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Author Topic: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)  (Read 4567 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #25 on: January 12, 2011, 08:25:47 PM »
Glad to have all the interest ;D expect an update in a bit.

Offline Roo

Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #26 on: January 13, 2011, 12:11:13 AM »
I've played Fallout 3 and New Vegas (XBox360 versions) a great deal, but not any of the earlier installments.

Offline Haibane

Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #27 on: January 13, 2011, 02:34:05 AM »
We're entirely within the Fallout 3 game world here, no New Vegas influences. Plus some of our own of course.

For the record its the only Fallout game I have played too, 1 and 2 were a bit before my time and isometric view games never appealed to me. I was always a 1st or 3rd person gamer.

But as I understand it Bethesda were quite respectful of the Fallout 1 and 2 universe, particularly with regard to the various factions and the 1950s retro styling so it should not be a big problem if you know the earlier games but not #3.

It's that 1950s feel I particularly enjoy and which I think gives Fallout its own special stamp and mood over other post-apoc games so the GMs intend to retain that and even reinforce it by means of images (including character images) and reminding people not to reference any modern idioms or post early-1950s music (i.e. no rock'n'roll or modern folk/country/pop/rock).

Offline Haibane

Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #28 on: January 13, 2011, 07:00:47 AM »
Monster post, for which I apologise but this contains EVERYTHING you need to make a judgement if this game is for you and also to create your character.

Please DO NOT post character sheets up in this thread. Please PM them to Urbanzorro and I. We'll then run our eye over them and siggest any changes needed or okay them.

Also please don't discuss betwen yourselves which type of character you will be playing. Why will become clear later but we do not want a designed, balanced party of characters. Some inbalance or duplication of skills is much more realistic and will we hope result in better RPing as you work out choices and tasks.

First, some RESOURCES for you all:

Fallout 3 Wiki - loads of info about the game - history, characters, maps, weapons, creatures, places... you name it, this place has a page on it.

Character Images - not all the people who appear in the game but a lot of them. Useful for images for your character in this game.

More Character Images - ditto. Same website but for some reason some different characters appear in this listing.

General game images - for atmosphere and styling of the game universe.


It is 200 years after the bombs fell in 2077, so the RP is set at the same time as the computer game. You will be Vault Dwellers in Vault 111 which is sited on the game map somewhere near the old capital city of Washington, which means it is not going to be a problem if you know the map intimately - a basic guide will be supplied soon after the game starts.

Vault 111 was sealed successfully and withstood the bombs and no radiation leaked in but one detonation very close by distorted the door and collapsed the entrance tunnel outside it burying the Vault and entombing its inhabitants. Fortunately the nuclear reactor, water purifiers and air intake and filtering equipment all survived more or less intact so everyone within lived, though there have been a number of fatalities over the years from people unable to deal with the permanent enclosed spaces. Vault 111 has thus remained (involuntarily) sealed for 200 years.

Your characters are ordinary Vault-Dwellers with a variety of vanilla jobs and lives. You were born underground and you expect to die underground. You can choose a character of any age (with a minimum of 18 plus we would advise against being elderly or infirm) and any trade (we will supply a list of jobs shortly but if you can think up others that there might be in a Vault, feel free to suggest them) and the game will start with you all inside the Vault. The people should generally be very ordinary with no supermen or superwomen please.

However there has been, for at least ten years, sounds of movement from outside and discussion among the the Vault's senior personnel and Town Council has agreed that the noises that include tapping sounds in garbled morse code indicates that people outside have survived the war and are tunnelling into the collapsed Vault entrance to open it up. The fact that the sounds outside have been going on so long appears to be an indication that the surface dwellers do not have powerful digging machinery or other hi-tech tools so the general assumption among the Vault Dwellers is that the supremely technological world your great(x6)-grandparents knew is no longer there. What is there is quite unknown and what the people digging down to open the door are like is also a mystery.

The Vault Overseer and the Sheriff have taken precautions to arm the on-duty Security Team in the event the outsiders are hostile though this is not thought to be the most likely scenario.

The game will open with the breaching of the Vault door and the surface people entering.

Everyone in the Vault has access to this guide, produced by Vault-Tec, the corporation that designed and built the vaults.

The Vault community is led by an Overseer but he/she will not be allowed as a character. They will remain an NPC as will the head of security, the Sheriff. The Sheriff also holds the keys to the armoury in case anyone was wondering. BTW there were around 800 people in the Vault when it was sealed, so its a pretty big bustling place. There's around 500. There is a general mindset that the community is shrinking and eventually it will die out; this puts a negative outlook generally over the Vault dwellers future.

Everyone born here has never seen daylight so there should be a facility where people can get a healthy weekly dosage of UV rays so that they are not all pasty white and suffer from SAD. Vitamin D (among other medicinal drugs as needed) is also a regular intake for all Vault dwellers.

I want to stress too that there is a real chance of character death in the game. If that happens you will be welcome to create a new one - if death happens before you leave the Vault you will be another Vault 111 dweller; if it happens in the wasteland you can play another 111 dweller who happens to be out there too; or a wastelander who joins/befriends the group (and of suitable level/skills).

A note on living quarters/conditions:

A married couple get an apartment of a bedroom and a living space. Once they have a child that reaches age 10, they are allocated an apartment with a second bedroom. If they have 2 children, the kids must share. Three or more kids allows a third bedroom. Once children reach 18 they move to the unmarried dorm and the parents downsize to a smaller apartment. If a partner dies the widow also moves to the dorms. This is harsh but it ensures the most efficient use of the few large apartments available.

The only exceptions to this are the heads of departments. The Overseer has his/her own living quarters next to their office. The senior doctor has an apartment adjacent to the sick bay and the Chiefs of the different engineering facilities likewise live near their work. All of these personnel have slightly better quality living quarters than ordinary families. The security team have their own dorm/barracks with a male and female room but two deputies are bedded in each general male and female dorm at all times to keep an eye on things and to act as a 24/7 presence in case of problems. The personnel allocated here are rotated every three months or so and will have a secure locker for their baton and side arm (if allocated).

A note on current security readiness:

The armoury is at the Security Barracks adjacent to the Sheriff's living quarters. It consists of a small room with a couple of gun cabinets. For 1000 Vault dwellers where the envisioned time underground might only be 1 to 2 years 50 officers were considered sufficient by the Vault's designers. The armoury's contents reflect this number of officers. Batons are in daily use while usually only the Sheriff bears a pistol, however he has allocated a daily rota of two platoon leaders who also each carry a sidearm. Usually armoured utility overalls will be worn, the helmets being kept in lockers in the barracks to be worn only if an incident requiring their use arises. The platoon leaders are rotated periodically so that everyone has an opportunity to try their leadership skills and the barracks has a firing range though ammo in the case of Vault 111 is in extremely short supply.

However in recent months as the sounds of digging outside have become much more noticeable more precautions have been taken. An listening post has been established in the main door lock. This is staffed by a platoon leader and 4 officers at all times with 2 shotguns and 3 pistols. Of the other officers around 15 carry pistols and in the event of a breach the unarmed security team are under orders to muster at the barracks where the remaining firearms will be handed out.


Here is the character sheet with the stats system and 'shopping list' of stuff you can buy to equip your character at the start of the game. Please don't be put off! There is a lot here because its comprehensive, but once you break it down and deal with it section by section it is all quite straightforward and much of it, like the weapons listings is repetitive.

The only equipment you can buy with your 20 points are those items with a cost written beside them. However this is a role-playing game so if you can think of something not on the lists that you think a Vault-dweller might reasonably have, please send your ideas to the GMs. If we approve it we will give you a cost and effect within the game rules.

There are a couple of items that cost different for different genders or age groups - the retro sci-fi world of Fallout 3 is not a place of such equality as our own world.

The post below this is the Perks system based on the Fallout 3 game, so please be aware that the Perks you can select at game start will affect your character stats... or in other words you can design your stats to take on board the benefits of the three starting Perks you choose.

If you have any questions, fire away here. Proposed character sheets to me and Urban by PM please.


Character Sheet


Appearance: (an image from a character in the game please or an actual photo or artwork from the 1950s in order to maintain consistent style and mood)
Any details of appearance you wish to add:
Details of character and backstory:
Job: (please choose one from the list below)
Home Location: (2nd Level = individual apartments for married couples and upper level citizens, 1st Level = male and female dorms for all other citizens)


Vault Security Team personnel (Deputy)
Medical Team (Doctor, Nurse)
Science Team
Maintenance (all engineering jobs and broken down by department: Reactor Plant, Water Recycling and Purifying, Electrical, Plumbing, Air Filtration, Facilities)
Community (jobs dealing with Vault personnel and their lifestyles rather than jobs that keep the Vault running such as hair styling, seamstress, retail, masseuse, beautician, child care, journalist, cafeteria waitress, etc)

For locations of homes; doctors and senior personnel in some departments such as science and maintenance, even if unmarried, will have small apartments on Level 2. All other unmarried personnel in the dorms on Level 1. If you plan to be married and your partner is an NPC that is acceptable. If your partner is another PC, please check with the GMs first.

The System


Assigned Stats

Each player is given 45 points to assign to the following stats as they see fit, with the exception of the Ranged Attack stat which is determined solely by the equipment a character carries. There is no maximum for any stat, but the minimum for a single stat is 3, anything lower will unbalance the system against your character.

Health: How much damage your character can take before loosing their mortal coil.
Ranged Attack: (Derived from weapons)
Strength: The amount of damage your character can do in melee combat.
Accuracy: Your character's ability to hit what they are aiming at.
Agility: Your character's ability to avoid incoming attacks.
Intelligence: Your character's intellectual abilities.
Defense: Your character's ability to resist incoming damage.
Perception: Your character's ability to detect others and things out of place in their surroundings.
Stealth: Your character's ability to avoid detection.
Luck: The likelihood of good or bad things just happening around your character.

When you submit your character sheet please list the Basic stats and then beside those any mods given by weapons, armour or Perks. This makes calculating the correctness of the character sheets much easier! Thank you!

Decision Influenced Stats

Karma: A measurement of your good or bad deeds and how you are perceived by the inhabitants of the Wasteland. You gain titles displaying your achievements and each decision you make takes you further down the path of positive, negative, or neutral Karma. Each Karma title brings with it certain advantages and disadvantages. The titles are as follows:

Devil: (only available after chapter 10) Only the truly evil will ever find themselves possessing the title "devil." For these men and women doing good in the wastes is honestly harder than doing evil. This is a Very Evil trait.
Effects: Most 'evil' factions will not attack you, 'evil' characters will be friendly to you, 'good' factions will turn hostile very easily towards you, +5 to Influence (explained below), +3 Damage vs 'Good' characters, access to the "Devil's Spawn" perk.

Ne'er do Well: Try as you may, try as you might, you just never seem to do right... It's not that you want to be evil you were just born that way. This is an Evil trait.
Effects: Evil characters will be friendly to you, +1 Damage vs 'Good' characters.

Adventurer: Balance in all things, that is the path to true greatness. This is a Neutral trait.
Effects: Neither good nor bad characters will be overly hostile or friendly to you, +1 Barter Skill.

Saint: Do unto others what you would have them do unto you, that is how you live your life and it serves you well! This is a Good trait.
Effects: Good characters will be more friendly to you, +1 Defense vs 'evil' characters

Messiah: (only available after chapter 10) Behold, won of the few who represents all that is good in mankind! This is a Very Good trait.
Effects: 'Good' factions will not attack you, 'Good' characters will be friendly to you, 'Evil' factions will turn hostile very easily towards you, +3 defense vs 'Evil' characters, access to the "Wasteland Saint" perk.

Derived Stats

Each of these stats covers a specific aspect of some of the activities your character may find themselves doing in the game. You cannot directly alter them except via Perks (explained later). They are being revealed simply to keep you informed.

Repair Skill: This skill determines your success or failure when trying to repair things found in the wasteland. It also determines how long it takes you to conduct repairs. It is influenced by your Perception and Intelligence.

Lockpicking Skill: This skill determines your success or failure when trying to break into a locked door or compartment in the wasteland. It is influenced by your Perception and Stealth.

Barter Skill: This skill determines how good you are at getting NPC's to trade with you. It is influenced by your Intelligence and Luck.

Influence Skill: This skill determines how good you are at convincing NPC's to give you what you want through negotiation, fear or intimidation. It is influenced by your Strength and Karma.


Each player is allocated 20 points to spend on equipment as they see fit. With the limits that a character has 12 equipment slots and the maximum number of weapons that can be carried is 3 and the maximum number of pieces of armour is 2 (helmet and body). Other items include clothing, ammunition, explosives, chems, sustenance and sundry items. Where no cost is given, the item may not be purchased at the game start but it is listed here for clarity.


This category consists of the different items available to for use in attacking others with both ranged and melee attacks. Note that where ranges are mentioned these are determined by the GMs.

Un-powered Melee Weapons

Improvised Weapon: Includes all general improvised concussive blunt weapons such as Crow Bar, Tire Iron, Wrench, Table Leg, Hammer, Lead Pipe, Length of Scaffold Pole, Pool Cue, Rolling Pin, etc.
Effect: Damage = Strength +1
Cost: 1

Baseball Bat: Typical Vault sports equipment, of rock-hard polished hickory, can be swung faster and hit harder than the above with a longer reach, also superior because unlike an improvised weapon it has a proper grip and is weighted to deliver a blow. These are not found out in the wasteland or only very rarely due to most having rotted away with age.
Effect: Damage = Strength +3
Cost: 2 to characters under age 21, 3 to others.

Sledge Hammer: Very heavy and with long reach but slow to swing.
Effect: Damage = Strength +5. Causes -1 Agility to wielder.
Cost 2 to engineer characters, 4 for others.

Knife: Includes various types such as Switch Blade, Combat Knife, Meat Cleaver, Bread Knife, etc - fast and can do lots of damage in skilled hands but needs agility to use well, otherwise mostly useless.
Effect: Damage = Agility +3
Cost: 2

Security Baton: Standard Vault security issue - very fast in use but of low striking power. Mostly useful against un-armoured opponents like radroaches, mole-rats and annoying Vault teenagers.
Effect: Damage = Strength +2. Causes +1 Agility to wielder
Cost: 3 to security personnel

Brass Knuckles: Simple and quick, also can be worn/used without it taking up the use of that hand such as melee weapons do. Low damage.
Effect: Damage = Strength +1
Cost: 1 to male characters, 2 to female characters

Small Guns - Handguns

10mm Pistol: Standard Vault security issue, low hitting power but fair range. A silencer is available for this weapon.
Effect: +4 Ranged Attack
Ammo: 10mm Clip

Sawn-off double barrelled shotgun: Standard Vault security issue for serious times. Rare but immense punch at very short range such as across a room. Of little use beyond about twenty feet. This gun is very simple to use and can be wielded by those unused to firearms. It's spread of pellets does not require an accurate aim, thus it gives an Accuracy bonus.
Effect: +6 Ranged Attack at very close range, +1 Ranged Attack at longer range. +2 Accuracy.
Ammo: Shotgun shells box

Note: The firearms are not available to purchase with your 20 points, even if you are Security Personnel but they may become available to characters in-game. For obvious reasons in the case of a breach of the main door by unknown persons the Security Team will be the first to be issued them and the Sheriff's orders are that all off-duty Security Personnel should muster at the armoury if the main door is breached, whether with hostile intentions or not.

Clothing and Armor

Both armor for protecting your character, and clothing to make them more appealing to those around them are available for selection here.


Vault 111 Jumpsuit: A Vault jumpsuit is a set of standard clothing worn by all inhabitants of Vault-Tec Vaults. The number of the Vault is on the back of the suit. Vault suits can be skin tight, or less form fitting at the wearer's choice. Made of a relatively tough material they are good for providing protection from the elements but not quite as effective against weapons.
Effect: none but protection from dirt and maintaining your modesty!
Cost: 0 for the first suit, 1 for each subsequent suit.

Vault 111 Lab Uniform: Clothing issued to each Vault's scientific personnel. They are more a symbol of status than anything else.
Effect: +1 Intelligence
Cost: 1 for doctors and science lab staff, 3 for others.

Vault 111 Utility Jumpsuit: A modified version of the standard Jumpsuit designed for manual labor and routine repair the gauntlets are removed and it has no sash on the left shoulder and breast. The outfit features high-top, converse-like, red shoes which is a contrast to its generally grubby appearance
Effect: +1 Agility, +1 Defense
Cost: 1 for technicians and engineers, 3 for others.

Pre War Baseball Cap: A red baseball cap, the kind worn on those hot summer days before the Great War.
Effect: +1 Perception
Cost: 2

Bomber Jacket/Biker Jacket: A short leather coat, lined and warm, also cool... if you get my meaning. With so few opportunities to express individuality in the Vault, some people, mostly youths have taken up to manufacturing or repairing various jackets to leave their mark in the community.
Effect: +1 Luck, +1 Defense
Cost: 3

Every character has one of the following items. A Pip-Boy does not take up any item slot or a free hand to use.

Pip-Boy 3000: The RobCo Pip-Boy 3000 is one of the models of the Personal Information Processor electronic device series manufactured by RobCo Industries. The Pip-Boy holds a surprisingly large amount of information and can transfer data to and from holodisks and from data tubes with a suitable hard connection. It displays information in bright green on its black 4" x 2" screen. With a suitable cable connection and camera attachment it can record sound or video footage for later playback. Its primary uses are monitoring the user's health (pulse, temperature, heart rate, blood sugars and blood pressure) and mapping the surrounding terrain via Lan-Tec's "Geo-Zap" powerful radar and sonar pulsed data gathering technology (with the option to call up large map blocks of several hundred miles). There is a built-in Geiger counter and its screen can double as a reading lamp. Other features include a buddy chat program, timer and alarm function as well as a personal log system, reading material storage, even simple games and a radio!
Effect: Character can always communicate with other characters who have a Pip-Boy, character will always know their location, character will be notified when they are in a high radiation area, +2 Perception and -2 stealth when lamp illuminated in a dark area, character has access to the knowledge on the Pip-Boy network thread of the RP.
Cost: 0


Vault 111 Security Helmet: A riot helmet with a hinged Plexiglas visor commonly worn by Vault security officers.
Effect: +1 Defense
Cost: 2 for security officers.

Vault 111 Security Armor: A suit of armor worn by Vault security officers. It consists of a padded stab-proof vest to provide it's wearer with basic protection.
Effect: +3 Defense
Cost: 3 for security officers.


The Extras category consists of explosives, ammo, chems, sundries and other useful items that do not fall into the above categories. When used the effects of chems are immediate and last for a fixed time period adjudged by the GMs but will usually be sufficient for one combat or at most about 20 to 30 minutes in-game. Ammo is used to supply a character's weapons (when it is needed), for the sake of simplicity all forms of ammo will be broken down into 'clips', 'boxes', 'charge packs', 'canisters' or similar which imply a small quantity. Except for some special weapons like the Fat Man, missile launcher and hand grenades these contain enough ammo to supply a character's weapon for a modest amount of combat or practice. All 'Extras' items are stack-able up to four per slot but the Karry-All has a capacity of 'pockets'. For example a character has a rifle, a pistol and baseball bat as their three weapons. For armour they have a Vault security armour suit. They are not wearing a helmet but choose a baseball cap as headgear giving a +1 perception bonus. This leaves 7 equipment slots free and they fill #1 with 3 10mm clips for their pistol, #2 with 2 .32 boxes for their rifle, #3 and #4 with two frag grenades each, #5 with 4 stimpacks, #6 with a Karry-All containing 4 bottles of water and 4 days food and #7 with a Fat-Man warhead (being carried for someone else).

Note how the slots are 'stackable': here slots #1, #2 and #5 show how multiple items of the same type are stacked; likewise the Karry-All is a 'stackable' container but using a different stacking logic. It has 8 'pockets' each capable of holding one item; food, drink, tool kits, sundries, clothing or ammo inside it. This makes it useful for carrying a bunch of items you have only 1 of, since otherwise these would occupy a 'stackable' full slot. Slots #3, #4 are filled by two more bulky items each. Slot #7 is filled with a non-stacking bulky single item. By sharing loads a party of travellers can carry more equipment.

In case people are confused about the 2 armour slots, this excludes clothing so a player can buy (for example) a Security Armour Suit, a Security Helmet and a baseball cap, but one piece of headgear is stowed in an equipment slot. The same applies if, for example you purchase a Utility Jumpsuit, a leather jacket and a baseball cap - three items but either the Util Suit or the leather jacket is stowed in an equipment slot. This generally applies only to clothing items, not armour.

We have used this system as it saves having to calculate the weights of everything, allows characters to transport a realistic and easily measured amount of gear but still forces some limitations and decisions on the player. It takes a small amount of record-keeping but we feel it is a good compromise towards realism while maintaining some simplicity.

When submitting your character sheet please list your weapons, armour and equipment against the 12 slots available like this:

Equipment Carried


WP-EQ = A weapon or equipment slot
AR-EQ = An armour or equipment slot
EQ = An equipment slot


Karry-All if chosen:




Frag Grenade: Pull pin, count to five, throw. Hope that storage for 200 years in an ammo locker hasn't made it a dud.
Effect: +6 Ranged Attack damage against all enemies within close range of the target.
Stacking: 2 per slot.

Molotov Cocktail: A mix of petrol and melted rubber in a glass bottle with a rag wick. Light and throw. More amusing that dunking Sugar Bombs in Nuka-Cola.
Effect: +5 Ranged Attack damage against all enemies within close range of the target, -1 Agility to all enemies within close range of the target.
Stacking: 1 per slot.
Cost: 1 (per Molotov) for security and engineering personnel, 2 (per Molotov) other characters.

Pulse Grenade: As with the pulse rifle a device to combat robots and turrets and other such electrical targets. Hand thrown. Can sometimes be a dud due to poor storage conditions. Very useful however for fighting robots in buildings, roll one around a doorway and PAHZAP!
Effect: +6 Ranged Attack against all robotic enemies within close range of the target.
Stacking: 2 per slot.


Ammo Clip or Box: A standard term for a small quantity of small gun ammo.
Effect: Each Clip or Box allows the use of an applicable calibre weapon for a moderate period of use.
Stacking: 4 per slot.

Charge Pack, Fusion Cell Pack or Pulse Cell Pack: Slang terms for the different energy modules used to power energy weapons and powered melee weapons.
Effect: Each Charge Pack allows the use of an applicable energy weapon for a moderate period of use.
Stacking: 4 per slot.

Heavy Weapon Ammo: Most Big Gun ammo is too big for containers such as clips, boxes or charge packs to be practical. In these cases the ammunition is usually specified individually.
Effect: Each ammunition supply contains a specific number of projectiles.
Stacking: 1 per slot.


Stimpack: A Stimpak, or Stimulation Delivery Package, is a type of hand-held medication used for healing the body. This item consists of a non-intravenous nozzle for containing and delivering the medication and a gauge for measuring the status of the stimpak's contents. When the medicine is applied, it provides immediate healing of the body's minor wounds.
Effect: Health instantly regained by 3 points
Stacking: 4 per slot.
Cost: 2 (per Stimpack), but 1 for Doctors

Rad-Away: An intravenous chemical solution that bonds with radiation particles and passes them through your system. It cannot be used to keep away radiation when entering radioactive areas like Rad-X, but instead is used after receiving radiation to rid yourself of some of it.
Effect: Character's Radiation level instantly brought down by one level
Stacking: 4 per slot.
Cost: 2 (per Rad-Away), but 1 for Engineers/Technicians/Doctors

Rad-X: An intravenous chemical solution that bonds with radiation particles and expels them from your system instantly. It's use was as a pre war industrial drug issued to workers in high-radiation zones inside power and manufacturing plants and waste disposal sites. It was also used by the military.
Effect: Character is resistant to radiation for a period of time
Stacking: 4 per slot.
Cost: 3 (per Rad-X), but 2 for Engineers/Technicians

Psycho: A form of injected drug composed of strange, unknown chemicals of military origin, that comes with its own unique delivery system. It was designed at the orders of General Constantine Chase and is supposed to increase the combat potential of a soldier, whilst dampening higher mental functions, making for fearless determined troops.
Effect: +3 Strength for a period of time, -2 Intelligence for a period of time.
Stacking: 4 per slot.
Cost: 3 (per Psycho)

Med-X: A highly potent painkiller when injected, it makes the user impervious to pain to a degree.
Effect: +2 Defense for a period of time.
Stacking: 4 per slot.
Cost 2 (per Mex-X), but 1 for Doctors

Mentats: This pre-war chem was created by Med-Tek. They were designed to increase memory related functions and speed up other mental processes. These red pills were a popular party drug, widely appreciated for their effect on creativity.
Effect: +2 Intelligence, +2 Perception for a period of time,
Stacking: 4 per slot.
Cost 2 (per Mentat), but 1 for Science Lab staff

Jet: Jet is a powerful methamphetamine that stimulates the central nervous system. The user is filled with a rush of energy.
Effect: +2 Agility for a period of time
Stacking: 4 per slot.
Cost 3 (per Jet)


Medical bag: The tools of the trade for a doctor. Contains generic drugs, bandages, thermometers, diagnostic equipment, sterilizing balm and other items and can be used by a doctor character to heal light wounds and reduce fevers. Note the Medical Bag does not contain any of the specifically named chems but is a general tool for healing.
Effect: Health regained by 5-10 points but requires several hours rest. Can also diagnose infections, diseases and addictions. Can heal crippled limbs but requires several hours rest.
Cost: 2 points (doctor characters only)
Stacking: 1 per slot, cannot fit into a Karry-All. (Duh. Whut? We named it a Karry-All guys! It's not!)

Engineers Tool Belt: Electrical, Plumbing, Air Filtration and Reactor Plant engineers tend to carry the tools of their trade around on hip-belts with various pouches and loops. Useful for various repairs. During Vault 111s engineer's long war against machinery breakdowns and the constant need for maintenance in small spaces the original steel toolboxes so common at first were abandoned for the more useful canvas or leather tool belts which allowed engineers and workmen to ascend and descend ladders and crawl into ducting and other tight corners and still take all their tools with them.
Effect: To be announced.
Cost: 2 points (engineers only)
Stacking: 1 per slot.

Scientists Analysis and Testing Kit: Depending on the branch of science can be used for a variety of diagnostic, repair and testing procedures.
Effect: To be announced.
Cost: 2 points (science lab staff only)
Stacking: 1 per slot.

Sewing Pouch: Useful for a seamstress to mend clothes and even sew armour panels onto jumpsuits if the need arises.
Effect: Allows clothing and light armour repairs.
Cost: 1 point to female characters, 4 points to male characters.
Stacking: 1 per slot.

Karry-All: A standard Vault-issue knapsack that hangs from one shoulder strap. Is commonly used by Vault-dwellers for their shopping or for kids to take books to class. The bag is of durable Plas-Weave and comes in neutron-black, vault-blue, Uncle Sam-brown, or mountain-grey with the Vault number stencilled on.
Effect: Occupies one equipment slot but has within it 8 slots of mixed types.
Cost: 3 points
Stacking: 1 per slot (one only may be carried).

Water Bottle: A glass bottle useful for water, Nuka-Cola or more serious beverages.
Effect: Liquids are vital and must be taken daily in large quantities. Note that Vault water is pure and non-irradiated.
Cost (full of water): 1 point. Note, supplies of Nuka-Cola ran out in Vault 111 many, many decades ago.
Stacking: 2 per slot.

Food: General Vault food of a pre-processed nature created in the Vault's hydroponics deck.
Effect: Food is essential in some form twice a day for good health and fitness.
Cost (2 meals): 1 point
Stacking: 2 per slot.

Moonshine: Um, yeah. Some people get a bit bored of water and coffee and tea and they get inventive. And this is the result. Processed from sugars, yeasts, food tablets and anything else that looks like it has potential, the result is a crude vodka-like drink. It helps some people forget how shitty life is.
Effect: +2 strength, -1 intelligence, -1 agility (for a limited time).
Cost (bottle): 2 points
Stacking: 2 per slot.

Condition of Weapons and Clothing, and a note on Ammo and eating/drinking


Both weapons and armor degrade a small bit each time they are used. If left without repair every weapon and piece of clothing in the wastes would eventually break and cease to function. For the purpose of this game there will be two simple conditions: "Functional" and "Broken." We considered varying levels of damage and functionality but decided these would be too much work to book-keep (easy in a computer game, hard in a GM-run RPG)

Equipment in Functional condition represents a good level of repair, the best one can hope to achieve in the wastes. They will work as they are intended to and suffer no malfunctions.

Broken items are weapons and armor that are so damaged they are now useless. A broken gun will no longer fire, a broken melee weapon will be too fragile for use, broken armor will be little more than weight on a character's back.


Repairing things takes time, skill, tools, parts, and considerable effort. In order to represent this the only way to make repairs on armour or a weapon is to first locate a similar item (a chart of which weapons repair which ones will be supplied and updated after the start of the game) and strip it down for parts. This can be done in the field or in the comfort of a safe place. These parts count as an Extra item not a weapon or piece of armour. The next step is to take the armour/weapon parts, and the armour suit/weapon to be repaired to a work bench and make the repairs. A character's repair skill will determine just how useful the repairs made on their weapon and/or equipment are.

At the early stages of the game a character may simply not have the skills to fix things, or the co-operative skills of more than one character may be needed. Or more than one item may need to be cannibalized to produce enough spare parts.


Nearly every weapon in the wastes requires ammunition. This ammunition is measured in clips, boxes, packs, etc. Both the counting and appearance of ammunition will be handled by the GMs. Players do not need to keep a bullet count. Note that energy weapons and powered melee weapons use energy cells of various kinds. These serve the same function as other ammunition clips or packs.


We do not intend to bog everyone down with the boring and annoying minutae of having to regularly eat and drink and keep detailed track of this. However the wasteland is a hot, dry and hostile place so we would like the players to please ensure their characters are aware of the dangers of such an environment and respond to it by making a small effort to eat and drink IC from time to time. The GMs won't throw a fit over this if you go thirsty or hungry but if after two days a character hasn't made an effort to do both then the party may find carrying an unconscious and dehydrated person to be rather troublesome! The practice of having at least 1 days water on you (a bottle) and one day's food (2 meals) - each of these costs a point each at game start - would cover this. The GMs would assume this to be consumed at the end of a day.
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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #29 on: January 13, 2011, 07:02:20 AM »
Chapter 1 Perks

I see London! I see France! I see....
Effect: +1 Perception

Your enemy cannot defeat you if he cannot touch you.
Effect: +1 Agility

Living Anatomy
You have a better understanding of living creatures and their strengths and weaknesses.
Effect: -1 Defense towards organic all enemies

Black Widow
"Sometimes being a bitch is the only thing a woman has left to hold onto"
Effect: -2 Defense to all male human enemies

Lady Killer
"Well if she'd lived I'd have had to have married her"
Effect: -2 Defense to all female human enemies

Gun Nut
"God made man, but Smith and Wesson made them equal"
Effect: Character can carry an additional firearm(this firearm does not take up an item slot and is to be considered a complete bonus)

The blood of a thief runs through your veins.
Effect: +1 Stealth

Intense Training
With the Intense Training Perk, you can put three points into any one of your stats
Effect: +3 to player selected Stat

Swift Learner
You are indeed a Swift Learner with this Perk
Effect: +1 Intelligence

Little Leaguer
Years as the Vault little league MVP have honed your hitting and throwing.
Effect: +1 Strength

Mr. Fixit
The doctor who operates on himself has a fool for a patient. But the mechanic who fixes his own car saves $317
Effect: In addition to weapons and armor, on occasion, your character can fix broken machines, vehicles, and robots (spare parts will not be needed for these special repairs)

Strong Back
"Don't's not too heavy"
Effect: You can carry an additional  'Extra' item
Requirements: Strength of 6 or greater

Life Giver
Tis better to give then give to yourself!
Effect:+5 Health
Requirements: Living Anatomy

Chapter 2 Perks

You are better able to avoid unwanted attention while traveling through the wasteland
Effect: +2 Stealth

Knowledge is power
Effect: +2 Intelligence

Take your best shot!
Effect: +2 Defense

The talent of hitting things at longer distances.
Effect: +2 Accuracy

Action Boy
"No one is as active at action as Action Boy!"
Effect: +2 Agility

Animal Friend
Nature is our friend, not our enemy.
Effect: The player has the ability to tame the next Vicious dog, Yao Guai, mole rat, or mad brahmin they encounter.

The healing of bodies comes easier to you
Effect: All members of your character's party are healed by +5 Health at the start of every chapter

Mental Block
Mental Block is the ability to tune out any outside mental interference. You must have learned this talent from a passing guru, or from a really late night at a bar.
Effect: Enemy psychic abilities have no effect on your character.

Demolition Expert
For characters that like to blow things up, there is nothing better than this Perk.
Effect: Your explosive weapons deal double damage

Karma Beacon
Your Karma ran over someone's Dogma.
Effect: NPC reactions to your Karma are MUCH stronger.

Chapter 3 Perks

Mysterious Stranger
You've gained your own personal guardian angel....
Effect: With this perk, the Mysterious Stranger will appear occasionally to lend a hand in combat, with deadly efficiency.

Smooth Talker
A Smooth Talker has learned to increase their options in dialogue, without understanding what they are talking about.
Effect: +5 Influence skill.

Rad Absorption
Feel the Glow! Radiation isn't always a bad thing!
Effect: +1 Strength, +2 Health when in a radiated area

Young At Heart
The Young at Heart perk greatly improves your interactions with children, some adults and a robot
Effect: +5 Barter with Good NPC characters

Yes, reading can be fun. But you pay much closer attention to details when you are reading.
Effect: +1 Perception, +1 Intelligence

Bloody Mess
"By some strange twist of fate, people around you die violently. You always see the worst way a person can die."
Effect: Characters and creatures you kill will often explode into a red, gut-ridden, eyeball-strewn paste. Fun! Oh, and you'll do +2 damage with all weapons."

Chapter 4 Perks

You have mastered the firearm as a source of pain.
Effect: +3  Accuracy  when using rifle style weapons.
Requirements: Sharpshooter

Gun Slinger
You are an amazing shot while using a pistol (or similar one-handed weapon).
Effect:While using a pistol (or similar one handed weapon) your accuracy is increased by 3.
Requirements: Sharp Shooter

Take the Scoundrel perk, and you can use your wily charms to influence people
Effect: +5 Barter skill

Iron Fist
Wax on...Wax off...
Effect: +3 Strength
Requirements: Little League

Fortune Finder
You have the talent of finding useful items where others would find only trash
Effect: You are much more likely to find useful weapons, ammo, or items in any location.

While using a rifle (or similar two-handed weapon), your accuracy is significantly increased.
Effect:While using a two handed automatic weapon, your accuracy is increased by 3.
Requirements: Sharpshooter

Size Matters
You are obsessed with really big weapons.
Effect: Double Damage when using big guns

You have a higher chance to score a critical hit on an opponent in combat,
Effect: +2 Luck
Requirements: Thief

Once you have the Lawbringer perk, any evil character you kill will improve your karma
Effect: Karma slightly improved with every evil character killed.

Contract Killer
There are guns for hire, and there are killers for hire, you're a killer.
Effect: Any human character killed earns your character negative karma.

Chapter 5 Perks

When the sun goes down, and when it goes up, you move like a ghost
Effect: +4 Stealth
Requirements: Finesse

Effect: +6 to a randomly selected stat, character now sports some form of physical mutation representing the increased stat.

Dermal Impact Armor
Become ONE with your armor!
Effect: +4 Defense
Requirements: Educated, Mr Fixit

Lead Belly
Your  body can handle things that would make most other people sick for days.
Effect: You cannot be poisoned.
Requirements: Rad Absorption

Robotics Expert
Your knowledge of all the machines found around the wasteland is second to few, and third to none!
Effect: +2 Intelligence, Double Damage vs robotic enemies,

With the Chemist perk, any chems you take last twice as long
Effect: The Effects of any chems taken last two times longer

Concentrated Fire
You are very skilled a clipping your enemies' wings.
Effect: Enemies you attack are more likely to find themselves crippled or with a broken weapon
Requirements: Gunslinger

Chapter 6 Perks

Nerd Rage
With the Nerd Rage! perk, your brain power becomes real power!
Effect: Your Strength Stat is increased by a number equal to you Intelligence Stat
Requirements: Dermal Impact Armor, Robotics Expert

Paralyzing Palm
You are a master in the ways of hand to hand combat.
Effect: +3 Strength, +2 Agility, 1 in 6 chance of instant kill in melee combat
Requirements: Iron Fist

Bark Skin
You've been exposed to mutation and your skin is now as tough as tree bark.
Effect: +5 Defense
Cost: Mutate!, Animal Friend, Life Giver

Dream Crusher
People's drive to succeed seems to be sapped away when you are present.
Effect: -3 Attack to all enemies, -1 Accuracy to all enemies 

Wired Reflexes
Advanced technology from the Commonwealth has increased your reaction speed.
Effect: +5 Agility
Requirements: Concentrated Fire

Chapter 7 Perks

Adamantium Skeleton
With the Adamantium Skeleton perk, your limbs are nearly unbreakable.
Effect: Your bones can not be broken no matter how much damage they take.
Requirements: Nerd Rage

Escalator to Heaven
Your reputation as a do gooder is firmly cemented through out the wasteland.
Effect: Instantly shifts your character's karma to "very good"

Devil’s Highway
Some people are content to be on the road to hell, but those who want to get there fast take the highway!
Effect: Instantly shifts your karma to "very bad"

Rad Tolerance
With this perk, you suffer no ill effects Radiation
Effect: Radiation based damage has no effect on your character.
Requirements: Lead Belly

Ghoul Ecology
Your knowledge of ghoul anatomy is complete, you know both their strengths and weaknesses
Effect: -4 Defense to enemy ghouls

Pitt Fighter
Your many vicious fights have left you stronger
Effect: +3 Strength, +3 Defense, +5 Health

Chapter 8 Perks

You’ve made permanent enhancements to your body!
Effect: +4 Defense, +4 Strength, +7 Health, Character has access to the Robotic Eye
Requirements: Adamantium Skeleton

Solar Powered
You gain an additional Strength when in direct sunlight.
Effect: +5 Strength when outside, Character has access to Solar Armor
Requirements: Bark Skin

Grim Reaper’s Spirit
Death itself seems to feed you.
Effect: Your character's health is restored by 2 points each time he/she kills a character.

Not only do you enjoy the use of weapons, you love them so much that build your own for any occasion!
Effect: Your character now knows how to build all the forms of homemade equipment
Requirements Mr. Fixit

Almost Perfect
No one is perfect. But you're pretty damn close
Effect: All stats below 9 points are increased to 9

Nuclear Anomaly
Your body contains massive amounts of explosive radioactive power(but just barely)
Effect:You erupt into a devastating nuclear explosion (similar of the explosion of a car) whenever your health is reduced to 4 or less, Character has access to the Atomic Fist.
Requirements: Rad Tolerance, Demolition Expert

Covert Ops
If there still were intelligence agencies one of them would already have given you a number and taken away your name.
Effect: +3 Stealth, +2 Perception, +3 Accuracy, Character can wield any two weapons simultaneously(except for two big guns), Character has access to the Secret Agent pistol.
Requirements: Wired Reflexes, Smooth Talker

The Ninja perk grants you the power of the fabled shadow warriors.
Effect: +4 Stealth, +3 Agility, +3 Strength, Character has access to the Ninja Suit, and Ninja Blade items
Requirements: Paralyzing Palm, Ghost

Situational Perks
Certian situations must be encountered and handled properly for these perks to be obtained.

Power Armor Training
By hook or by crook you've managed to get someone to teach you how to use power armor!
Effect: Your character can now equip power armor
Requirements Receive power armor training from someone.

Devil's Spawn
You are Evil!
Effect 'Evil' npcs will assist you in combat vs 'good' npcs so long as their faction is not hostile towards you, ceases to apply if your karma raises to 'bad' or higher
Requirements: "Very Bad" karma

Wasteland Saint
There's good, there's bad, and there's ugly...You're good.
Effect: All 'Good' factions will no longer be hostile to you regardless of your actions, ceases to apply if your karma falls to 'good' or lower.
Requirements: 'Very Good" karma

You have spent time with and learned from a master thief.
Effect: Your character is always able to unlock a locked door.
Requirements: Specific encounter.

You have run afoul of someone....or something in the wastes. And now it want's your head.
Effects: Something very scary is after you and won't stop until either you or he/she/it is dead.
Requirements: Wouldn't you like to know :P

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
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Quick questions about Perks:

Since you say that when we submit character sheets, we should include modifications of stats whether due to Perks or some other factor (armor, weapon, etc.), I assume we can buy Perks now. How much do these cost? Are Chapter 1 perks the only ones available? I also assume they, if available, would be purchased with our pool of 45 pts for stats, is that correct?

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #31 on: January 13, 2011, 10:57:20 AM »
Actually the perks do not factor into the 45 points at all ;D At the beginning of the first chapter, only CH1 perks are available, and each player is allowed to select 3 perks. ;D

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #32 on: January 13, 2011, 11:52:20 AM »
Ah, okay, in that case, ignore the character I just sent. She doesn't have any perks. I'll add them and re-submit.  Sorry!

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #33 on: January 13, 2011, 11:19:00 PM »
Not that this applies to me, but for the Lady Killer and Black Widow perks, is the gender of the character a requirement for the Perk, like in the game?

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #34 on: January 13, 2011, 11:44:40 PM »
Yes, if you're a girl you can get Black Widow, and if you're a guy you can get Lady Killer


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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #35 on: January 13, 2011, 11:53:36 PM »
I thought that'd be it, just wanted to check. Anyway, sent in my profile~ Hope it's all fine and dandy.

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #36 on: January 14, 2011, 01:48:51 AM »
Woo! I need to get to work on a character! :D

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #37 on: January 14, 2011, 07:22:51 AM »
I've posited a hardhat for the engineer I'm working on that you seem OK with, with the same bonus and cost of the Vault 111 Security Helmet. So, that's defense +1, cost: 2.

I'm assuming the engineer's tool belt will add a bonus to repair? Maybe it could act instead of a workbench for repairing weapons in the field; for example, machine guns and assault rifles are specifically designed so you can take them apart, replace the barrel and get it working again while cowering behind a brick wall and under fire if necessary. Similarly, in the games, no workbench is required to repair anything, although I think we'll all object to people casually taking off and repairing their combat armour while being savaged by Yao Guai. However, the workbenches are there for a reason: assembling totally awesome homemade weapons A-team style, such as the Railway Gun and my personal favourite, the Rock-It Launcher. Coffee cups are ammunition!
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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #38 on: January 14, 2011, 10:25:13 AM »
You'll see that several roles have tool kits of various sorts from the doctors bag to a sewing kit. Each has its uses to be revealed later. Having several of different kinds will help.

I need to say that the doctors quarters on level 2 are occupied, BTW, so don't choose a character based there. You can be on the Vault medical staff as another doctor or nurse though you'd have a bunk in the dorm or an ordinary room if married.

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #39 on: January 14, 2011, 05:44:09 PM »
I need to be firm about this issue of character images since it is causing some confusion.

Appearance: (an image from a character in the game please or an actual photo or artwork from the 1950s in order to maintain consistent style and mood)

An image IS REQUIRED. No image, no play.

The images MUST be from the game in it's unmodded form - there are a lot of images around on the net from mods that show Goths, punks, sexy BDSM women, bikini babes, Gordon Freeman, Halo Spartans and so on. These are not acceptable. Very few of the body mods stay faithful to the retro/1950s look and this is important to me.

If you can't find a suitable in-game face then you may use a real photo of a 1950s person or some 1950s artwork.

If you are struggling I am pleased to help search but be warned that fixing a look in your mind first then trying to fit an image to it will probably not work. It is best to find the image first then build your character around that look and the personality that comes across from it.

I am fully aware than many woman in the game seem butt-ugly, however also please be aware that the appreciation of what was attractive then is different to how we think now and the simple homely, even plain face was considered favourably. You do not need a face that fits your modern idea of pretty for her to be considered pretty IC - suitable romantic partners please also be aware of this! A face that looks like its sucking lemons should be put aside. Assume its attractive and behave accordingly!

Thank you!

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #40 on: January 15, 2011, 09:57:10 PM »
Im willing to get back into this and hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Exam season before a big 4 week break. I'll try my best this time to keep within the 24 hour posting. Getting sick and tired of my schedule intefering.

I'll be working on my profile during the lulls in the academic combat zone. Hopefully, I'll be alive to post it by next weekend.

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #41 on: January 16, 2011, 04:25:59 AM »
Hai do you want my character again? I will keep the same as before. Should I PM it to you again?

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #42 on: January 16, 2011, 08:42:38 AM »
For the people who were in the old game, you can keep your previous characters or create new ones; nothing in the system has changed regarding character generation. I have all the old char sheets so you just need to say which you are going to do and if its a new char, PM the sheet to Urban and I.

By the way - to people who are new to Urbanzorro and I running a Fallout 3 game, we did begin one a while before Christmnas but sadly it collapsed early on due to several people being very slow posters. The 24 to 48 hours between posts rule is in there to try and fix that and to politely ask those who cannot post every 1 to 2 days to please not apply to play as you will cause delays and frustrations for everyone. Sorry and thanks.

All that aside, some of the players from the previous game were invited over and this is why there is talk of 'previous characters'.

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #43 on: January 16, 2011, 11:18:31 AM »
We have character sheets in now from:

Flash Gordon

Lemon Lime

Some of these need a tweak here and there but some are good to go.

Additionally we have:

Miles Trent

From the old game and may have 2 more, making a party of nine.

Flow and Minotaurus, are you joining us?

I think we can start soon and I think an OOC thread could be helpful now... Urban?

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #44 on: January 16, 2011, 01:22:00 PM »
I plan on joining. I thought I had sent my character sheet, but don't see it in my out box. What types of characters do we have at this point? I will put something together that will balance the group out.

Offline Haibane

Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #45 on: January 16, 2011, 01:55:27 PM »
Thanks. We don't want you to balance the group out, we want you to submit the character you want to play. By submitting characters in isolation we get a deliberately unbalanced group and that may lead to better roleplaying to work together ;)

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #46 on: January 16, 2011, 02:39:08 PM »
I was strongly considering tossing a character in by the way, mostly stopped because my posting schedule is a bit slow for your liking. I do approve of this idea greatly though.

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #47 on: January 16, 2011, 02:53:11 PM »
By all means keep an eye on us. If you find you've more free time in the future you could join later.

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Re: Of Molerats and Men: (Fallout 3 themed Intrest check)
« Reply #48 on: January 16, 2011, 05:01:47 PM »
I'm pretty much in the same boat as TheVillain. Awesome idea, but I'm not going to be able to post as often as I should.

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