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Author Topic: Beauty and the Beast [f for m]  (Read 569 times)

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Offline sunbeamsTopic starter

Beauty and the Beast [f for m]
« on: January 12, 2011, 01:42:47 AM »
Their town was a small one, rows of houses all the same shape and size, too small to even be marred by a mega-corporation, where everyone knew everyone. Rumors spread faster than fire in a field of brush and everyone was nasty. Not only nasty for the way they treated the people around them--behind their backs--but nasty in the sense that they were mostly grossly undereducated. Two faced monsters.
The daughter of the mayor is looked on with distrustful eyes, rumors about her and her strange demeanor the talk of the town. Spending her days in the library--nearly deserted save for her only friend in the town, the librarian--either trying to satisfy her voracious literary appetite with the meager selection in the library, or sitting and reading on her computer, she's quiet and intelligent. Accompanying her brain are the best looks in town. Large hips, a tiny waist, a slender build, and a crystal clear, pale complexion. Her bedroom eyes lit fires in the hearts of the men around her, though they were cautious of her strange ways.
And up on the top of a large hill just out of town, through a small forest, was a mansion. Long thought to be decrepit remains of land from a wealthy gold miner when the town was just forming, no one ever went up there. Until one day, when the mayor's daughter was hiking through the woods, and stumbled upon the mansion. Curiosity piqued, she slips through a time-worn gap in the gate and ventures into the mansion. But she's not alone.
Okay! So, this is a modern, slightly different take on Beauty and the Beast. It's modern, but still falls under the realm of fantasy--the beast is cursed, and his time is running out to find someone who loves him despite his grisly exterior. He's sheltered and closed off, perhaps a little angry. And his appearance? Well, that's up to you... send me a picture and I'll tell you if I like it. c;
The beast will become a human, if everything turns out successfully. Perhaps it doesn't work out. We can decide. And the town will find out about him and will try to kill him, because that sounds like fun.
Ideas: I'd love to do something where the librarian--who is secretly in love with the mayor's daughter--goes to find her, because she's been missing, and happens upon the mansion. He discovers the beast and leads the town in a rampage against the monster. After it all clears up, he goes back and they have a threesome. Oooh, boy, would I like that. Haha.
Also, the mayor's daughter will be nineteen years old. I'd prefer if the beast was 30-40, and if the librarian comes into play, he's around the same age as the beast, maybe a little older.
This will, undoubtedly, be extreme, I believe. I'd like it to be NC at first, but gradually transitioning to her being completely willing.
Another note: the girl will not be some dainty girly girl. No gentle flowers here, mmkay?
Girls I'd love to use:
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Re: Beauty and the Beast [f for m]
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2011, 06:49:16 AM »
I sent you a PM  :-)