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Started by Zeitgeist, January 03, 2011, 07:08:23 PM

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Bouncing an idea around in my head, a story of two adults at a high school, a basketball/volleyball/swimming coach and an English teacher, newly hired. A romantic lesbian relationship develops between the two and goes along without anyone aware of the relationship. That is until their semi-regular trysts in the coach's office during after school hours are caught on camera phone by a curious student, also female. She manages to blackmail the couple into a Ménage à trois. The female student however over reaches, and the arrangement takes a darker, unexpected turn.

Not completely sure which role(s) I want to play, an if this would work as a group (3) role play or not. Envisioning the female coach as a likely tomboy type and the English teacher more feminine. The female student would of course be anywhere from 16-18, and played either by myself or one of the co-writers. The student wouldn't enter the picture until the romance and physical relationship between the two women had already come to fruition.

We should discuss plot and backgrounds before beginning. The idea is only loosely formed. Feel free to contact me via PM or reply to this thread. Thanks.


I love this idea, and I'd be willing to double up if we need to.  PM me if you're still interested!
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I would love to play the coach in this game and can also play the student if the game is still open. :)