 02, 2011, 10:20:30 PM »

Character Name: Ärika (pronounced Aard-i-ka) Schwartz
Played By: KaraKres
 Employee Position: Not Applicable
Employee:  None
Dorm Room:  < Will be filled in by GM once accepted >
Lodge Member: Not applicable
Current Suite:  < Will be filled in by GM once character moves into play >
 Age: 27

Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual (prefers females)
Description : Standing at a petite 5'6" and weighing at barely 50kg, it sometimes seems as if a wet bus ticket is more robust than Ärika.  She keeps her brunette hair long and like the rest of her is always immaculately styled and presented (even on a casual shopping tip in Hollywood).  Measures 36-26-36.
Character Personality: Strong-willed and opinionated.  Her life of indulgence has also given Ärika a stong streak of pride and arrogance.  Ärika is at heart a conservative person with very traditional values which she knows is a legacy of her parents; she tries to deny this aspect of her personality by being totally hedonistic, but usually when confronted with a new situation she falls back into her true conservative nature, finding security and stability in her view of how the world should be, rather than how it is.

Background information:
Ärika has never wanted for anything in her life, which has one indulgence after another.  Her father (Wolfgang Schwartz) is a über successful businessman with clothing factories scattered across Germany, France and Hungary.  Her mother (Maria Valle di Cadore) was an Italian fashion model and now is a powerful socialite flitting between Rome, Paris and Berlin as her fancy takes her.
Ärika attended only private schools before her father secured her a position at Oxford where she completed half of a law degree before becoming bored and dropping out much to her parents anger.  She quickly became involved in the London party scene and Paris fashion circles, which involved alot of time on the ski slopes of Bad Gastein and Alpbach in Austria and half-a-dozen skifields in Switzerland.  Recently while holidaying in Antibes she met Christopher Hayes an American freelance photographer.  A whirlwind romance ensured and Ärika found herself enjoying the clubs and parties of New York and Los Angeles.  With her parent's money behind her, she had easy access to the movers and shakers in Hollywood.  However things went south when nude photo's of her taken by Christopher appeared on the internet. 
With their relationship in tatters, Ärika is looking for somewhere new which will provide a new high, a new thrill.  She needs to acheive something and soon as her father is threatening to turn of her access to his money.  A friend mentioned a snowboarding competition that wasn't part of the pro-circuit and the sponsoring lodge sounded...interesting so Ärika applied to compete.  She doesn't expect to win, but she knows she has some skill and expects to be able to put up a decent showing.
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