Super Villian Initiation (seeking F)

Started by AtlasEros, January 09, 2011, 02:17:33 PM

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Super Villain Initiation The plot is Domino, the pale skinned one pictured below, joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which is currently run by Mystique, the blue skinned,& Mystique decides to initiate her.  Mystique is a shapeshifter and able to fully assume male genitalia, think futa.  She takes Domino, who is not fully into the idea.  There can be a lot of back & forth talk between the characters.  Dealing with Domino not really sure if she's ready to take such a drastic step to join this group and dealing with the various emotional states that produces.  Obviously, there will be some power issues of submission and dominance in this story; however, Domino should not be seen as weak either.  I'd be playing Mystique.

I would also entertain any other ideas for both or either of these characters in a erp.  So if you have some thing, please feel free to pm it to me or respond here.  I'm open to playing over the board or over IM.