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December 06, 2022, 07:19:21 pm

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Author Topic: DngrMse's Ideas (M Seeking F)  (Read 883 times)

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DngrMse's Ideas (M Seeking F)
« on: January 13, 2011, 12:35:10 pm »
A brief word on my offs:  None. 

And with that out of the way, I try to respond with two or more full paragraphs, (outside of scenes that demand shorter posts, which they sometimes do), and would like potential writing partners to do the same.  Check my posts, please, to assure yourself of our compatibility, (and I will do the same with those who respond).

Story Ideas:

A Sporting Proposition  (NC BDSM D/s) 

Setting:  Modern Earth

A sportsman's club, on several thousand remote, and mountainous acres of land in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., offers, to it's more select, and approved clientele, a chance to hunt nude women.  The women can be recent kidnap victims, or volunteers.  The men are armed with tranquilizers, instead of bullets, (of course).  Both hunter and prey begin the game at the same time, though in different areas of the preserve.  For the women, the object of the game is to avoid being taken before they can get to a designated safe spot, where, if they're a kidnap victim, they earn points toward being released.  If volunteer, they win the hefty cash bond put up by the hunter.  Though nude, the women have a slight edge, due to their familiarity with the area, and knowledge where within the preserve the safe area is. 

The hunters are allowed to study unmarked maps, but carry no such maps, or GPS devices during the hunt.  The goal for the hunter, (my character), is to 'bag' his prey before she can make it to safety, at which point, she becomes his trophy for the duration of his stay at the club.  It is assumed that in this story, the girl is eventually darted, and it can begin with the hunt, or toward the end of the hunt.  Specific likes, and dislikes can be discussed beforehand via PM.

An Accident of Birth  (EX NC BDSM M/s Twincest)   TAKEN

Setting:  Semi fantasy, historical earth, or modern earth.

A person's place in this world is determined entirely by the phase of the moon they're born under.  The closer to a full moon a male is born determines exactly how high up the societal ladder he will ascend.  At a new moon, a male is destined for a life of slavery, and at a full moon, a life of ease, up to, and including positions of power.  The reverse holds true for females, the closer to a new moon, the higher they will ascend.  This story is based around a set of twins, boy and girl, born near the full moon.  While young, they're raised together, though he spends his childhood eating the finest foods, wearing the richest fabrics, and sleeping in a soft, warm bed.  His twin sister wears rags, sleeps on a straw pallet, and is reduced to begging scraps of food from her brother.

It is during these formative years that he, (my character), develops not only his sense of being better than his sister, he begins delighting in his mental, and physical tortures of the girl, in exchange for the scraps food she begs from him.  She is, however, eventually taken away, and sent off to be trained properly as a slave, and for some years they are apart.  When he comes of age, a young man with his own properties, and a comfortable existence as a minor noble, he finds his sister, and arranges her purchase from the slave pens, and delivery to him, eager to resume his cruel, and humiliating games.  Specific likes, dislikes, and favorite kinks can be discussed via PM.

Please respond via PM.  :)

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