High School Rp (M seeking F)

Started by Maverick, January 07, 2011, 12:49:19 PM

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Well first role play here so thinking about starting off with something easy.

Co-ed High school. Any details about the school can be discussed to make it something we both like. Depending on whatever preference you want your character to be the relationship of the two characters can be friends, classmates or one of them can be a new classmate. Story wise can be adapted depending on tastes for both of us. I'm wiling to give keway into what i would be into for doing. If your interested in discussing a possible plot read my ons and offs first and then send me a PM and hopefully we can get something organised. Hope to hear from the community soon.


Just as a reminder, all characters must be 16+, which means that the RP will probably have to take place only among Juniors and Seniors.

Thank you. :)


lol was what i had in mind but thank you for clarifying that. I really should have had that included. I appreciate it.