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Author Topic: Looking for dom/semi-dom M character for fantasy or modern.  (Read 794 times)

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Online OniyaTopic starter

Looking for dom/semi-dom M character for fantasy or modern.
« on: January 03, 2011, 10:12:42 AM »
New idea in last post.

The muse is demanding, so I am going to add one, and only one, story to my plate.  Yes, I play cross-gender, so obviously I don't mind if you do as well (I hope that's obvious, anyways), but the plots are for male characters only.  All plots are Human/Near-Human, limits negotiable within O/Os

- Welcome Home -   *taken*

Dae 'Daemon' Adams used to be a musician.  In 2011, after finishing a whirlwind tour with his band, Lethe, he suddenly dropped out of sight, claiming 'health reasons'.  In reality, the music he loved so much was beginning to cause strange feelings in him - a desire to get as far from concrete and steel as he could.  In fact, he'd had to insist that the last leg of the tour be done exclusively in outdoor venues.  Nearly a year later, the world is changing - and a mysterious man has walked into his life, claiming to have all the answers. 

This is based on the idea that magic is returning into the world, and Dae is one who started feeling the effects early.  The mysterious man could be a more magical being, another human who has an idea of what's really going on, or even an agent who wants to mold Dae's awakening abilities to his own purposes.

- Soulfires - (was taken, is now available again)

Peredur Eniad was taken from his home at an early age, identified as a prodigy in the ways of magick.  Even among the Gifted, he overtook his classmates - at the expense of his personal relationships.  It wasn't a result of arrogance, rather, he felt out of place among those of his age group who couldn't understand the topics he was studying, and those of his class ranking saw him as that 'kid brother' to be tolerated at best.
This one could go a number of ways:  Perhaps a teacher takes an interest (positive or negative) in this lonely young man.  Perhaps another prodigy (17 and up, please) arrives from elsewhere.  Perhaps, they find out that the school isn't all it seems...

- Dreams -

Ty had always remembered his dreams, from an early age.  Some were more vivid than others, though, and he made a point of writing those down.  Those were the ones most likely to 'come true' in some small way.  It was a surprise, however, when some of those dreams started to link up.  At first, it was scenery that he remembered from a previous dream.  Then, it was a person.  The other man was trying to get his attention, that much was obvious, but why?  Ty found himself anticipating each new installment in what he now considered to be one extended dream, even more vivid than any he had dreamed before. 

Again, this one could go a number of ways.  Perhaps Ty is pulled into what he thinks is the dream-world.  Perhaps he meets the other man in a similar place in the waking world.
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Online OniyaTopic starter

Re: Looking for dom/semi-dom M character for fantasy M/M.
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2011, 09:52:37 PM »
I'm thinking of something vaguely historical-POW, either Persian/Greek or Roman/Celt.  I expect some culture clashing, although I don't see a need to play out language barrier.  It doesn't have to be an N/C situation when/if sex occurs, although the prisoner would understandably be resistant to being 'owned'.

Online OniyaTopic starter

Save Me From Myself (Looking for M character.)
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2011, 09:29:02 PM »
Save Me From Myself  (Taken as human female.  Leaving this up in case someone wants to make a proposition on one of the other options.)


Occupation:  prostitute
Size:  5'7, slim build
Black/green eyes, long and straight

(Can play this one as male or female; maybe 'other' under certain circumstances -  see below.)

Ichini has led a rather - sheltered life, but not in the usual sense.  Early memories are of growing up in the upper rooms of a brothel reserved for the emperor's high officials.  Once old enough, Ichini was taught in the ways of serving, first the basics, and then the carnal needs of that decadent court.  In return, there was food, shelter, and clothing of sumptuous luxury.

That is, until the political climate changed.  The palace was looted, the emperor and his court were executed or exiled - which was never made clear - and the brothel residents were lucky if they escaped with their lives.  Even then, they had limited options, being completely unused to the world outside.

Ichini was luckier than most.  As one of the younger residents, learning new things was a way of life, and hunger was an excellent teacher.  Still, there is a learning curve, and that was how Ichini met - HIM.

Standard version:  Male or female, Ichini is surviving through theft or by selling his/her body.  It's not a comfortable existence, even for someone not used to the privileges of the imperial favor, and even worse for someone ill-accustomed to the 'real world'.  It is a life that will inevitably lead to ruin, either from drugs or from naively crossing the wrong person. 

Exotic version:  Ichini is dragon-kin.  This race looks human from a casual glance, but closer inspection shows that they are finely scaled, and their hair is actually long, down-like, soft feathers.  They also come in three genders:  female, carrier, and truemale.  (more information here).  In the brothel, Ichini was a favorite, due to being something out of the ordinary.  (Ichini would be either female or carrier.)

The ideal rescuer could either be a client or catch someone lifting his wallet/coinpurse.  As a means of redemption, he makes Ichini work as a servant to him - a life that is both safer and closer to the life Ichini was trained for.
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Online OniyaTopic starter

Re: Looking for dom/semi-dom M character for fantasy or modern.
« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2011, 08:59:07 PM »
The Girl of Your Dreams - (looking for someone to play the roommate)

David knew that he was taking a risk advertising for a roommate.  After all, you never know what kind of people answer that sort of ad.  He thought he'd lucked out with one of them, though.  The guy was the studious type, spending more time working at some lab than he did at home, always had his part of the rent on time, and didn't have any really annoying habits.  True, he didn't seem interested in going out, but that was better than David's previous roommate, who'd had the habit of coming in at all hours with the bimbo of the week.

What David doesn't know is that his roommate has his sights set on that perfect 'someone special'.  All those nights spent at the lab are developing a chemical formula to transform someone into the girl of his dreams.  Too bad for David that he's going to become the test subject.

Ideally, the transformation will be gradual, and will start out with David becoming strangely attracted to his roommate.  If they end up sleeping together before the physical changes start, I would be thrilled.  David will be shocked when he notices the physical changes, but by then it will be too late.  Naturally, his roommate will be there to 'help' him through this crisis, showing 'Dana' that it's not the end of the world.  Will David/Dana ever find out what caused this?  That remains to be seen...

Online OniyaTopic starter

Re: Looking for dom/semi-dom M character for fantasy or modern.
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2011, 06:21:19 PM »
Oh look!  A rare M/F plot!  ;D (can be done as M/M if desired)  Pending

Kinks:  transformation (angel->fae or demon)

Most know of the fact that angels, demons, and the fae first divided into their various factions at the time of the War in Heaven.  Those Immortals that sided with Lucifer became demons, and those that chose not to take sides became the fae.  What most do not realize is that the boundaries between the factions are still fluid to this day.  It is still possible for an angel to Fall, or (while incredibly rare) for a demon to be Redeemed. 

It is also not commonly known that both demons and angels are still being created.  Each side suffers its attritions from the War that, while much more subdued than the day that the Revolt was led, still carries on.  Sometimes an angel or demon is destroyed.  Sometimes, it quietly moves from one side of the board to the other.  Those that are destroyed must be replaced.

Suriel is a fairly new angel.  She started her existence as a Guardian Angel, along with many others.  As time went on, she and the others eventually earned other duties and scattered to the far corners of the heavens.  Many years after her creation, Suriel runs into one of the others from her Guardian days.  He is eager to get reacquainted with her, and to show her all the things he's learned since they last met.

What she doesn't know (at least initially) is that he has Fallen, and his intent is to make her Fall as well.

I can see this being accomplished a number of ways, from playing off of her naivete and seducing her, to outright overpowering her.  In the former instance, there is the option that she could partially Redeem him, and that they both end up as neutral fae, or he might remain a demon with the possibility of luring her semi-willingly all the way into Hell.  In the case of him overpowering her, he will (naturally) be beyond Redeeming, although the extent of her Fall can be negotiated, as well as whether or not he decides to drag her to his infernal estates.
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