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Author Topic: Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)  (Read 1086 times)

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Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)
« on: January 06, 2011, 05:21:14 PM »

Welcome to the new face of 100% free online literature! Here you shall have no late fees, no heavy books to lug home, only sensory enjoyment of the utmost quality! We offer a wide variety of genres for your perusal! All checkouts are done through our patented electronic Personal Message Database, where each user can privately sign out books with our staff of highly trained librarians to assist and tantalize you!

Before heading any further, please look through our online directory for your convenience:

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Re: Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2011, 05:22:37 PM »
Modern Fiction                                                                                                                                       

Novels (long-term)
(Adultery, Pregnancy, Light Bon, Light D/s)

My best friend, Dennis, and his wife, [BLANK] have been trying to conceive for over two years, and out of some miraculous turn of events, it finally happens. They're both incredibly happy and, to be honest, more than a bit frightened. My girlfriend and I have been close friends with the two for five years now, and naturally they confide in the two of us.

Dennis admitted, not too long ago, that they haven't had sex since the baby-bump showed up. He's freaked out by the thought. His wife admitted, to my girlfriend Stacy, that her pregnancy has been really easy, except for one thing: her hormones are through the roof. She's constantly rubbing her thighs together, adjusting her bra to feel the scrape of fabric against her incredibly sensitive nipples, and generally feeling aroused most of the time, and when Dennis is at work she goes for marathon masturbation sessions. Naturally, I don't tell Stacy what Dennis says, and she doesn't tell me what [BLANK] says.

Dennis is a business man. He's often gone for weekends at a time. Him and [BLANK] live in a really old building. It's gorgeous, but there isn't a week that goes by that something doesn't go wrong in that house. When Dennis isn't around, I'm on call for any repair-man duties. One weekend, I'm tasked to fix the eaves-drought, which has come un-nailed. The broken section is directly above the window to Dennis and [BLANK]'s room. While I'm working, I notice [BLANK] in the room, through the gap in the curtains. She's standing there, watching me, bottom lip bit. She's wearing a pair of boy-short panties and one of Dennis' dress shirts. Her one hand is buried beneath those tight, white panties, clearly fingering herself, and her other is massaging one of her heavy, baby-ready breasts, pulling and pinching her fat, hard nipple.

She's my best friend's wife, and I damn well shouldn't be staring at her, but seeing her in her nearly naked, pregnant glory, made me more hard than my girlfriend ever had. I thought she was beautiful then, and more attractive than any other woman in the world. Dennis may have been freaked by the baby-bulge, but my god I found it incredibly hot.

If Dennis won't satisfy her sexual urges, I will.

That's where we begin. 

(Inebriation, Casual-sex, Exhibitionism and Voyeurism) 
I'm not the kind of guy who really parties. It just isn't my thing. I'm not ugly, unsociable, or anything else. I'd just much rather sit at home and read a nice book, or have a quiet get-together at a friend's house. Unfortunately, some people feel that, if you aren't doing what they enjoy, you must be a miserable sod. That was the case with my old friend, Jamie. She turned in to a real party animal, but we kept in touch. We went to the same University, after all.

Jamie dragged me out to some New Year's rave on a threat of some severity. It was what you'd expect; obnoxiously loud music, incredibly stifling heat, over-priced alcohol, and so many people bumping and grinding and dancing that it took twenty minutes just to get from the bar to the washroom. Jamie did her best to get me to dance with her friends, and I did, but none of them were really interested in me, and I wasn't really interested in them. They were all incredible extroverts, and I couldn't be described better than introvert-extraordinare.

As Jamie and her gang got more and more drunk, I found myself seeking the sweet mind-numbing affect of alcohol and as the minutes shed away and midnight came crashing, I was very much buzzed. As the countdown reached zero I found myself grabbed by a body and soon I had a hot young blonde pressed tight against me shoving her tongue down my throat for my new year's kiss. She wore nothing but a tiny neon-pink skirt and two butterfly pasties over her perfect, firm breasts. In my state of inebriation I didn't find myself second-guessing my luck, and I returned her passion with an equal vigour.

The rest of the night is all a bit of a haze, filled with sweating bodies, copious alcohol, and a very skilled, very eager young blonde who took me to places I never thought I could go.

It's our task to fill in that haze with detail and show how his life has changed forever.

(Competition, Incest, Light Bon, Light D/s, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism)

My girlfriend is a slut. I mean a complete slut. She'll fuck any good looking guy or girl who comes on to her, no questions asked. Everyone in town knows it, and she fucking loves it. She loves the dirty looks the 'good' girls give her, and she loves the lustful looks the guys giver her even more. How I landed her as my arm-candy I don't know, nor do I care. All I know is she's ready whenever I am, and she'll take it in any hole, in any costume, in any place. There's nothing she loves better than to pull me aside and thoroughly drain my cock of cum, and she frankly doesn't care how many people see.

Before I started dating her, I had to wonder how her mother let her dress like she did: micro-shorts and a tube-top, mini-skirt, thong and a bikini top, mesh top over black lace bra and leather paint-on tight pants. The first time I was over and fucking her in her room, I realized why her mother let her do it. She was as big a slut as her daughter. She greeted me wearing nothing but a thong and fresh jizz dribbling from the corner of her mouth as she saw the three men she had been with out the front-door. She treated me to a nice tight hug, grinding her crotch against my bulge and smiling before she left me and her daughter to fuck like rabbits.

That's how it went with her. I'd come over, she'd greet me in her slutty, sexy way, and then I'd go and fuck her daughter for a few hours. When it was obvious that, despite the immensity of her sluttiness, her daughter was beginning to fall for me, that's when my girl started to really test me. I had never cum so hard from getting sucked off than the time when my girl crawled under the dining room table and slurped me in to her mouth while her mom brought in the freshly cooked food. From the smile on her face and the way her nipples poked against her sweater, I had to think she knew what was going on.

I've been dating my girl for five months now, and I'm desperate to fuck her mother. The thing is, though, when they're in the room together, they snap at each other. Whenever we're watching a movie and they're both curled up to my sides, I feel like they're ready to bite each other's head off. I think I can use that to my advantage, though. We'll start at the five month mark, and work our way forward.

(Virgin, Magic, 'Comedic') 
Thomas has a problem. He can't get a girl. He doesn't know why. He's funny, decent looking, and sociable, yet he just seems to project 'no' signals to any girl he chats up. It's incredibly frustrating. His friends all have girls, and he's the last of their group to still be a virgin, and he's 19 years old goddamnit. Fortunately, that all changes one night.

He was on a trip with his buddies to New York, New York. The city so nice they named her twice. He was having a good enough time. His friends didn't have their girls with them, so it was just quality 'dude' time. Fake IDs, bars, clubs, and strip-joints. Site seeing, too, of course. They're in Times Square, late in the night, when Thomas gets separated from his friends. He can't find them and his phone is dead, so he goes hunting for a store who'll let him use their phone.

He comes across a seedy looking lingerie shop, off of Times Square. He wouldn't have ventured in except for the mannequins. They were so exquisitely sculpted they looked almost real, and every single one of them had a boner inducing body, and none of them wore anything remotely conservative. As he makes his way to the clerk, he's very conscious of his growing erection, as he passed mannequins wearing smaller and smaller clothings. One of them was wearing a see-through outfit, and he had to gape when he saw a carved pussy that looked real, trimmed bush and everything.

"Beautiful, aren't they?" the man at the desk, and older, yet handsome gentleman, said with a smile.

"Heh, yea. Too bad women like that weren't real. Man, I wish I could take her home with me," he said with an uneasy smile. The man just continued to grin his toothy grin.

"Careful what'cha wish for, boyo," was all he said before, in some strange turn, Thomas' phone rings. It's his buddies, asking him where the hell he is. They're heading back to the hotel. Not wanting to question the good luck, he meets up with them. Saying goodbye to the old man, he glances back at the mannequin, quickly, before hastily leaving the store. It was around 3am when he woke to the sensation of hot lips around his shaft. It was the mannequin.

(Incest, 'Mind' Control, Demonic, Multiple Characters)

Ever since I was a kid I've always felt supremely comfortable around women. I think it's because I was raised in a family of five women=four sisters and a mother. Growing up and living with them taught me more about women than any thing else in the world. I knew why my sisters cried, why they yelled, why they laughed, and I knew how to comfort them. They were good sisters, too. They were never unjustly mean to me (I, like all children, was a bit of a douche) and treated me very nicely.

I never knew my father. He was something my mother never talked about and the few times I asked she got very upset, so I learned to keep that question to myself. The little bit I knew of him was that he had been a nice, charming man who had swept my mother off her feet. The minute a baby was involved, though, he left. That would also explain why I don't look much like my sisters. I've got a different father.

Life was good, and it was fun, but it changed for the weirder when I was hit by puberty. Fourteen years old and almost six feet tall, I looked like a young man, not a child. The girls in my class started to notice that, too. I lost my virginity a year later, when I was fifteen. From that point on, women seemed to flock to me, and I was never without a girlfriend. I thought it was my skill dealing with their emotional highs and lows.

That all changed on my eighteenth birthday, when my father came to visit me. You see, my father was so much more than what my mother had said. My father was the Devil himself, come to give me my birthright as the offspring of Lucifer. He explained to me that women didn't find me so attractive because of the way I was raised, but because they felt an almost supernatural pull toward me. That was the devil blood in me. He unlocked the hidden potential of my blood, and suddenly everything changed. He sent me out with a mission; to corrupt and conquer the women of the world, starting with my lovely sisters. Before I would have been repulsed, now I am eager.

Short-Story Collections
The Exhibitionists
Inspired by this image. Our sex life has gotten very dull over the past few years. In the beginning we'd fuck like rabbits, but even that lost its excitement after a while. At a Christmas party, we both get really loaded and horny, and end up fucking in the washroom, people banging on the door to 'finish shitting'. It's the most exciting sex we've had in a long time. We realize, then, that we both love fucking with others near us or with us, trying our best to get each other off without them knowing. At the park, on the subway, in the movies, anywhere. This would be a collection of shorts depicting those outings.


Various Pairings
  • Secretary x Boss
  • Mother x Son
  • Brother x Sister
  • Prostitute x Pimp
  • Stripper x Customer
  • Nurse x Patient
  • Librarian x Customer
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Re: Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2011, 05:23:12 PM »
Science Fiction                                                                                                                                         

Novels (long-term)
(Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Weird, UN)

There exists a place where the rules of the universe mean nothing. It is the galactic void, a place in-between the material universe and nothing. It remains utterly unknown to the denizens of the material universe. It is undetectable.

The Planet is the soul habitable rock in the void, and it is inhabited by the descendents of Human ships who were sucked out of existence by the void and deposited Planet-side. It’s been thousands of years since the first FTL-capable ships were sucked in to the void. In those millennia new ships have been abducted and the descendents of the first ships have created societies unique to the ‘laws’ of the Planet.

You are the sole survivor of a small scout-ship that has been sucked in to the void, the first such in over four hundred years. You crash-land on the Planet and discover that your technology doesn’t work. ‘Outside’ tech is rendered inert on the Planet, and the tech ‘native’ to the Planet works in strange, counter-intuitive ways. It is a barrier that keeps the inhabitants from leaving.

My character would be a native who saves you from the band of primitives you’re captured by. From there it’s a series of adventures as you get acquainted with the Planet and all its oddities.

I really can’t create a succinct post and explain all the wonders of the Planet, but think of stories like Flash Gordon, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series, and other fantastical, early pieces of science fiction.
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Re: Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2011, 05:24:12 PM »
Historic Fiction                                                                                                                                       

Novels (long-term)
(Steampunk, UN, Early 19th Century Alternate History)

The Napoleonic Wars are being fought not with the primitive artillery, cavalry and musket men of history but with the ground-shaking steam-tanks, airships, dreadnaughts and highly trained and well equipped soldiers of a world where the steam-engine took off like a rocket.

Steam power developed much more quickly than in our world, and, with my belief that societal development is linked to technological development, so too did social norms. The world still has the trappings of the early 19th century, but the attitudes are very 21st century.

My character would be a Spymaster of the First French Empire operating during the War of the Third Coalition (obviously the details would be very different due to the much-advanced technology). I have no real designs for your character aside from her being a contact of mine in a different nation (Holy Roman Empire, British Empire, Papal States, whatever).

The plot of the story is still largely up in the air, and I’m looking for some feedback so we can craft a story that suits both of our interests.

Hopefully this has peeked your interest! Also, it’s worth mentioning you don’t need to be very well versed in Napoleonic history to enjoy this game! Wikipedia is all the source you’d need if you ever wondered about a specific event I mention.
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Re: Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)
« Reply #4 on: January 06, 2011, 05:29:37 PM »
Fantasy Fiction                                                                                                                                       
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Re: Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)
« Reply #5 on: January 06, 2011, 11:01:54 PM »
UPDATE: Modern Ideas up!

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Re: Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)
« Reply #6 on: January 08, 2011, 12:41:23 PM »
Added two ideas: I've Got the Devil in Me and The Exhibitionists.

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Re: Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)
« Reply #7 on: January 14, 2011, 12:33:23 PM »
Added another idea: The French Connection, a Steampunk game set during the Napoleonic Wars.

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Re: Marlow's Library (ALL WELCOME, OPEN 25/8 366 DAYS OF THE YEAR)
« Reply #8 on: January 16, 2011, 09:19:22 PM »
Added another idea: Out of Your Element, a fantasy/sci-fi story.