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Author Topic: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]  (Read 5105 times)

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Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
« on: January 14, 2011, 12:23:54 AM »
I hate to have to make this so bold, but people keep posting on this thread, and if you want to rp with me this is really important.
Please do not post in this thread as I almost never look at it. If you are interested send a PM.
Honestly, if you cant notice the big bold letters, that makes me not want to rp with you anyway. So please, please, please PM me if you find something you like, otherwise I won't even know for weeks or months.

In addition, please be actually willing to see a plot through. The last few years I've been tempted to leave E because partners just drop plots. I get it when life happens. I've happily picked up plots with good partners who had vanished years ago. But I get tired of people who drop a roaring plot for no reason and no explonation, or who post almost every day in some plots and once a week in mine. I'm not asking for daily posts or even to be your most important, just for respect and comunication.

The World Online
[Exotic, Light~extreme, modern/fantasy]

The World! The newest and biggest MMO. An ever growing landscape of fantasy and adventure. It's launch alongside the deep dive AR helmet changed the video game industry. Now players could fully enter a game with just their minds and explore new worlds and enjoy amazing adventure. So it was no wonder that they had to play. In the process they discovered so much about the world, and each other. There are advantages to a world where consequences can be abandoned with the flip of a switch. It makes people bold. Bold enough to try things they never would in the real world...

- This plot takes place in both the world of the game, and in the real world.
- a virtual world, separate from the real one is the perfect place for a pare of friends to explore possibilities they never would dare in the real world, specifically sexual chemistry under the guise of role play.
- The game as geared at older players and has a nsfw mode, allowing for some more adult themed adventures, consequences, and monsters.

[Human, non-com~extreme, modern, craving]

Once they were best friends. They knew each other all their lives, were seen as inseparable. That is, until he got popular and she didn't. Things changed for the worse. The guy she once counted on became her tormentor. She had always been shy, a little awkward, and he knew where to push to make it hurt. Yet she never could fully bring herself to hate him, never could let go of the hope that the guy she had secretly crushed on for years was still in there. She didn't think it could get any worse. She was wrong. What he did to her when they were alone was worse. It was scary, it hurt. She couldn't stop thinking about it. Stop crying. Stop the places her hands went... she didn't know why she kept finding reasons to be alone with him, be vulnerable around him, be a victim, a thing to be used. Maybe, if she couldn't have him the way she wanted, she could have him this way...

- The name says it all, the relationship they develop is a toxic one.
- she puts up with it out of a mixed twisted desire to be close to him, and some masochistic side she's unaware of
- does he really hate her? Or are there hidden feelings and a chance for healing in there? (It's up to us really)
- I'd love to play this with a partner willing to explore their dark emotions.
- This story can be played as simple noncon, all the way to having him push her into extreme sexual acts.

Not What Expected
[Light Exotic, Human Male x Orc Female, Medieval Fantasy,]

Orcs are notorious across the land. Savage hideous bruits that murder, rape, and burn everywhere they go. They are both feared and hated by all peoples, and whenever they can humans kill them. Still there is one thing humans always wonder about, orc women. Most think their are non, or that if they are, they look no different from the males. One young man is about to find out different.

He dreams of one day being a legendary warrior, of defending people against the filthy orcs that plague their lands. One day while exploring the edge of the village, he finds his chance. In a cave not far from his village is an orc girl. Not much older than himself, she was wounded in battle, and got separated from her people. He knows he should kill er, slit her throat while she is week and take her head back. He would be called a hero, but she's not what he expects. She's intelligent, if a bit brutal. On top of that, despite her willful and proud character, she is in a way, beautiful. Rather than kill her, he grows to understand her. But how can what grows between them last in a world that wants her dead?

- The orc girl would not look to different from a human girl/ She would have green skin, sharp teeth, pointy ears, and unkempt hair like most orcs, and be physically strong when at her peak of health.
- The story can go in many directions. The boy could try and integrate her into the town, they could get caught and taken captive by the villagers, the boy could even try to take her back to her people. I'd work out the long term direction with my partner.

A Boy And His Monster Girl
[Exotic, Pet and Master]

With the discovery of these exotic women society has changed a lot. Society has adjusted to the arrival of these exotic individuals with amazing speed, harpies working as secretaries, Arachnes in construction, Nagas in the postal service. However not all of these new citizens can find a place as people and find an easier niche as pets for those willing to pay for their care. Why have a cat or a dog when you can have a beautiful and exotic woman as your personal plaything? This is the story of a boy and his monster girl.

- Monster girl will play the submissive roll, though her personality can be either willful or submissive
- it can be either a relationship of antagonism or mutual affection
Favorite monster girls include:
+ Slime Girls
+ Mouse Girls
+ Shark Girls
+ Sheep Girl
+ Frog/Newt Girls

Thats My Spot!
[Human, Light, Slight Humor]

College can be boring for a freshman who dosen't have any friends and who has no sex life. His school days are long, lonely and boring. That is, until he finds The Spot. The Spot was perfect, secluded, out of sight, and seemingly unvisited by students. He didn't know why he did it the first time, he was just a bit horny as most college boys are, but after getting off there once he was hooked. Whenever he was board and horny he would visit The Spot. It was his own private pleaser space, that is until he showed up one day to find he wasn't the only person to discover the pleasures of The Spot.

- The male lead is a virgin. The female lead could ether be another virgin curious and finally having someone to explore with, or a more sexually experienced girl looking to have fun with the guy coming into himself for the first time, ether would add interesting elements to the story. I'm mostly looking for some cute teen drama style awkwardness.
- This story is probably going to center more on the sexual components than my other plots, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be a plot. The characters should still grow and develop together, as many scenes of them exploring their social interaction as well as sexual play.
- The story should be a bit funny and a bit sweet at times, it's ment to be something light hearted and fun.

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Offline TulgeymanTopic starter

Re: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2011, 12:17:51 AM »

The Train Trap
[Human, non-con-dubcon]

Japan was infamous for the perils women faced when using its crowded subways. Stories of young ladies being groped and molested abounded. These stories were what inspired him to do it. He road the subways every day and so did she. What had started as a simple attraction turned to obsession. She was cute and innocent and she filled him with lust. He began standing close to her so he could touch her. Over time he grows in bolder and bolder, yet she keeps coming back. Where once she wore pants, soon she wears a skirt, her clothing giving him better access to her body. This could get interesting...

- All of the events take place on the crowded subway.
- The focus will be on the physical interaction and the mental state of both characters as most of their early interaction will be completely without verbal communication.
- The girl is possibly just a normal girl being taken advantage of or perhaps she isn't quite the victim she seems? 
- I'd like for this to fallow the days as the actions between the two escalate.
- I did this on before but loved it enough to try it again.

Mother and Son
[Human, incest]

She had always loved her son. Her husband had died when he was only 4, and since then it had always been the two of them. She had never had time for men, only for her little boy. Only now he's not so little. He's grown up into a fine young man of 18. She can't help but hold him a little to long, the kisses she gives him stray a little to close to his mouth, and when she touches herself at night, it's her sons face she sees. The sexual need that she's neglected so long is back with a vengeance, with her son as the focus. Maybe that's why she got drunk with him on her birthday, joked about how good it would be if she could just date him, why her face flushed when he tells her she's hot, and why her hand is going inside his pants...

- I don't want them just jumping into sex. They both know this is wrong, and try and tell themselves it was a drunken mistake that can't happen again, but they keep needing more and wanting more, slowly building to becoming lovers.

The alley
[Dub con, Craving BADLY]

The alley was dark, surely no one would see her back there. Her life is hard, always under the thumb of her parent or a teacher. She needs some release. Thats why she finds herself in the alley at night. The risk, the thrill, her fingers in herself with her pants around her ankles. Makes it hard to run when she feels the big hands on her hips. Funny how her voice is a whisper when she begs him to stop, funny how she presses back into him when he pulls her close, and funny how she is there the same time next week when he tells her to meet him again.

- plot revolves around a frustrated student intentionally getting herself blackmailed into a sexual situation.
- she acts as if she doesn't want it, but she is looking to have some of her control taken away as a release.
- Anything from bondage to extreme as she explores intense sex with the excuse of "It's not her fault."

The Princes and the Thief[/color][/size]
[human, light, Middle ages/renaissance, Coercion and seduction, Romance, Adventure]

Hers was a simple life, the daughter of a lord and lady, raised in privilege. She was the youngest child and sweet, ignorent of the world outside and surrounded by wealth. He is a dashing thief, the kind The aristocracy hates and the pesants love. When their paths cross one would think it could only end poorly. But what happens when the thief encounters the young girl, and steals her heart with her gold. His dashing figure inspires fantasy and feelings she had never known. Rather than report him she allows herself to be drawn into the world beyond her walls and between the sheets.

- The young woman has lived a sheltered life, unaware of how commoners live and completely ignorant of the concept of sex in anything more than the abstract.
- Their meetings eventually take them out of her home and amongst the people.
- Detailes and the like to be worked out with partner.

Brother Mine
[Human, incest, Extreme, Craving!!!]

They were both perverts, she knew that, though her brother had know idea about her nor that she knew about him. She had always been a little off ever since they were kids. She liked being the tied up damsel in distress a little to much. So she wasn't to surprised when she started seeing blogs about girls being used, degraded, and humiliated and thought "I want that!" It was all fantasy of course. She wanted to go to college, have friends, a real life. But oh if she could make fantasy real, at least part of the time. But what guy would want that in a girl? The answer was closer to home than she thought. She was shocked, at first, when she found the kind of porn her brother watched. It was all so fucked up... and exactly what she was into! The idea of being the kind of girl to seduce her brother was perfectly in line with what she wanted. He had always been good to her, the perfect older sibling. She had no doubt she could count on him to make her fantasies real whenever she needed. Now all she had to do was wake him up, and hope for the best.

- This isn't just a story about an empty headed bimbo going nuts for brother. She has an intense interest in some messed up stuff, but wants to be able to live a regular life. When she learns her interests line up with her brothers she sees him as the perfect way to make it all real in a safe way.
- The brothers not going to just jump into it. He's going to hesitate at first, test the waters.
- They will still have normal lives outside of their fun time, and navigating the distinction will be part of the plot.
- Aftercare and talking things through will be a part of it all.
- There aren't many things that will be off limits with this. It can get as extreme as public sex, rape play, consensual prostitution, water sports, even bestiality. I wan't to go nuts with this one.
- Plot Still Matters!

Strange Affairs
[Modern, Dub-Con, Public]

She had always lived her life safely, always done what was right. Everyone liked her for it, she was dependable, the good girl, the one everyone could count on and everyone loved. But that kinda of life left something lacking. So busy being good, a woman's needs could go un met. Sexually frustrated, the good girls mind was full of unfulfilled fantasies of deviance and depravity. But there was no way she could live out such fantasies. But a girl like her attracted attention from all kinds of men. He had lusted after her for years, had even begun to stalk her, and now it was to much. He had to have her, even in a crowd. All she had to do was cry out, draw attention to her, someone would save her from him. But with his touches feeling so good, and her cheeks so flushed, did she really want to be saved? After all, it wasn't her fault that it all felt so good.

- I'm open to the woman being any age, or profession, she just needs to be shy about her desires and sexually unfulfilled.

- Her stalker follows her in life and online. He could be anyone, a friend, an ex, family, her boss. This is something I'd work out with my partner.

- There would be a lot of dubious sex, him taking her in public and semi public places. Lots of room for kinks of varying levels as he breaks her down and teaches her to be his secret lover, all the while remaining semi anonymous.

Use me
[human, noncon, incest]

Brother and sister, a bond like no other. And when both are nerdy it is that bond that keeps them strong. In high school the two of them have few friends beyond their small group of nerds. That is until sister finally starts to come into her own. Though she is as nerdy as ever, the guys finally start to see her for the attractive young woman she is beneath the nerdy hoodies and comic books. And brother has a front row seat to it all, and a man can only listen to the things people want to do to the on girl he is so close to before getting ideas of his own. So he snaps, so he does to her what no brother should. A sad story, at least it would be, if sister didn't have the odd realisation that she liked it...

- Story starts with noncon, but the sister eventually comes around wanting more latter.
- A somewhat dom/sub relationship forms between them.

Hard Nightmare
[Extreme, Noncon, Modern]

She never thought it would happen to her. She lived a normal life in a good town, had never gotten in trouble, everyone she met liked her. So when the men stepped out of the shadows she had no reason to run, she did no know what was waiting for her. They grabbed her, drugged her, and threw her in the back of a truck. When she came to she was in a warehouse naked and chained. She was to be a plaything for men, to be used however they wanted. This would not be a story where the hero would charge in and save her. Her life was to become a nightmare.
- This story is to the extreme side of noncon. I've only done this a few times and I'm interested in pushing my boundaries and trying something new. The plot is sex driven but that does not mean it should be simplistic. This is not a situation she will grow to like, though she will undoubtedly feel pleasure. This story can go to anyplace very dark short of snuff, crippling, mutilation, or scat, anything else is fair game to our interests.

Black Book
[Exotic, Violence, Action, Lovecraftian, Eldritch Horror, Craving, Picky]

It all started with that little black book. It started popping up all over the place. It was one of those things that was on the down low, but that everyone seemed to know about. Most people thought they were just an urban legend, but for those willing to look they could be found. They rode in on the wave of occult popularity. In such a tech savvy world, people wanted a bit of old school thrills. The book held instructions for a ritual. Most people were to lazy to get it right, and for them, nothing happend. But for those who took the time, gathered the materials, and did it right, they would find themselves bound to creatures from another dimension and granted powers mortals could only marvel at. Some would use it for evil, others for cheap thrills. But none knew that it would put them in the sights of a dangerous organization. For a boy and I girl who successfully completed the ritual life is about to get a whole lot harder.

- This is actually a very in-depth idea, much of which I have not written here
- This will be a long term RP that I care a lot about, so I will be very picky about who I RP with
- There will be lots of action and adventure and intrigue
- The story is inspired both by The Guyver, the Tager plot line in the Cthulhutech RPG, and by H.P. Lovecraft
- The MCs will have the power to become these eldritch creatures, like a living suit of armor, think Venom with a Lovcraftian twist if you don't know the guyver.

A Witch and Her Hunter
[Human, Low Fantasy]

It is an age of fear and mistrust. Those who practice magic are pushed to the fringes of society and treated with disdain and loathing. The witch hunts round up hundreds of men and women to be slaughtered in the curliest of fashions. I'n a small out of the way village a witch hunter is dispatched to capteur a women accused of witch craft. But what will he do when the witch turns out to be someone from his past? Can he really take her to her doom, and are the feelings sturing in his heart really his own?"

- The past they share is important.
- There will be a fare amount of plot in this one as the story is driven by their interactions.

A Heros Training
[low fantasy, age difference, student master, adventure, non-con]

Where other girls in her city grew up dreaming of marriage and children, she spent her days dreaming of adventure. Leaving her home every day to explore the fields, forests, and caves around her village. She was known for her bravery. A local swordsman had even trained her in what he had learned from the military. Bold and willing to go the distance, at a young age she sets out for the city, to find a master adventurer to apprentice under. But the city and the master are not what she expected. The city is a harsh place where people climb over each other to reach the top, and the master is a cold man who loves his drink. But he is a master non the less, and the best there is. He agrees to train her, but the price is high. She is forced to deal with his harsh lessons, and his amorous attentions. he pushes her hard and when she falls short of his lofty goals, he uses her body as punishment. Hard training during the day, and bed warming at night, Half student and half sexual outlet. Are the astounding results of his training worth her pride and self respect.

- The female lead is strong willed and somewhat innocent of the world outside her village. Her home town is a small farming community that lives in relative idilic peace.
- Though he treats her harshly the master secretly admires her dedication and skill. As she improves he startes to treat her with more respect and softer affection. He secretly sees her as the one who can carry on his legacy as an adventurer.
- This is as much a fantasy adventure as a sexual one. He will train her, teach her to fight in the city arena, and have her adventure into dungeons and fight monsters.

Of Micegirls and Men
[exotic, romance, consensual]

He lived in a big mansion, big beyond belief. His family was the richest in the village and they used their wealth to expand their ever growing home. Whole sections have not been visited in years. It makes a lonely place for a young man. He hardly had to work. Taking over the family busyness means signing a few papers every now and then, and greasing a few palms. So what is a boy to do with all that free time but explore long lost rooms. He has always suspected that other things live in the house. Objects move, vanish or pop up, long disused fireplaces are found with embers still warm, and at night, the patter of tiny feet can be heard. His family and the servants put it all up to mice, but mice don't leave child sized footprints. It all stirs something in his memory, a strange girl he used to play with when he was little.

One day while exploring, the mystery is solved. He finds a young woman has taken up residence in the deeper parts of the house. But she is no ordinary young woman, she is a mouse girl. They had played together as children, and though he had forgotten her, she had watched him grow from the little boy who was he only friend to a young man. Though she is tiny, she is cute, and he finds himself wanting to spend time with her again, though this time, as more than friends. But his parents have had enough of the mouse problem in the house, and their secret romance is in jeopardy when an over zealous mouse catcher shows up.

- The mouse girl should be small, between three feet and four and a half
- Though she is small, she is NOT A CHILD (if you want to play her that way, don't bother messaging me). She should be around 16 to 22 depending on how young we want to play them and should act her age.
- She can either be a girl with mouse ears and tail, or she can be a furry (I've never rpd with a furry character, but I'm open to giving it a try.)
- She should be timid, though open to trying new things and willing to make her own interests and desires known. She is not a doormat or a sub, just shy.
- This should be a light hearted and romantic story.

A Familiar Feeling
[Fantasy, extreme, exotic, beast person to bestiality]

From the time she was little she had dreamed of becoming a summoner, to be able to call upon a familiar to do her bidding and fight the evils of the world was all she wanted in life. She had seen them in action once, the noble summoner driving out monsters with her powerful and beautiful familiar at her side. The two were as one, and the bond she saw between them made her heart swell. With a brain like hers getting into the magical college was no problem. Studying hard, she finally gained the chance to achieve her dream, to become a summoner and have a partner all her own. After long study she finally succeeds at her first summoning. Only then does she learn the hidden truth, that even this has a price, that the bonds of summoner and familiar were forged by more than battle, and that the price she would pay would be with her body.

- This is not a non con story. She gives in because it is for her dream, though her reluctance can make things interesting.
- She should be young, from 16-19
- Her familiar is a fantasy creature, it can range from a humanoid  beast to something more animal like. I'm open to ether but ether way it will be intelligent like a human or more so.
- The story will start from her first summoning.

The Dark Room
[Fantasy, Dark, NonCon, Gangbang, Demonic]

The room had always been locked, her mother told her never to go in it, never to look for the key. She had been told that bad things happen to girls who enter that room. But her mother died, when she was still young, and at 18 the big house was all hers, all it's rooms, and all it's keys. When she came home one day it was just sitting in the middle of the floor, a black key like the lock on the room. Overcome with curiosity, she finally enteres the room, and finds much more than she could have imagined. There are old things, things that live in the dark. She is used, violated, and only just escapes. She locks the door determined to forget it, but she can not forget, and finds herself in front of the door again an again. Soon it becomes to much, she must go back to the dark room.

- The girl gets raped by the entities that live in the room the first time she enters.
- After she inexplicably feels drawn to the room to be used again and again.
- Eventually the entities start to follow her further and further from the room the more she goes there, and take a larger and larger place in her life over time.


Dark Temptation
[Exotic, Extreme, NonCon, Lovcraftian]

She had always thought her friend was a bit of a nutter. She was a normal girl, your average college student. Her friend on the other hand, had never outgrown the goth phase of life. Twilight and H.P. Lovcraft were regular interests. As long as they had known each other she had been dragged into her friends rituals and ghost hunts. How was she to know this newest one would work. Nor that the eldritch being they summoned would take a liking to the more innocent girl. Sex, and murder were what it wanted, and no matter how much she resisted it would push her to fulfill both needs, lest she go mad. But can she hope to hold onto herself?

- The entity feeds of peoples indulgences and pushes her to kill, drink, and sleep with randome people.
- This is not something she wants to give into
- No one but her can see or feel the entity
- It also uses her for it's own sexual pleasure

How Could You?
[NonCon/rape, humiliation, rough]

She was just a normal girl pissed at her parent's. It wasn't even over anything big but she wanted freedom and wanted to piss them off. So she ran away, finding her older friend in the city. She just wanted to stay for a few days and make her parents sweat. He had been a good family friend, and she had always looked to him as a second father. But with a beautiful young woman in his home, how could he resist. He holds her against her will, using her as he wants. She is locked up and kept as his plaything, molded into his perfect little sex doll.

- Man mid late 30's to early 40's / girl 17 to 20
- He keeps her in his appartment and tries to train her into his willing sex slave

To Follow the Creed
[human, NC, Assassins Creed, Historical, Craving]
Her father ran afoul of some powerful men, and she paid the price. Dragged off by the guards, they raped her as punishment for her fathers transgressions. She would die like that, raped and tormented till she could take no more. In all the darkness there was only one face of kindness, a single man who would give her hope. But he was a servent, nothing more, he could not help her. At least thats what she thought. He came for her in the night, freed her. And from that day on she was free, truly free for the first time in her life. He would teach her the ways of the assassins, the way of the creed.

- Story is set any time between the roman empire and the revolutionary war in america, preferably in a western country
 ~Imperial Rome, middle ages Europe, renaissance italy, and Revolutionary america are all good settings
- The story starts with the young woman being thrown in prison and being violated by the guards
- Her father can either survive the ordeal or be put to death before she is saved
- After her rescue she will be trained and indoctrinated into the assassins order
- Knowledge of the games will help

Daddies Girl
[Incest, human, Father x Daughter]

Raising a daughter without a wife is hard. Never the healthiest of women, bringing their daughter into the world was her final loving act. He raised his daughter with both of their love, and stayed away from dating because none match up to his late love. But he was wrong, his daughter was so like her mother, and somehow even more beautiful. Yet his thoughts were never tainted.

The same could not be said for his daughter. In their lonely life her father was the only man she could count on. It wasent fair that he should be alone when he cared for her for so much. On top of that he was kinder and better looking than any boy she knew. Before she knew it she was lusting after her own father. But what will he do when he realizes his daughter wants to ease his loneliness.

- The daughter is the one who wants to start something with the father, but he will eventually give in.
- The over all plot will be worked on with the partner.

A Price to Pay
[Fantasy, extreme, exotic, beast person to bestiality]

From the time she was little she had dreamed of becoming a summoner, to be able to call upon a familiar to do her bidding and fight the evils of the world was all she wanted in life. She had seen them in action once, the noble summoner driving out monsters with her powerful and beautiful familiar at her side. The two were as one, and the bond she saw between them made her heart swell. With a brain like hers getting into the magical college was no problem. Studying hard, she finally gained the chance to achieve her dream, to become a summoner and have a partner all her own. After long study she finally succeeds at her first summoning. Only then does she learn the hidden truth, that even this has a price, that the bonds of summoner and familiar were forged by more than battle, and that the price she would pay would be with her body.

- This is not a non con story. She gives in because it is for her dream, though her reluctance can make things interesting.
- Her familiar is a fantasy creature, it can range from a humanoid  beast to something more animal like. I'm open to ether but ether way it will be intelligent like a human or more so.
- The story will start from her first summoning.

[Human, Bondage, College]

The innocent one, thats what her friends called her. She never did anything wrong, got perfect grades, and never shamed herself. People looked at her as an angel on earth. But she was always inquisitive, and with hormones raging her mind has finally turned in a new direction. Turning to her unlikely friend, the badboy who no one knows why she hangs out with, she dives into the wold of sex, and findes she is hunger for knowledge.
- A story of a girl learning about sex and a boy learning about love
- Lots of hot sex but lots of social interaction and explorations of changing world views and social perceptions.

Brother and Sister In Arms
[Light to NC, Medieval Fantasy, Craving]

For a long time he has always played second fiddle to his sister. They were of a strong house, poor in treasure, but rich in swords. For years they had only been the weapons of others, living only to war for their liege lord and destro those whom he told theme to. Their only reward the empty promises of riches, and what loot they could take from the defeated. But when their lord declared himself a king in his own right, and brought war to the lands around, it was his children whom he expected to lead their people to glory. The daughter had met and surpassed her fathers every expectation, bringing glory to their house. The son was another matter, an average swordsman at best, he felt trapped beneath his sisters shadow. Seeking to drown his troubles in pleasure. He takes to beding women when he can. One day he meets a women he had never seen before. Though she challenges him to use all his skill in seduction,he finally manages to bed her. It is only upon returning with his new favorite woman to the castle that he learns that the woman he has just bedded is in fact his sister. Years appart have changed not only her maner but appearance. The shy homely girl who left to train as a warrior had come back not only a powerful fighter, but a beautiful woman. What followed when the siblings were sent out to battle at each others side was sexual teasing in secret, that slowly grew into something more, something that would needs be kept secret from a kingdom that frowned on incest as the blackest of abominations.

How would the relationship of the sibling grow, would they succeed in their fathers conquest, would the son ever rise out of his sisters shadow, and what is the end of the treacherous road they walk.

- for any one familiar with A Song of Ice and Fire, this plot was inspired by the scene where Theon Greyjoy reunites with his sister and attempts to bed her when he thinks she is someone else. Knowing the scene definitely helps, Especially if you liked it.
- The sister is the typical tomboy female warrior type, she initially looks down on her brother as weak, and uses sexuality as a way to tease him.
- The land they come from is up for negotiation but it should be a place where life is hard and the land ungiving.
- While they are from a proper lords house, the people are warlike and barbaric in battle, priding strength over grace.

My Demon
[NC to Extreme, Exotic, Modern Fantasy]

She hated her life. All through high school she had been mocked, made fun of and passed over by boys. She had thought that would all change in college, but she was wrong. She was still surrounded by cliques and people that looked down on her. She had always been rational, never going much for urban legends and the like. Yet when she fond the dusty leather book in some dark corner of the library, she couldn't help but think of the school legend of a book that could tell you how to summon a demon that would surve you and grant your every wish. But she just wanted the pain to go away, so badly that she gave in and summoned the demon. He was every thing the book had promised, serving her faithfully and working to make her dreams come true. Yet he was no slave, he required payment. It would have been expected for him to demand her soul, but he wanted the opposite, he wanted her body. In return for his servitude her body was his to use for his own pleasure and he could demand it of her whenever he desired. She had everything she had wanted, and the ability to have whatever she may want later, but was the price to high? Indeed, could it even be called a price at all?

- The demon can basically grant almost any wish within reason, the more complex a wish, the longer it will take to do.
- Outside of his ability to demand sex of her he is basically her slave, forced to do whatever she asks with the only exceptions being that she can not demand he leave her service, and she can not demand he harm himself or her.
- The level of the story will depend on how cruel she wishes to be with her wishes.

The Dawn Of Time 
[Human, Prehistoric, Bondage, Possibly NC]

It is the dawn of time. Life is still new and crowds the earth. Dinosaurs, mammoths, and other great beasts rome the  deserts, swamps, fields, and jungles of earth. Humanity has only just begun to scratch out a living on the planet. In this world life leaves little room for kindness and the soft are destroyed. In this harsh environment a man and a women meet in the wild. The women seeks for food, the man seeks her. After initial conflict can the two grow fond of each other and together face a harsh and unforgiving world?

- The setting is not historical prehistory, but rather a sort of composite of different prehistorical time periods.
- There should initially be a struggle and the man takes the women by force, this period of conflict can end quickly or continue for a long time depending on what we agree on. They should eventually become a partners and than come to care for each other. This could also be written out and replaced with some other meeting if you aren't a fan of non-con.
- While there will be sexy and sweet moments, life for these two will be hard, its a cruel world they live in.
- I invision them traveling around and not really living in one place.

The Age of the Gods

All of existence had long since crumbled to dust and energy. Stars had burned out and planets had cracked and crumbled. Even the old gods had faded and turned to ether. From the dust, the fire, and the mist, new gods began to be born. Staggeringly beautiful and filled with life and wonder they began to create a new existence. Were there is life and joy there is love, for the gods are not so different from us.

- Although the gods are basically human in form they are ment to be individually unique and beautiful. Their appearance is distinct and different from the norm, expressing something of their sphere of influence. 
- This story is very experimental and what happens will depend largely on the godly identities created for it.
- This story could go any place from light exotic to NC exotic

Under The Full Moon

His life as a werewolf was hard and lonely. It was a life of violence and strife, that made being a college student that much harder. He had spent years tailoring his life to his condition and stealing his heart against pain. All that changed, however when he met her. If it had been a young teen novel she would have helped him to find the human beneath the monster and they would have lived happily ever after. But life isen't like that, and a situation like theirs could only bring hardship and pain. When she is draged into his dark world will she be able to cope or will she lose everything she ever held dear?

- These are not friendly cuddly were wolves, they are brutal and savage.
- I'm looking to start this one from when they first meet when she is still human.
- I'm open to reversing things, with the girl being the werewolf, but you'll have to convince me.
- There will be other werewolves and they will play a part.
- I'm really interested in the Idea of a sweet submissive girl slowly discovering her carnal animal side as she copes with the change.
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Re: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
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A Fairy's Love sounds like fun to me!

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Re: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
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Hey there, I really like the sound of A Witch and Her Hunter.

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Re: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
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I'm not sure if you are still seeking writing partners, but if so and if it's not taken Hard Nightmare sounds like a good plot, if it is taken and you are still looking and have something else still available let me know.

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Re: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
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I would love to do Hate You with you, but I see it is taken. It was really the only one I loved.

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Re: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
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Updated and added some much needed info.

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Re: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
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Reopened some old plots. I've had a bunch of partners either vanish or go on break, but I'm basically only in 1 story on the regular right now so looking to fill some empty space.

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Re: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
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On Hold

I'm adding this section for stories that may or may not have been played, but that I'm temporarily taking off my List.

Hate You
[Modern, Highschool, NC, Hardcore, public]

They never got along, from the day they met in kindergarten they were always at each other throats. They couldn't be in the same room without trouble, yet fate seemed to keep them together. Over the years the anger and resentment only festered, twisting and growing till it all came to a head one day, after school. He did the unthinkable. He'd never been kind to her, but she didn't imagine he would force himself onto her. He's older now, scary, she's to ashamed to cry out. Not the best way for a girl to have her first orgasm. If only it stopped their. With the pictures he took, he has to much leverage over her. She's forced to do what he wants, to submit. She hates it. So why does she dream of it, the feel of him, the taste of him. Why does she look forward to the dreams every night, and why does she get wet at the thought he might make her do such humiliating things?
Variation: She's bullied him all his life. A tomboy, taller, stronger, meaner. He's been her victim all his life, that is until this year. He's gotten big over the summer, though never noticed till he snapped. Alone and tormented, his anger overflowed. He shoved her, pinned her, and they both realized things had changed. He could take his revenge now, make her suffer like she made him suffer all those years. He leaves her humiliated, dirtied, and with pictures of her shame, things are going to change. If only he knew how much.

- Neither version of this plot is about a healthy relationship
- Hate gives way to lust, and a potentially toxic romance.
- Let me know which version interests you

Daddies Girl
[Modern, incest, father daughter]

It's hard being a father and raising a little girl all on your own. Its always been the two of them, best friends as well as father and daughter. He's the man she could always count on, always trust. She's seen what life for him has been like without their mother. He's lonely, frustrated, and she's not a little girl anymore. The first time she caught him masturbating was exciting. Watching him stroke his thick shaft to climax made her feel funny. But thoughts couldn't hurt right? And it couldn't hurt to tease a bit either, dressing in next to nothing around the house, showering with the door open, all in the hopes of daddy seeing her, and maybe being the one he thought of at night. He too couldn't miss the way his little girl had grown into a woman, one even more beautiful than her mother. How long can they hold back before the illicit tension explodes an they fulfill their lusts?

[Modern, Masturbation, Angry Sex, Verbal abuse, Craving!!!]

They were best friends, online that is. They had met on a forum over mutual interests and had been talking every day for a year. They both felt the connection, and both were excited when their talk started getting a little more dirty. Soon they were telling each other what they wanted to do and helping each other get off. As much as they liked each other, the anonymity of it excited them. Finally they got up the courage to do a cam session. They agreed to wear masks to keep up the game. It was hotter than they had imagined, and they boh came hard. IT had been strange how familiar their voices were, but they did not care, they felt the connection.

Offline things were different. They were the worst of enemies. They did not know why but they had hated each other on sight. They had blow up fights and she had even hit him, though he would not hit her back. After their second cam session, she breaks down and cries, telling her online lover about the boy at school who had finally gone one step to far. He comforts her, but the story sounds so familiar. And then it clicks, and things become much more complicated. What do you do when you hate someone as much as you need them?

Heroes Have to Stick Together
[Human, Super Hero, Dub-con]

She was a champion of the city, a hero too the people. She had shown up around the time of the hero boom, when normal people had taken up costumes to fight crime, and where many had fallen to the wayside she had excelled, making a real difference. It had been heard, but she had always had her secret identity to come home to, to comfort her when the word of crime fighting got to intense. That was, until that identity was compromised. With her former peaceful life in tatters, all she can do is turn to one of her fellow masked heroes. The two team up to take down the group that has bard her from her life, in the hopes that their downfall will allow her to resume her former identity. The team up is a tense one, the two are rivals more than true friends, and she soon finds that the sanctuary he provides comes at a price.

- In this she basically submits to her heroic rival in order to obtain his help and the safety of his home.
- The two are classic rival types
- I'm looking for more smarts and skills and less super powers with this one.
- I'm looking for someone who will stick around for this one. I've had two grate partners for this story but it never lasted. I will be very selective about this story.
- I have tried this story with I think three different partners at this point and all have fallen through or vanished. I really want to do this story but please be willing to commit to sticking with it.

A Fairy's Love
[Light, Exotic, Modern Fantasy]

For a struggling artest life in the city was hard. He had moved there from his small home town, and had trouble making friends. He had managed to get his hands on a small apartment on the edge of the city park. It was a nice enough place if a little run down. Every day he would stay inside, Painting and sketching till night came. It was a lonely life to live, with no real friends. His life takes a turn for the strange however, when he finds a letter of admiration on his desk one day. The door is locked and he heard no one come in, so who is this phantom admirer. His initial fear soon turnes to wonder and then to joy as he discovers a friend in the mysterious letter writer, the exchanged messages become the norm, and soon warm feelings start to develop. The messages take a new turn, however, when the letters start to turn more racy. But can all of these emotions be maintained when he learns the truth of his mysterious companion?

- The sender of the letters is the second lead character, A young fairy girl from the park nearby. She likes to explore the houses and shops outside the park and so discovers and comes to admire the main character.
- She is small like a traditional fairy, but later ether or both of them could change size to interact mor intimately and explore each others worlds.
- The story can take place anytime between today and the 1800's, the time period mostly effects the setting more so than the story. A fairy in a moder technological world could be a lot of fun though.

Black and White
[Human, Light, Interracial]
He is a young black man raised in an average middle class family. She is a girl raised in a tight night but bigoted family, taught to look down on other races all her life. Under normal circumstances the two of them would never have interacted. However, school projects are notorious for pushing together people who normally would never want to even look at each other. Can they come to terms with each other, and how will they deal with the growing sexual tension and curiosity as they are forced to spend time together.

- I expect to work with my partner on exactly what it is that is forcing them together
- The Boy will be black, but there is no reason the girl has to be white. she simply should be from another race and have a negative view of other races.
- Race is a touchy subject for many people, so I would like a partner who can handle the subject in a frank and mature manner.

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Re: Adventure and sensuous encounters await! [M seeking F]
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