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Author Topic: Two stories for submissive female characters (F/F)  (Read 660 times)

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Two stories for submissive female characters (F/F)
« on: January 01, 2011, 05:32:04 PM »
The following are two lesbian themed stories. Looking for compelling, interesting writing. Feel free to reply here or contact me via PM.

The Peculiar Dragon Lady of Cathay
You are a newly hired waitress at a restaurant, the Emperor's Moon. Excellent manners and impeccable service is expected, and infractions will get you sent up stairs to the Dragon Lady for punishments and training. The mysterious and enigmatic proprietor is a widow and the sole owner and heiress of the reputable establishment. She resides in a suite above the restaurant, staying largely secluded from the day to day operations, leaving such matters to able and skillful management of Mr. Wu. The restaurant employs a number of waitress, all of who at one time or another have been sent upstairs for one infraction or another. Rumor has it, the prettier and more nubile waitresses, the more likely and often they are sent upstairs. Waitresses are issued revealing outfits, that include stockings, heels, and even salaciously styled undergarments. Typical patrons of the Emperor's Moon include wealthy, connected residents, politicians, and mob connected personalities. Being a new employee, you are unaware of the special arrangement between Mr. Wu and the Dragon Lady. And while the tips are good, and you need this job sorely, from your very first day on the job, things don't quite seem right.

Conniving Circe
You are the eldest daughter of Ulysses and your beloved father, who you know only by name and legend, has been absent for many years. You have grown up in Ithaca, along side your older brother Telemachus, raised by your strong willed mother Penelope. Rumor and hearsay abounds, is your father alive or dead? Is he on his way home now that the Trojan War is concluded. You long to know your father, and along with your brother rail against the number of suitors seeking the hand of your mother, presuming her now a widow. You decide to take matters in your own hands and (foolishly perhaps) leave Ithaca by sail to seek out your father.

You are thrown off course and find yourself shipwrecked on an island. The island, unbeknownst to you is Aeaea, Circe's island. Your father has only recently escaped the machinations of Circe's magics. Angry at Ulysses' departure, the arrival of his daughter on her island affords her a new opportunity to get revenge and secure his return to her clutches. Powerful though she may be, the daughter isn't without her own allies, namely the gods on Olympus that favor Ulysses.

Though you seek out your father's whereabouts, Circe will delay, cajole and use all of her bodily enchantments to seduce you and keep you from discovering the fate of your father, and leaving the island. Even if it means make you her besotted concubine and lover.
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