Big teacher loves him (m needing F)

Started by Valamarth, January 14, 2011, 05:02:13 AM

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He just lost his first love in high school.  Publicly and cruelly dumped At 18, he's shattered and his plus sized teacher learns of it.  She keeps him after class to advise him and nature brings them together over time.  But their romance must stay hidden for her career, and their love's sake.

PM me with additional thoughts/details you'd like.  Perhaps she essays to teach him of love and romance and gets caught in her own descriptions of how things should be.

I do not want 1 line or one paragraph posts.  This is a romance against their better judgement and their feelings should be written. Reasonable grammar and spelling please (I'm not killer picky, and don't mind non-native speakers who try)

Thank you,

Valamarth AKA Falzar.