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Author Topic: Captivating title that entices you to click this thread! !Currently not looking!  (Read 1109 times)

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Offline anywayyouwantitTopic starter

I go back to college on January 31st. From now (the 24th) on I won't be taking on any more rps until I've gotten settled in, probably a couple weeks into February. I'll be keeping up on the ones I've already started, but replies likely won't be in as quickly, and I'll update this again when I'm looking for new roleplays again.

First things first. You might look at my post count and/or join date and decide that you'd rather not play with a n00b. I'm here to assure you that while I might be new to E, I've been roleplaying for five or six years now, and solo writing for even longer. If you'd like past roleplay posts or excerpts of one of my three novels as proof, I'd be happy to provide you with some. That being said, here are a few ideas :]

Some things about me:
- I'm switch, but more likely to be submissive
- I don't usually use real people in character pics. Generally it will be description only or an anime/drawing picture. If you'd prefer one over the other, let me know. This is a personal choice, just because I'm not too fond of the idea of using an actual person's face for roleplaying. I end up feeling guilty ._.
- I'm open for plot based rps or smut based rps.
- Even though some of these specifically state myself playing a female, I'd be glad to do any one of these as M/M
- The potential kinks listed below ideas are just that: potential. By no means do we have to use those, and you have every right to suggest new ones. Chances are, if it's not on my never list, I'll give it a shot.
-PM and thread roleplays are preferred.
- It will take a lot of convincing to get me to do a fandom RP. I don't feel like I can do justice to characters that are not my own, so I tend to stay away from that. OCs in a fandom RP are also not likely to happen.
- If you have another plot idea, tell me about it! I might not end up being interested in it, but I am more than willing to take suggestions.
- I try to keep my posts at a minimum of two paragraphs (at least five sentences each), though I can easily go more. And while I don't have a specific amount I want you to give, one or two liners are not okay. If you give me that, then I'll only be able to give a few lines in return, and from there the entire thing goes downhill.

Plotless pairings/concepts: ((With me generally being the submissive character))
BDSM Dungeon - I haven't done much hardcore BDSM. I would like to. If someone would care to show me the ways, then please do :]
Master/Slave - always up for this
Please suggest your ideas!

Modern or Light Fantasy
Once upon a time, they were friends. Best friends, really. And when one decided to chase their dream of being a model in New York, it wasn't long before the other did as well. Together, they worked their way up the ranks, both clinging desperately to that dream of being famous. But the closer they got to the top, the farther they were from each other. Now, with the two of them fighting for the glory of being their company's top model, there's no room left for friendship. Alway at each other's throats, their days as friends long since forgotten. It wasn't until they were both at a high end party being thrown by their manager, several drinks down each of their throats, that finally did they reconnect. And by reconnect, it was more like ending up naked in bed together. In the morning, heads pounding and memories fogged, what are they to do...?
This would start either at the party or at the beginning of the morning after.

Possible kinks:
Drunk sex (gotta love it)

Modern or Fantasy
How had her life been reduced to this? Not too long ago she'd been perfectly happy, living with her parents and younger sister, barely a care in the world. Because even though they were poor, they had each other, and that was all that mattered. But before she knew it, a strange man had appeared at their doorstep, a wad of cash in hand, cash that was given to her father, in exchange for her. Now she living with a man she didn't even know, forced to do his every command. This was how she was to spend the rest of her life, forever tied to this man as his human pet.
Could start at first meeting/obtaining or a short while into relationship

Possible kinks:

House Pet
Senioritis has struck hard. Three (number debatable, preferably 2+) college buddies are completely and utterly over school. All they want now is to get out in the world and put their seventeen years of education to work. They don't want to study, they want to play, and even with the vast amounts of parties they attended, no girl seemed to satisfy them enough. So after running across an ad on Craig's List (or some other site of such nature), posted by a just out of college girl in desperate need of money, to the point where she'd do anything, the boys come up with a plan. After all, how easy would it be to hire this girl to live with them, all the while having her job be to do anything they wanted, sexual acts certainly included. Hired to be their own personal sex pet, how will she take to this new job of hers?
Preferably start at move-in, though suggestions are always welcome

Possible kinks:
Double/triple penetration
Multiple partners

Touring Together
Modern (though Fantasy could probably work out)
A two month guided tour across Europe (or really anywhere xD). A trip consisting of a grand total of 16 people, tour guide included. These strangers would spend two whole months living together, travelling together, sleeping together. Away from everyone they know, family, friends, lovers, these people would live a whole new life. But to those accustomed to getting their sexual relief, this sudden loneliness would be enough to drive them wild. And the fact that the whole group seemed to be filled with attractive people didn't help one bit.  What's a horny traveller to do?
This can start and go anywhere, really. It's not as developed as the others, but I would still be interested in trying it!

Possible kinks:
Pretty much anything xD

Arranged to Wed
Fantasy (but if you really want to do this as Modern, I'm sure we could manage)
It started out a normal day. The sun rose, the birds chirped, the smell of freshly cooked food wafted through the air. But when she sat down at the table to eat breakfast, her father dropped a bombshell. An arranged marriage, he said. A nice boy, he said. Good for their family, he said. But the man she was engaged to drove her crazy, and now she had to move to a different city, live with him, do everything a wife should. And while that may have been good for their family, it sure as hell wasn't good for her. While her fiancee seemed thrilled by this turn of events, taking every possible moment to have his way with her, she wouldn't be going down without a fight.
I really don't care where this one starts. So long as someone indulges me ~3~

Possible kinks:
Open to many suggestions :]

Sinking in Debt
1: Feeling lucky, a young woman visits a recently opened casino, hoping to put her luck to good use. But when she gambles away far more than she earns, it appears her luck has dried up. Now with no way to pay the casino back, the owner decides that since he's feeling generous, she can work the money back, by being the casino's very own prostitute. Unable to refuse anyone that wants to buy her, unable to say no to anything, including having sex in the middle of the casino, and having daily "meetings" with the owner, her life will never be the same.
This could go many ways. We could stick with the woman and the owner, or you could play another character of some sort, or even switch off. Whatever you want!

Possible kinks:
Most everything!

2: The economy is making everyone suffer, millions of people out of jobs and with no ways to pay their bills, some resort to desperate measures. The internet has become an employment gold mine, with hundreds of jobs listed for various things all over the world. And while some of those jobs are reliable, reputable jobs, others... others are not. Fresh out of college students are unable to get hired in the line of work they wanted desperately to pursue, all while left with paying off debt from their student loans. There's an ad going around the internet for young girls just like themselves, an opportunity that many of them take: joining an underground strip club and harem where there are absolutely no rules as to what customers can and cannot do.
Similar to option 1, this could follow one man and one woman, or could vary between different ones of either gender, or of both genders

Possible kinks:
Most everything!

Sex Dolls
It's a peaceful world where sex is commonplace, even in public settings. A world where men have complete control over women. A world where women are nothing but commodities. From a young age, every female across the world is trained to be the perfect submissive sex doll, doing anything and everything that's asked of them. And once they reach eighteen, they're sold over the internet to any man that can afford her. The most popular of these gives it's customers the option that no other service provides: Experienced or virgin? Both come with their own perks, and it's a decision only you can make.
Please. Pleasepleaseplease. Total smut, but I wants it my precioussssssss [/dork]

Possible kinks:
Anything that's not on my 'no' list. ANYTHING.

More will be added later, I am sure~
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Offline anywayyouwantitTopic starter

UPDATE: Currently I am computerless, so while you should still feel free to contact me, a prompt reply most likely will not occur. Theoretically I should be getting my laptop back mid next week, so hopefully I shall be able to make a full return by then. My apologies D: BUT HOPEFULLY IT'LL ACTUALLY GET FIXED THIS TIME, UNLIKE THE PAST TWO TIMES DDDD< And then I promise to give everyone the attention I've been failing at giving with my sudden absense Dx

In other news, Touring Together has been added. Can you tell that I'm bad at making witty names for my roleplays...?

Offline anywayyouwantitTopic starter

Computer back! Huzzah!

Arranged to Wed has been added to the list, meaning I'm almost at the end of the rainbow, and then what'll I do about colors? DD: So yes.

Link to my Rabbit Hole has also been added to my signature :]been removed from my signature cause apparently it shouldn't be there.
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Offline anywayyouwantitTopic starter

Sinking in Debt 1 & 2 added. Still looking for roleplays!

Offline BeaconOfSpirit

If you don't mind playing with someone relatively inexperienced, but with a flair for language and an eagerness to learn, then I would be very pleased and honored to start an RP with you, using any of your open plot lines. I also have one our two of my own to suggest, if you like. I can only promise a post once a day, though like most people, I will pat more if I can. Whether you accept my offer or not, good luck finding partners for your stories... They all look fun.

Offline anywayyouwantitTopic starter

Sex Dolls added~

Offline Moon Hound Hati

Sex Dolls sounds interesting. :-)