A Handfull of Ideas (f/f and f/m light to nc [maybe extreme])

Started by liveobsessed, January 10, 2011, 12:47:08 AM

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If you're interested in any of these, please PM me so that this doesn't become a spam fest (I hate spam of all kinds). I'm intending that all of the more specific details can be worked out one-on-one, as well as if you have any suggestions on what to change.

If she didn't want it.... (f need m)

For this one, I'm looking for a guy willing to rape his roommate, essentially until she accepts that she really does enjoy it.

It's not pain. (f need f or m)
My character is a masochist, but she's never experienced the type of pain that she's looking for with her partners, because they won't give it. She hires someone to tie her up, abuse her (this including whipping and cutting), and take her without mercy.

Teach me how to love you. (f need f)
I'm sure that this is probably a standard one, but essentially I'm looking for someone to teach my girl how to love women as a woman.

A long stemmed rose. (f need f)
This one will be a  bit sad, but I'm thinking that my girl has a curse on her, that anyone that loves her will die. She tells anyone that she's interested in if it gets to that point, but finally one girl doesn't care, mainly because she doesn't believe that she can fall in love. She falls quickly for this girl, and begins to give her a single long stemmed rose for day that she loves her, and a single white one when she doubts it. On their last night together, the girl returns to her a Scarlett Carson, and essentially says something along the lines of "I don't regret it" (or something) For this one, I'm willing to play either part.

You're not forcing me; I get off in the fight.