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November 29, 2020, 11:19:47 AM

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Author Topic: Fantasy - Sci Fi - Superheroes - Dragon Age - Female Wanted [MUL]  (Read 837 times)

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Offline ArkanielTopic starter

TAKEN Dragon Age

I am looking for a female partner that is interested in playing a story based on the RPG Dragon Age: Origins.

I intend to use the same background world, the cities, the areas and races from the game. The starting point of our roleplay will be similar as well. A blight has come to Ferelden and we are a few of those standing against it. We can go for unique origins stories, depending on your race or noble/commoner choice. I would prefer to have either just the two of us as a team, fighting against the blight and doing quests to find and kill the Archdemon. Another option, if you are up for playing multiple characters, is that we create our own crew of companions. That being said, I am not opposed against the female partner writing/playing as either Anora, Morrigan or Leliana.

I foresee a long roleplay, with a lot of plot, several sidestories up to our own creativity and a story that is even more expansive than that of the game. Settings will be the same, but we can come up with out own quests or our own areas as well. We won't just follow the plot points of the game blindly. I want some creativty.

There will be plenty of action, subterfuge, intrigue, court play, some romance and erotica. Everything is possible and we can explore several different paths, deciding to be good, noble heroes or darker people, or a lovely contrast of a mishmashed group forced to work together for survival.


Any original setting in a fantasy filled, medieval or romanesque world is good for me. I am looking for epic battles, for an intriguing plot, for exciting quests and well-developed characters. In short, I want the best you have to offer, revolving around a plot we work out together, with different kingdoms/nations, different races (existing or new ones and perhaps with a dash of romance. Sex can be present, but is not a necessity and won't be the priority.

Possibilities could be: A secret heir to the failing or assassinated King/Emperor. Or a third faction orchestrating a war between our two factions. Or the typical dark sorcerer gathering his power to claim the throne or raise a demon/devil in the world, or perhaps even an Ancient God of the underworld. We could get involved by just being in the way as some sneaky commoners, or we could be a various positions (military, noble family,...) that gets mixed up in this affair. Or, we go with the Princess and her Champion/Bodyguard theme.

Sci Fi

This could be either a dark or a general story in our self-created galaxy, filled with a variety of races and realms. Perhaps we are humans, some of the first to explore the galaxy out there. Or, we are part of the crew of a ship that makes first contact with another civilization for the first time. This could be a thriller, an action-based story, even a military one, or we could go simply with a more general story, add some romance and see where our creativity takes us.

I am also interested in the settings of Star Wars, Stargate and Saga of the Seven Suns.

Here, I have several original ideas, some ideas in existing superhero worlds with original heroes, and some where I or both of us play existing heroes.

- Heroes I am interested in playing: Spiderman, Wolverine, Superman/Clark Kent(preferably the Smallville version) and Batman. (either paired with their canon partners, some original characters, or preferably a superheroine)
- I like both DC and Marvel. I would even consider a crossover.
- For original ideas:

Our modern day world, with its crime, its technology and its comic books. What if an existing hero (either Clark Kent or Peter Parker) end up in our world through a fluke science weapon used against them. But they are different than we know them. Their abilities are mostly the same, even their names. But what if they struggled to do the right thing in a more realistic world, where it wasn't as evident to don some tights and do whatever you pleased? What if they see these comic books about themselves and seeing all the trouble around them, they decide to do as in the comics and don a similar suit, trying to leave their mark on the world.

I would also love to play a character based strongly on Wolverine, but not in the X-men world. A world where mutants are not known yet, a world where there are only the few first popping up. A man that can regenerate seemingly unlimited, with sharpened senses and a high adaptability factor to everything. He gets a similar treatment, undergoing the otrturous metal bone injection... and now, he is out for revenge. No memory loss, no X-men, just a feral mutant out for blood... trying to find who did this to him in a world like ours today. focus of the story wil be finding help, others like him, either with powers, or experimented on, trying to find people (reporters, hackers, agents) who can help him track down whatever secret organization did this. They could stumble over things they never wanted to know...

Creativity required!

I also have a couple of more original heroes, with unique powers and so on. Contact me if you want to play with them.
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Offline onlynaomi2

Re: Fantasy - Sci Fi - Superheroes - Dragon Age - Female Wanted [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 02:15:24 AM »
Heroes I am interested in playing: Spiderman, Wolverine, Superman/Clark Kent(preferably the Smallville version) and Batman. (either paired with their canon partners, some original characters, or preferably a superheroine)

If you would be interested in an X-Men RP with Wolverine/OC I would be interested in it!