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Author Topic: Time of the Death Eaters - Looking for More Death Eaters  (Read 6692 times)

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Re: Time of the Death Eaters - Looking for More Death Eaters
« Reply #75 on: January 21, 2011, 04:41:40 pm »
Name: Alvira Hertz
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Blood: Pure Blood
Rank: Marked Death Eater
Personality: Aggressive, lack of empathy, and slightly bipolar. Alvira is kind hearted to those he’s trust, if only there were anyone he trusted. He likes to keep to himself, and doesn’t like to talk to people much, because he’s sort of on the… dumb side; it take him a while to process what is being said, he hears the words, but he doesn’t understand the meaning—sarcasm and humor is wasted on him. Ever since he turned twenty five, he started to have violent outburst, and seemed to take many things in a negative way. The only way to see Alvira’s true personality is when he’s with his little sister, whom he cherish very much.

History: The history doesn’t start with him, it goes further back, generations, where his forefathers were truly pureblooded wizards and witches; mainly because they inbreed. Closer to their generation, the Hertz family broaden out their bloodline, no longer marrying their cousins and siblings, but there’s no wonder why Alvira and his sister seemed to have such… devastating personalities, with their family housing a phobia of tainted blood. Though, Alvira is the only person who knows that his father was his mother’s uncle, or so he hopes.

Alvira was raised in an “average” pureblooded family, with “average” wealth; though this “average” might seem extravagant to some. He was raised by loving parents, spoiled as much as a comfortably living family could, and left to live on his own during his eighteenth birthday; of course in a house bought by his parents, with a job reserved for relatives—a comfortable life. Being at the age of thirty three, he actually recently became a Death Eater a few years back; because his graduating school was not that of Hogwarts, so he never really knew much about this organization. Raised with a supremacist mind, Alvira was in agreements that Muggles must go. He wasn’t a breeder, like most of his family and sister, he was more of an eliminator; he’d much rather get rid of the useless race, and it's tainted blooded sisters, before any repopulating of purebloods was done.

Alvira takes care of his little sister after their father died of untreated Aplastic anaemia, and their mother followed him with suicide. Alvira loves his sister, and is overly affectionate with her; he loves to spoil her, and would let her get away with anything, really. Since his sudden mood changes during his twenties, his sister had been the only other person he’s had a personal conversation with, that didn’t involve a duty. Their interactions with each other are strange, and can greatly be confused as incestuous, but it is not. Alvira might kiss his sister—deeply—or even touch her in ways that can be perceived as romantic; but it’s just how he show his family love. Plus, touch gives him a pleasant little feeling that he wouldn’t mind sharing with anyone—it’s just touching.

Signature Spell/Curse: Petrificus Totalus

Appearance: Alvira isn’t one to take care of his looks, so he generally let his hair grow any which way it wants. Though his sister keeps him in check from time to time, making sure he’s cleaned up quite nicely. He has thick dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. His sister enjoys long hair, so he currently has it at a nice shoulder length. She likes how rugged his beard makes him looks, and he doesn’t care to shave, so all is well. He’s a good six foot something—he doesn’t care to measure himself—and he has a nice athletic build; it’s just something about roughly handling a body with bare hands that gets him going, so he works out a lot.]Shot One[/url]]Shot Two[/url]

Name: Elvira Hertz
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Blood: Pure Blood
Rank: Loyalist
Personality: Prissy, Elvira is much like her older brother, and doesn’t quite understand how to see other people’s emotions; not that they don’t care, they just can’t, so they won’t. However, she can sense problems in her brother (as he, her), so she feels a euphoric connection with her older kin. Elvira can get very aggressive at times, and she use violence as her outlet. Other than her anger issues, she try to be very proper and lady like, her reactions are sometimes extreme, and at times she experience extreme depression. One day she’s happy and normal, and the next she thinks everyone hates her; generally when that happens, only her brother can calm her.

History: Elvira was blessed by being born on the same day as her brother’s birthday, though fifteen years apart, they are very much like twins. They have the same ideas, and the same interest; though neither really know if they agree on the same thing to please the other. Elvira has always felt a great connection with her brother, and shamelessly use him for her pleasure gratifications; from something as simple as his money, to his touch. Touch is not as important to them as it would be to other people—Elvira would French kiss a stranger during a first meeting—so no real romantic feelings blossom between them, or so is the case for her brother. Elvira is madly in love with her older brother, and he is everything she wants in a pureblooded male. He doesn’t know it, and she knows he doesn’t, but it doesn’t stop her from trying. Many a times she had tried to get her bother to take her, but he’d either deny her, or take it as her just wanting attention. It tortures her to know that her brother doesn’t love her like a woman, but she feeds of the advantage that he love her enough to give her what she wants.

Elvira doesn’t know much about her family heritage, but she do know that they pride on being purebloods. She was raised mainly by her brother, even though her parents died five years ago, so she’s highly obedient of him; though her jealousy for him causes her to act purposefully rebellious. She doesn’t pick fights with him, but she would at time deny his love for her purposefully to not only hear him say he love her, but to also get her way; like have him break off with a girlfriend. Since his twenties, he began to show signs of mood swings and fits, and though it’s completely crushed his social life, it made him all the more closer to her, and she couldn’t be any happier. With this big change in their lives, Elvira believes that she can finally wiggle her way into being the best, and only, woman in his life, to fufill her dreams of being his wife.

Signature Spell/Curse: Restituo, a Charm she had created for herself. Elvira gets… angry at times, and these fits consist of yelling, screaming, and breaking things—her things, unfortunately—after losing many expensive, and highly cherished, items, she finally perfected a spell that will fix any of her items; it only works before the item is broken, so she has to cast it as soon as she gets the item, a charm that she already placed all over their home.

Appearance: Elvira, like her brother, has thick brown hair, with brown eyes; she greatly cares about her appearance, and wouldn’t be caught dead without her hair done. If it was a mess, it was intentional, or she was going through one of her fits, but she wouldn’t be outside her home if she was. Her skin is tanner than her brother, it’s only because she’s outside in the day time more than he is, and she is frequently found wearing any shade of pink. Her hair is currently a honey blonde, and to her elbows.

Shot One
Shot Two
Shot Three
Shot Four

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Re: Time of the Death Eaters - Looking for More Death Eaters
« Reply #76 on: January 21, 2011, 07:36:44 pm »
Got them added to the Profiles, Black Orchid.

Have fun. ^_^

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Re: Time of the Death Eaters - Looking for More Death Eaters
« Reply #77 on: January 21, 2011, 07:41:06 pm »
ok Michi, modified it so it would reflect him as a somewhat caring dad and hubby lol

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Re: Time of the Death Eaters - Looking for More Death Eaters
« Reply #78 on: January 21, 2011, 07:43:21 pm »
*hugs* Awesome. I fixed it up in the profile thread.

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Re: Time of the Death Eaters - Looking for More Death Eaters
« Reply #79 on: January 28, 2011, 01:49:48 am »

I remember talking to you about this game a long time ago Michi. Or at least something like it. But I will have to say that I am interested. I think I will work on an OC character if that is ok? I know that you have more OC characters then others, but I never do well with characters that don't come from my own mind. Too many limitations.

Oh and Eden's mask thingy has been haunting me to press it most of the day... And thus I am here.

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Re: Time of the Death Eaters - Looking for More Death Eaters
« Reply #80 on: January 28, 2011, 02:02:00 am »
Bwhahahaha <3

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Re: Time of the Death Eaters - Looking for More Death Eaters
« Reply #81 on: January 28, 2011, 09:06:44 am »
We're always open for more OC character's Najdan. ^^

And if Eden's mask has been tempting you to click, then it's doing it's job. ^^

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Re: Time of the Death Eaters - Looking for More Death Eaters
« Reply #82 on: January 31, 2011, 09:56:14 pm »
I need more to do I adding an original who could eventually become a DE but she is definitely a supporter

Name:Jessara Romaninski


Gender: Female

Blood: Pureblood

Rank: Death Eater Supporter

Personality: Jessara is a confidant, sure of herself woman who believes magic is might, always has. She is the type of woman who when she knows what she wants she will go after it no matter what. She is also cold and calculating when called for and would beat you down if you looked at her wrong. She however loves strong and hard so if she finds someone, it will be for life. She is one to believe that magic is might and that muggles belong in only two places, beneath her feet and under her thumb.

History (please be somewhat descriptive):Jessara was born in Prague the main city in the Czech Republic. She was unique among them, as her mother was German and her father a Czech. she got her red hair from her mother's side of the family but seemed to favor the looks of her father's more, which suited her just fine. She grew as the princess of her parent's eye, always being instilled how much better then muggles and muggle borns she was. She went to Durmstrang at the age of eleven and excelled in the Dark Arts, always getting the best marks in that class, though it was the primary class there.

She graduated and moved to London, getting a job in the ministry as just a lowly intern but quickly rose to become one of the unmentionables. She learned of Voldemort from all the talk around and though she had not at that time actively sought out Voldemort she had been following his movements. She soon decided to try and find her way into the social crowd, meeting other families that were as far as she had heard supposed Voldemort supporters. This was how she had found a mutual friend in Lucius Malfoy, getting invited to his christmas party with his wife who took an instant liking to the younger woman. She had voiced her views to Lucius and Narcissa and they have since taken her under their wing, planning for the moment they could introduce her to Voldemort as a Death Eater hopeful.

Signature Spell/Curse: Fienderi (no incantation for Fiendfyre so I tried one that would be like it but not exact, this will make the fiendfyre for my girl)

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