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It seems to me that most Harry Potter games revolve around Hogwarts and the Marauders. Other than Remus, I don't really like the Marauders. Nor do I like working around site rules to incorporate so many characters, especially siblings, that are all the same exact age. So I say screw the canon storyline and lets have some fun with the Death Eaters! I spoke with Undisclosedtoyou about doing a game like this, but it just never went through. I've decided that I do want a dark game. A Harry Potter game that falls into the Extreme category.

There will be some 'rules' about Muggles. Most of them will be NPCs or OCs that die. Voldemort does not have 'love' for anyone, nor do I think he would degrade himself to having sex with, molesting, or even lustfully gazing at a Muggle (or maybe not even a Half-Blood). So if someone wants to take on the role of Voldemort, please remember that before his re-birth he did not have the snake-like features, he will likely not partake in any sexual activities, and unlike Darth Vader he cannot be turned good or caring in any way.

The basic idea of the game will be for Harry to have been killed. Either through Lily not reacting the way she did in the book (not using her love to defend her son and instead running downstairs to try and fend Voldemort off there...or even Snape coming in at the last moment and stunning her to take her for himself). That leaves the wizarding world in rubble. The Death Eaters take over.

The game would start at a Dark Revel, a Death Eater gathering, in celebration of Voldemort's victory (even if it was over a 1 year old child). We have a lot of Death Eater spots to fill as well as some OCs that can be made.

Known Canon Death Eaters:

Severus Snape
Lucius Malfoy - Played by Fireflights
Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black) - Played by Anithinum
Rodolphus Lestrange (Bella's Husband)
Rabastan Lestrange (Bella's Brother-in-Law)
Alecto Carrow
Amycus Carrow (Alecto's brother)
Antonin Dolohov
Bartemius Crouch Jr. - Played by Eden
Igor Karkaroff
Thorfinn Rowle
Walden Macnair
Augustus Rookwood
Evan Rosier - Played by Michi

OC Death Eaters:

Gemini Gallimean (née Fulcrum)- Played by Xanatos
Davus Gallimean - Played by Xanatos
Damion Mutanda - Played by Vincent
Lavender Ackerly - Played by Michi
Kyraina Smith - Played by Venom09

I didn't include Regulus Black because I do like keeping a little canon material and he dies in 1979, before Harry is killed.

Also, anyone taking wanting to take up Snape will have to PM me to talk about it see if we want to include Lily as his 'reward'. I would like to keep people like Sirius and Remus out of it for the most part. I'd like the game to be about the joys of being a Death Eater. You know...killing, cursing, torturing, raping, hurting, and feeling superior. I will allow Muggle-Born and Half-Blood OCs. Most of those will likely become 'pets' or 'toys' to one or more of the Death Eaters.

OC Death Eaters are very much welcomed. But remember, not everyone has to be a Death Eater. In the books, being a Death Eater was a privilege held only for Voldemort's top people or people of value to him (Peter was a useless lump except that he knew where the Potters were).

And I would like people to know that not all Death Eaters have to be evil. Like Severus, they could have just fallen in with a bad crowd and don't really like what the Death Eaters do, but have no choice to go along with it. So if you make a Muggle-Born character, you might get lucky and find your way to one of them. ^^ Also, not all characters have to be Death Eaters or Muggle-Borns. People like Narcissa Malfoy were supporters, but not Death Eaters. I'll allow them too.

Character Profiles:

[b]Blood:[/b] (Pure Blood, Half-Blood, or Muggle-Born)
[b]Rank:[/b] (Marked Death Eater, Low Rank Death Eater, or Loyalist...please be warned that if you are a half-breed like a giant or Veela, you are more likely to be low rank unless Voldie has GREAT use for you)
[b]History (please be somewhat descriptive):[/b]
[b]Signature Spell/Curse:[/b]

Anyway, just fill that out if you're interested. If we get enough interest, then I'll set the threads up. Just know that it will likely go into Non-Con or Extreme, but not all scenes have to be NC.


Oh...I added 'Signature Spell/Curse' into the Character Profiles. Here's some lists of spells and curses:


Please keep in mind that 'Sectumsempra' is reserved for Snape only since he created the spell.

Game Links:

Main Game Thread
Character Profiles
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Hello, I have a few questions which would determine if I join or not, or if you let me join as the case may be.

First off, do applicants need to have in depth knowledge of the Potter verse? I do not have in depth knowledge. The movies are my furthest extent, unfortunately. I find the realm quite fascinating and will read the books one day to get the full scope.

Will there be an overarching plot which pulls things together? I'm not against the Death Eater fun, but I am curious if there is more than the debauchery.

Despite the questions I will declare interest in being a Death Eater or supporter, both Pure blood. Possibly Snape himself, but seeing as you love Snape so much Michi I would have to discuss it over with you since you know his character so well.


Thanks for the interest, Xanatos. To answer your questions...no, in depth knowledge of the Harry Potter Universe is not necessary. The movies would be good enough knowledge. Mostly because other than being followers of Voldemort, not that much is told about Death Eaters in the books. Most of the known Death Eaters were not given in depth histories and sometimes not even in depth personalities. Most of the rituals and stuff people put about them is all fan made. Like the Dark Revel. I read about that in a fanfiction, but it's not canon based. Just a name I've seen some fans used for a Death Eater gathering or celebration.

As for an overall plot. I haven't given it too much thought, but I figure part of the Death Eater's duties would include converting more pure-bloods, trying to break through Hogwart's defenses, take down Dumbledore, and seek out child that could be the one the prophecy spoke about (like the Longbottoms). While the game would center around the personal lives of the Death Eaters, I would be putting up other threads at various times when Voldemort (who I'm thinking of just making an NPC) gives out an order. Of course those threads wouldn't be at random. They'd be talked out a bit with the other members of the game. ^_^ I guess you could say that taking over the wizarding world completely is the overall plot of the game.

Yeah, I'd prefer Snape to be played by someone that knows his character pretty well from the books.
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I figured as much about Snape -chuckles-. I have seen how much of an avid Snape lover you are.

I will consider making an OC Death Eater then. Are you against me or anyone having more than one character? I was thinking of a sick hearted husband/wife team who enjoys acts of debauchery together with victim(s). If only one character is allowed, that is perfectly fine as well.


*snuggles Snape* I'm not obsessed at all. >.>

Anyway...A husband/wife team would be great. Kind of like the Lestranges, except I'm sure your wife character might actually have some interest in her husband...since Bellatrix doesn't. :P

I would prefer people to try and stick with 1-2 characters. If they feel they can handle three, then that is okay, but no more than three.
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Oh...I added 'Signature Spell/Curse' into the Character Profiles. Here's some lists of spells and curses:


Please keep in mind that 'Sectumsempra' is reserved for Snape only since he created the spell.
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-laughs- Yes the wifey will certainly enjoy her husband.

Thanks for the go ahead, I will get my characters up as soon as I can.

Noooooo! lol. I liked that spell. Ah well. On that note, is creating ones own spells allowable? Although I don't know the particulars of doing so, if its anything to worry over.

Thanks for the list, I will be sure to look it over.


Awesome. I always liked Lucius and Narcissa. I thought they were the perfect pair for loyalists. A Death Eater husband and a Loyalist wife that do love each other. Most of the other Death Eaters weren't like the Malfoys. ^^

And yes, if you think you can make up a spell, go for it. Most of the spells seem to be Latin.


Sectumsempra derives from the Latin sectum, "having been cut" (comparable to the English word "section" or "segmented"), and possibly semper, "always." It can be translated as "always cutting" or "sever forever".

At least that's what the Wiki says. So if you think you can come up with something, go for it. But if you do make one up, please give some kind of description for it.
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Ah Latin based, gotcha. I have a few things in mind then. -cackles as the ideas flow-


Awesome. Can't wait to see it. I shall be putting mine up as soon as I'm done with some things.
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Name: Evan Rosier
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Blood: Pure-Blood
Personality: Evan tends to be stubborn had has what Phineas Nigellus Black calls 'Slytherin bravery'. He's willing to fight and die for what he believes in. In 1980 he was willing to fight to the death with Mad-Eye Moody, even managing to blast off a part of Moody's nose in the battle. With a cold and almost sadistic demeanor, Evan chooses to keep Muggle-Borns as pets when they please him. He also enjoys flaunting his position as not only a Death Eater, but the son of one of the original Death Eaters. He believes it makes him better than some of the others who weren't born into the service of the Dark Lord.
History: Being born with a name like Rosier, nothing short of perfection was expected from his pure-blood parents. He was sure that if he disappointed his family, they would kill him. He was taught the Unforgivable Curses at a young age by his Death Eater father.

Evan attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 1970s and was Sorted into Slytherin  house. According to Sirius Black, he was part of a group of Slytherins and aspiring Death Eaters which included Severus Snape, as well as Wilkes, Avery, and Mulciber. They all entered the service of Lord Voldemort during the height of the War. With his father being one of the original followers of Voldemort, Evan was born into the service. Raised to be cruel and uncaring towards others. Having been raised by a Death Eater, it was inevitable that he would become one too. Even in school, he generally kept to himself and his fellow Slytherins.
Signature Spell/Curse: Bombarda Maxima -    Creates a big explosion that causes things to crumble into small pieces.

Evan's Death Eater mask:
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Nice character. He sounds fun.

When I get done with my spells, I will PM them you for inspection. I found a massive list of Latin words to use; haven't even gotten past A yet. Would you like to have the link to the site if not for anything other than viewing pleasure?


Awesome...but not thanks on the Latin list. My head feels like it's going to pop anyway, so I don't think I could sit and read a list of Latin. :P

I've always liked Evan Rosier. I've seen him used in fanfictions and wish he didn't die in the books. I usually picture him as a blond, but that picture just seemed right to me.
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Name: Gemini Fulcrum Gallimean
Age: 24 
Gender: Female
Blood: Pure Blood
Personality: Gemini is perky and excitable around her husband, always seeming to be happy when around Davus. Despite being full of energy she can and generally is quite serious, especially when around other Death Eaters and even more so when Lord Voldemort is present.

Her happy side usually is reserved for her husband and their pet(s). Though she has been seen taking enjoyment from fighting the other wizards of the world. If she is among any Death Eater whom she calls friend, she will relax some of her demeanor and smile. 

She is quite sadistic, akin to her fellow Death Eaters and thoroughly enjoys the power she has over muggles and the like. Gemini is quite good at hiding her evil side and can easily appear as an innocent happy young woman. She enjoys playing this up when around the goody to-shoes, savoring the forth coming backstabbing.

History: Gemini's family, the Fulcrum family are on old pure blood line. Unlike the Black family which were fanatics, the Fulcrum family kept a, more or less, attitude of indifference to the whole Pure Blood over Muggle affair. Some generations they would disdain Muggles, other generations they would show more benevolence to Muggles, although not by much.

Gemini's generation leaned in the direction of disdaining Muggles and this attitude grew within her. During her time at Hogwarts, she would grow to disdain Muggles even more; although she did admit she found many Muggle boys and some girls attractive. This would lead her to the practice of keeping Muggle pets, because they were at least attractive even though inferior.

While she was a Ravenclaw, for her cleverness, she found herself being friends with more Slitheren than anyone else. This would eventually bring her into contact with Death Eaters.

During her time at Hogwarts she discovered her ability to fully comprehend the inner workings of magic and how to use it to create a spell. This would become her highest achievement, in her eyes. The ability to create ones own spells was something she had never imagined as a first year witch.

Her time as a normal witch would come to an end. It was at a recruitment meeting of sorts that she would be introduced to the Death Eaters by one of her Slitheren friends. It was a frightening experience, but since it was not a hostile introduction, the experience did not leave a sour taste in her mouth. The power being offered was to much to pass up on and Gemini joined a month later. She would meet Davus among the loyalists and wed a year later after a torrent of passionate exuberance.

She, along with her husband, would earn the title of Death Eaters for their ability to create spells, blend in with normal wizardry society as well as Muggle, and because they were exceptionally loyal to Voldemort. Despite not being from a prestigious family such as the Black family, the two proved themselves time and time again and became quite liked by Voldemort.

Gemini's greatest accomplishment in the eyes of the Dark Lord, however, was when she fully converted her entire family over to his side.   

Signature Spell/Curse: Acidusbasi (Hex): (acidus-basi) Causes sharp pains as if being stabbed with needles. Does no physical damage. [She likes to use this spell to inflict pain then follows up with something more lethal in the hopes that the pain of the first spell will keep them from countering the more lethal second spell. She also enjoys using this as a torture spell.]


Name: Davus Gallimean (Triple Face or Dragon)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Blood: Pure Blood
Personality: Davus is charming yet cold and has an ardent interior burning beneath. Triple Face, as he is sometimes called, is because of his ability to be three different personalities at once or at different times. His fiery side earned him the nickname Dragon, as he is fearsome to behold when his temper is loosed. He is in supreme control of himself and does not unintentionally 'lose control' unless he so desires to fly off the handle; the only exception to this is when Gemini is threatened. Only then will his fiery wrath truly be unleashed against his will (not that he would actually try and stop himself anyways.)

Like his wife, he has a fun side, though it is much less than hers and he too reserves it only for her and a few select friends. When around fellow Death Eaters he is not as severe as his wife can be, instead using his charm when it will be effective or using his cold/fiery side when it will be the most useful.

He dislikes some of the Death Eaters, finding their behavior distasteful, but says nothing of it accepting Voldemort's choices. This does mean that he is less than receptive to some of them.

History: The Gallimean like the Fulcrum and Black families is old and of proud heritage. The Gallimean family made its name for dealing with Dragons. For centuries the family has trained or bred Dragon's using powerful magics to protect themselves from the dangerous beasts. Their particular favorite was the Hungarian Horned tail. Its ferocious disposition lent itself well to their liking.

It is said that the family actually has one as a household guardian, but surprisingly this has yet to be proven false or real. Some say the family likes to keep it that way.

From a young age, the very dragon that is the house symbol inspired Davus to become great; for he was promised a wand with dragon scale dust at its heart, from the very dragon said to guard their house. The wood of the wand was American Red Wood, a brilliant deep red, hearty and strong; it would be hard to damage or destroy. With this prize laying ahead, Davus pushed himself to excel. And this he did eventually achieving the powerful wand.

Unlike most children, Davus did not go to Hogwarts; instead he trained on his own or under the tutelage of his family and friends. For him this worked well for he proved to be more of a loner, independent, and free spirited in his desire to learn always wanting to do things his way. Aside from his learning he could and did work well with others, but was a little less adept at teamwork than most.

Where he shined truly was in his ability to create spells. It amazed his family more than it did him. To him it was as natural as breathing. For this he earned much praise and notice which would eventually change his life. It would also be a 'glue' which bound he and Gemini together. Something both found so natural and easy that it became a passion; something for them both to delve into together.

From a young age Davus's personality constantly showed itself in full. While some found him infuriating, others realized how advantageous his 'triple faced' personality could be to him. His passionate side earned him the nickname Dragon from his father who always admired his sons ardent side.

It was his charming voice and demeanor which earned him more notice as a potential Death Eater, however. One Death Eater, Gabriel Luunhorn realized one of his ability could prove immensely valuable. He recruited Davus and trained him in the dark arts. Gabriel a year later disappeared and was never heard of again, leaving Davus wondering what had happened to his mentor.

When Davus met Gemini it was this meeting which finally cinched his decision to dedicate his life to the cause. With Gemini he felt whole and could see reason in the cause. Why it was this way, he doesn't know and could care less.     

Voldemort values in Davus much what his family saw in him, his triple faceted personality. Voldemort has used Davus on numerous occasions to smooth talk someone(s) right into a trap or right into Voldemorts hands. 

Signature Spell/Curse: Acerbident (Curse): (acerbi-dent) This creates flames which seem to burn with a bitterness, symbolized by a greenish brown tint to the glowing orange flames. This creates magical flames which can be shot straight or with an arch to them to achieve greater distance. (as this is his creation he has mastered the spell and can cast it at its most powerful with little effort)


Tactics When Fighting

Davus tends to fight while his wife, Gemini defends him from attack. While both do a mix of both attacking and defending for necessities sake, both tend to stick to their roles when combat allows.

They also like to combine their signature spells to create a lethal end to a battle.

The couple likes to incapacitate victims instead of outright killing them. This way they get to torture and do all kinds of vile things to them. They are not averse to killing, however.


The couple find enjoyment in keeping pets. They get to exercise their sadism and love of things dark and twisted. Both get to also do things they wouldn't do with free people; commit acts of adultery without any jealousy ever having to rear its nasty head.


Both will use rape and sex as an incentive, to get information. They prefer not to physically harm victims, but love to mentally harm them. Humiliation is a huge favorite, forcing the victim into acts which would be highly embarrassing and humiliating.


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Thank you. I PMed you a list of spells I made for your inspection. I hope to have the husband up tonight, but first dinner time!


Dinner is very important. ^^ I hope this picks up. I'd hate for it not to with all that work you put into that list.
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Okay the Husband is up. I edited him into the same post as the wife. I added other details below his profile.


Michi, would you mind if I took the dark lord himself, but I have been told I make a scary voldemort haha

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Name: Voldemort aka Tom Marvolo Riddle

Age: No confirmation but he is approximately 53 at the time of Harry Potter's demise.


Blood: He is a half blood

Personality: Lord Voldemort had never been what anyone would call kind. He was as a child a cruel and calculating boy and it grew as he became a man. But it got worse, he wanted power, respect and fear from everyone around him and would do anything to get this....even kill. He had no issues with killing at all, infact he relished in it.

History (please be somewhat descriptive): Tom Marvolol Riddle was born to Tom Riddle Sr. and his mother Marope Gaunt who had fallen in love with the handsome Tom Riddle. His father had been under a spell and when the muggle man had been released he turned his back on his pregnant wife who was tossed out on her own. She had no where to go so she gave birth to her son in a muggle orphanage before dying. She named him after his father, who he grew up to despise. As he grew up, he got a visit from Albus Dumbledore who revealed what Tom's unique abilities were and that he was a wizard. Tom went to the school and it was clear as even then he was gaining followers that he was a force to be rekoned with.

He soon started going by the name Lord Voldemort which he got when he changed his name around with the letters. It would read "I am Lord Voldemort" if it was done right. When he left school he began working at Borgin and Burke's and during his job there he ferreted out many valuable items and turned them into horcruxes by killing people of signifigance to him. His father was the first, a witch named Hepzibah Smith was another. It was the first of many kills for him, his most current was the death of the Potter family, including the baby who had been fortold to bring about his own demise, Harry Potter. He now leads the groupe of followers called the Death Eaters.

Signature Spell/Curse:He favors Avada Kedavra but I don't think that he really has a signature spell.


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i would love to play this if i could be a non cannon character - doesn't have to be that close or important to V

more a novelty that has done him some favors - and she relates to his greed for power, and shares his values concerning world dominance of witches over Muggles. More of a domme herself - one which she happily uses her own powers to form a sex cult or something for herself.

She could be very talented at making magical items, which makes her useful to V (which he gives to others he puts on more important tasks). I am but and like extreme themes though, if this was in ex or nc or something - im all ears


Thanks for the offer, Fireflights, but I think I'm going to keep Voldemort as a NPC since he would likely not take part is such 'human' things as celebrations. Also, I'm going to use him for giving out orders and such. Maybe you could be a Canon Death Eater or an OC?

Kate, OC characters are greatly welcomed. Feel free to make a character.
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Posting this for Vincent since he has problems posting it from his phone right now:

Name: Damion Mutanda
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Blood: Half-blood, quarter giant (Mothers side)

Personality: Rather quiet most of the time, he is a cold and calculating mind. Prone to occasional bouts of temper from his distant giants blood. He doesn't believe he has real friends, fearing most people just wanted to make fun of him for his unusual size, or use him throughout school for his knowledge of transformation.

History (please be somewhat descriptive): Raised by a single half-blood, half-giant mother, Damion grew up for the first eleven years thinking he had died.  He was rather surprised when he discovered he had a knack for transfiguration as well as most combat and potion related magics throughout school, then ashamed when he was unable to explain his parentage. He had no companions, deciding in his fifth year that  he would like to become an Auror. His shame and outrage in the seventh year when he discovered his father was not only alive, but had abandoned him unknown to a family lineage of the greatest transfigurists the world had known, led him to hunt his father down, a task he is just now beginning to see complete.

Signature Spell/Curse: Not so much one spell, he is a master of transformation. both of others, and of self. Seeing the advantage, he has changed himself experimentally to reach  his own height of power.

Appearance: Normal appearance for Damion, his 7'8 frame simply towering over most humans is a thick mane of wild black hair, hard green eyes and a nose looking as if it`s been broken and set several times. the remainder of his body may shift in most aspects as he variously transfigures and untransfigures his body.
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awww ok well at work right now michi but can you reserve lucius for me if not taken.....lol

I have taken the oath of the Drake

Livin in MD now.

Not taking anymore one on ones but ones already discussed with the partners.


*is tempted*

Barty is calling to me...