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Started by Rayne, January 14, 2011, 01:07:15 AM

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Hello all, I'm making another search thread here, ignore the one in my sig, I decided to spice things up and cook up some new plots. Check out my rabbit hole and rp preferences though to see my on offs. Also, kind of craving/ looking to try out an rp with food play in it right now, so if you have an idea with that in it, or are willing to incorporate it, I'd be very happy ^_^

As for my offs, I don't do vore, gore, scat or heavy violence/pain, torture etc. Also not a fan of cum facials, which some people I've rped with have forgotten lately, so I'm mentioning it.

Anyways, onto the rps. I only do forums, but I'm happy to set this up over pms or im.


Day in the Office- A woman has just been hired as a secretary for a very high up, successful businessman -probably in his thirties or so-. However, she'll admit the pay seems almost too good to be true. Unfortunately, she didn't read the fine print, where it said she was being hired as much more than just his secretary...
-NSFW- Inspiration
We can have her become his lover or mistress, visiting his home, or keep this strictly to the office.
As for kinks to include, I'm always a fan of bondage and toys, and dom/sub stuff. Otherwise open to adding whatever we think might fit.

The New Slut- Her aunt ran the bordello, it was in the family. When she turned eighteen, her aunt invited her to visit... and despite what she thought she knew about the family business, she was quite surprised to show up and find an orgy being held in her honor, and much more surprised to find out she couldn't leave.
Looking for a guy to play at least two guys for a threesome/ gangbang, but after the initial night it will follow her as she's taught how to become a prostitute. At that point you could play a regular, or different guys each night. It's up for discussion really.
Also thinking we could do a sort of futuristic sort of rp for this, have some high tech toys and whatnot.

The Vacation- Several friends -all men-  every year spend a few weeks of their summer at a mansion/ lake house/ resort, what have you. And every year they hire an unsuspecting woman to entertain them, to serve as their sex toy whenever one or several of them desire her.
Another one where I'm looking for a guy to play multiple characters, can be as many or few as you want, and the sex scenes can be them sharing, or just each one having their way with her whenever they feel like it.

Also craving, as mentioned above, food play, as well as transformation, pregnancy, bondage, toys and lactation, so I'm perfectly happy also just setting up an rp that somehow ties these things, and more together. I'm very open to doing whatever.