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Author Topic: story ideas as they happen...(MUL)  (Read 728 times)

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Offline EmrysMindscapeTopic starter

story ideas as they happen...(MUL)
« on: January 09, 2011, 10:15:18 AM »
So this is mostly a grab bag of story ideas as they come to me. Most of them are male seeking female, but to be honest I am fluid when it comes to gender. Please consider all these ideas to be just the start. My hope is that the story will evolve once someone expresses an interest and we start talking about how we want things to play out.

Story Series
The idea behind these stories is that there will be a series of one on one stories that will be connected with each other. These one on one stories will follow as a series and will be opportunities for multiple players to get involved. Once I series gets started I will update often to let folks know if there is an opening for a new player to help out.

Naked City (The Mask District)(BDSM)
: In a not so distant future order and technology have claimed most of the known world. A fast city covers most of world and in this city few freedoms are allowed. Nobody goes hungry or falls ill as long as they follow the rules. For those that don't follow the rules their are the exiled districts. Most of these districts are massive slums where life just scrapes by, but one area has thrived by embracing the personal freedoms that the city won't allow. It is known as the City of Mask. It is part red light district, and part bohemian refuge. It is a place where artist, whores and revolutionaries meet at burlesque halls and bathhouses. From the floating BDSM club known as the Azule Moon to the bright color lights of the ConNonCon Club a million stories exist. These are just a few of these stories. Status: Starting very soon. This story will play out as a series of quick scenes between lots of different characters. Always looking for new players. The OOC thread is located here:

The Obsidian Ring (NC and BDSM)
: Slave trades, illegal porn markets and underground sex clubs. Our world has several dark trades and The Obsidian Ring deals with all of them. The Ring is a gathering of some of the most dangerous, loathsome and powerful men in the criminal world. They prey on the weak and have made millions off the abuse of women. For as long as they have existed no law organization has been able to touch them. With every year they get stronger and more women end up dead, or captured. Few even know of the organizations existence. All of that is soon to change. A group of victims and survivors have gathered with plans to destroy the group from the inside. They are looking for brave souls to work undercover to expose the groups secrets. Status: Currently looking for players to start this one going. I see the story playing out as a series of episodes where different women try to break into the Ring. This is going to be a dark story, some of the girls won't make it out alive. But after each episode the Ring moves closer to its destruction. 

Long Term Stories

The Mameluk
: (Male x Female, could range from light to bondage) The story of a slave warrior turned sultan in a world like our ancient world but with a little more fantasy. The Mameluks were slaves that were trained to be warriors at birth but with time they ended rebelling their masters. They took over Egypt for a small time and held back the Mongols twice. This story would follow an aging warrior who became nobility. He has become betrayed and left for dead in the desert. Only a few of his caravan remain and only one of his harem survived. I would allow a little freedom with the harem character but I want her to have lots of spirit. The idea is that they have a love/hate sort of relationship to start off with but as they fight together for survival their relationship changes.

The List: (Bondage, gender not important) I want to do a more personal BDSM storyline where a young woman has reached rock bottom when she meets up with a stranger. He rescues her and takes care of her for a few days. He cleans her up and then offers her a choice. She can either leave now or be taken under his care. Following his rules. Maybe she resist for a while but eventually she comes back. He makes her write a list of all the things she feels guilty about and he punishes her for them. While this is going on they are also developing a love for eachother. This could be based fully on reality or a little bit of magic thrown in. The stranger could have the ability to take her back to those moments she regrets. He may not be fully human. It would be up to the players involved.

Crazy Together (gender not important, could range from light to NC) Riggs is a maxium security mental health hospital. When you commit some terrible crime but are declared too crazy to stand trial, this is where you end up. It is filled with some of the most dangerous people in the state, but some folks are there because they were born in the system. You fight back long enough and this is where you end up. The players will play two patients who have been declared skitzo. While they suffer in a dark, corrupt hospital their minds travel to other worlds. Some are stunning and lovely, but most are dark and scary. For a long time they thought they were alone with the worlds in their head until they met each other in their own fantasies. Are they crazy? What is real? This adventure could go lots of places but my hope is that a really odd, but great relationship starts up with these two people that might not be as crazy as everyone thinks.

Survivors (gender not important, NC and Bondage)
This is an idea I played with a long time ago. I wanted to have two folks surviving some terrible end of the world event. At first it was zombies but at this point the walking dead are a little overdone. Perhaps some other terrible thing can be happening. Either way one of the characters is a born survivalist and the other one is terribly unprepared. A power exchange begins with the survivalist taking what he wants from the other in exchange for their survival. But as things get worse the two end up depending on each other. The weak one becomes stronger and that is when things get interesting.

In Dreams (gender not important, NC and Bondage) Sometimes a dream is just a dream. Then again sometimes it is something more. This is another idea I played with a while back. The idea is that a creature born from nightmares is stalking someone in both the waking world and the dream world. In the dream world they craft nightmares and feed off the fear. In the waking world they are a mysterious stranger who is starting a friendship that might be more. At first the monster befriended the human to keep her hope alive longer so that he has more dreams to mess with, but perhaps he is having feelings for this human that seems not like the others.

Grown ups (Male x female, Bondage and Ageplay elements)
He was an author who had stopped interacting with the real world and she was a girl trying to escape the demons of her past. Together they met online hiding behind ideals. They expressed their love through Ageplay. He was her Daddy and she was his little girl. He would never be interested in a child in real life, but having someone trust him and love him like a daughter loves her father was insanely profound. He became addicted to it and when he got to close she ran away. But when things got bad for her, she didn't know where else to go. Now they are meeting in the real world. She is no longer a little girl online but a woman in his living room. Where do they go from here?

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Offline Melinda

Re: Back on the horse...(New ideas)
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2011, 10:44:02 AM »
I would be very interested in The List. I have wanted to get involved in a BDSM storyline since I started here. This sounds exactly like what I have been looking for.

Offline EmrysMindscapeTopic starter

Re: story ideas as they happen...(MUL)
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2011, 11:50:55 AM »
Added some new ideas, took away some ideas that I didn't like.

Offline Apraxia

Re: story ideas as they happen...(MUL)
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2011, 09:59:25 PM »
Wowza, some really awesome ideas for RP. I especially dig your Crazy Together story. It sounds difficult and would be something you'd have to mull over when it comes to the world, replies and character, but that seems a challenge I'd be eager to try.

If you aren't inundated with current RPs, I'd love to pick your brain.

Offline EmrysMindscapeTopic starter

Re: story ideas as they happen...(MUL)
« Reply #4 on: January 11, 2011, 11:22:55 PM »
The way I see it Apraxia if a roleplay is not a little tricky then it is not worth doing. If you roleplay long enough about 90% of what is out there seems played out. I am not currently overbooked so pick away at my brain, though I warn you in can be a frustrating place to visit. Even if Crazy Together doesn't work out lets chat and see what we can build together.

Offline EmrysMindscapeTopic starter

Re: story ideas as they happen...(MUL)
« Reply #5 on: January 17, 2011, 12:31:32 AM »
added my two new epic idea for ongoing story series!